Jealousy of an ex-girlfriend: explained from all sides

Using jealousy to get your ex back (subtle and effective ways)

Surely you know that in general, jealousy is regarded as a negative quality that can badly spoil the life of any couple. But in certain situations, it is this feeling that helps to get what you want, get more attention and even return love. So today let’s talk about jealousy and how to properly cause it in order to win your ex.

If you’re wondering how to make your ex jealous and get her back, be careful because these attempts can backfire. But if you succeed, it can prove to be a powerful tool in your quest to change a girl’s decision to break up with you.

So, a few ways to make your ex a little jealous.

Method #1: Go to the gym and work out.

Yes, when your ex sees your new body, she will turn pale with envy or she will be terribly turned on by it. Both options are great! Not only will it attract your ex more sexually, but fitness and exercise have been proven to increase the amount of dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

These chemicals are responsible for producing the “joy hormone” after exercise. So not only will you look good (and who doesn’t want to look good?), you’ll also feel great. It’s a win-win, and I can assure you, your ex will appreciate it!

How do you show her that?

There is a very simple, affordable, and really workable way. This is social networking. Of course, we are not talking about texting your ex and sending her pictures of your workouts. There are other, more subtle methods for this, and you can read about them here. By the way, the article mentions other, equally effective ways to show your ex that you’ve changed.

Method #2: Go out and meet other people.

The more you date, the more your ex will think, “Eh, I used to date this cool person. Why on earth would I dump him?” So go on as many dates as you can. Even if you don’t like it. No one is saying you need to hook up with the whole world, but let it be clear that women want and need you. In the world of relationships, this is called “pre-screening.”

How does it work?

When many people want you, it attracts the opposite sex. So “hang out” and flirt to the fullest! Just get out of your comfort zone, get acquainted, and let nothing stop you. Because attention from the opposite sex makes you even more desirable. Believe me, it’s one of the 12 traits that make a man interesting to women that you need to get to know and start or renew a relationship.

Method #3: Use social media to your advantage

It’s no secret that an ex will visit your Facebook page no matter what. Unless your relationship ended very badly or she deleted you. Otherwise, you will have no problem making her jealous using social media.

So post pictures of yourself doing some really fun things that your ex wouldn’t have thought of. You can post pictures of you snowboarding, jumping off a bridge, or playing the guitar. Don’t forget to go out with friends and take pictures.

Show her that you are popular and that your life is boiling. Take pictures with very attractive members of the opposite sex to show her how much they need you.


Do your best to let the world know that you love life, feel happy, and are “coming off” a breakup. And then she will reflect on the fact that she left a great guy. And naturally, she will be uncomfortable seeing you around other girls. This will encourage her to reach out to you. Because this is one of the 4 proven ways to get your ex back that really work. You can learn more about them here.

Method #4: Communicate with mutual friends

If you and your ex have mutual friends, you can definitely use them. Tell such a friend about the crazy adventures you’re having, tell them about everyone you’re dating, and most importantly, about those who are trying their best to start a relationship with you.

Once you share these good experiences, chances are that mutual friends will embellish the story and rush to the ex to share the news. People like to gossip, so this can also be taken advantage of.

Does that seem a little unfair to you?

Yes, it’s a bit like manipulation, and you may feel like a cheat and a hypocrite when you do it, but if you do it gently and carefully, it’s a very effective way to make her jealous and eventually interested in you again. And then she can’t stand it anymore and will call or write to you. By the way, if that happens, it is important not to be confused by joy and not to make mistakes. So it will not be superfluous to know how to correctly respond to a text message, if she will write to you first.

Way number five: “Push” to work or study

Still can’t stop thinking about the relationship? Do you spend days and nights worrying about it? Now is the best time to channel all that energy into something useful and productive.

Think about it, is there something you can do at work that will help you succeed? Maybe it’s a new project, or maybe it’s extra study classes. Chandra and thoughts of your ex won’t get you anything in the next 2-3 years. But if you put more effort into work or school now, you’ll be thanking yourself in a couple of months.

Plus, along the way you’ll make your ex jealous, because no one will be happy to see that the person you dumped is living a full life, and not withdrawn into himself. And this technique one hundred percent can be used even during the “no-contact period.

So, almost everything you learned today can be summed up simply: if you want to make your ex jealous, you need to focus on yourself. For more tips on how to make your ex jealous and use psychology to win her back, you can also use many of the tips from the “Ex Factor” course.

That’s all for now. I hope you can take full advantage of today’s tips and achieve some mild jealousy that will push your ex towards you. And you can ask any questions regarding this topic in the comments. They will not go unheeded. Take care!

A girl is jealous of her ex: how to deal with it?

My line of work makes me always be aware of events and learn something new. I like to learn and grow.

Expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For 8 years I have been saving “family units” from disintegration. I help couples regain love and understanding.

Girls have a strong sense of ownership. That is why they are jealous much more often than men. The main object of jealousy is often a young man’s ex-girlfriend. It is very good when a man can stop communicating with his ex-girlfriend, but when they are bound by common company or unfinished business, it becomes a real problem. Therefore, when a girl is jealous of her ex, a man should definitely do something about it. But first you need to determine the reason for this behavior.

Fear of loss

A woman who loves and respects her man will always be afraid of losing him. This is a quite natural reaction. Therefore, why a girl is jealous – the answer is obvious!

The girl begins to compare herself with the former partner’s girlfriend and draws attention to its positive aspects, because of which her man may return to the former chosen one. It is very difficult to change the girl’s mind, because if the process has already started, she will start to think up small details on her own. For example, she will see how he looked at her when he did not even look in her direction; she will notice his too friendly tone when he communicates with her and many other things.

But sometimes jealousy caused by fear of loss can have a negative effect on a relationship. Therefore, a man should help the girl to stop being jealous of her ex-girlfriend. To do this, the best way is to give your girlfriend small gifts and say compliments. Then she will feel that her man only wants her.

Another way out of this situation would be to take your current girlfriend to meetings with your ex-girlfriend. But on the condition that there will be not three of you, but four. That is, the ex-girlfriend must take with him some of his friends. However, not every girl will agree to this and you need to be very careful not to hurt her feelings.

Low self-esteem

When a girl has high self-esteem, she will not allow the thought that her boyfriend could leave for an ex-girlfriend. This is caused by the fact that she thinks she is better than the last girl, so she does not believe that her man will look at the one who is worse than herself.

But insecurity provokes the development of complexes and fears. When a girl sees only positive aspects in all women and does not notice them in herself, and especially when she sees this in her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend whom he once loved, she automatically begins to fear that her boyfriend may return to her ex.

The only way out of such a situation is to raise the girl’s self-esteem. To do this, the man should often tell his girlfriend that she is good at cooking, or in bed she is just a goddess. Such small praise will have a positive impact on the self-esteem of the girl, and therefore on the relationship as a whole.

Ex-girlfriend of the guy, is it really a real threat we will tell in the article on the link.

The girl’s past experience

If the girl has already had the experience of how a past man cheated on her with his ex, it will be very difficult to avoid jealousy in a new relationship. Especially if it’s reinforced by phrases like “All men are the same,” “they always cheat,” and so on. Given that there is no reason to be jealous of the girl, she will look for her own reasons, and sometimes even create those reasons.

She will start looking at her ex-girlfriend’s page on social networks more often, looking for likes and comments from her beloved; she will start asking questions about her ex-girlfriend more often, such as how they met and why they broke up; she will check her beloved’s phone number without asking and so on.

Of course, this cannot be tolerated and has to be fought. The only true solution in such a situation would be to sit down and talk to your girlfriend, to sincerely let her know that nothing else connects a man with his ex-girlfriend. You can reinforce these words by saying that she was a bad cook or was fixated only on herself. Sincere conversations will help the girl stop being jealous of her young man’s ex-girlfriend.

Too much free time

When there’s nothing to do, all kinds of thoughts pop into a girl’s head. Almost 80% of them are about her lover. If at the beginning of the relationship these thoughts of an exceptionally good message, as time goes by in these thoughts appear notes of jealousy. The girl begins to wind herself up, looking for bad signs where there are none.

And vice versa, when the whole day of the girl is scheduled by minutes, there is no time to look for nonexistent causes for jealousy. The only thing you want is to cling to the body of your loved one and never let go. No reason for the girl to be jealous of her ex only when there is nothing else to do.

So if she arranges a jealousy scene because she has nothing to do, you should find a new hobby. For example, give her a pet, enroll her in courses or have children after all. Then there will definitely be no time for jealousy.

Jealousy – it’s quite normal in love relationships. But sometimes it goes over the edge and have to do something with it. A smart man will always try to solve the problem, and will not yell at his girlfriend and say that she undeservedly accuses him.

Read about the most common reasons why girls get jealous in our article further down the link.

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