Letter to a foreigner example: consider all the nuances

How to write the first letter to a foreigner

How to write the first letter to a foreigner? What should an invitation letter to communicate with a foreigner be like? What questions can you ask a pen pal? The first letter as well as the first impression decides everything in your future relationship with a future pen pal. Often people write like this, “Hi! How are you? Let’s hook up?” And really expect someone to respond to it. Hmmm…would you want to respond to such a letter? I wouldn’t (unless of course it’s your very first letter in life that you received)), few normal people would want to seriously communicate after such a letter.

Here are a couple of real examples: “Dear friend I saw your e-mail on penpal site. Can we become penpal. I am a man of 26 years old from India. If yes, please reply.” Wasn’t my name on the profile? What do you do? Why me? Why text me? “i m a male university teacher of french and a high school teacher of english i studied in the uk i passed my tesol diploma there love u all” Where’s the greeting? Motivation? The first letter should build trust and interest, so take it very seriously. How is a letter like this: “Hi Maria, my name is John, I’m 28 years old. I live in Los Angeles, USA. I work as a designer. I love reading adventure books, fishing, and hiking. I was interested in your profile that you want to learn English, I would love to help you. If you’re interested, email me and I’ll be sure to answer you. I look forward to hearing from you.” That’s much better. Let’s break down in detail the principles of a successful first letter to your foreign friend:

1. Greeting.

It is important to address them by their name, if you do not bother to know their name, why do you want to communicate with them? This does not mean that you have to repeat his name a lot throughout the letter, make sure you start the letter by addressing him by his name, he will be very pleased to hear his name from you.

2. Introduction.

Where do you start to break the ice of the relationship? You can ask a couple of non-binding standard phrases: “How are you doing today?” or “I hope this letter finds you well.” or “It’s nice to meet you through letters!” To make it easier for you to write your first letter, pretend you’re talking to your friend and write like that, making casual conversation with him or her.

3. Introduction, self-presentation.

Tell a little bit about yourself:

  • your name,
  • age,
  • gender,
  • if you have a family, is it big,
  • where you live, what city, what country,
  • what you do,
  • what interests you most in life,
  • what job you do,
  • what you study for,
  • What are your hobbies,
  • Your favorite books, movies, music,
  • where and how you found the person you are writing to.

Remember about safety, if you are a child or a teenager, make sure you tell your parents before you write your personal information. Include a photo of yourself, it should not be candid, otherwise you don’t know what he may think (Europe)).

4. Motivation.

Why do you want to correspond with the person. If you see information in his profile that interests you, write about it (why you want to correspond with him); if you are looking for a pen pal for a specific purpose, such as learning a foreign language, getting married, finding a business partner, then immediately mention it in your letter.

5. Ending.

Express your interest in getting a response, encourage him to write a letter to you. Be sure to write a few questions. Examples of more or less normal letters (from real correspondence, names changed), you can find shortcomings yourself:

“Im interested in Russian fiction and news so write and I will be happy to have a correspondence with you. I do have a couple of friends in St. Petersburg and its fun to write and receive emails. I live in England East Yorkshire on the coast. My name is Ephes. I know youve had a lot of rain in Moscow and St Petersburg recently. Heres its sunny most days. One of my favourite poets is Anna Akhmatova and lots of writers in what you call the silver period.Theres so much good Russian fiction and poetry.I read it in translation as I dont speak Russian. I read Moscow News online with RIA Novosti and Russia Profile.And even watch the odd tv programme.This is the Russian World Service.It was good to watch Putin chuck his pen at the businessman and order him to sign the form.I mean what can you do when the Prime Minister orders you to do something.You jump up and do whatever he wants. Write if you wish. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Russia and the United Kingdom should build bridges between its peoples. Its good for peace and good for us. My name is Kato. Am 25 Single Male. I live in Wales. I have Aspergers Syndrome. My interests are Watching War and Action films, Rugby (Wales and Ospreys) and listening to kind of music. Also I go on my PC and surfing the internet. I go Maerdy Social Club and also go to VIVA Project. I am a member of The National Autistic Society and Ospreys. . Who I’d like to meet: Everyone. Single females/Mums Welcome from EVERYWHERE. RACE IS OK. and PEOPLE WHO HAVE RESPECT ON OTHERS. No SCAMS or SCAMMERS. # Am on Facebook also I have a website and all of this is 100% genuine. My MSN addy is ****** add me. “

Of course, this is not a panacea, but in most cases it works! As a last resort, you can use this template for your first letter to a foreigner:

A meaningful letter inviting you to communicate is always better than 2-3 boilerplate sentences (Hello! How are you? Let’s correspond.) I hope that these tips will help you.

Letter to a foreigner example: consider all the nuances

Most modern entrepreneurs speak English at some level. And, as a rule, this level is enough to study certain materials in their field or conduct business and personal correspondence. And if there are no strict rules for personal correspondence, there are quite a few rules for business correspondence, and that’s what we want to talk about.

In this material we have collected and described in detail all the basic rules that may be useful for correspondence with foreign partners.

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What do men want in the first place?

“What’s the question… Sex, of course!” – will say any representative of the stronger sex. And it’s true, maybe not always nice. But of course, if you are acquainted with a foreigner not for a few nights, but for a serious relationship with the prospect of marriage, you should not emphasize it – neither in photos, nor in letters. If the interlocutor in the first or second dialogue will start to make hints, raise too slippery topic – do not go along with it. Tactfully say that your relationship is not yet at a stage to discuss such topics. And get the conversation back on track. Do not accuse him of low thoughts – just give an example of good behavior. Then he will be forced to talk to you in the same spirit. Or break up.

But the easiest way to avoid embarrassment is to prevent it. You should not in the first message to provoke a man to crazy thoughts. Avoid expressions like “I’m sexy,” “you look hot,” etc. Don’t talk about eroticism, but about love. Of course your letter should be quite sensual otherwise a foreigner won’t see you as a woman and will only think of you as a friend. Your task is to find the right balance. By and large, you can write about anything, but at the same time make your words emotional, make them “charged”. Example: “Your last words still sound in my heart.” Or: “Thoughts about you warm me deeply inside.

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Keep your writing clear, concise, and polite

Choose simple words and phrases. The simpler you write, the faster you will be understood. But don’t go overboard, and don’t forget that abbreviations such as “I`m” and slang expressions are not used in official business correspondence. For example, instead of the phrase “We are the recipients of”, it’s better to say “We received”. Also, by using short and medium length sentences without complex turns, you will achieve brevity and clarity in your letters. Proper paragraphing will make the text easier to read and set a certain rhythm.

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Which letters foreigners answer more often

Foreign gentlemen like to receive warm, energetic, cheerful messages, with good humor and compliments. Don’t forget to list your main strengths. At the same time, do not be too swaggering, do not abuse exclamation points. The first letter to a foreigner is an example of good taste and style. These women are looking for solid men, aimed at a serious relationship.

Addressing a foreigner must necessarily be personalized. At a minimum, call him by his name. And even better – find something

in his profile that caught your attention (an interesting photo, hobby, profession), and mention this detail in your letter. Messages with a question at the end work well. This encourages the dialogue to continue.

You should not make your first message too long: let it be about fifty words. Huge sheets of men do not read anyway. In addition, some sites have a limit on the number of characters, exceeding which will make the groom pay to read the message. Don’t decrease your chances of being heard: write succinctly.

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– In the upper left corner of the letter, indicate the sender’s full name, title and/or company name with address, and contact information.

IMPORTANT: The name is always written in this order: First Name Last Name (it is better to omit middle name altogether and write only First Name, Last Name). Write your name in this order on your business cards, otherwise foreign partners will be in full confidence that your name – Sidorov. The order also changes in the address. In Russia they write the address in descending order: country, city, index, street, house, apartment or office. In almost all European countries and in the USA the order of writing addresses is ascending from the apartment/office to the country.

– Then indicate the name of the addressee and the company to which the letter is addressed, as well as its address (on a new line).

– Indicate the date of mailing in the format date/month/year (for European countries) or month/date/year (for the U.S.). To avoid confusion, you can write the date in a longer form: October 10, 2010. Note that in Russian the date is spelled with a dot (), while in English the date is spelled with a slash ().

NOTE: The name of the Russian company is never translated, only transliterated. The company registration form is transliterated too, even if there is an equivalent translation. Example: LLC, Romashka. Incorrect: Camomile, Ltd. Alternatively, you can add the translation of the company registration form in parentheses: LLC, Romashka (Limited Liability Company).

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So, what should be the first letter to a foreigner? Example:

“Hello, Denis. I have seen your photo on the mountain peak and I was really impressed. Men, who like such sports as climbing, look so strong … And I think, they are reliable, too. By the way, I’m looking for someone, who can be my instructor and guide in our common trip to the top of this life. For such man I’m ready to be the most loving, tender and caring woman in the world. Are you interested? Drop me a line anyway.

Best regards, Sofia.”

Of course, if your man does not have a photo on top of a mountain, and there is, say, a photo next to the car – the text should be adapted. You can not do it yourself? Then talk to our consultant. Contacts for communication are here.

Examples of Dating Questionnaires in English for Girls In order to help you achieve that relaxed and conversational style we talked about last time, I decided to give you some examples of questionnaires in English from foreign dating sites. Of course, the sample questionnaires given here can and even should be modified to better suit your personality and lifestyle. The Russian translations I have here are somewhat clumsy, but in English, believe me, everything sounds very smooth and familiar to the foreign ear. 1. I have been lucky in life and now I am looking to be lucky in love. I am confident, artistic and like being the center of attention. My friends say I’m the life of the party. I am always positive and only surround myself with the same kind of people. I love to laugh and smile as much as possible. However, I do know when and where to be serious and respect that trait in others as well. Translation: I am a lucky person in life, and now I want to find luck in love. I am confident, artistic and like to be the center of attention. My friends say that I am the soul of the company. I always have a positive attitude and try to surround myself with the same people. I laugh and smile at every opportunity. However, I know when and where to be serious and I respect that quality in others.

Note that the meaning of “the life of the party” in English is better conveyed by “the life of the party. 2. I enjoy a broad range of activities and listing them all would require too much room, so I’ll only mention some of them: photography and traveling (I would love to visit Paris and take some great pictures), outdoors activities (boating around a lake can be such a treat), working out (soccer makes me very, very happy) and shopping (I am a lady, first of all). So I will mention just a few of them: photography and travelling (I would love to go to Paris and take some great photos), outdoor activities (boating on the lake can be such a pleasure!), working out (soccer makes me very, very happy) and shopping (I am a lady first of all). 3. I am loyal and caring person. I believe in giving to the community and helping others. That’s how I would describe myself. However, my family and friends would describe me as spunky, energetic, outgoing and very, very sweet. I am not too sure about the spunky part… But they are family and friends, so they know better, right? Translation: I’m loyal and caring. I believe in contributing to society and helping others. This is how I describe myself. At the same time, my family and friends would describe me as brave, energetic, outgoing and very, very nice. I’m not quite sure about brave, but they are friends and family, so they know best, don’t they? 4. I can be shy at first but once you get to know me you’ll see I’m just a nice person with laid back attitude who enjoys the little things in life. I have a passion for books. I love movies – genres aren’t important. I am a bit of a couch potato, love to stay home and read, watch movies, or waste some time on the computer… If it sounds to you like we have enough interests in common, drop me a line and maybe we can get together one day. Translation: I can be shy at first, but once you get to know me, you’ll see that I’m a nice person with a quiet nature. I’m a passionate book lover. I love movies-no matter what genre. I’m lazy to some extent, spending a lot of time on the couch in front of the TV, I like to stay home and read books, watch movies or spend my time sitting at the computer… If it sounds like we have quite a lot in common to you, drop me a line or two and maybe we’ll meet one day. 5. I like to think I’m quick witted, articulate, and intelligent, but that’s mostly for you to decide. I can talk on a variety of different subjects, and enjoy smart conversations that are full of interesting topics. I am an optimistic, free spirited individual, and a little bit of a health nut. When I think of the right guy for me I think of someone who could carry on a conversation whether the topic is silly or serious, who knows who he is, what he wants, and what things in life matter. Translation: I’d like to think I’m a resourceful, articulate, intelligent person, but that’s largely up to you. I can talk about all kinds of topics and enjoy intelligent and interesting conversation. Optimism and a free spirit are traits inherent in me. I am also a bit obsessed with a healthy lifestyle.

When I think of my partner, I think of a man who can keep a conversation going, whether that conversation is silly or serious. A man who knows who he is, what he wants, and what things in this life really matter.

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A comma should be put after a reference. In Russia it is customary to put an exclamation mark in the address (Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich!), in the Western culture an exclamation mark is perceived as a cry.

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The body of the letter

Introduce yourself right away if this is your first letter. If it is not your first letter, you should express your gratitude:

Next, first of all, state the purpose of your appeal. And depending on the purpose of your letter, use the following template phrases:

Thank you for your attention! You can download the entire material here for your convenience.

We hope you find these rules helpful.

Selected. Saved

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