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Love on the Internet – a psychologist told about the dangers and prospects of virtual relationships

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Our world is becoming more and more virtual. The Internet has become a place of recreation and entertainment, a place to work, a means of communicating with distant friends and complete strangers, a second wallet and even a place for virtual dating. Disputes and jokes about virtual love and its consequences/prospects do not cease.

Does such love have a future? What are the dangers? And why do so many of us look for love online?

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Why is it so easy to find love on the Internet and develop virtual relationships?

The Internet is a great place for emotional expression and for communication: emoticons, acquaintance sites, hobby resources, instant messaging and so on. There are a lot of temptations and opportunities to get acquainted. Moreover, many people prefer online dating, in reality bypassing potential “halves” a mile away.

Why does love on the Internet explodes faster than in real life?

  • An acute need for attention . If real life lacks emotion, communication and attention (and many are truly deprived of it due to circumstances), the Internet becomes almost the only way to feel needed by someone.
  • Internet addiction . Social networks and sites of interest pull a person into the world wide web very quickly. Life in reality falls by the wayside. Because there, on the Internet, we (as it seems to us) are understood, waited for and loved, and at home and at work – only misunderstandings, quarrels and fatigue. On the Internet we are practically unpunished and can be anyone we want, in reality we need to be responsible for our words and actions. Addiction becomes stronger the poorer a person’s real life is.
  • The ease of making new acquaintances and “friends”. On the Internet it’s easy. You went to a social network or a site of interest, exchanged a few words, clicked on the “traditional” heart on the photo – and you are noticed. If you are original, principled and clever, humor you sprinkle right and left, and your picture – the beauty of unearthly (“so what if it’s photoshop, but who knows about it?”), then the crowd of fans you ensured. And then you won’t be far from the favorites (with all the consequences).
  • Few people dare to take the first step to dating in real life. It’s even harder to meet your soulmate. On the Internet, everything is much easier. You can hide behind the mask of an “avatar” and invented information about yourself. You can turn into a photo model with number 5 chest or a tanned athlete with a Hollywood smile and a Porsche in the garage. And you can, on the contrary, remain yourself and enjoy it, because in real life, you have to keep yourself in check. And it seems – there he is! So charming, courageous – clever speeches, suave … And how he jokes! Innocent virtual flirting spills over into e-mails, then Skype and ICQ. And then real life takes a back seat, because all life is in these short messages “from Him”.
  • In reality, hoaxes make no sense. The “hoo-hoo” is immediately apparent. On the Web, one can distort one’s self to no end, until one is “bitten” by the one whose speeches keep one awake at night.
  • The image of the person on whom we stop our attention on the Internet, draws, for the most part, our imagination. We do not know what he really is, but we already have our own “bars” and ideas of how he should be. And of course, on the other side of the monitor just can not sit a nerd in glasses, interested only in cockroaches in his aquarium, or a blurry housewife with cucumbers on her face! The more illusions, the richer our imagination – the harder it is to realize that on the “other end” of the Internet the same person as you. Maybe with elongated knees on sweatpants, with a bike instead of a Porsche, with (oh, the horror) pimple on his nose.
  • It’s easier for strangers (it happens on trains, with fellow travelers) to reveal their feelings. The ease of communication creates the illusion of mutual interest.
  • It’s almost impossible to see a person’s flaws online. Even if the CV honestly says “Gluttony, arrogant snob, I love women, freebies and money, unprincipled, attracted, consisted, who do not like it – the book of complaints around the corner” – this person brings a smile, and, oddly enough, immediately disposes to himself. Because it’s intriguing, creative, and daring.
  • The biggest problem virtual love can cause is the breakup of an “epistolary affair” via ICQ or mail. That is, no pregnancy, alimony, division of property, etc.
  • Mystery, mystery, obligatory veil of “mystery” – they always spur interest and feelings.

What are the dangers of virtual love: relationships in social networks and the possible consequences?

The dangers of Internet dating in disguise. Yes, you read that correctly. A person in the 21st century leads 2 types of life: online and offline. In both, we put on social masks, pretending to be personalities that we are not really. That is, the danger of online dating is that you can form a certain opinion about the interlocutor, and it does not correspond to him. As a result, when you get to know someone better, your rose-colored glasses will fall off, and you’ll realize you were wrong.

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How do you protect yourself from unreasonable expectations? The answer is simple – don’t have illusions about your online acquaintance. Understand, this person has not yet earned your absolute trust. Therefore, no matter what he wrote or told you on the video call, do not let your guard down. Keep your distance until you realize that you know him well. It should take at least 2-3 months for that to happen.

The benefits of online dating

  • A nice, gentle and touchingly courteous person on the Internet can turn out to be a real dictator in real life. Not to mention more severe cases (let’s not consider chainsaw maniacs).
  • The information that is available about a person on the Internet is not always true. It is quite possible that his place of residence is fictitious, his picture is downloaded from the network, instead of a name – a pseudonym, instead of a blank page in his passport – a stamp from the Registry Office, and several children, of course, he was not going to leave them for you.
  • To indulge yourself with the illusion – “like, looks aren’t important” – is wrong in advance. Even if the person really turns out to be a gentle romantic with a lot of money, his appearance, voice and manner of speaking can horrify you at the first meeting.
  • Often “virtual love” ends up in real fights, as a result of which the “secret of personal correspondence,” photos, and intimate and vital details become public.

As you communicate with virtual “love,” the lines between reality and the Internet are gradually erased – there is a chronic fear of breaking that thread, the connection with the person. But true feelings can not last indefinitely within the Network – sooner or later they will have to stop or go to the phase of real communication. And here the question arises – is it necessary? Won’t the meeting be the beginning of the end?

Love on the Internet – a meeting in the real world: is it necessary to continue the virtual relationship, and when it can be done?

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So, the question – to date or not to date – is on the agenda. Is it worth crossing this line? Should we leave things as they are? Of course, there can be no advice – everyone draws its own fate.

But some nuances are worth considering:

  1. Fear of meeting in reality is a normal phenomenon. The chosen one may really disappoint and reject you. But without seeing you, you will never know. What if this is the “one” you’ve been waiting for all your life?
  2. To fall in love with an image created on the Net is one thing. And it is quite another to love a real person with real shortcomings. Total rejection of each other at the first meeting – a clear sign that the relationship will not work.
  3. Disappointed by the appearance of his virtual lover? Muscles were not so prominent, and the smile is not so snow-white? Thinking of running away from a first date? Then you were not so charmed by his inner world, if such a little thing could “knock you out of the saddle. Maybe he is not even an athlete, and money for a fancy restaurant, he does not have, but he will be the best dad in the world and the most caring husband. Be prepared for disappointment. Because there is no such thing as a perfect man.
  4. Definitely should not meet outside the virtual world, if you know nothing about your “favorite”, except for e-mail, photos (which may not be his) and the name.
  5. You want to meet, but he constantly takes the conversation in a different direction? This means that either he has enough virtual relationships, or he is married, or afraid to show you the real you, or afraid to be disappointed in you.
  6. If you don’t want to disappoint the person, be sincere. Not too candid (after all, this is the Internet), but sincere. That is, do not lie, do not embellish reality, do not doroshop yourself with mouth-watering charms, a smooth face and emerald eyes. Falseness will never be the beginning of a strong union.
  7. Prepare for the fact that the meeting may be the first and the last, and your “ideal” will not be your soul mate.
  8. If you already have a family in reality, think a hundred times before you destroy it because of a virtual romance. You could end up losing your family and be disappointed in virtual love.

The meeting went great? Emotions are running high? And this is “it”? So, the Internet gave you a chance to be happy. Build a relationship, love and enjoy life!

And what do you think about virtual relationships, can they become a reality? Share your opinion with us!

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Is it worth trusting online dating sites without registration

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Who’s lurking behind the avatar

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