Karma for dating a married man – a must know

Will there be karmic punishment if dating a married man?

Relationship with a married man is always a difficult choice: there is fear of exposure, and domestic difficulties, and uncertainty about the future. Some advise women to fight to the last, while others – all to avoid such relationships, including the fact that “life will punish. Let’s find out the opinion of experts about the karmic consequences of such a relationship.

You can recognize “your own man” by mutual deep love, trust and respect, common interests, spiritual uplift, which gives connection. In such a relationship, one should fight for one’s happiness, while in no case actively trying to destroy the family.

Karmic punishment is unlikely to follow in such a case. Either the union will find legitimacy, or the woman will have a good experience as a mistress, after which the connection will end easily and painlessly. At the same time, it is important to soberly assess the reciprocity of feelings and not to pass off the desired for reality.

Such a connection will not entail punishment, because it is the atonement for past mistakes. The “punishment relationship” is seen in the tearing and painfulness of the relationship and the suffering it causes. In this case, you need to survive it with dignity and humility, while analyzing your situation and trying to understand all parties involved in what is happening. Trying to fix the relationship by having a baby will only make things worse. Breaking of such connection with unresolved karmic tasks is possible, but most likely will lead to repetition of the situation already with another person.

In this case, love is sent for inner growth of one or both partners. If a woman feels that a relationship hinders her development or becomes burdensome on its own, it must be ended. Punishment will only follow for trying to cling to the relationship: if the partners “get stuck” in the situation without trying to change themselves, the problem will worsen.

Sometimes a short relationship helps a woman reach a new level of awareness. Sometimes it has to do with the birth of a child. If the goal for which the relationship was given is fulfilled, there is also no reason to cling to it. In contrast to the previous situation, the “test relationship” serves not as a punishment, but as an impetus to development. If the mistress is not destroying the family or hurting someone, she will not be punished.

There are women who prefer the status of mistress – it imposes a minimum of domestic obligations and gives a number of other advantages. If the lady does not want to turn the relationship into a legal one, and sincerely enjoys what she has (without harming anyone), there is a good chance that she will not be punished: the trials are for the man or the lawful wife.

It also happens that such a relationship suits everyone, including the spouse, who knows about the relationship and approves of it: for example, in the case of a fictitious marriage entered into for business, image, or other purposes. In this case, no one will be punished, unless the children of one of the parties are harmed.

Nevertheless, a relationship with a married man often does not fall into any of the cases described. A relationship for the sake of whims, material possessions, or the persistent delusion that a partner is “destined” will certainly result in punishment. What is in store for the mistress in this case?

First, she loses sight of potential unmarried partners, and when the relationship ends, she risks being alone.

Secondly, it drains the energy: false hopes stimulate to invest more and more in the relationship, giving nothing in return, and the energy is gone long after the relationship is broken. Often this is evident in the external manifestations: suffering up to depression, empty dreams, when the woman as if leaving in an illusory world, futile attempts to get everything back.

Thirdly, if the wife begins to suspect something or directly recognizes the identity of the mistress, a powerful wave of negativity is directed at the latter: both from the wife herself and from her children, relatives, girlfriends, or even just “judgmental” people. Such flow of negative energy may deplete the subtle body up to serious illnesses and severe karmic consequences both in the present life and in the future lives. At the same time, the children of the mistress have to work off such karma, and in the worst cases – for several generations.

– Psychics notice that in many women in such relationships a blockage of the third chakra (manipura) responsible for vital energy occurs; – If there has not been learned the correct lesson from the illegal connection, the karmic task can be shifted to children, especially to daughters; – Immune functions of the body decrease, a woman may face mastopathy and atopic dermatitis, a man – adenoma, and both of them – diseases of urogenital system; – Risk of taking the negative karma of a man or his spouse. Sometimes karma can return boomerang: even if the secret liaison ends with the man leaving the family and his marriage to a new partner, he will again have a relationship on the side, and now the cheated wife will be his former mistress.

To begin to understand the situation, understand it in terms of its global impact on life, rather than momentary emotions.

If the connection brings only negative, tears, tension, fear, if there is no common interests or spiritual closeness – it’s hard to call it love. In this case, the relationship should be got rid of “displacement”: make plans for a happy marriage with a single man, pay attention to suitable candidates. In this case it is necessary to categorically stop communication with the former lover, throw away or return all his gifts, destroy correspondence, etc. The legitimate spouse and her children need to ask for forgiveness mentally, if necessary to go to church.

With a strong mutual love, you need to fight for your happiness – in this case, even the suffering will help self-improvement.

How does a relationship with a married man affect karma? Read to wives and mistresses!

The love triangle makes up 50% of my practice. I have never judged either party because I have known since my youth what such a situation is given to each of its participants. But let’s have an honest answer to the most frequently asked questions today:

– How does a relationship with a married man affect karma? – Why do I fall in love with married men? – Will I suffer because of my relationship with a married man? – Who is responsible for cheating on a married man?

Now in order. Everyone has karma from birth, which consists of past life karma and this life karma.

Take, for example, the girl Fekla, who in her past life led a dissolute life, cheated on her husband, and often betrayed other people. And now in this life a married neighbor, Vasily, handsome with a beard and two children on top of him, falls on Fekla’s head. What does this mean? It means that fate will punish Thekla through this relationship. Fekla will love Vasily more than life, endure his perpetual absence from her life, his consumerism, his wife’s attacks, his children’s hatred, and eventually they will part! Since karma had a lesson in mind by way of a love triangle! Vasya’s family will survive, even if Faecla lays down her bones! Because it’s not about love, it’s about a life lesson! In this case, the karma of Fekla won’t suffer even more – it will be on the contrary, it will be working off the past sins! And if Fekla copes with it with dignity, namely, she won’t steal her husband, poison her wife and threaten Vasya with suicide, her karma will be cleaner and Fekla will have a chance to have a lasting relationship with a man of destiny.

Another situation that also does not spoil a woman’s karma, but is a lesson for a man. Let’s imagine Marfa from the village of Zakukuyevka. Marfa moved to Moscow with difficulty, spent two years saving up for false breasts and veneers, attended all social events, and one day good luck overtook her in the form of a gentleman in a black Porsche. The man turned out to be deeply rich and married. But Marfa doesn’t care, she needs money, a car, and a new iPhone. There are no plans to steal Mr. X, which means that all the responsibility for their tumbling lies with him. But most often, this situation is written by men, he can not love, ready to run away from his wife, but does not come out as a belly to his knees and three children around his neck, and Marfa is not necessary! He already suffers and is tormented. And if Martha, having received everything she wanted, one day dissolves into dust, then she can rest easy about her karma (concerning relations. We are not talking about finances now).

And here is the cherry on the cake. Something for which the woman and her entire family will be scooped up! Let’s imagine a beautiful woman Lyudmila, who meets at work with his colleague, Ivan, and between them runs a spark. A couple of days later, in conversation, Ivan mentions his wife and child, but Lyudmila passes this information through a filter: “My wife is not a wall, and the children will grow up and go away” and continues to wear a shorter skirt and brighter makeup to work. And then, after a while, sitting in Ludmila’s kitchen, Ivan hears the phrase that she cannot do without him, he is God and Tsar, and his wife is a bitch who does not appreciate him and he must make the only right decision in his life. But he did not want to leave. And now he’s worried. He feels sorry for the baby, and Ludmila cries. She presses him, he will not go, she goes to the fortune teller, pays a monthly salary, and oh my God, Ivan is on the doorstep, and at home? At home, his wife is devastated, his child is without his beloved father and Ivan, turned into a vegetable, because his wife was destined to be with him, sits next to Luda and the world does not end for him. Do I have to explain how much negativity, evil and consequences will be poured out on Lyudmila’s head? I think not.

A relationship with a married man, in any case, brings negative consequences to one of the participants.

But, there is another category of women that is rarely spoken of, or exhibited in the light of the spotlight and the halo over her head: the wife. Especially the wife who is wise. More often than not, wisdom is understood as a firm ability to pretend that nothing is going on, to be patient, to wait until she is fattened up and to show maximum patience. But in fact, this is not the case. Not only does the wife not save the marriage by such behavior, she spoils her karma by letting the universe know that the next time she is ready for all the hardships and humiliation, and what is more, she will take them herself and be proud of how wise she is! A wife who knows about the cheating and keeps silent is making things worse for herself and her family! And now her karma will also be spoiled.

– Why do I fall in love with married men?

Women fall in love with married men in two cases:

– Unpassed separation from her father. – Spoilage and evil eye. A good psychic will always see if there is influence or if it is just unworked complexes.

– Will I suffer because of the connection with a married man? You will suffer. Only the suffering will be different. If you understand the lesson and do everything right, it will be morally hard, but without consequences on the energy level. If you make a mistake and take a man out of the family in which he is destined to live – you and all the girls in your family will suffer a lot!

– Who is responsible for treason of a married man? All responsibility for an unfaithful man lies on the man! He is not a child and if you didn’t use a curse, he should solve all questions with his wife, children, housing and so on by himself. And if you have used magic, you should rather take up the oars, as both of you will row now, he will not take your relations where you need!

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