Leo the monkey man – explain in detail

Characteristics of Leo men and women in the year of the Monkey

Leo the Monkey is one of the most cheerful astrological combinations. It is represented by energetic and cheerful people with an optimistic frame of mind. Their great sense of humor allows them to easily defuse the situation in the team, to lift the spirits of others. They themselves try to be in a good mood as often as possible, discouragement is rarely manifested in the nature of these people.

Leo the Monkey – a person who is characterized by sociability, curiosity, activity. Representatives of the described combination are witty and eloquent, loves to prove his point of view to others, and he does it well.

In this astrological combination, the oriental and the western horoscope interact successfully, softening the disadvantages of both signs.

Leo is straightforward and aggressive, but under the influence of the Monkey they become more reasonable and flexible in their thinking.

The Monkey, in turn, is characterized by cunning and guile. Developed intuition allows her to feel the psychology of others and skillfully manipulate them on this basis. Regal sign brings more honesty and nobility in the character of the person.

The result is a strong, but gentle and sensitive to the problems of others with a sharp wit. Leo born in the year of the Monkey is not aggressive, does not like to command. But very much appreciates communication with people. He chats nicely with friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even with random passersby, if the occasion for conversation arises.

Leo the Apes rarely get tired of communication, but they get bored with loneliness very quickly Representatives of the sign feel most comfortable working as managers, consultants, social workers. Leo the Monkey suits any profession associated with the process of verbal communication. In this case, these people are not afraid of hard physical labor and do not mind voluntarily engage in it for a change.

Leo born in the year of the Monkey is not aggressive, does not like to command.

They prefer individual work to collective work. Lions Monkeys – creative individuals whose talents can successfully manifest themselves in many areas of art, especially in music. They are no stranger to ambition that does not allow them to be content with little and drives them upward to the career heights.

Leo, born in the year of the Monkey, is considered by others a reliable person, and for good reason. Representatives of the described combination are responsible, generous, always ready to help a friend.

They are by nature adventurers, easy on the rise. Therefore are often involved in unusual stories with adventures.

Monkeys born under the influence of the fifth zodiac sign, peculiar curiosity and dynamism. They need to always be in the center of events, follow the news from the lives of loved ones. They love to gossip and gather information, but they are trusted important secrets are not often – Monkeys can not keep secrets of others, they have almost no secrets of their own.

Characteristics of Leo men born in the year of the Monkey

The defining qualities of the Monkey Leo are perseverance, determination, and a shrewd mind. Such a man is energetic and full of vitality. Seeking to satisfy his high ambitions, he shows enviable zeal on the way to financial solvency. Representatives of this sign are most suited to professions where they can fully demonstrate their brilliant mind. They are highly qualified lawyers and teachers, success is also likely in the creative sphere.

A stumbling block on the way to career heights can be the inability of the Monkey Leo to finally determine the direction of work

These men often try to chase two birds, trying out different professions. In the end they can not boast of serious success in any of them, as they unwisely dissipate energy.

But if a Leo guy born in the year of the Monkey will clearly define a career direction, then he is very likely to succeed in his work. But even in this case, the financial solvency of this man will not be a matter of decision, as the Monkeys absolutely do not know how to plan the budget.

Disadvantages of the sign

The Leo the Monkey is hard going through major failures. Because of them he closes himself off for a long time, he becomes weak, unable to take decisive actions. The cause of the next stagnation can be both personal and professional problems. It makes no sense to fight this phenomenon, it is much wiser to use the moments of calm for introspection and planning further actions.

Leo the Monkey has an impulsive, even explosive nature, likes to control everything. It is difficult for his loved ones to withstand such pressure, but they are not able to correct the situation – to correct the behavior of the representative of the royal sign is almost unreal, it is too stubborn. If anyone is able to eliminate this disadvantage, it is Leo himself who will timely recognize his mistakes.

Leo the Monkey has an impulsive, even explosive character

Characteristics of Leo women born in the year of the Monkey

Lion-monkeys – born masters of oratory. They are so eloquent and convincing talk that others listen to them with their mouths open. Whatever the topic of the “report”, the representative of the described combination will take it to heart so that the speech will turn out exciting and emotional.

This seemingly insignificant detail plays an important role in the life of a girl born under the sign of Monkey. The fact is that she spends a huge amount of energy on conversations in which, in fact, there is nothing important. Surrounding people are interested to listen to her, in society she is known as an excellent orator. But the Lioness Monkey so focused on their own “sermons” that attention to other aspects of life she does not have enough. Because of this, personal relationships may well suffer, but more often than not, this negative trend affects the career of the Leo woman.

However, the representatives of the sign have enough positive qualities that allow them to succeed at work. They are talented, hardworking and persistent . A Leo girl born in the year of the Monkey has a strong leadership character that would be the envy of many men. But at the same time, she is sentimental and generous, has a keen sense of justice.

Lioness Monkeys – born masters of oratory

Monkey women are periodically drawn to philosophy. They tend to speculate for hours about the meaning of an event, analyze it from all sides. The occasion for a long debate may be accidentally thrown by someone or another insignificant detail.

Girls of this sign manage finances much better than men.

Lioness Monkey knows how to earn, knows how to save, knows how to plan the budget Therefore, her purse is almost never empty

Disadvantages of the sign

The main disadvantage of the Lioness Monkey is too bossy character. This girl is a possessive person who seeks to dominate those around her. Lioness gravitate to leadership positions and often succeed in them, so in the working direction this quality should be seen as a positive.

But in personal life it is a serious obstacle in relationships. If the chosen one of the authoritative woman has a strong character, the constant struggle for leadership and conflicts on this basis – almost guaranteed. Weak partner will be forced to submit to the Lioness, but it is unlikely he will be pleased.

Lions gravitate to leadership positions and often succeed in them

Love compatibility of men and women Leo, born in the year of the Monkey

Leo-monkeys – temperamental and fickle nature. Craving for variety prompts them to often change sexual partners, but this does not mean that the representatives of the sign do not like a serious relationship. Leo the Monkey, regardless of gender, will be happy to have a long affair. Provided that the other half will be suitable in character. Win the location of an extraordinary Monkey can only the same original person who can constantly maintain the fire of passion in a relationship.

A man born under the Leo-Amole combination signs, not lacking attention of the opposite sex. He dresses beautifully, beautifully, he loves to flirt and pay compliments to women. In communicating with them feels free, relaxed. In youth such guys prefer short-term romances, but with age begin to gravitate to family life.

The partner of this man will certainly be satisfied with his chosen one, because he treats his beloved girl with special reverence and is ready for any feats for her sake. But if the Lion-animal feels the lack of reciprocity, he quickly goes cold and starts looking for a new zaznoba.

In bed a man like this – this magician. He likes to experiment, early to get a solid experience and successfully replenish it throughout life

The initiative prefers to take the initiative into their own hands, but only in part. Partner of the Monkey man should also be active, otherwise he will quickly get bored.

Lions Monkeys are not inclined to rush to create a family and usually have it at a mature age. They choose gentle and good-natured girls for a wife. In the search for a potential mate of the paramount criterion are mental qualities of the woman, not her appearance.

With the advent of the family the Leo the Monkey will pay a lot of attention to her, but to give up for her numerous hobbies is unlikely to want to. Birth of children for sure will be very happy, as he sees in their education the main way to self-realization.

If a male Leo the Apes considers the love affairs of youth as a gambling pastime, the woman of these signs is much more serious about matters of the heart. She practically needs to feel desirable, in solitude she fades.

Lions-Amazons are not inclined to rush to create a family

Representatives of the sign incredibly charming, can captivate virtually any man. Sharpness and insight allow them to maintain a conversation on a variety of topics, so with every man the Lioness Monkey is able to find common ground.

Such girls are not shy to show their feelings and do it with great pleasure. Men appreciate in them sincerity and straightforwardness, not crossing the limits of reasonableness. From the Lioness, born in the year of the Monkey, it seems frivolous, and in part this is true. But, choosing a partner for family life, the representative of the described combination shows the maximum responsibility.

She is looking for a partner with whom she folds confidence, full of mutual understanding. Therefore, often the marriage of such women is a model cell of society. Bring a drop of tar in a near-perfect relationship of the Lioness-Ape is able to overbearing nature. But the cunning and resourcefulness allows her to successfully hide their leadership intentions if desired.

Maximum Compatibility Intermediate compatibility Minimum Compatibility
Oriental Calendar Dragon, Rat, Pig Monkey, Snake, Cat, Bull Tiger, Horse, Dog, Rooster, Goat
Western calendar Leo, Pisces, Gemini Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio Libra, Aquarius, Aries

Love compatibility of Leo born in the year of the Monkey, according to the Western calendar

  • Leo – Leo get along well with each other, so they turn out to be loyal friends, although the passion in this love union may not be enough.
  • Virgo – the representative of this sign can become a good friend for Leo. The couple’s romantic relationship is marred by many differences in character.
  • Libra – there is little passion and much conflict in this union. Leo and Libra find it difficult to get along under one roof.
  • Scorpio – not the most successful combination of signs, the compatibility of this pair is average. But partners will succeed in business.
  • Sagittarius – Sagittarians get along well with Leo in bed, on the contrary, in everyday life.
  • Capricorn – Leo and Capricorn are difficult to find common ground, but if they have love, they find it.
  • Aquarius is one of the worst astrological combinations. Partners have low love compatibility, and no one wants to work on improving it.
  • Pisces – there are many contradictions in the relationship of Pisces and Leo, but usually the partners are willing to pay attention to find compromises, especially Pisces, so this union will be successful .
  • Aries – the first stages of the relationship will be exciting and romantic. But for a long time this romance will not last because of the great difference in the characters of the partners.
  • Taurus – the zodiac horoscope does not bode well for the Leo-Taurus couple. These are stubborn people who are hard to compromise, but if desired, the union will last for some time.
  • Gemini – Gemini with Leo get along very well, so any alliance between the representatives of these signs can become hasty: friendly, love, business.
  • Cancer – the partners have different characters, but they are united by perseverance and the desire to preserve the relationship. If they can endure the crisis period, they may find their happiness together.

Two bright, extraordinary Monkeys just will not be bored together

Compatibility in love Lions born in the year of the Monkey, the eastern horoscope

  • Monkey – two bright, extraordinary personalities definitely will not be bored together. This union of cheerful and cheerful people has a good chance of success .
  • Cock – Monkey will be constantly teasing his partner, but the latter may not notice it for a long time. Here everything depends on the intellectual maturity of the partners. Usually the pair is short-lived.
  • Dog – Monkey is unlikely to be able to provide your partner with the attention that he so needs. Because of this, the Dog will often feel unhappy in marriage.
  • Pig – A strong basis for this union is mutual respect. It is better for the partners to avoid rivalry, as it may bring discord to their harmonious relationship.
  • Rat – according to the Chinese horoscope, the best partner for the Monkey, the Rat suits her perfectly.
  • Bull – Excessive rigidity of the Bull will force the Monkey to wriggle, trying to manipulate her partner in every way. This union is unreliable because it is built on lies. If they manage not to lie to each other, the alliance has a place.
  • Tiger – the representative of this sign with great difficulty tolerates mockery of the Monkey.
  • Rabbit – these people can be united by the love for comfort and domesticity. Both are serious about creating a family, joint efforts to achieve a good result.
  • Dragon – a mutually beneficial union, in which the partners complement each other. High Compatibility.
  • Snake – the Snake has a calculating and wise character, while the Monkey has a cunning and fiery one. If the Snake is interested in preserving the relationship, it is her wisdom that will help this union.
  • Horse – representatives of this sign take relationships extremely seriously, and Monkeys long take love as a fun game. It is difficult for the Horse to understand such frivolity.
  • Goat – The Monkey in the Goat is attracted to mystery and romance. The partners will definitely be interesting together, but whether they will have the desire to develop a romance is unknown. More often the union has no future, as the characters of the signs are too different.

Full characteristics of the Leo child born in the year of the Monkey

A child born under these signs, enjoys authority with his peers

Leadership qualities are evident in representatives of the Leo-Monkey combination from early childhood. A child born under these signs enjoys unquestionable authority among peers. Even adults should treat this kid with respect, otherwise he will be out of control. Children of Leo can not stand when they are yelled at or ordered anything. Get your child to do what you want is possible only through persuasion or a simple friendly conversation.

A Leo boy born in the year of the Monkey likes to take the initiative in everything . He enjoys attending creative circles, participating in theater productions and other such events. A girl Leo the Monkey is not as eager to be in the spotlight, but also not averse to praise from others.

Male Leo Monkey

The Leo the Monkey man is a guy with a broad soul who shows generosity, custody to the people around him. It is very pleasant to communicate with him, as he is cheerful, unusual and ready to help with his advice and attention. He likes everything new, so he has many hobbies and activities during which he feels alive. Because of this, it can be difficult for him to sit in one place and do monotonous and boring things.

They are impulsive men with an explosive character. They always try to lead life, forgetting that in some cases it is enough to let go of the reins. They are very energetic, but all this energy is directed to down-to-earth goals. They do not set themselves global goals, everything is very simple, just like their desires. These men do not like it if someone does not listen to them, tries to escape from their power.

They are modest and hardworking men by nature. They are characterized by indecision, unwillingness to take responsibility. They like to be dominated by other people. Receiving various opportunities to become successful, at the most responsible moment they do not make the final decision, losing their luck. If they do not learn to be more decisive, their life will be full of routine and misunderstanding.

Characteristics of the male Leo the Monkey in Love

He stands out from the rest. He likes to dress nicely, flirt with women and therefore he always has many admirers. Making a new romance, he rarely thinks about what he wants from it. He is used to living by his feelings and relying only on them. Therefore, he tends to often change his lovers, especially in his youth. As he gets older, he settles down and looks for a stable and reliable relationship.

It is impossible not to note that this is a very sincere person. He is generous with emotions and feelings, so his beloved will be bestowed with increased attention and love. And all these feelings will come from his heart, because he is not used to guile and play a role. In love, he is even ready for risky decisions and actions. However, he also needs to feel the payoff, otherwise he may change his attitude.

Man Leo, born in the year of Monkey, in the Bed.

He likes to make discoveries and learn something new. Therefore, the intimate sphere is of great interest to him. He loves making love and is even inclined to change partners often for the sake of new experiences. This is the most charming partner who can easily excite the girl. In bed, he can often take all the initiative, guiding his partner in the right direction.

But, an initiativeless partner will also not suit him, he is in search of a real woman. He is a very affectionate and gentle partner. He likes to have new experiences and that is why he is ready to experiment. However, he has one drawback – he can fully concentrate only on himself and forget about the needs of his woman. This should be subtly hinted at, but never expressed in a rude manner.

Horoscope for the male Leo the Monkey in the Family and Marriage

As a rule, he is not in a particular hurry to get married. He understands that this means limiting his freedom, when he will no longer be able to flirt with other girls. However, as he ages, he is more in search of a stable and reliable partner, so he may decide to start a family. In marriage, he acts as an affectionate and cordial partner. He will settle down a bit, and will try to spend more time with his family.

However, he will not be able to completely abandon all of his hobbies and hobbies. Real happiness for him comes with the appearance of children, which he will bring up in a democratic style. For their sake, he will often organize entertainment, call their friends home and take them for a walk. With his wife, he also tries to build an equal relationship, but because of his love of leadership and primacy, there may be minor differences.

Man Monkey Leo – Career and Finance

The career plans of these men are not always clearly defined. On the one hand, they are hardworking, but look for jobs that are easy and simple. They should simply assess their talents and abilities, as well as their desires, in order to choose the right sphere of activity. Only after that is it worthwhile to plan further life. The financial side of life is difficult for them. On the one hand, they know how to save money, but they do it as irrationally as they plan their budget.

They often have moments of downtime in life. They should use such moments to explore themselves and their talents and abilities. Negative life events should not be as important to them as they turn out to be. It is better to channel energy and activity into creation, limiting their desire to be active once again. This will help maintain and improve relationships with other people.

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