Letting a guy know that I want him: Let’s study it in detail

How to hint to a dream guy that you want him

If you’re crazy about a young man mentally, it goes without saying that you want him physically, too. But depending on what kind of relationship you have and how close you are to each other, it is not always right to say your desire directly. For example, for cultural reasons, it is considered abnormal for a young lady to make the first move. Or in the case of ignorance of his feelings and fear of rejection or embarrassment will not offer him a forehead to have sex. So often a girl in love wonders: “How to correctly hint to a guy that I want him, and what to do or say to cause him a reciprocal desire?”

This article is intended to give practical advice to the fair sex to seduce the object of passion.

The right place and time – the key to sexual success

In order to configure the desired companion in an intimate way, you must take advantage of the right moment. It is important to follow certain rules:

  1. The man must feel relaxed in both mind and body. This means that you do not need to approach your chosen one, when he is busy fixing the car, watching a crucial hockey game, writing an important report or filling out a 3-NDFL declaration. These things require maximum concentration, and any distraction from them can cause a negative reaction.
  2. A festive atmosphere (e.g., a birthday party) can help to relax. Here you do not have to think about work or school, and a light alcoholic intoxication often pulls on the romantic. And the young lady to such events is prepared with the utmost diligence, so it often looks simply stunning (the main thing is not to overdo it).
  3. It is important to remain alone with the guy. After all, the presence of strangers will distract and embarrass both. If you have a fairly close relationship, you can simply invite the young man to visit and say that you will be at home just the two of you.
  4. Creating a favorable romantic atmosphere will enhance the effect. This is promoted by pleasant music or a movie about love, semi-darkness, the scent of candles, dinner with certain aphrodisiac products (greens, chocolate, strawberries, nuts, seafood, etc.). It is also possible to have a date under the moon on a roof of a house, on a deserted beach, in a car or in a quiet park.

After observing the object of his passion in a suitable setting, you can proceed to more action, using certain girlish tricks.

How to hint to the guy for intimacy?

It is not necessary to immediately report directly on the existing desire and offer intimacy. This may not always lead to the desired reaction. Sometimes this swagger in the young lady may even scare away or shock the young man, if his character is quite modest. It is better to study in advance the temperament, habits and tastes of the chosen one. By adjusting to them, you can intrigue the spouse with a new behavior or appearance and awaken passion. And then he himself will show determination and initiative. Thinking about how to have sex with a guy, it is useful to take into account the effective ways in which you can hint that you want him.

Flirting and sexy image

Nothing plays on a man’s sexual imagination like the right tactics for flirting. Its main points are:

  1. A timely compliment about his strength or male attractiveness.
  2. A supportive wink at a companion in company.
  3. Whispering pleasant words in his ear.
  4. Slightly noticeable courtship (for example, once again blowing a speck of dust off his shoulder or offering a comfortable place that “accidentally” happens to be near him).
  5. Seductive poses (throwing a leg over a leg, relaxed bending with a slight demonstration of a tender body in the cleavage, etc.).
  6. An inviting voice with a quiet, soft timbre, occasionally accompanied by languid sighs.
  7. A phrase of an intimate nature (e.g., a joke, or a parallel to something) that is said casually in conversation.
  8. A gentle embrace when we meet, with a light kiss on the corner of the mouth.

If you complement all this with an attractive sexual image, then you can consider that half of the job is done. It should be taken into account that the desire in men cause:

  • loose, well-groomed hair;
  • plump, glossy lips;
  • seductive cleavage or a cut on the skirt;
  • long beautiful legs with high heels;
  • firm athletic thighs.

In the pursuit of seduction, measure must be adhered to so as to look natural and attractive rather than vulgar or fake.

Nonverbal Signs

Techniques of nonverbal sexual communication also come in handy. Particularly effective here are the following points:

  1. A flirtatious sparkling look with a swirl, showing tenderness and desire. If at the same time you say to yourself “I want you”, then the said passionate phrase will certainly be reflected in your eyes.
  2. A mysterious soft smile.
  3. Gentle, as if accidental, touching the shoulders, arms, hands, hips, breasts of the chosen one.
  4. Playful gestures: wrap a curl on your finger, play with a pendant in the neckline, smoothing inconspicuous folds of a skirt on her thighs, etc.
  5. During a dance you can caress your beloved, stroke him, make seductive movements, touch “accidentally” his neck with your nose or lips.

Write a note or an e-mail

If you find it very difficult to express your feelings in person, and the game of flirting well does not give because of natural modesty, a convenient option would be to write a letter. And romantic can be both the paper method – the old-fashioned way, and the message on social networks.

Considering how to tell a guy with a hint in a text message or in a letter that I want him, you can use the following ways:

  1. Compose a love poem with a bias toward intimacy. Example: “Of you alone I dream, What should I do, I do not know. I can’t eat or sleep, Only you I want to kiss…”.
  2. Turn to humor and write in direct context, but in jocular form. For example: “I’m sick today and I’m burning up. Do you want to put out my fire?”
  3. Start a pen pal conversation from afar. “What kind of girls are you attracted to?”, “What comes first for you in a relationship?”, “What are you wearing right now?”, etc. If the young man is interested and begins to actively respond, the conversation will soon flow smoothly into the right direction.
  4. Send a photo with an element of innocent eroticism in the conversation. Explicit, but not too vulgar photos can arouse desire even in the prude.

Most likely, the cavalier himself will make the next step and follow up with a proposal.

Frank talk

If, as it seems to you, hints have not had the desired effect, options may be as follows:

  1. You are not an object of desire for your companion, and he does not want to tell directly, so as not to offend. To confirm or rule out this case, you need to carefully observe your beloved and note the following points:
    • What kind of girls he pays attention to, and whether you meet the parameters of his sympathy;
    • How he behaves around you: he ignores you, cares for you in a friendly way, shows affectionate courtship, etc.

Your expectations should be realistic

Before you decide to be intimate with your lover, you need to discard the girlish illusions and take into account the real circumstances:

  1. It is necessary to be fully confident in your readiness for such a step and at the same time do not hope for anything other than the fact of sexual intimacy. Do not think that after what has happened, your partner will immediately begin to swear his love or even call for marriage.
  2. Do not ignore the man’s opinion. If he is not ready for such a step with you, do not insist or be offended. It is better to frankly and calmly discuss your joint plans for the future. Only through mutual respect and trust relationship over time will be able to move into a more intimate.
  3. Sex is not always looks like in romantic movies. Quite often there are missteps, embarrassment, discomfort, dissatisfaction.
  4. You should not miss the possibility of venereal disease or unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to think in advance about an effective method of protection, and it is better to discuss this point with your doctor. Buy condoms in advance and be ready to use them at any time. After all, you never know when mutual attraction will suddenly strike you.

And remember! Passion and infatuation – a temporary and passing phenomena, and true love can last indefinitely and overcome any obstacles.

How to tell a man that you want him: nonverbal signs

Girls with little experience with the opposite sex sometimes have a question about how best to tell a good-looking man that you really want him as a partner. Physical desire is hard to control. If a woman has not made vows of fidelity to other young men, she can shamelessly take the initiative. Use the ways described to get results during one evening spent together.

Hint or say straight out.

Choosing a way to show the man she likes her desire, girls prefer to stop at a transparent hint. The problem with this method is too veiled form, because what was said is not always interpreted correctly, and sometimes guys miss it. It is better to choose specific words, and then say them in private. This increases the probability that they will be heard.

Direct speech causes fears:

  • the guy will find the girl available – physical desires are normal for a woman, so if they are, you do not need to hide them by pretending to be frigid;
  • no understanding of the correct phrasing – the simpler and smaller the text, the better;
  • shyness – the feeling must be overcome, otherwise physical pleasure will be inaccessible;
  • a man will refuse – this happens because he is not ready to hear a direct proposal, so prepare the young man for this.

Try to make the conversation comfortable for both, and take care of two or three options for where the sex will happen. Most likely, neither partner will want to postpone the moment of intimacy.

How a Girl Can Show Her Desire

Men are just as worried about their attractiveness as girls are, so a direct proposal can be taken as a joke. Avoid rejection because of uncertainty about the seriousness of your intentions will help to prepare the young man in advance. To show the young man that you want him, choose ways that seem appropriate in this situation.

Open Flirtation

Explicit behavior is discouraged because young people think open-minded women are corrupt. This stereotype is left over from the mentality of Soviet people. When it is clear that the girl is decent, but openly shows a desire for privacy, it will excite even more. If you tell a man that I want it, at the right moment, he will understand everything correctly and never judge straightforwardness and honesty.

Facial expressions

Facial movements can tell a lot about feelings and emotions. Use this tool to your advantage. Do not try to wink – young men do not perceive such signs of attention. Choose flirting. Licking your lips in a lascivious way looks more frank and arouses desire. But make sure that only the object of passion sees your appeals.

Clothing and Makeup

You should always take care of the exterior, but pay special attention to the image in the evening when you decide to talk. Your clothing should not contain complex clasps, which you will have to unbutton for half an hour. A large number of hooks also avoid. Having said the cherished “I want him,” think about the continuation that will inevitably come.

Do a natural makeup look. If the evening is raucous, dripping mascara and smudged dark shadows will quickly give away lovers in the prying eyes. Simple arrows, water-resistant lash coverage, and a minimum of foundation are options that can be restored quickly. For the lips, choose a permanent lipstick or forgo it altogether. Gloss or balm rarely appeal to young people, as the sticky texture seems unappealing.


When choosing a way to tell a guy about your sexual desire, opt for tactile contact. Young men are reverent about personal boundaries, and violating them attracts attention. To smooth out possible aggression, touch gently, taking care beforehand to smooth the skin of your hands. The velvety and silky surface of the palms, combined with gentle stroking, will certainly please the young man.

An unexpected sharp action

If the environment disposes and the desire to seize a man can’t be stopped, use an unexpected method. Choose a moment and go into seclusion, when a young man does not expect this. Any separate room with a lockable door will do. Wait until the man is there alone. After locking the door, give him a hug or a kiss. This behavior will frankly hint at your desire, so be ready for an active development of events.


An intimate correspondence will allow you to express your desire for intimacy with the young man in an interesting way. It is important to show imagination in order to really interest and not embarrass the man you like. Try to write not very vulgar, so that each phrase just hinted at the possible circumstances. This will awaken the imagination of a young man who will readily present the intimate aspects of the alleged relationship. Do not describe the details in the messages, especially if sex hasn’t happened yet and to study the man’s preferences.

What you should not tell a man

Planning an intimate conversation, think through the details. There are topics that you can not touch:

  1. Choosing the topic of sex, do not touch on the development of the relationship, otherwise you will not get either the first or the second.
  2. When thinking of the best way to tell a guy you like that you really want him, talk to the point. Delaying the moment is alarming and exhausting.
  3. Don’t laugh during the conversation, because the young man will take the dialogue as a joke and won’t believe the words you say.

Be natural and let go of the shyness. A man is pleased to feel that a woman trusts him completely.

Show a man’s sexual desire can be done in different ways. But it is better to choose specific words and actions that will give a clear understanding, rather than a transparent hint.

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