Make a man jealous – covering carefully

How to make a man or a guy jealous: 11 proven ways

The folk wisdom that jealousy is a bad feeling is not always objective. Sometimes it is very useful to make a man jealous. Often this is the only way to reanimate the relationship or make a positive change in feelings between people. In order for the emotions received to benefit you, it is important not to go overboard and use only effective and allowed ways to achieve jealousy.

When you need to arouse a man’s jealousy

Jealousy can be a powerful catalyst for a relationship. One of the most frequent situations when the feeling is necessary – a long stay in the friendship zone. Being in a friendship relationship with a guy for many years, it’s scary to take a step forward.

Often both people are afraid to show their true feelings, doubting that their crush is mutual. In this case, a good way to move forward is to make him jealous.

By observing his reaction to the appearance of a possible rival, you can understand what is really going on between you or even motivate him to move into a romantic plane.

If you are already in a relationship, you may also need to make a man jealous and afraid of losing you.

For example, if a man has become indifferent, began to communicate with another woman, or ignore the family, to spend his free time with only friends. Then provoke a man to jealousy can be good for the family.

When a woman is around all the time, the husband quickly gets used to it, ceases to appreciate her and believes that after so many years of marriage his wife is not going anywhere from him. Jealousy in this case will be a good inoculation from overconfidence and refresh faded feelings.

11 ways to make a man jealous

To provoke jealousy in a man is not as easy as it seems. You need to be convincing enough, while not going overboard. Find that balance is difficult.

One of these ways can help make a man in love worry and is guaranteed to make even a quiet man jealous:

  1. Become less available. Men don’t appreciate what they have. Once a conquered woman any member of the stronger sex is sure that the hardest part is over, and now you are his forever. Unobtrusively remind him that you are attractive and nice to talk to. Do not pick up the phone from the first call, answer messages at intervals. Don’t agree to all meetings or proposals at once, citing busyness and things to do. Let him understand that your life doesn’t revolve only around him and you can also be of interest to other people and spend your time with them.
  2. Sign up for a social networking site. Choose a social networking site, a forum or any site for communication, such as a hobby. Spend all your free time there, share the positive emotions of the hobby.
  3. Discuss your favorite actor or singer with your husband. Admire in front of your partner another man, preferably an actor or singer. Describe his appearance and talents with enthusiasm. The man will subconsciously begin to compare himself to him, and he will think whether he is so good for you and whether he should try harder in your relationship.
  4. Go on vacation separately. If you feel that there is a gap between you, sometimes it is worth it to put some distance and give yourself time to reassess the situation. Reject your husband’s offer to go on a vacation together. Spend your vacation with your girlfriends, or go on a trip alone. A change of scenery will clear your mind. And husband will be good to understand that you have a good rest and without him, and your society – it is not a given, it must be earned.
  5. Expand your circle of acquaintances. Interact more with people, both online and in real life. Attend classmates’ meetings, go to exhibitions, participate in city festivals. Surround yourself with new people, have fun online and in real life. Your companion will wonder if he pays enough attention to you if you went headfirst into another communication.
  6. Take and post pictures with men on social media. Periodically post photos with other men. Do not forget to accompany the picture provoking captions or emoticons.
  7. Socialize with your coworkers not only in the office. Spend time with your coworkers, especially with members of the stronger sex. Organize a joint trip to the countryside or a trip on an excursion. At the request of her husband to go with you, say that the format of the meeting does not imply that.
  8. Become less likely to share their plans. Leave the habit of reporting where you are, with whom, where you are going. Ignore such questions or answer them evasively, without specifics. Become more mysterious, such changes certainly will not go unnoticed.
  9. Get flowers from an admirer. Ask your girlfriend or yourself to order a beautiful bouquet of flowers without a reason with a romantic note. Surprised by the gift, and when her husband asked who sent flowers, say that you do not know, as an admirer does not introduce himself.
  10. Stop controlling your man. Stop controlling your partner, call to find out where he is, with whom and when he returns home. Show a moderate indifference and mind your own business. Such self-sufficiency will lead him to believe that there are more important things in your life than sit and wait for him at home.
  11. Change your appearance. A change in appearance will benefit the relationship for two reasons. First, such changes are a frequent sign that a woman has an admirer and, accordingly, a reason to make her husband jealous. Secondly, it is a great opportunity to show yourself in all your glory and to remind what an attractive woman you are.

How to make someone jealous by correspondence

If there is a long distance between you, you can bring a man to emotion with the help of SMS. To do this, stop writing to him first and do not respond too quickly, so that he begins to miss more and wonder what you are so busy that you do not communicate with the proper enthusiasm.

Constantly hint at interesting leisure activities. Or tell him how you enjoyed going to the movies to see a romantic comedy, how you had a delicious dinner at a fancy new restaurant. When asked who kept you company joke or answer evasively.

As if casually take selfies with possible fans’ gifts: candy, teddy bears, jewelry, and flowers. Do not accentuate these items yourself, be sure – a man in love will instantly notice such little things.

Wait until he himself asks you a question, and tell him that these flowers were given to you by an old friend or colleague at work. And better don’t name names, make up a story about an unknown admirer in love, who presents you with gifts.

Be careful not to mention the other guy’s name too often in your correspondence. It’s important not to overdo it so as not to sow a sense of mistrust between you or give away the production.

It is enough to just mention the same name several times in the conversation, for example:

If a man starts to resent you, be surprised by his reaction, because what’s the big deal about going to a cafe or helping with the computer? At the same time, as if casually keep mentioning the non-existent Anton in conversations.

Put original and ambiguous statuses in messengers and social networks. Compose a text so that your man will wonder where and with whom you spend your free time.

Join several themed communities where people look for company of interest or meet to socialize. Your partner will be notified about your social media activity, and will surely experience all the emotions you’re so eager to get.

Table by zodiac sign

Sometimes despite all the feminine tricks, it is absolutely unclear how to make a man jealous. It would seem that you are doing everything right.

In conversations regularly brings up the name of another man, you are often unavailable and come home with flowers, but her husband still does not react to your performance.

Because of this indifference, you wonder if he has someone else, or he just cooled down to you and wants to break up? Do not rush to get upset and exaggerate yourself.

Perhaps he figured out your plan and realized that no rival he has, so he feels confident and is not going to give in to provocation. Husband may even purposely send you out for a walk or send greetings to a colleague who you dreamed he would be jealous of.

By such behavior, he wants to teach you a lesson for trying to manipulate his emotions, so he shows a feigned coldness. Or it is his natural temperament. Also understand how to cause jealousy in men of different zodiac signs can be with the help of the table.

Zodiac sign Description
Aries Energetic and emotional. You don’t even have to try hard: a man can be jealous of any little thing, even a nickname in social networks or when meeting a classmate in the street. But the jealousy of Aries carefully conceals.
Taurus . Sharp reaction to any changes. Enough to repaint the hair or change the style of dress, and the man will be alert – but not because of the changes the appearance of a rival.
Gemini . A control freak, he always has to know where you are and with whom. To arouse the necessary emotions in him, it’s enough to mention the name of another man a couple of times and the reaction will not be long in coming.
Cancer Jealousy is easiest to cause, praising in front of him another man. This sign is intolerant of superiority over himself, and for you alone he should be the best.
Leo . Evoking jealousy should be done as carefully as possible. This sign can quickly be disappointed and instead of the expected passionate emotions, you will get distrust and disdain in your address.
Virgo There is no need to give any reason for jealousy: it is enough to look at another man. But do not try too hard to get emotions from him: he will quickly bring you out in the open and your manipulations will only make him angry.
Libra Overly intrusive with his desire to control your partner. Therefore, in order to bring your man into tone, it’s enough to fail to report a couple of times about your plans for the weekend.
Scorpio Such a man is extremely difficult to manipulate. You will have to try very hard to make him believe in your game. Otherwise, attempts to evoke emotions will only make him laugh.
Sagittarius He will hide his jealousy behind jokes and sarcasm to the last. In doing so, he strictly controls where you are and with whom you communicate.
Capricorn He needs to be made jealous sometimes. This is a very selfish man who quickly gets used to good things and stops appreciating his wife. But a minimal sign of attention towards his woman is enough to bring him to his senses.
Aquarius Often unsure of himself, so any other man who appears on the horizon subconsciously causes him anxiety. The main thing here is not to go overboard with his game so as not to traumatize his already low self-esteem.
Pisces Passionate and romantic, they need a sense of jealousy to feed their emotions. Causing it is very simple, it is enough even to joke about a potential admirer.

What not to do

It is worth remembering a few forbidden techniques, which should not be resorted to.

  • Do not talk about your exes. Especially do not compare your partner to an ex-boyfriend not in his favor.
  • Don’t flirt with your husband’s friends or co-workers. This is a blow below the belt, plus such behavior will seriously damage your reputation in the eyes of his entourage.
  • Do not communicate with your husband’s enemies or rivals. He is likely to perceive this as a conspiracy against him, which can seriously damage or even end your relationship.
  • Don’t overdo it. It is not necessary to drive a man into madness or despair by your actions. Provoke emotion very carefully, without causing serious damage to the mood and self-esteem of your partner.

Refuse to play jealousy games if your husband is now in a vulnerable position. For example, if he has recently been seriously ill, lost his job or had some kind of mishap in his life.

When his self-esteem and moods are already at zero, your attempts to make him jealous he will take as a betrayal and a desire to leave him at a difficult time in life.

How to make a man jealous: 10 simple.

Beloved man completely relaxed? Make him jealous.

Sometimes jealousy, like spicy spice, adds fire to the relationship, making it more vivid and rich. Especially if you’ve been together for a long time. However, male jealousy can be unpredictable. Excessive suspicion and mistrust sometimes easier to destroy feelings than to strengthen them. Therefore, it is important not to go overboard with the games, otherwise the result will not please you. Let’s discuss the tricks and harmless ways to make a man jealous, so he will not relax.

How to make a man jealous: 10 tricks

Make a man jealous is not that difficult, because the representatives of the stronger sex possessive by nature. However, if the guy himself is excessively jealous, it suggests that he has complexes and psychological problems.

Here are common causes of unfounded jealousy:

  • Pathological fear of losing a loved one;
  • Lack of confidence in themselves and their masculine attractiveness;
  • doubts about the reciprocity of feelings;
  • total mistrust;
  • Dependence on your partner.

Therefore, seriously play on the feelings of the chosen one can not. Still, the love relationship between a man and a woman assume trust each other and psychological comfort. Do you agree? Put a plus sign in the comments. And let’s move on to the main topic: how to make a man jealous in order to strengthen the relationship and add some spice.

10 ways to make a man jealous:

    Change your usual behavior. For example, the man sees you day after day without makeup, wearing simple homemade clothes with a codpiece on your head. Start wearing makeup, change your hair, work on your gait, sign up for dancing, buy sexy lingerie. Choose what you prefer, but in general, become more sexy . He’ll definitely be surprised and wonder if all this isn’t for him.

Start spending more time outside the house. If you usually spend all your evenings and weekends at home, it’s time to go out more often. Look for interesting activities in the city, call a girlfriend and go. Then share the vivid emotions of what you see with your chosen one. The guy will probably be offended that you invited your girlfriend and not him, as well as hiding plans for the evening.

Leave out important details when talking and smile cryptically. This is a simple way to keep a man’s attention. It will work well if you always tell your loved one all the details about an event in life. And he is often bored while doing so. Do you like to chat? Write in the comments, and how your chosen one reacts to detailed descriptions. Answers are anonymous.

When you go to a friend’s house, be especially thorough. Choose a dress, consult with your man, what shoes to wear, put on makeup on a full program. If you usually jump in jeans and sneakers, and run to the party, this behavior just alert your chosen one.

Do not immediately answer his calls and messages. Wait a while, intrigue him. You can send something like – “I can not talk now,” and then do not specify the reason.

Talk warmly to his friends. Of course, we’re not talking about outright flirting. Be nice and friendly with them. If friends will evaluate you as a very nice girl, your chosen one will feel not only proud but also a little jealous. He will see that you know how to win a man’s attention.

Linger at work a couple of times and casually mention that you are here with a male colleague. The degree of danger rises. But sometimes this method is also appropriate.

So, I told you how you can cause a man’s jealousy. These techniques help to revive the relationship. And if you are still only dating, so you can check the feelings of the guy. But do not overdo it, you do not need to make up anything unnecessary. Lack of jealousy in a man does not mean the absence of feelings. After all, the main issue is not how to make a man jealous, but in the psychology of the relationship.

How to add some brightness to them, emotions, to make a man appreciate you more as a woman. So always remember – to strengthen the union will be useful only light jealousy shot. If you go overboard, then nothing good will come of it. For example, you’ll stop answering the phone at all, will completely ignore a man, saying that you really like a colleague, begin to compare, etc. Trust is easy to lose.

Not sure that you will do everything right? Want to learn to keep the fire in a relationship in other ways? Become special for a man? Come to my online course “Secrets of Women’s Happiness.” You will learn the answers to the main questions and your man will see you as a queen again. Sign up for the next stream here on our official TC Pavel Rakov website. And be sure to check out Perfect Love Relationships . You’ll find lots of advice on how to communicate correctly and effectively with a man.

Girls, and you know what ways to make a man jealous? Share, I remind you that comments are anonymous.

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