Love letter to a guy from a distance

What letter to the beloved man can write?

The need to write a letter to your favorite man can be different: he is far away, or you have had a fight and want to talk about their experiences, or have other circumstances. Write necessarily, and if you do not know how and about what, we advise.

Letter to a loved one when you are separated

If your loved one is far away and you miss him, the words themselves will splash out on paper. You only need to take a pen and start.

Here are some examples for inspiration:

  • You’re far away now, but you’re there for me: in my heart, soul, and thoughts. I miss you madly and can’t think of anything. But one must live in separation, and I try to be cheerful, waiting for you. I do not always succeed, in the evenings when I come home I allow myself to be sad, to let my emotions run wild. I look forward to your return, thoughts of it warm me every day.
  • Beloved, I miss you. I meet the sunrise thinking of you and remember how good we were together. Come back soon and I’ll never let you go again.
  • Forgive me, but I can’t help being sad away from you. I didn’t appreciate the time I spent with you so much before, but now I feel how hard it is to be alone. I remember every second I was with you. Waiting and longing. Yes, there is a lot to do and worry about, but all I can think about is you, how are you, is everything okay? Let me know about you.
  • Every 5 minutes I look at the phone and wait for your call, because I can not be without you for so long. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I always see your face, dimples on your cheeks, you smile so charmingly and get so funny angry. Call me soon and come back soon.

Being at a distance, you have to support each other with warm words, constantly reminding each other of your love, so that you can be sure that everything is still the same. Do not forget to wish him good night before going to bed.

A touching confession to the boyfriend

Often it is difficult to talk directly about your feelings, but it is much easier to write:

  1. Honey, I’m writing to you, because I do not dare to tell you in words. You were not just a man in my life, you have become the very life. I feel elated next to you and devastated when I am alone. I love you.
  2. I don’t know why I’m writing this, I guess I don’t have the courage to say it directly. But I understand that I can no longer hide it. Before, I could not imagine that you would be more than a friend to me, but it happened that way.
  3. I’m afraid to say loud words, I know it’s all unexpected, but there’s no point in keeping silent any longer. Regardless of your decision, I tell you my love. I dream of a reciprocal response, but I don’t rush it, because everything is “like a snowball’s head.” True love doesn’t require reciprocity and if you don’t feel the need to respond to it, I would appreciate honesty in this case. Love and hope.

Of course, it’s hard to advise in such a case how and what to write. But having decided to confess, do not hesitate to say everything directly, frankly.

Short notes-recognitions to your beloved.

Such notes can throw a neighbor, classmate, colleague, when you do not want to think much, but only to convey the main message:

  • I can’t speak beautifully – know that there is a girl who cares about you;
  • I have a few words that are bursting out of me, I love you;
  • I look forward to seeing you Like a miracle. I myself did not expect to fall so seriously in love;
  • Tell me, has this ever happened to you, when you see someone and realize that he is your person? It happened to me the other day when I saw you;
  • I can’t believe it myself, but I happen to be sad and lonely without you. And when you are near, happiness overwhelms me;
  • I’m so looking forward to seeing you, I wonder if I’ve fallen in love. It seems so, for a reason I’m drawn to you like a magnet.

You need to write these kinds of messages, men do not like unnecessary words, all available and understandable.

Letter to the man in verse

It’s very touching to receive poems written by your favorite girl. Write them congratulating her on a holiday, being apart or just for fun:

You’re my man now,

And I don’t know how to thank fate.

For what I have become your beloved,

I can always be with you.

¶ I’ve got no resentment ¶

When I look into your eyes

♪ And all the pain I’ve suffered ♪

♪ I’m ready to forget ♪

I love you more than life

¶ And I’m grateful to fate, darling ¶

For giving me this spark

That ignited our love

Thank you for finding me

In the crowd of others

Among the gray buildings, the sad faces,

# We’ve been fused together

No doubt you can compose a few lines yourself, and if not, choose the right ones and give them as a gift.

Gentle and kind messages to your husband

Tell your husband how you feel for a time apart and when he is around, let him remember that he is loved and waited for:

  • I don’t know if you remember when we met. But I remember that day clearly as it changed my life and me. Not only that, but I remember the first time you looked at me, walked me home, and called me the next morning. All this time I was gripped by a flurry of emotions and doubts. But I soon realized that fate had given me a gift and I gratefully accepted it. Thank you for being in my life.
  • Maybe I never said those words and that’s my omission. You are the best for me, you combine courage and intelligence, humor and judgment. I am proud of my husband, I can’t imagine living without you or with anyone else. I miss you when you’re gone, I look forward to the minute when I can come home. The best thing in my life is our nest and you in soft house slippers.

A letter to your loved one in prose

And a few more variations of messages for all occasions:

  • My dear man! Yes, that’s how I want to call you. I know it’s unexpected, but the feelings overwhelm me. You became not just close to me, I understand that I waited for you. Having waited, I can boldly declare that I love you. I am not afraid to say so openly even if you do not reciprocate. For those we love do not become our property, just know this.
  • You are far away, and I, left here alone, have realized what you mean to me. We used to live and not pay attention to it, the gray ordinary days went by one after another, in worries and bustle. But it is only now, after a long separation, that we truly appreciate each other. Every day when I go to bed, I imagine how I will run to meet you and what words I will say. And most importantly, I will never let you go for so long again.
  • Honey, thank you for decorating my life. Only you could make it really happy. I love you when you are angry and laughing and for me no matter what your mood is, I can always dispel your sorrows. You are the most wonderful person, no matter where you are, no matter what happens, I want to be there for you.

Words of appreciation and gratitude should sometimes be said by all people to their near and dear ones. It doesn’t matter verbally or in writing, the important thing is to get the point across.

If you have decided to break up

It’s easier to put hard thoughts on paper, and if you don’t have the strength to say goodbye by looking me in the eye, write:

  • Hi, you’re probably surprised to get a letter from me. But lately our communication has become more and more impossible, we are constantly fighting and quarreling. That’s why I decided to talk to you in this form. When I realized that it cannot go on like this, I tell you that we are separating. I am sorry for everything, and I forgive you.
  • Sweet, good man! I cannot get up the courage to talk, it would be easier to write. Our relationship has run out of steam, we can no longer stay together. If we continue this play, we will be lying to ourselves and others. Forgive my impertinence, but I think you will agree with me.
  • Hi, writing a farewell message. For one more meeting I do not have the spirit, I turned out to be a terrible coward. I feel that not so tenderly you look at me, not so tenderly you embrace. I don’t want to be unhappy to have you around just out of pity or sense of responsibility. I let us go in different directions. Thank you for a wonderful time, sorry and goodbye.

Breaking up is hard to write about, but gather your will into a fist and explain yourself. Don’t wait until you become a burden to each other.

No matter what you need to compose a letter to your beloved man. Whether it is a happy occasion or a sad one, stay honest and show respect to the end.

Video: what words can you use to express your feelings?

In this video, psychologist Antonina Ryabtseva will tell you what you can write to your loved one to convey your love:

Letter to a beloved man about feelings, ex-boyfriend or lover, touching and simple

There are situations in life when you can’t say how you feel. Then a letter to your beloved will help to express the whole gamut of emotions that do not give peace.

But how to express your feelings, which words to use and whether to be frank until the end or just a hint?

A letter to a loved one in a separation and at a distance

More often the desire to write about how you miss, love and wait, occurs when a loved one has gone away for a long time or far away.

Separation, exciting memories, a native smell make you long for more. Sincere feelings are the best inspiration for touching confessions. A letter will give a young man the strength to survive the breakup and make him love and appreciate his girlfriend with renewed vigor.

To a close man who is far away, pick up such words that will pull him home, back. In letters to your long-distance lover, it is important to focus less on yourself, more on him. He will feel that all his girlfriend’s thoughts revolve only around him, that at home he will feel as good as anywhere and with no one else.

Useful phrases, ideas for messages:

  • “My thoughts keep coming back to you. Everywhere I look, no matter what I see or hear, something of ours comes to mind at once, something we have in common, and I miss and yearn for you again, my darling.”
  • “Without you empty, dreary and gray. The memory does not give a moment’s peace: “Here he stood, this is how he looked at me, this is what he said …”, as if you were there a minute ago.
  • “I live with thoughts of you. Every night I go to bed and fantasize again about how we will meet with our eyes, and, embraced, we will stand in silence, enjoying the happiness of the meeting.”

A touching confession to a guy to tears about his feelings

If the goal is to bring a guy to tears, you should think of everything about the couple: songs, places, dates, and moments. If the feelings are mutual, such hints will push him to exciting memories and will make him teary-eyed. And the fact that his lady of the heart loves him so much, will increase the effect.

You can use gentle, affectionate nicknames that only two people know. This can be some intimate appeals or savory details (all in a positive way only). If the message will be a paper one, it won’t hurt to sprinkle perfume on the leaf.

How to write a letter to your lover:

  1. Choose the form of the message (electronic, paper, audio, video, long or short, prose or verse).
  2. Determine the degree of openness (halftone, frank or lewd to the point of obscenity).
  3. Solitude and create an atmosphere (music, favorite scent, better his cologne, a glass of wine).
  4. Recall something extraordinary from a shared past.
  5. Write something you’ve never told him about because of shyness.
  6. Add fun memories.
  7. Describe how you feel.
  8. Conclude the confession with something optimistic and preferably dreams of a future together.

Examples of such letters:

“Hello, my darling. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to receive this letter, because we see each other every day, and this is something old-fashioned, on paper. But in person I don’t have the courage to tell you how dear you are to me. I smile, I can kiss you and mumble something indecipherable, but my heart is bursting with feelings! You are an incredible guy… I am grateful to fate for our first chance encounter. Thank you for not letting me fall then, and then walking me home with a limp. You’ve been my life ever since. I hope you have as much fun with me. I look forward to every call and message from you, and I hope my happiness lasts forever…”

“Hi. I feel like we haven’t seen each other in ages, and it’s only been twenty-four hours. We’ve been together so long, it’s embarrassing to even be cuddly. But I wanted to tell you how much I love you, and that my feelings get stronger every year. I remember on our first date you tried to kiss me and we got electrocuted because of the static. I remember how you brought me a blue rose for each of our meetings. I remember how you treated me for my angina. You were, are, and hopefully always will be my… My beloved and loving man.”

Short notes-recognitions to your beloved.

Touching notes do not hurt, even if the couple see each other every day. Such mini-declarations will surprise and delight, especially if the guy will find them in different places and at an unexpected moment.

A few ideas for tiny sensual revelations:

  • Prepare a lot of messages on pieces of paper and scatter them in all kinds of pockets, bags, boots, hats.
  • Find the phrase “I love you” online in all languages, print it out, and post it around the apartment. Every time the lover will find it, the couple should read to each other a declaration of love and kiss passionately.
  • Texts with simple phrases like “You’re my hero,” “I’m crazy about you,” “My heart is stolen by you” will make pleasant to the chosen one during the day.

Letter to the man in verse

A revelation in verse will come in handy for a special occasion. It is good if there is at least a little experience and talent in creating poetic confessions.

You can find beautiful lines in a collection of poems of some poet. More modern would be to choose an exciting verse from a song that is special to the couple and sign the card that way.

“The thought that we might not have met you

The earth leaves my feet, my soul flies in the surf of the night,

For you are my heavenly destined man

You’re perfect. Oh, gods! I love you!”

It is not so important if the poems are imperfect, childishly naive and slightly frank – an intimate message in verse to the native guy can contain such lines, which are understandable and appropriate for two people in love.

Gentle and kind messages to your husband

Daily worries dull the senses, and the married couple gradually forgets why they got married, how much they love their soulmate, what beautiful memories connect them.

But romance is a labor of love. Warm words, an affectionate kiss when meeting and saying goodbye, a cup of flavored drink, words of love without a reason and a favorite treat – these little things bring the holiday back to ordinary days.

But not every man is able to express his feelings with words, many do it through gifts and actions. But affectionate words are what most women are talented at.

Examples of such notes are:

“Hello, my man! I hope you smile when you find this note and your favorite candy in your jacket pocket. Love you, my sweetie, you’re super!”

“I dream of repeating this evening and night – you’re just as romantic as you were on the first date. There’s a surprise waiting for you tonight – I’ve been preparing for a long time and I’m going to surprise you for real tonight!”

“Thank you for having you. Daughter asked me to tell you that you are the best dad on earth, and I join in such a title, the best husband on the planet!”

A letter to your loved one in prose

A message to a special guy is easier to create in prose. It can be a revelation in the form of a letter, or it can be due to an excess of feelings turn into a real work of art. Many of the people do not even realize how much potential lurks in them, until the tumultuous feelings break through the avalanche of stiffness.

It is necessary to forget about the fact that the chosen one will read the message. You should think about what you want to say, but do not have the courage.

If the object of passion has no idea about the strength of your feelings, then there are two possible outcomes. If his feelings are no less fiery, passion flares with renewed vigor. And if the power of love is exaggerated, then such an emotional exposure will hasten the parting, which is even better than unrequited love.

An example of such a letter:

“I don’t know if you can guess how much I love you… Yes, I’m not afraid of that word. After all, you do not see me now, that’s why I am so brave. From the first time we met, I knew I was lost. You’re polite and reserved, I don’t know what to think. If you are indifferent to me, so be it, I will never remind you of my feelings. But if there is something, let me know, or I’m going crazy with uncertainty. I’m sorry if my confession comes as a shock to you.”

A letter to an ex-boyfriend about feelings to make him cry

After a breakup, the heart aches for a long time. Anything that reminds of a broken relationship, of an ex makes it very painful. To burn out, to let go of past relationships, talk it out.

Naturally, to listen to the claims, resentments, worries ex-boyfriend will not, but the letter is likely to read. Therefore, to write to your ex-male makes sense, if there was a lack of words. Even if he did not read, the woman will feel better at heart, and she will be able to let go of the past.

If the couple broke up amicably, both scrolling in memory of the warm moments of the past together, a letter to an ex-boyfriend can bring him to tears.

Girls, as more emotional beings, are able to express the whole range of feelings that boil in their hearts. And a man who receives such a confession from an ex-lover, can not stand it and cry, because in the past was a lot of good, and the present is destroyed, nothing can be returned.

What to write to your ex, so that it touches a nerve? The main thing is to write about the good stuff. Tell him how good he was, how you loved him and appreciated everything he did for the relationship. Passionate descriptions of love, sex, romantic dates, moments that made both of you happy are what will make an ex cry.


“Hello. Weren’t you waiting? And I decided to write goodbye, because we never said goodbye properly. Although we did not part from a good life, our relationship was a bright side of my life. You are the best man I have ever met. Strong, courageous and gentle at the same time. I will remember your breakfasts with longing for the rest of my life. Thank you for every day we lived together, especially that month at the sea. Every day I try to think less and less of you. Goodbye.”

A farewell letter to a married man from his mistress

Relationships with a married man often end in separation. Sweet promises of the chosen one to abandon the family and forever reunite with his mistress, create a family and even have joint children often remain empty words.

If a lady in love finds the strength to leave, she flees without meeting the man again, or he will persuade her to stay. Therefore, a farewell letter will be a great way to say, “Goodbye,” without hurting yourself with another meeting.

What to write in such a revelation:

  1. At the beginning of the letter, give thanks for the relationship, no matter how bitterly it ended for the woman.
  2. After remembering a few good moments, they write about how the couple met or what was the beginning of love.
  3. They talk about how they feel, realizing that the romance is over. It is worth refraining from reproaches: they will not lead to anything and will only leave a negative impression on the recipient.


A love letter is not just a monologue, it is a wonderful gift for any joint holiday. This is a way not to forget anything, to say all the important words, even if your loved one is far away or the couple finally broke up.

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