Love in numbers: explaining in general terms

Numerology of the wedding date.

We sometimes do not even notice and do not pay attention to the fact that numbers surround us everywhere and accompany us in life. And they influence the human destinies. This connection is studied by the science of numerology. With its help, you can easily calculate the numbers of significant events, including the date of the wedding. In addition, the numbers can warn against many unpleasant events, to achieve happiness in marriage and family well-being.

What is the relationship of the date of birth with a future wedding day?

The creation of the family, the marriage ceremony for most of the most important moments of life. Such a celebration the bride and groom usually plan in advance. And, of course, there is time to choose the right date and month for the marriage. Often, traditions, wishes about the organization of the banquet, the time of year, the weather are taken into account. After all, one wants to make such an event unusual, memorable. But that is not the main thing. It has an energy that significantly affects how life together can become a couple. The result of all the calculations can answer many of the couple’s questions. One of these is whether their dreams and hopes will come true.

An accurate numerology calculation will help to learn about the marriage, to make the necessary adjustments in behavior to achieve a harmonious relationship with their soul mate. Also with its help one can determine the best day, month, year of the marriage, which will guarantee a happy life of the family. For those who are already married, this calculation gives the opportunity to find the weak links in the partnership relations and to strengthen and improve them.

Marriage: methodology for calculating the year of marriage according to Kattakkar

The scientist M. Katakkar has developed an interesting and quite simple methodology, by which you can find out the years of probable marriage, marriage.

This calculation involves the following steps:

  • We add up the numbers of the date of birth.

For example, a girl was born on 4.05.2007, 4+5+2+7=18, 1+8=9.

  • See Cattacar’s table, where the numbers obtained in the calculation and the probable years of marriage are correlated.

Received number Probable year of marriage.

  • Correlate the numbers in the second column with the nearest real years:

If we got 9 in the calculation, the probable years of marriage are 2,3,6,7. So a girl born on May 4, 2007 could be married in 2027, 2028, 2031, 2032, etc.

Naturally, these are indications of likely years of marriage.

In addition, the number of the wedding can tell you about possible difficulties and obstacles for the couple. If the date on which you were born contains the numbers 3 or 6, 8 and 9, it means that the marriage may be postponed or there may be no wedding at all. The reason – the future newlyweds are very strong and independent personalities, fear of losing personal freedom and the great responsibility of the relationship after marriage. But if you are willing to give each other personal space, respect the opinions of the other half, the wedding will take place, and the couple will live happily.

Calculating the ideal day and month for the upcoming wedding

Knowing when the future newlyweds were born, you can calculate the ideal day for the wedding. The calculations are simple. You need to add up all the numbers from both dates and reduce to a single-digit value.

Let’s look at an example. The bride was born on December 21, 1975, and the groom was born on March 13, 1976.

We add: 2+1+1+2+1+9+7+5+1+3+3+1+9+7+6=58, 5+8=13, 1+3=4.

The number of our pair: 4.

For the birth of a young family, it is better to choose the 4th number. And also, if the obtained value is subtracted from the number of days in the expected month, then such a number will bring good luck as well. (30-4=26, 31-4=27). Lucky days of marriage for our couple are 4, 26, 27.

There are also calculations to determine the ideal month. You need to take the month of birth of the bride or groom and add the numbers 3, 4, 6, 9, 10. For example, the groom was born in March. Good months for marriage are June, July, September, December, January.

Love in numbers:

If the date is known, with the help of numerology, we can find out what to expect for the couple in family life or find out the auspicious number so that the family will live in love and harmony for many years.

For example, the couple married on August 29, 1999. Do the calculation and we get: 2+9+0+8+1+9+9+9=47; 4+7=11, 1+1=2. What this means, let’s see below.


1 – indicates the creation of a marital union, resembling more of a business arrangement. For a pair of leaders, the one foreshadows frequent disagreements, because they have huge ambitions. The desire for dominance can destroy the family. Only prudence will help you understand that the person you love is more important than anything else. And rivalry will spoil your relationship. Constant passions of competition can chill even the hottest feelings. Lovers should be wary of the opinions of others and try to pay more attention to joint recreation, to make a variety. This helps to feel one strong family, two halves.

2 is a favorable number for creating a family, but difficulties in life cannot be avoided. Haste and fussiness could interfere with such relationships. In an attempt to receive everything quickly, men and women cease to hear each other and understand the emotions of their soul mate. Also, any sudden changes are not acceptable for these unions. But romanticism is the best. In the life of such a couple should last for years a candy-bouquet period. Also refresh the relationship and romantic evening walks, various kinds of gatherings. And you should not do without dinners in restaurants.

The conjugal couple will have both wisdom and love for this marriage, which means that their union will be strong and happy. Your relationship is strong if the spouses go hand in hand. All the financial and psychological trials they perfectly overcome. Resolve all disputes in the family without conflict, finding compromises that suit both spouses. For these unions, people’s envy is destructive. It is recommended to reconsider and filter the close environment and say goodbye to unpleasant people. And one more thing – you should not be lazy in working on the relationship.

4 is for unions that strive for material wealth. But do not be carried away, not everyone passes the test of money. Evil tongues” can ruin families. The openness and trustworthiness of the union attracts envious people. It is better for lovers not to trumpet their happiness. The less talk among people around you about your relationship, the better for the couple. A trusting relationship is necessary to re-establish contact. The openness of the man and woman is the talisman of this family. You need to be able to listen and hear your other half.

5 is the number of fidelity and a strong and long-lasting union. However, conflicts in the family, though not frequent, cannot be avoided. These are the happiest unions. Five bodes well for strong relationships over decades. But impulsive, violent and rash actions of one of the couple can interfere. It could even come to the point of separation. Do not be too zealous with emotions, they can be tiring and destructive. And this is followed by a “burnout” of feelings. Need to learn to build your relationship without conflict or be able to find compromise solutions.

6 – suggests the longevity and strength of such family unions, but only on condition of mutuality of feelings. By calculation, your relationship will fail. There are many jealousy scenes in this union. There may not be an easy relationship here, it is possible to become overwhelmed by strong emotions. It may take a lot of patience and the ability to give in to each other. This is the only salvation for love in such unions.

7 – a kind of family amulet for a pair of a man and a woman, which is able to save your relationship, keep the family, feelings. In such a couple, the same partners are attracted. But they can be called those who like to be on their own. It is very difficult for them to find common ground with their surroundings. And about strong emotions here we are not talking about. Dangerous for such a love relationship can be intolerance. And also it is necessary to learn how to adequately perceive criticism. To achieve success in such unions must be simpler, kinder, more tolerant and compromise.

8 is a number consisting of two fours, indicating an alliance of wealth and spirituality. It protects and preserves. But the relationship between a man and a woman will be the most unpredictable. On the one hand, interesting and at the same time complex and contradictory. Such families are not boring. And requires from the spouses mental and physical strength. Here they either love or hate. It is not recommended to control each other. It is better to delimit personal space, to give some freedom, then your relationship will be strong and long-lasting. And love will live there.

9 – foreshadows a difficult family life of such unions. Beware of routine. The love connection in this case seems strange. Here, passion and fantasy are mixed up. Spouses make each other ideal, giving to each other the qualities that they do not possess. In infatuation, it may be normal. However, when the moment of enlightenment comes, it turns out that each partner has a bunch of flaws. But those who are able to overcome such obstacles and hindrances, a successful relationship awaits.

Numerology is a universal science, which is able to explain, find answers to almost any sphere of human life, including feelings, emotions, energy, with the help of vibration of numbers, numbers. It is possible to calculate the number of love by applying addition and convolution to the base value. To determine such a code for a couple, add up the numerical values of each letter of both names and the digits of the number, month, year of their dating. Then we reduce to the base value and decipher according to the interpreter.

Love in numbers: explaining in general terms

Did you know that in numerology there is a number that characterizes the relationship in a couple? With its help, you can improve the relationship with your partner, know what to expect from an affair. The number of love and relationship numerology will tell you how to get out of the crisis and become happy again!

Block: 1/12 | Number of characters: 287 Source:

number of love – any number

Absolutely all of the main numbers in numerology are directly related to Love. The number 8 is love of constancy, spiritual conservatism. Number 2 – love of principle, material conservatism.

Number 9 is the love of the soul. It’s hard to explain what love of the soul is. But if it were not, we would live like in a cartoon – “planet Iron, populated by robots”… Zero – love of peace.

One is the love of action. In fact, there are two basic loves at the core of human existence: the love of rest and the love of action. These two loves are united in the number 10. The number 10 also means love for God.

Find out your love number.

To find out the Number of Love and its numerological meaning online, enter your last name, first name and middle name into the form.

The history of numbers indicates that there is no specific number that signifies love between a man and a woman. More precisely, the choice of the number of love depends on what that love is based on. In our imperfect world, love is always based on something, even for the most incorrigible romantics. The number of love is what is especially beautiful about you. Understand the power of its influence in your life and follow it, whatever your Destiny and talents may be.

Meaning of the number of love

Love Number 1 : People who are patronized by one usually have a hard time with monogamy. They have had a fair amount of liaisons in their lives, and they don’t stay with a particular person for long. They have an innate sexuality and attraction. They see sex only as a free expression of their sexuality, and do not assume equal treatment in marriage. However, such people receive recognition and authority in the family and become excellent parents.

Love Number 2: People patronized by this number prioritize family well-being and a measured home life. Sexual life is less important to them than communication, mutual respect and love. Devoted and caring, they demand the same consistency from their partner. Feeling love and consistency, they are calm and happy. But as soon as doubts about their partner’s fidelity creep into their heads, the “twos” change dramatically, displaying intense jealousy, which can lead to extreme measures in order to keep the family together.

Love number 3 : People under the sign of the three are weak to the charm and sexual energy of the opposite sex, and are attracted to this type. However, this is not enough to create a lasting relationship, so they are interested in the psychology of the human soul. The illusions of youth about marriage with age are shattered in stone. When the romance of the first months is replaced by monotonous life, disappointment awaits them. Common hobbies or joint activities are important for a lasting union with a triplet.

Love number 4 : People patronized by the number 4 are withdrawn and unsociable. They honor family ties and sexual harmony more than others. They reek of an aura of sexuality. However, they are not interested in sex without commitment, they need the normal long-term relationship. They take marriage and having children very seriously and responsibly.

Love number 5: Those born under the sign of five prefer to enjoy life to the fullest and try out different partners before settling down. Sex for them is a wide field for experimentation, and they expect the same return from their partners. Their marriage will largely depend on it – dedication and willingness to learn new things play an important role in choosing a life partner.

Number of love 6: People with this number usually enjoy love from everyone: the opposite sex, co-workers, friends, relatives. When choosing a partner, they first of all pay attention to their financial situation, and then to everything else. Restrained expression of feelings leads to misunderstanding with the other half, so they should be more active in showing their affection.

Love number 7 : With people under this sign, it is difficult to maintain a relationship, especially if the partner is the complete opposite. Loyal and obliging to their loved one, support the home, are responsible, hardworking, and value common interests with the other half.

Love number 8: People under the number 8 are not suitable for early marriage. At this time, they are completely absorbed in their career and hobbies, and give little time to their family, which leads to constant quarrels. At a more mature age, they have stability and are ready to devote themselves to family ties. They are faithful to their spouses, but at any age, they may prefer work to family.

Love number 9 : Love always comes first for the representatives of this number. They easily give in to impulses of passion and sincerely wish to be loved. For the sake of romance can move mountains and prove their feelings. Quickly lose interest in a person if he does not succumb to their charm. In marriage, these people must constantly see signs of attention from their partner, otherwise they may think that they are not loved enough and look for something else.

Number of love 1 – Common goals.

Your relationship needs common goals and ambitions, and if you have something to focus on together, you will be happy in this union. It’s great if you have big plans to move abroad, start a family, build your own home, or start a business together.

You both have skills that you can greatly improve and even double their power by teaming up. You can become an example and a source of inspiration to those around you.

If there is a crisis in your relationship right now, it is likely that your interests, and therefore your goals, are divided. Try to bring the energy of one into the relationship: make joint plans, find a new hobby, focus on something together. Light your inner fire!

Block: 4/12 | Symbol Number: 730 Source:

Love Number 2 – Communication

You just need to talk to each other. Even if you are not sociable in your own right, you should use each other to develop your communication skills. Practice on each other by demonstrating sensitivity and caring.

In your relationship, it’s important to learn from each other and work together to find inner balance.

If there is a crisis in the relationship, perhaps you need to give each other more attention, time and energy, learn to listen to each other and be sincere. Do not neglect the art of compromise!

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Love number 3 – Fun

Fun and playfulness is a must in your relationship. Allow your inner child to express himself! Carefree is very important for your couple, don’t let routine and routine get in the way.

Attend a variety of events together, have parties – live life to the fullest!

To overcome a crisis, bring the element of fun back into the relationship. Try to bring more threesome energy into your life: do something spontaneous together and allow yourself to be funny. Remind yourself of why you once fell in love with each other!

Block: 6/12 | Characters: 594 Source:

Love number 4 – Plans for the future

You need to plan in detail for your future together. Being organized and grounded is what your relationship is built on. If you work together to implement ideas, plan your household, and keep a budget, everything will be fine.

You may not be used to planning everything, but if you want to be happy in this relationship, learn! Those around you will admire the strength and stability of your feelings.

To overcome the crisis, focus on the details of your life together: discuss the details of everyday life, divide responsibilities, and take care of household chores. Your relationship can’t “stand” without a solid foundation.

Block: 7/12 | Number of characters: 640 Source:

Love number 5 – Adventure

Exploring life and the world around you together is what your couple needs. To be happy in this relationship, you need to join forces to make your life together exciting and interesting. Feel free and don’t be afraid to do spontaneous things!

A joint adventure, even a small one, will noticeably improve mutual understanding in your couple. If you manage to make a variety in life, you can grow and develop together as a couple.

Add some A energy to your relationship to overcome a crisis: make an unplanned rearrangement at home, book a table at a restaurant for today – surprises and spontaneity will bring your relationship back to life!

Block: 8/12 | Number of characters: 691 Source:

Love Number 6 – Care.

Your relationship should be safe, serene and orderly. Become a kind of “sanctuary” for each other is what you need to do if you want to be happy in this relationship. In such a “refuge” you both will be able to creatively realize themselves.

Surely you love visiting neighbors, relatives and friends, and no wonder – your home is cozy and warm, and in addition you are always treated to a delicious tea.

If the relationship is in crisis, answer the question: When was the last time you went to a restaurant or a movie together? Take care of each other with equal effort, and see how your feelings get stronger again!

Block: 9/12 | Number of characters: 625 Source:

Love Number 7 – Depth

The deeper you delve into each other’s feelings, the stronger your relationship will be! You need to be able to find deep meanings in ordinary things in order to be happy. Together, look for new ways to solve mundane tasks.

You will enjoy spending time just the two of you, this will deepen your knowledge of each other and explore the depths of your life together to make it the way you’ve always dreamed it would be .

If you’re going through a crisis, it’s probably because you want to meet the expectations of your family and friends. Keep third parties out of your relationship! Discuss your desires and concerns with your partner. Inspire each other and everything will work out for you!

Block: 10/12 | Number of characters: 691 Source:

Love number 8 – Wealth

You and your partner must become worthy rulers of your small family “empire. In order for the relationship to flourish, you need to maintain the energy of money flow and balance in the couple.

In general, the eight seeks balance, but it often manifests itself in energy fluctuations: ups and downs. Therefore, it is important to understand that relationships can go through many stages and cycles, and it’s no one’s fault.

If there is a crisis in the couple – you need to restore balance. And it’s not just about money and material well-being, you need to determine who is responsible for what in your relationship. Shake a little, and you’ll see how your feelings start to change!

Block: 11/12 | Number of characters: 679 Source:

Love Number 9 – Help.

This relationship will flourish if you dedicate a piece of yourself to a higher purpose. Charity, helping those in need – serving people together will strengthen your feelings.

People turn to you for advice, help, and you are happy to help them. But do not forget about mutual assistance in a couple: support your partner and get support in return.

If the relationship is a crisis – it’s probably because you give too much energy to the outside world. Tell each other what each of you needs, and close those needs with pleasure and love.

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