Letter to the beloved guy to tears: it is explored in detail

Farewell letter to the ex-male, which will touch him to tears

Sometimes a relationship ends sadly. Each couple has its own reasons for breaking up. These can be insults, betrayal, misunderstandings, infidelity, cooled feelings and so on.

If the rupture of the relationship is inevitable, you need to be able to put a beautiful point. More often than not, it is women who have a romantic nature, take on such responsibility. If during a conversation there can be traitorous tears or tremble in his voice, in a letter of this will not happen. A goodbye letter is the best way to announce the breakup.

Sometimes a relationship ends sadly. Each couple has its own reasons for breaking up. These can be insults, betrayal, misunderstandings, infidelity, cooled feelings and so on.

If the rupture of the relationship is inevitable, you need to be able to put a beautiful point. More often than not, it is women who have a romantic nature, take on such responsibility. If during a conversation there can be traitorous tears or tremble in his voice, in a letter of this will not happen. A farewell letter will be the best way to announce the breakup.

The main criterion

If a woman has decided to break up and write a goodbye letter to a man, it is worth to write honestly about the reason for the breakup. When you read it, the chosen one should understand and be penetrated by the feelings that the woman put in the letter.

If the reason for the breakup was another man, then you should not hide, and honestly admit it to your ex. But there is no need to name names.

When drafting a goodbye note, you should avoid general phrases, such as: “you and I are different people”, “I’m not worthy of you” and so on. You should not mention all the grievances that have accumulated during the relationship and blame the former partner for what happened.

Examples of Letters

Before writing a goodbye letter, you can use templates that are available on the Internet. But it will be better if the girl writes the letter herself.

It is worth remembering that men do not like to read long, heartbreaking letters. You should try to write everything short and clear, without too many words.

If there are no feelings

If feelings are gone, then you should say so directly. You don’t have to invent other reasons.

A variation of the letter:

“Hello, (name)! I know you’ll be surprised by this letter. You and I have always solved all our problems by talking, but lately every conversation we have had ends in a scandal. I have been thinking about our relationship for a long time, analyzing, parsing my feelings and concluded: something has to change, it cannot go on like this.

You and I could not keep our love for each other, so it is right to break up. Everyone has to live their own lives. If these words hurt you, please forgive me!

To the person you love

Writing a letter to someone you still love is very difficult. You still have feelings for him, but the understanding that the relationship is not what it used to be, makes you tell your chosen one about it.

A variant of a farewell letter for the person you love:

“My beloved! I finally decided to write you a letter and tell you all the things I can’t say when we meet. Our relationship has turned into a one-way game. All my attempts and efforts to improve the relationship between us bring nothing!

You have changed your attitude toward me. All our meetings do not bring you joy. You don’t want to talk to me, you call me very rarely. Do you think I don’t understand anything? I see everything, which makes me feel more painful. I understand that you are unhappy with me.

I’ve decided to break up, to stop this painful relationship. I’m letting you go! I haven’t succeeded in making you happy, let someone else do it.

I won’t cheat, I will be very unhappy without you! Good-bye!”

To the man who has offended.

If a man has offended, you don’t need to express your anger and resentment in a letter. It is better to just say that his act hurt a lot and was the reason for the breakup.

An example of a letter to the offender:

“Hi, honey! I decided to write you a farewell letter in prose. I don’t have enough strength of mind to write a letter in verse. I spent all my strength to stop the tears I shed because of you. I have decided to put a bold end to our uneasy relationship.

Everything that was between us is gone! There is no more of the feelings that flamed up before, no more respect for each other, no more caring and understanding. We had become complete strangers!

It’s worth confessing that we ourselves have destroyed and trampled on our feelings. I don’t want to live like this anymore. I have made a decision that will only make us both feel better! We must part, our ways have parted.

To the one who cheated

Infidelity on the part of a man is the lowest and stupidest thing you can do. Often girls in a fit of anger do rash things and do not rush to talk to a man. To avoid the consequences, it is better to sit down, calm down and write a farewell letter in which you can set out all their claims.

Example of a farewell letter to a man who cheated:

“I don’t even know where to start a letter. My feelings have not cooled down and I still love and adore you. But you betrayed me! You stabbed me in the back! You proved by your action that I meant nothing to you! You trampled me!

Perhaps you can’t bring yourself to talk to me frankly. To put an end to our history. I have found the strength to do so! My feelings for you are strong, but I can never forgive the way you have treated me. It’s not our way from now on! We must each go our own way! You have already taken the first step toward your new life!

Happiness to you and good luck! I don’t hold a grudge against you! Goodbye!”

To an ex-boyfriend.

Sometimes girls go back to the past and start texting their exes. This usually happens when a girl has unspoken words.

A variation on writing a letter to an ex-boyfriend:

“Hi! I’m writing a letter and I don’t even know how to address you. I want to say darling, love, the only one, but I understand that I have no right to do this. I have not cooled down feelings for you, my love is still strong. But now you are with someone else. You were a beautiful moment in my life! A happy moment! But it’s all gone…

After we broke up, all I could think about was you 24 hours a day. I couldn’t breathe without you. I had the feeling that life was over. But as time went on, it got a little easier. Life no longer seemed so meaningless. I learned to breathe with my chest full again, to enjoy each day. I began to smile again!

Yes, I learned to live without you, but that does not mean that all feelings are forgotten. No, I still love and adore you! Not even time can tear you from my heart! No one can make me get rid of my memories. I will always wait and hope for you to come back to me!

Thank you for all the beautiful moments in our relationship! Goodbye.”

To my beloved husband.

Sometimes it happens that a man you love goes to another city or country to work. Because of the distance, one of the spouses may lose feelings, leading to a divorce.

Example of a farewell letter to husband :

“My darling sweetheart! I still can not understand how it happened that we parted ways? I can not believe that this separation forever! How could it have happened? We are on the verge of divorce!

I can’t imagine my life without you, I can’t believe that I won’t be able to hold you, to kiss you. Do you remember the first time we met? Do you remember what you said to me then? I don’t believe that you have forgotten our beautiful moments, the days and nights we spent together. Nor do I believe that you have lost your love, for I still love you. You are the meaning of my life.

I would like to hope that this is all temporary. I think that you have a lot of problems that make you not hear the voice of your heart. I live in hope that your love for me will come back to life!

Thank you for everything! And farewell!”

To a married man.

If a girl has a relationship with a married man and realizes that it will not lead to anything good, the lover should cut off such a connection.

An example of a message to a lover to make him cry:

“Beloved, darling, the only one, but not mine! If you knew how hard it is to write a letter to a man you still love. I made a serious mistake when I fell in love with you! I had no right to give in to my feelings and throw myself headlong into it. And you had no right to do that either.

Our relationship was a crime, and yet it was a beautiful one. Now is the moment when we should wake up and end our relationship. I want to hold you one last time, look into your beautiful eyes, and let go forever!

You have a wife, you owe it to her to go back to her. You have to be a real man and solve all your family problems. The reality is that you belong to someone else. We met you too late.

Go back to your family, be a good husband, don’t hurt the woman next to you. She doesn’t deserve it! It is not her fault that your feelings for her have gone cold. I wish for you and her to be reunited, for your feelings to shine brightly again. I do not want to be the cause of your unhappiness!

Good luck, love, and happiness to you! Farewell forever!”

To the guy who dumped

Sometimes it happens that guys dump girls without reason or explanation. Girls don’t tell them anything, and afterwards they write all their thoughts in a farewell letter.

An example of a letter to the guy who hurt, dumped:

“Beloved! Forgive me for addressing you this way, but I can’t do it any other way. The reason is that I have always loved you, and I will continue to love you! I am hurt by your attitude toward me. There is no excuse for what you have done. It hurts and hurts me very much. Tears are streaming from my eyes.

I was the happiest person in the world. At times, it seemed to me that this was not happening to me. Not so long ago, your hands, your eyes, and your lips warmed my nights. Now I spend my nights alone, suffering and crying endlessly!

Why did you go and tell me nothing? You never said goodbye! Why didn’t you tell me the reason why you’d left my life? You didn’t see fit to say goodbye. Did I really deserve it? I do not want to believe that you will never come back to me. Every day I fall asleep and wake up thinking that someday I’ll be able to hold and kiss you again. You should know that I will wait for you as long as it takes. I will love you and be faithful only to you.

I wish you happiness!”


When girls realize they have no feelings for a guy, they try to say so in person. If a girl is afraid to say her decision, she can write it in a letter.

An example of a message to a guy for whom there are no feelings:

“Dear, (name)! You are a wonderful and beautiful man! I am unspeakably lucky that I met you in my life path. You know how to respect, love, and understand! Forgive me if I can’t return the same to you. I can’t make my heart love you. I believe you deserve to know the truth.

I don’t want to deceive you and continue my relationship with you. I don’t think you deserve to be treated that way! I want to thank you for the beautiful moments and wish you were loved! You deserve it!

I wish we could part as friends and not ruin our relationship. I believe that you will understand everything correctly and appreciate my honesty.

Forgive me and let me go! Farewell! Be happy!”

A message in a text message

Today’s girls can send a farewell message using a text message.

  • “Honey! We have to break up. Goodbye!”
  • “Love is gone, we’re not on our way!”
  • “I’m sorry, but we can’t be together anymore! Goodbye!”
  • “Our relationship has reached a dead end. There is no point in continuing it.”

It is not advisable to break up with a loved one with a message. It is disrespectful to the former partner. A letter written on paper shows the presence of real feelings, sincerity and respect for the guy.

A farewell letter to your lover

In this hectic world, one day two halves – He and She – meet. The scenario of relationship development each couple has its own: the love story begins, unfolds and, sad as it may be, comes to an end.

There are many reasons for separation: misunderstanding, accumulated resentment, infidelity, and simply the feeling that the relationship has come to a standstill.

Almost all stories have a beautiful beginning, but not everyone is able to put a beautiful end. It is difficult to gather his thoughts and calmly say, “I’m sorry, we have to break up. Your voice can treacherously shake, and the tears come out of his eyes.

If parting is inevitable and you think “how to break up with a guy without hurting him, try writing a farewell letter to the boyfriend or beloved man.

Girls, of course, are delicate creatures, but they are often the ones who take the courage and say the last “Goodbye”. In writing to say goodbye is much easier.

You can write a message in your own words or use the samples that we have prepared for you.

Read long, heart-breaking letters our men do not like. Let it be a short, but succinct message, without unnecessary tears and accusations.

Examples of a farewell letter

“Hi, pooch. You’ll probably be surprised that I’m writing you a letter. We used to talk to you. It’s true that lately all our conversations have ended in quarrels. I have been thinking for a long time, analyzing our relations and realized: this cannot go on.

Unfortunately, we have not managed to keep our feelings. We have to break up. I’m sorry for the pain I may be causing you.

I have already forgiven you. And farewell!”

A farewell letter to the man you love

“Darling, good, beloved! I have pulled myself together and dared to write you in a letter all that I cannot express in words when I meet you. Our love has turned into some kind of one-sided ugly entity. I can see that my efforts to make the relationship work are going nowhere.

You rarely call anymore, and you see our meetings as a heavy duty. I’m not made of stone, and I feel it. It hurts me, it’s hard, I won’t pretend to be strong. I will cry and miss you and worry about you.

But, so be it, I’m letting you sail free. Fly toward your happiness. Unfortunately, I was not able to make you happy. May things work out for you with another girl. Maybe you already have someone, but you’re afraid to tell me. Fly, my good man, fly!

I’m letting you go. Forever. Farewell!”

A farewell letter to the man who hurt you

“Hello, baby. I’m writing you a farewell letter in prose. For verses and rhymes not enough strength of mind. My strength is gone, along with the tears that I stopped with great difficulty to put a point in our story.

We began to quarrel often, saying hurtful words to each other. We became strangers and incomprehensible to each other. Our hands are no longer affectionate, there is no old hug and … there is nothing at all.

Let’s admit to each other that our love has turned into nothing, we tried our best to destroy it. My resentment is too great to continue the relationship.

We are breaking up. Forgive and farewell!”

A farewell letter to a man who cheated

“My darling! How difficult it is for me to gather my thoughts and tell you everything. Even in a letter, when you do not see my crying face. I know that you betrayed me. No, not like that. You betrayed our love, our beautiful days and nights. What you did showed that I meant nothing to you.

Apparently, I’ve become your habit. You call me out of habit, you come to me out of habit, and you even apologize out of habit. It seems insensitive and insincere. Why do we have to go to all this trouble? We both need to make some changes in our lives. You’ve already started.

Have a good trip, darling. I forgive you and let you go. Forever.”

A farewell letter to an ex

“Hello, hello, hello! I don’t even know how to address you now. My heart is pounding and screaming “beloved”, “dear”, “the only one” to you, but my mind is sobering and says “ex” about you. Yes, you were a beautiful, wonderful moment in my life. Now it seems like everything was a dream. Morning came, and our love dissolved.

After our separation, days and nights ceased to exist for me. It was like I was living in some kind of thick fog. But the powers of heaven have been relieved, the fog is slowly dissolving, and I can see the outline of the horizon. It means I’m living and breathing again.

You may not be in my reality anymore, but no one can tear you from my heart. The memories of our encounters will always warm and reassure me. Forgive me for everything. Remember us. Love was. Farewell!”

A farewell letter to my beloved husband

“My dearest, dearest man. Life has made it so that you and I have gone from two halves to two lonelinesses. I think of you every minute, my heart lives with you alone. How is it that we are separated?

Remember our first meeting-our burning eyes, the excitement, and the unquenchable desire to be together. Remember our days and nights? Remember how we missed each other?

Is love doomed to die, like all living things in this world? If I love, how can you not love? It doesn’t seem right, it’s not fair. The feeling should be mutual.

Maybe you’ve had so many problems that you’ve stopped hearing your heart’s voice. I will pray to heaven that your heart may be freed from its captivity, that love may rise in your soul. I wish you goodness, light, warmth, and, of course, love!

Forgive me. And farewell!”

A farewell letter to a married man

“Good, not my man. How hard it is to write a letter to someone I still love! I had no right to fall in love with you, but I couldn’t resist the feelings that came over me. It’s amazing that you couldn’t resist, either.

I don’t know what to call our relationship, but it was as beautiful as a dream. As sad as it is, it’s time for both of us to wake up, look into each other’s eyes one last time, hold each other in our arms one last time, and part ways.

You’re married, get back in the family, get your act together, and deal with all the problems you’re facing like a man. At first it will probably be difficult, you will be torn back, but it’s a road to nowhere. Beautiful dream dissolved in the rays of a clear sun, it’s time to face reality.

Be happy with the one who is your lawful wife. After all, you loved her once. I wish you reunion, understanding, warmth and light. I no longer want to be the cause of your quarrels and pain.

Forgive me and let me go.”

A farewell letter to a man who has left

“My beloved, I’m sorry, I can’t call you any other name, because I love you and always will. It hurts me, it hurts me to tears. Burning tears are what keep me warm these last days and weeks. And before, your hands and lips warmed me.

My heart rejoiced and could not believe my happiness. It was beating like a free bird, ready to burst out of my rib cage. And now it beats deaf and doomed, as if imprisoned forever.

Why did you leave? No explanation, no goodbye, no hug. Just disappeared from my life, and that’s all. I can not believe that life goes on and you are not there, and will not be. I believe in a miracle that you’ll come to your senses and want to come back. Know, my darling, that I will always open my arms to you. I will be faithful to you for the rest of my life.

Remember that. And be happy!”

A farewell letter to a man you don’t love

“Dear friend! I am glad I met you on the road of life. You are a wonderful, soulful, interesting man. You know how to love and beautifully woo. I’m sorry that I can’t reciprocate your love. My heart does not respond to the call of your heart. I’m sure you’re aware of that.

I can no longer go out with you and continue this deception. Thank you for the love and warmth you give generously, but believe me, I am not the one who will reciprocate. Let’s part as friends before our relationship reaches a dead end. Keep this farewell letter and remember that I have been honest with you.

Forgive me a hundred thousand times and let me go once. Goodbye!”

It’s hard to make up your mind and send a goodbye letter to a guy, even if it’s already written. In any case, to pour out your pain and resentment is better on paper than in the face of a loved one.

Who knows, maybe this message will deduce your relationship to a new level, will help to resolve accumulated misunderstandings and to establish a shaky relationship. Be happy!

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