Letter to the soldier in the army from his beloved

A letter to my boyfriend in the army.

Hi my boy:* Here I am writing a letter to you. Ahah, I’m a great writer Anyway, let’s not deviate from the topic :* I love you very much. Let me repeat myself again, let me tell you what you already know, I just want to tell you so much, but I’m more than sure that one page will not be enough. # Our love will be tested by the army and I know that our love will be stronger when you come back, yeah # # There’s only 404 km between us, it’s not much, but I hate those miles anyway # * When you went into the army, I thought “come on some 365 days to wait,” but in time I realized that the 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months of waiting gets a lot of volume, but we’ll get through it, we’ll be the happiest, I answer, cat:* I always wait for your phone call, your text, your letter, the end of the week, the end of the month and most of all I wait for you and your infantry service. Basically I try not to see the distance between us, all this distance closes my love, for it there is no such a concept at all, because six months ago we found each other and it’s a real joy, thank you, my love:* I miss you very much although very is not the word, I am just dying without you. Sometimes I want to fall asleep and wake up a year later in your arms, when you’re next to me You are the dearest thing I have and will be. I am very happy that you have appeared in my life and I do not regret for a second, we have been with you a lot, we have been through a lot and this army will pass:* We are together for 8 months – a significant date, not everyone in our time is able to stand it, because many now need a completely different not to say relations and feelings. In my head I can never imagine that we will ever break up, because I am sure we will not have such a thing, I hope you are sure too. You are reading this letter now, know that I love you more and more every day:* Thank your mom for you, your dad for you, for what they brought you up and they raised you a great guy, you are the best for me, you are my ideal. Because if you love a man, he will always be perfect for you, you won’t want to see anyone else but him. I find it hard to fall asleep without you and your sms, I love you very much, do not forget me:* And I am sure in the future for our children, you will be the most wonderful papa:* Also I ask you very much not to stay under contract, at least for me: * I’m waiting for you:*:* I love you so much:* * I miss you so terribly:* My dearest husband *-* I can’t write letters at all:* But I hope you like it:* I adore you, write/call me, don’t forget:* My darling:*:* Your Ninushka:*

How familiar it all is. mine is also in the army i also write letters… i miss you. your letter was very good. very sincere.

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Guest September 17, 2015

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and mine is in the army! you did it very beautifully, I wrote to my loved one says it took my heart. I wrote all that was in my heart, I wrote all the memories) I love you very much I miss you, I am waiting for you

Guest November 29, 2015

Guest January 23, 2016

Guest January 23, 2016

And mine is not so far away, but at the exercises, do not let go, and so badly want to see. I miss him terribly, I want to hear at least his voice, to hug and kiss him. Be patient girls, and all will be well))).

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My Beloved left yesterday ((( it is so difficult without him because I have not seen him for a long time 3 months already just the fact that we broke up but I will still wait for him from the army though hopelessly but I will see him and go far away October 6 S.Altynai.S and A.Samat.I. 2016

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Guest December 04, 2016

Я. Sasha. Я. I know. one. Shluchu. Her. Name. P. in. Pastukhova. Yeyo. Telifon. + 89822730545. Call her. Isliy. Go. Porn. Vitio. Take it off. Schluchry. On. Zivaite. And. A lot. Vsago. Na. Neio. Speak. All right. Write. V. Chaité. Her. Tits. Shupaite. Pussy. And. Lots. Sneezes. Other. +89823435195. And. 89130379659mts. 89227128256megaphone. Marina. Shlucha 89028962391. Women’s. Shluch. Dla. Sex. Call not. Pazheleide. Always. Kstade. And dla. Vas. And. For the work. And. Yours. Malchekov. В. 18. 25. Years. Wrote. To you. С. D. Malikov. 05. 12. 16г.

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Я. Lesha. Zveriv. E. I. Zarezan. Nasmirt. В. 2008г. I. Served. In. the. army. And. pavel. Bil. Stabbed. With a knife. Song. Selngo. Knife. Selngo. Knife. Plva. No. Snlgo. Nog n. aya. Snlgo. Nozh. E. Bl. Luyubim. Snlgo. Knife 26. 12 16г. Knife. Wrote. A. Zveriv. 05. 12. 16г

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Moiyy. V. armii. Waiting. E. Nezminyayu. Tokanza. Imu serves. 2016. 2017. Thought. Onem. Always. Returns. Meet.

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Guest December 17, 2016

Guys, that’s just awful. Bumbling feelings tend to be fleeting. You can’t be that intemperate. This abundance of emoticons is repulsive. I’m not saying you can’t write about love. You should.

But this: “I’m also really asking you not to stay under contract, if only for my sake:*” evokes only laughter and pity. “I can’t write letters at all:*” – and that’s clear enough, but it’s not worth escalating it.

My bet is that they broke up a long time ago.

Guest December 18, 2016.

I Ilusha, Rumin! And I am Army.” Gone; Natolgo. Na Pisat! Years… Eto! A lot of ‘me, Opsalutno. Tayu? Phone number 89227128256. Call. Me. All. I wrote. And rumin. 24. 12. 16г.

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Moi.; Bil sduchaino! Kakda bili”.doctrina. “žodina, baiivim. Kill,. In the Army! Tolko.” What to see. Tolko. Tomorrow.* Haran….

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My two cousins brother ilukha rumin left for 2 years in the army yesterday will be imu there. write a letter. cheriz your site.

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Mine left on 11/18/19 2019, it will be half a year now, May 18 will be a year left. Very touched by the letter, Well done. Mine has a DMB on May 17, 2021. Patience, good luck and lots of love to all. 1

Letter to my beloved in the army.

I miss you so much… Very much… Madly much! My favorite word is crazy. But it’s so precise, so strong in its meaning. So again and again I repeat, madly missing, madly in love.

How are you now? Because I know almost nothing of what’s going on with you… And I’d like to know everything. It’s important for me to know. I’m worried. I’m worried! My heart isn’t made of stone. It feels everything. Everything! From pain and fear, from sadness and sadness to happiness and joy…

Now I think it’s good that everything happened this way. That fate gave me such a challenge to be away from you for a year. A whole year! But it’s so long… But I understood, I realized what I needed in life… I needed you! Only you… and no one else. You’re the only one I can see my future in! Only in you do I see my life! Before, I always lived for today, but now… Now I live for the day when you come back! When I see you again!

These dark days… They last so long! They’re so painful! I’m tired of counting them … Tired of slowly crossing out the worthless day that passed on the calendar … Tired … but I keep counting, I keep crossing … I’m tired of these gray days … And the only thing that makes them less opaque are thoughts of you … They are the only thing that saves me! They and your letters, your calls…

Your rare letters… They make me feel your presence. I feel that you are here now… Here, with me. And this is just a silly self-deception… But I like it… I can read your letters every day, even if they are nothing special. But they are dear to me. I care just for the fact that they are there! I am ready to look at your sloppy handwriting for hours and feel real bliss! The only reason I sit quietly in class is because I keep replaying our short phone conversations in my head…

With our separation, I realized how soulless this world is! I realized how people stopped to appreciate each other… How difficult it is to keep a piece of light and pure in our world… And this piece in my soul is you! You and only you. You’re all I need. You’re everything!

I recall with a smirk my words that a girl can easily wait for her boyfriend if she really loves. With a smirk, because I was a little wrong … I do not retract my words, on the contrary, I am persistently faithful to them … It just turned out that waiting is not so easy, because in addition to feeling lonely, people constantly try to lead a girl astray … From the path of waiting … Excruciating waiting. In the same position I was … But I continue to wait for you … And I do not regret it!

But how I miss you now! During all this time I also realized that words are empty and unnecessary… Your eyes… Your smile… Your arms and hugs… Your lips, your kisses… That’s the main thing! The rest is nothing that we sometimes pay no attention to

To be with you, now I know what it means. Just to look at you … Just to touch your hair … Just to hold you … Just to feel that you need me … Just to know that you’re loved and loved … That’s all I need … There’s nothing else I need.

And for me, even now, you’re always there for me. I have done everything for that… When I sit down at my computer, I see your picture on the monitor… And I think of you all the time when I open my phone and see your picture in the background. I can tell my friends about you for hours… So long that they don’t know what to talk about, because I always remember you… I like to listen to other girls praising you and at the same time realize… You are just mine.

How I want to touch you, … to cuddle! How I want to know that you love me! It’s so simple and complicated. There were so few meetings, and so much left in the soul of feelings. Many think it crazy and foolish that after such a short time together I decided to wait for you for a year. I decided to be alone for a year. That’s how quickly I became attached to you.

But at least you can see that my feelings are true. Won’t you? You’ll see that my feelings for you are sincere. And you know how nice it is when people say that if I choose to wait for you, it means I love you. Of course, it doesn’t matter what people say. But still, if they understand and believe that I love you, it’s so nice. It’s so beautiful.

I never thought I’d ever write a letter like this to a guy… And then, suddenly, I’m writing… to you! I never thought I’d be waiting for a guy from the army… And now, suddenly, I’m waiting for… you! They say that if you want a guy to love you more, you have to be cold, and you can’t write him letters like this… But I can’t not write to you. I really want to share my feelings with you, and here I am.

I just want to be with you … I just want to be loved by you … I do not want to let you go … I do not want to part with you so easily … You mean too much in my life! I’m happy, because I have one feeling – I love … I love you. I’m happy that I can have that feeling I don’t need anything else! Just… just write more often… no matter what. Even if there’s nothing to write about, just scribble down one line and send it… That’ll be enough for me. Just write more often! Just write…

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