Leo man Libra woman in bed – explain in detail

Libra woman and Leo man zodiac sign compatibility – 96%

Statistically, the Leo-Les zodiac couple divorces less often than others. The “love formula” for this union is simple. The female Libra woman manages to build a harmonious relationship with the male Leo because of her high astrological compatibility.

She may be born into an ordinary family, but will behave as if her ancestors were at least counts. She may dress up in rags, but will look like a queen. She feels at ease in the company of friends, but with the same ease “fit” in high society. Astrologers have given the characteristics of the most refined mannered lady and a true lady. And we are talking about the Libra woman. The ward of Venus strives for the ideal in everything and tries to improve this world (and her life at the same time). But don’t make the mistake of calling the Libra lady “out of this world”. Analytical thinking plus an incredibly developed intuition – a girl-libras “will shut up” anyone who doubts her abilities.

Judgment and dreaminess, the sublimity and practicality. Such diametrical qualities coexist in it due to the dual nature of the sign. The main astrological feature of Libra is indecision: any choice for them is not an easy task. Only a strong man can conquer such an extraordinary character.

A man born under the sign of Leo is created for reverence and adoration. And it should be noted that nature tried to endow him with all the necessary qualities for this: he is imposing, confident, holds his posture and knows how to present himself so as to stand out from the crowd. His main goal and cherished dream is to be the darling of the audience. And it is worth noting that he knows how to achieve it. Such a man is crazy about luxury, small talk and beautiful women. Yes. he is temperamental and hot-tempered, but he knows how to be kind and generous. His vocation – to captivate and inspire, he is followed, adored, admired. After all, his sincerity, soulfulness and generosity so impressed by others.

How can a woman-Les win a man Leo

The Leo guy appreciates all the exclusive and beautiful. Indeed, like Libra. And not just likes, but wants to possess it. A female Libra is a gorgeous, spectacular person who will certainly want to conquer Leo. She has everything to attract a guy of this sign: charm, charisma, style. Many recorded beauties lose to the Libra girl in the ability to present themselves. Their graceful manners, attractive gestures will charm anyone. The Leo man will not miss out on such a worthy object to hunt.

The only thing that upsets Libra’s plans to conquer such a man is her natural modesty. Delicacy does not allow her to put herself forward in female company. She seeks to maintain friendly relations with all, tries not to stand out against the background of other women, so as not to find in their person rivals. But if a woman-laden Libra intends to capture the heart of the representative of the royal sign, the innate tactfulness will have to forget. It should eclipse all to become a queen to the king Leo. Winning his favor, the girl must give him the palm of primacy, moving into the shadow of the luminary.

What you definitely should not do in the early stages of communication with Leo is to criticize him and let him know that you are an independent, independent woman, who can do anything. Saving the “damsel in distress” (even if by “distress” we mean some little thing like a sassy sales assistant) gives Leo the opportunity to feel like a noble knight.

How a man Leo win a woman Libra

Representatives of the constellation Libra have a rare gift to analyze the psychology of others. They read other people’s emotions and hidden motives of behavior like a book, so they carefully choose a couple.

If a male Leo wants to achieve the recognition of such a woman, he must match her ideal. The Libra girl can’t stand conflictual, tedious and slovenly guys. To please her, show yourself as an entertaining conversationalist and gallant cavalier. She is attentive to the slightest signs of attention. Communicating with such a woman, be sure to offer your hand when getting out of the car, let her go ahead when entering a room, give her coat.

Libra appreciates cheerful, companionable guys. Ordinariness makes her nervous. Finding herself next to a boring guy, she is likely to step aside. Male Leo is clearly not in this category. His proud appearance, stately manners and magnanimity will not go unnoticed by this sociable lady.

The virtues of the union

This combination of fire and air can be compatible if you play your cards right. Once in the arms of Leo, the Libra woman gains emotional and financial stability, because it is a very sensible and pragmatic sign by nature.

These two have the same policy regarding material possessions. They are both frugal with money and do not spend it recklessly, according to astrologers uznayvse.ru. They do everything to make their home a full bowl. They are very loyal to each other, which is a strong positive point in the relationship. Together they lead an interesting, active lifestyle. Regardless of their income level, the couple always looks decent and has a good reputation in the community.

Disadvantages of the union

The Libra girl is a restrained and judicious nature, which decides issues rationally and thoughtfully. Falling under the influence of the proud Leo guy, her inner scales may not hold the balance. The naturally idealistic person resents the lion’s selfishness. Leo tends to think in terms of “I,” while Libra believes in “we” and is willing to accommodate the other half.

Libras, like Leo, can’t stand a closed lifestyle. They need a cheerful society where they can “show themselves and see others”. The stumbling block is that Leo does not tolerate if someone deserves more attention. If he feels that a Libra woman is interesting to people not as his partner, but because of her own merits, his ego will be hurt. The Leo man does not forgive someone who outshines him, even if it is the girl he loves.

The compatibility of this couple may suffer for another trivial reason. The Libra woman is not too disposed to household chores. She believes that she is created for love and pleasure. When thinking about household chores, she is overcome with despondency. Physical labor is unbearable for this pampered air sign. Leo also likes cleanliness and comfort, but she will hardly come down to cleaning. In principle, the men of this sign are quite lazy within the walls of their own home where their hedonism reaches its peak. That, of course, does not please the Libra lady.

Intimate life

The air of a female Libra naturally feeds the fire of a male Leo. They are most compatible in intimate terms when they are in a romantic mood. Then he relaxes and pleases his partner with penetrating slow sensuality. She is receptive to his intense passion and gives him authority in physical intimacy.

The Libra girl is timid and wary at the beginning of dating, she needs to play along and please. Leo is a charming and attentive lover who patiently guides his humble partner through all the circles of erotic pleasure.

The Libra woman needs an energetic man whose desires will not be a mystery to her. The Leo man gives her such a unique opportunity. He also needs an easy sensual woman who can ignite passion without intercepting the initiative. The Libra girl is a living embodiment of this image. Together, they will improve in intimate mastery and reach unsurpassed heights in this matter.

What kind of parents will be

The Libra woman does not seek to have children at any cost. In the first plan for her is always her husband. When the Leo man takes a rest, the children in this family are not allowed to play around, so as not to disturb Dad after his labors of righteousness. Mama Libra strongly supports the authority of their father. Her children are sure that their father is the best in the world. Such a mother is characterized by a fair attitude towards children, she never resorts to severe punishments. She is gentle and caring, she will always find the right approach and a common language with the child.

Man Leo is not inclined to burden themselves with numerous offspring. Most often he has only one child, but “thoroughbred. Leo turns out to be a kind, decent, generous father. His child easily finds the golden key to the heart of his father. Flattery can get anything he wants from him. Leo generously indulges his offspring, not limiting him in expensive toys, trendy clothes and pocket money.

What their children will be like.

The stars can tell not only about the inclinations, but also about the vulnerabilities of the child. After all, heredity to certain diseases is passed directly to the parents. In the family of a Leo parent, socially active children grow up. They surprise adults with their creative talents, artistry and love of public speaking. But the baby’s cardiac system should be protected even at an early age.

From the mother of Libra child inherits excellent diplomatic skills. His communication skills will be at the top, even if their own sign of the baby will not dispose to communicate. However, the little man will pass on a genetic predisposition to kidney disease. Both the Libra woman and Leo man spoil children beyond a reasonable measure. If they will not restrict their tendencies and indulge the desires of posterity, they risk to grow pampered egotists.

Is the Libra woman inclined to cheating

This sign seeks peace and harmony in relationships because of an innate tendency to justice. The Libra woman deserves the trust of the Leo partner, because for her treason is tantamount to betrayal. Can a Libra woman cheat on this principle? Considering such a hypothetical possibility, it is worth recognizing that the representatives of this sign are quite suggestible. Being in a state of infatuation, they can succumb to the persuasion of a suitor, especially if the feelings in the existing relationship begin to weaken.

Mrs. Libra will listen with understanding to an unfaithful spouse and accept his apology. Some women born in the constellation Libra blame themselves for their man’s extramarital acts.

Is the Leo man prone to cheating

The Leo guy is one of the leaders in the ranking of unfaithful husbands of the Zodiac. This reputation he has earned also because in his stories he is able to exaggerate the harvest gathered in the field of adultery. It is not always possible to believe Leo, boasting of his next amorous victory. He does this not out of spite, but out of pure spontaneity. It is the way fishermen boast of a noble catch.

This fire sign enjoys the feeling of drama and romantic excitement. In addition, Leo always wants to be the best at everything, which is why he is so flattered by his reputation as a donjuan. Let your male Leo know how amazing he is in bed. Perhaps then he will not prove his worth on the side. If Leo is cheating on his beloved, it is likely with a young, enthusiastic couple. He hates the aging process, which is why mature people born under the sign of Leo are attracted to youthful energy.

What to fear in a relationship

The scariest thing for the Leo man is to find himself not the only one for his chosen one. It is said that in a relationship, one loves and the other allows himself to be loved. The Leo is of the latter. He wants to feel like a king who is confident in the love of his mate. The Leo guy has a panic fear of cheating, although he himself is far from being a one-lover. Usually he hides his fear so deeply that it is difficult to guess about it. However, he does everything to ensure that his fears are not confirmed.

Libra is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. That is why the Libra woman is so afraid of losing her outer beauty with age. She looks at each new wrinkle with dissatisfaction and spends considerable sums on a cosmetologist. She fears that if she loses her attractiveness, she will become uninteresting to her man. This fear has a positive side. It encourages the Libra lady to carefully care for herself, to look fit and youthful for many years. But no matter what sacrifices are made on the altar of beauty, she will always ask: “Light my mirror, tell me. “.

Something to work on.

There is a saying that man is the head and woman is the neck. When our married couple confirms this truth, the Leo man needs to be convinced otherwise. The female Libra must praise the Leo in every way, emphasize his primacy in the family. For other signs, this mission would seem difficult, and the words of praise would sound rude flattery. But Libra copes with this task masterfully. They can admire the person so sincerely that the person does not begin to doubt their veracity.

When it comes to talking about family relationships, unobtrusively translate it to a man Leo, emphasizing his merits and strengths. It is desirable that these words heard the perpetrator of the conversation himself. When you are alone, also incline him to the view that your family thrives only because of its merits.

How the Leo man behaves when he breaks up

Leo men break up most often because of wounded pride. Strike a serious blow to the vanity of the Leo man, and the pleasant playful lion cub will instantly turn into a sullen snarling beast. When the male Leo finds himself alone, he turns into a sad, droopy plant in need of sunlight and fresh air. He retains memories of the relationship for some time after it ends, preferring to live in the cold ashes of the breakup instead of rekindling a new spark of emotion.

After a breakup, he may become depressed, but he recovers fairly quickly. In a few weeks, the Leo is already proudly shaking his mane, looking around interestedly at his admirers.

How a Libra woman behaves in a breakup

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Libra is the least likely to initiate a breakup. They hate confrontation, breaking up a relationship is quite difficult for them. No matter how annoying their partner, they are good at sorting out controversial issues and hiding their discontent behind a nice smile. Libras are notorious drag queens, so the story of breaking up with them can drag on indefinitely.

If a quick breakup happens, it will completely devastate the Libra woman. Although she may not show her face, her heart will never forgive someone who hurts her. If a relationship with a Libra woman is over, can it be restored again? The good news is that Libra is a sign that is open to persuasion and willing to make peace. Even if reconciliation fails, a Libra woman can remain friends with her exes.

Is friendship possible between them

This couple is characterized by excellent mutual understanding. They will unashamedly open the hidden corners of their souls to each other. If friendship is not the best representatives of these signs, they are not ashamed of their shortcomings. These two understand that when they are together, there is no point in putting on a mask of decency. They see right through each other, so they reveal the true motives for their behavior without embarrassment.

If you don’t dig deeper, both are impetuous, agile, and emotional. They do not burden their partner with worldly problems, but with pleasure indulge in secular entertainment. Cute conversations between Libra and Leo can be found both at social receptions and in informal domestic settings.

This couple is known for its unusual fidelity in friendship. Leo stops communicating with those individuals who become unprofitable, and Libra with those who bore them. But the attachment between Leo and Libra can last for years. Quite often the friendship between them ends in a happy marriage.

Compatibility in work

Men and women born under these signs are usually competitive with each other. But the diverse Libra-Leo couple works excellently.

The noble Leo man will always make concessions for a Libra colleague. He does not belong to the careerists who believe that a businesswoman should act according to men’s laws. For his part, Libra protects the lion’s pride.

The lion hates submission. If the work requires it, then of all the Zodiac, the Libra woman is the best boss for him. Delicate and patient she will be able to lead, paying tribute to his merits and not flaunting her own superiority.

The tandem of the boss-Lion with a Libra subordinate is highly effective. Leo is by nature a leader, and Libra does not give cause for criticism. Their work style, charm and tolerance will be appreciated by such a generous leader.

Compatibility of Leo man and Libra woman in love and marriage

In the compatibility of Leo man and Libra woman initially there is a breathtaking attraction that rarely happens in life. Leo men love the sophistication of Libra women who blossom in their arms, and Leo men desire to “own” everything they can be proud of. Libras love flirting and Leo loves attention, so there’s a total hit here too, but there’s more to it than that.

Leo and Libra are separated by the same sign. This arrangement means that they belong to compatible elements (in this case, Fire and Air). Leo is a fixed Fire, which combines stubbornness and ardent passion. Libra is cardinal Air, which indicates that he is aggressive and outgoing. There is a good compatibility and constant attraction between these two: Libra women have confidence in their partners, and Leo men enjoy the charm and beauty of Libra manners.

Libra women personify the only inanimate zodiacal object that symbolizes their ability to be impeccably honest. Leo men, however, may view such impartiality as a manifestation of emotional coldness.

Both signs, male Leo and female Libra, relate to the outside world to arbitrate their own progress. The male Leo does so to dispel their fears, while the female Libra does so out of a thirst for competition. They want to be the best at everything personality-wise, their desire is to be considered the most charming, the most beloved, and to appear the fairest. Neither of these two signs is prone to gloomy emotions, so each can count on the other to be upbeat and cheerful.

Leo man and Libra woman: compatibility in sex (in bed)

Compatibility in bed between the Leo man and the Libra woman is quite high. Leo man and Libra woman like to look good and serve as an object of envy, as the higher beauty is appreciated, the greater will be the reward in bed. Leo men should remember that Libra women, although passionate creatures, prefer an easy, airy type of relationship. When sex is over, they like to read a book or watch an interesting program on TV. Any frustrated grumbling about this is unacceptable. Once in the same bed with Libra women, Leo men have thereby passed the beauty test – that is, they have received full recognition – for which one should be grateful to their partner.

Leo man and Libra woman: compatibility in work

As for the professional compatibility of Leo man and Libra woman, as a leader-subordinate pair or colleagues in teamwork, Leo man and Libra woman are successful. The Libra woman is likely to give projects direction and purpose, which are made possible by the boundless energy of the Leo man. Issues of effective strategy and planning will feature prominently in their business union, so these two tend to be well prepared when they go into battle.

Leo man and Libra woman: marriage compatibility

The marriage compatibility of a Leo man and a Libra woman is ambiguous. Libra’s worst traits are their fear of commitment and the icy coldness they can sometimes bestow on you for the sake of balance. They like to collect their connections, so they are constantly engaged in expanding their circle of acquaintances, and usually not in your company, Leo male. It’s nothing personal – it’s just that through this practice they gain confidence in themselves. Libras females also need to be alone sometimes, so if you are spinning around them all day long, they will consider your behavior as extremely tiring. So have other objects of attention that are not related to Libra in any way. They love to complain about injustices against them, but refuse to discuss similar actions on their part.

Compatibility of Leo man and Libra woman: overall score 8.7

Compatibility of Leo man and Libra woman is truly beautiful. Most often, those born under these signs, attractive in appearance (at least groomed), pleasant to communicate, elegant and aesthetically beautiful. According to statistics, the divorce rate in the Libra-Leo couple is less than in other combinations of these signs. These partners have everything you need for a long and happy relationship.

The Libra woman is sweet, polite, pleasant in communication, she can be called “heartwarming”. She devotes a lot of time to both appearance and inner content. Leo men love everything beautiful – both externally and internally, they are extremely impressed by these qualities of their partner. Next to the touching Libra, Leo becomes a real house cat.

Chances for the future in Leo man and Libra woman

In the compatibility of Leo man and Libra woman, the former depends heavily on your approval, Libra, which gives you a lot of power over them, but also does not inspire much respect for them. You like your partner’s strength and his insensitivity to your weaknesses, but let me give you some advice: when you are most convinced that you have studied your Leo man thoroughly, he will suddenly break off the relationship and leave. Keep in mind that this can happen quickly, abruptly and without warning – so don’t lose contact with Leo men and try to evaluate your partner objectively. By doing so, you may be able to guard against subsequent ones: “I’m so sorry. ” Leo will adjust to your perception of him, so try to correct your own perception of your partner’s actions.

How to keep love in a relationship Leo man and Libra woman

The compatibility of a Libra woman and a Leo man is perfect. They are made for each other. There is a strong and mutual attraction between them. Libra men like strength and beauty, and Leo men are happy to share both with their partner. Libra women can find positive qualities in any person, but it is better that the Lions themselves are aware of their own capabilities and are independent of other people’s opinions. If Leo men will realize that their self-confidence generates reciprocal opposition from Libra women, the number of mutual insults in the pair will decrease, and Libra will start to trust their partners to such an extent that they will stop checking them out in everything.

Without a doubt, the compatibility of these signs is distinguished by an incredible activity – boredom has no place here. As a consequence, they need to take a break from each other from time to time, and therefore communication on the side should not offend any of them. The formula of success for this couple consists of the following: male Leo should keep a positive attitude, and Libra women – the conviction that the Leo understands the immutable fact that, in spite of all their friends, it is he who remains the closest and dearest to their hearts.

These two are on the same wavelength. Perhaps, in relation to them, we can talk about the union “made in heaven”, which, if things go well, is destined to last forever. However, even if it fails, it will seem like an eternity.

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