Male and female psychology: we tell you in detail

10 psychological differences between men and women

People say, “Women and men are from different planets.” Psychology has confirmed that this is indeed true. Not in the literal sense, of course. The study of the differences between men and women is engaged in gender psychology. To date, collected a lot of data, knowing which you can avoid conflicts over misunderstandings. Here are just some of the psychological differences between men and women.


Women are more peculiar to abstract thinking. At the same time they pay more attention to details, conditions, consequences, content.

Men, on the other hand, are more concerned with the concrete, the facts, and the bottom line. However, if it comes, for example, about investments, men tend to focus more on the future, women are more interested in getting the result of their money here and now.

Skills, or who is smarter

Nobody. It is impossible to compare a man and a woman in terms of intelligence, because each sex is excellent in its sphere and accordingly excels the opposite:

  • Women have more developed abilities in reading, writing, languages, aesthetics, that is, the humanities.
  • Men have more developed technical abilities in the exact sciences.

It is impossible to say what determines this regularity: natural influence or result of stereotypical upbringing (boys are bought toy cars and literally forced to be engaged with the technique). But another fact certainly does not depend on upbringing: there are more geniuses and mentally retarded among men.

The work of the hemispheres

Not only that all people’s right and left hemispheres are not developed equally, so between men and women there is an additional difference: women engage immediately two hemispheres, men – any one. That is why men find it more difficult to combine analysis and emotion. For the same reason, women talk more quickly and emotionally. But men are better spatial oriented.

All behavior of men and women depends on features of work of hemispheres:

  • Men need time to switch from feelings to rationality and vice versa.
  • Women constantly balance between emotion and reason, while men are guided by one or the other.


The ability to adapt is directly related to the characteristics of the nervous system. It is known that all people differ in temperament (type of nervous system), but it is also known that women’s psyche is more flexible and less stable (transitions from one emotional state to another occurs in seconds) than men. It is this fact that allows us to talk about a better adaptive capacity in women.

Intuition .

We are used to talking about the presence of female intuition, but is it so? In fact, this is nothing more than an observation of the smallest details, inherent in the female mind. Noticing several accents at once, the brain itself will make a complete picture and give a woman as an “insight” into the outcome of the situation. Men can anticipate the outcome in exactly the same way, but at the expense of logic and more time.


Of all types of perception, men are better at visual perception. Women, on the other hand, perceive better by hearing. Yes, yes, men do love with their eyes, and women love with their ears.

As for color perception, women develop it earlier. In addition, women can see more shades. Women’s perception is in general more fluid than that of men.

Valuation and self-esteem

Women more often suffer from low self-esteem and dissatisfaction with themselves. Regarding the evaluation of other people, women adequately evaluate men than women. This is quite understandable. After all, every woman is a potential rival. If there is a conflict between two women, it will be a fight to the death. It has long been proven that women are much more cynical, tough, aggressive and calculating than men.

Men are more tolerant and lenient towards women’s shortcomings, perhaps because they always consider themselves a little better and stronger. Women in general are more prone to judgment, discussion, and condemnation.

Two other patterns are also interesting:

  • Men rate women’s business qualities lower than they expect. Women rate physical strength lower than men expect.
  • But in terms of appearance, women are more lenient towards men, which cannot be said about men’s perception of women’s appearance.


Men pay attention to arguments. In terms of communication, they are few words and little emotional. Women tend to divert from the essence of the conversation and use emotion or intonation instead of arguments.

Men tend to discuss and consider different positions. They do not perceive any disagreement of opinion as a quarrel. In women it is the opposite. Because of this and the psychological peculiarity of men to poor recognition of intonation, women’s resentments often arise.


Men never go back to worked out issues and resolved disputes (resentments). They do forgive and forget. Women, on the other hand, tend to remember and accumulate resentments, arguments, and contradictions. They seem to forgive, but they remember.


You can not judge this unequivocally. So, on the one hand, men can not combine two different things, if one requires an emotional cost, and the other analytical. But on the other hand, the ability to multitask is a mandatory requirement for the modern professional.

Nevertheless, psychology notes that it is easier for women to do several things at once. Another issue is that equally high-quality and in-depth study of them is unlikely to work. And more often we are talking about household chores, which are brought, as a rule, to automatism. Women are not so much prone to multitasking as they have to combine several cases and spheres, for example, family and work.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the article was about the average man and woman. Of course, there may be unique exceptions that confirm the rules.

The Psychology of Men and Women

I suppose it is no secret that the psychology of men and women is different. And although this difference is not so significant that we can talk about any serious psychological difference between the sexes, but because of it men and women often cannot find a common language with each other and cannot understand each other. This leads them to unnecessary conflicts, quarrels, resentments and other negative consequences. And in order to avoid these negative consequences, it is necessary to understand what and why men and women differ from each other in order to take this into account in their relationships with the opposite sex. It’s clear that in order to understand the other person, you need the desire, because if you don’t have it, no understanding will ever come. So if you have this desire, then this article will help you understand the peculiarities of the psychology of each gender.

First of all, let’s think about why men’s psychology is different from women’s, and women’s from men. We need to understand why men and women are so different. Not very different, but still different. And it’s all about the purpose of both. Men and women are meant for different purposes, so nature has put in them different ways of looking at life. What is the purpose of man? To understand this, you do not even need to study psychology, it is enough to look at what men have sought and done throughout history. That is what men have been and are driven to do by their instincts – that is their purpose. Men are conquerors, conquerors, explorers and distributors of their genes. They strive to pass on their genes to as many women as possible in order to ensure the continuation of their species. We all see that, don’t we? Male nature is in front of all of us.

And what do women do, what do their instincts motivate them to do? To bear children, to take care of offspring, to make a home, and even to manage and sometimes manipulate a man, guiding him to the right path and helping him to reach his potential. Women also need to compete, as well as to explore the world around them, just not in the way that men do. That’s what women have always done. Don’t look at modern culture, which causes many men to do women’s things and women to do men’s things. Look at the nature of man and woman, which has always been the same. It is important for us to understand how male and female psychology works and why it works that way, not how culture changes it.

Thus, even by the most ordinary observation, we see that men and women have different tasks in life, and to fulfill them nature has endowed them with a corresponding mindset. A man thinks more globally and holistically. And a woman thinks in more detail and may be even flexible. Women often have to adjust to men, so they have to be flexible. Because of the difference in thinking, men and women often cannot understand each other, although in fact they complement each other. Men’s thinking complements women’s thinking and women’s thinking complements men’s thinking. And if a man and a woman live in peace and harmony, their union gives each of them great strength. But the problem is that often men and women quarrel with each other and even fight, depriving themselves of this power. The reason for this is unhealthy selfishness, which is very difficult for people to cope with. A person, whether male or female, wants others to do what they want. He does not take into account their desires and interests, he thinks only of himself. That is why people often manipulate each other, suppress each other, deceive each other, hurt each other to get their own way, without regard for others. So until they deal with their selfishness, it will be difficult for them to agree with each other.

Think about it, is it so important to understand what the difference between male and female psychology is, if the main reason for disagreement between the sexes is their selfishness? After all, men are not always able to agree with each other, so they make wars, and women also often fight with each other for different reasons. On the one hand, of course, we cannot do without struggle and competition in this life, but on the other hand, the difference in views on life and in general any difference between people, in my opinion, is not a reason, but a reason for them to express their aggression.

But back to the main topic. We can find many different differences in male and female psychology. But are they so essential that we should attach importance to them? Take logic, for example. Who do you think has it better, men or women? Don’t think about answering that question-it’s not the right one. I did it on purpose, to show you the fallacy of such reasoning. Logic is better developed in those people who develop it, gender has absolutely nothing to do with it. If you have talked to intelligent women, you should know that they are no worse at logic than men. Next – emotions. It is believed that women are more emotional than men. In many cases, this is true, it can be observed, so to speak, with the naked eye. But the question is different – what conclusion can be drawn from this? Can we say that all women are always more emotional than all men? Obviously not. There are very emotional men, and there are women who are quite cold, in terms of their reflections, and very reasonable. So, again, it all comes down to the peculiarities of each individual. Without analyzing a person as a personality, you can’t learn anything about him.

The psychology of men and women is the foundation upon which personality grows. Women, due to life circumstances, can become masculine, and men, on the contrary, feminine. It is believed, in particular, that for men it is more important to act, so he is guided by objective external indicators, and for women the main reference point is feelings. But let’s turn our attention to such a thing as advertising, which mainly affects people’s feelings. How many men, before they buy some thing, study and evaluate it according to objective external indicators? The brand of the car does not matter to them, as long as it is of high quality and reliable? Do they always choose clothes that are comfortable to wear rather than those that look good? Do men always buy only after they’ve thought it over and compared the various options? And advertising, of course, does not influence their decisions? You and I understand that this is not true. Men are guided by feelings quite often. And this is not a bad thing, because feelings help us to interact harmoniously with each other. We are not machines to always be guided by cold calculations and make completely rational decisions.

All this I am writing to you, dear readers, so that you do not make too many distinctions between a man and a woman, which harms the relationship between the sexes. I do not see the point in enumerating all the differences in men’s and women’s psychology, because I do not want to alienate people from one another in this way. After all, any differences between people, if you focus on them, alienate them from each other and prevent them from feeling as one. Besides one should not pick all women and men in the same way, it is a very crude evaluation of both of them. Yes, there are certain psychological differences between men and women, and I have pointed out some of them to you. But you should not draw far-reaching conclusions from them. A person’s upbringing determines his personality to a much greater extent than his sex. That’s what you should pay the lion’s share of attention to. I, for example, don’t think it’s right for a woman to do men’s things and a man to do women’s things. But life sometimes forces us to do all the things we have to do to live. So sometimes we have to go against nature, too. And I’ve seen a lot of women in my life who have shown the best masculine qualities in taking care of their families. I’ve also seen men who successfully did women’s work because it had to be done. So anything happens in life – people can be very different from the patterns that others are used to judging them by.

Thus, I think it is important to emphasize the similarities between male and female psychology in order to bring both sexes closer together. We belong to the same species and have basically the same goals: reproduction, self-realization of our potential. And our needs are generally the same. It’s just that man’s role is a little different from woman’s role, so man and woman think about different things. What a woman can’t think about, a man will think about, and what a man can’t think about, a woman will think about. One head is good, but two is better. All the differences that there are between men and women are an excuse for them to complement each other. That is what I urge you to do, dear readers. We have more in common than we have differences, let’s focus on this and let’s be closer to each other and understand each other better.

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