Jealousy in a dream: parsing carefully

Dream Jealousy: what do you dream Jealousy of a man or a woman

Jealousy dreams of discord and quarrel with the chosen one. To see in a dream manifestations of jealousy – to the risk of a night attack. If a man dreams that he is seized by jealousy, it means he is under the influence of his rivals. According to the dream book, intense jealousy can mean coldness toward your loved one.

Dreams about jealousy according to the XXI century dream

What do you dream about Jealousy according to a dream book:

To be jealous in a dream – to the fulfillment of desires or a sign that you are in danger of a night attack.

What does Miller’s dream dream about jealousy mean?

What do you dream about Jealousy in a dream?

Jealous of his wife in a dream means that you are influenced by rivals, very inconsiderate people. If your lover is jealous, you will be trying to displace a rival.

If a woman in a dream is jealous of her husband, then in reality she will face shocking incidents that will destroy her happiness.

For a woman to be jealous of her lover is a foreshadowing that she will realize that he is more infatuated with another woman than with her.

A dream in which a man and a woman are jealous without reason portends trouble in their daily lives.

Dream about Jealousy by Modern Dream Book

Dream Jealousy: dream N. Soboleva

How to understand what Jealousy in a dream?

Jealousy – insecurity in a partner.

To see Jealousy in a dream: Islamic Dream

Jealousy in a dream

Jealousy in a dream is a sign of greed, greed and treason.

Esoteric Dream Dream: Jealousy

Jealousy to experience himself – you’ll find yourself in a ridiculous position. Jealousy of you will laugh at your enemies.

Jealousy // Antique French Dream

Jealousy to what to dream, interpretation:

Jealousy – In a dream to experience a strong feeling of jealousy is a sign that in reality you will experience annoyance caused by the ingratitude of your loved ones.

What does Jealousy mean in a Wanderer’s Dream

Interpretation of Jealousy in your dream

Jealousy – The realization of what has been planned (“jealousy” in the case – increased concern, determination, successful activity). Jealous of a loved one – his fidelity, in the following dream book you can learn another interpretation.

Jealous of himself – to fidelity, loyalty; success (idiom: “zealously serve, to treat something”).

Interpretation of sleep Jealousy Big Natalia Stepanova Dream

Why do I dream of Jealousy?

If a woman sees in a dream that she is jealous of her husband – there will soon be fighting that will destroy her happiness. If she in a dream is jealous of her lover – in reality there may be real reasons for such a situation. If, on the contrary, her lover is jealous – it means that she will be able to get the upper hand over her rival. If the husband in a dream is jealous of his wife – it means that he is influenced by people of dubious reputation, according to the dreamer – predictor.

See Jealousy in a Dream: The Biggest Modern Dream

Jealousy – A woman dreams that her husband is jealous – there will be a major quarrel in this family, and a bird of happiness will fly out the open door. A woman sees in a dream that her lover is jealous – the dream indicates that this woman has a rival; but the rival is now in a worse position and will not withstand a long open confrontation. You seem to be jealous of your wife – your life will be influenced by limited people; in the near future pay attention to your health – especially if you suffer from some chronic disease.

Interpret Jealousy in a Worldly Dream

Interpretation of the dream of Jealousy

Seeing in a dream jealousy of your loved ones means that you’re not sure that you were able to take from life all possible. If you dreamed that you were jealous of your wife (your husband), then in reality you will fall under the influence of inconsiderate people.

If you dreamed that you were jealous of your soul mate, then in real life you can be sure that, except for you, your partner has no one. However, if it was a woman who dreamed that she was jealous of her husband, in reality, this dream can mean that a large number of quarrels and scandals in recent years could lead to a rupture of relations to divorce.

In general, if you dreamed jealousy, no matter whom it is directed at, it is worth reconsidering your attitude towards life. Regardless of what the dream means, to be jealous in a dream is not a good sign, which suggests that you are a very possessive and limit the freedom of people close to you.

Even if for the time being they are willing to tolerate such despotism in the relationship, then later there will still come a time when they want ease in the relationship, and most importantly – trust.

Learn to trust your loved ones, even in dreams, and your life will be cloudless and filled with bright and sincere emotions.

Dreams of terrible jealousy – the nuances of deciphering by dreamtniks

Nowadays, this feeling is not welcome – it is believed that it is better to marry a drunkard than a jealous man, and that only extremely insecure people do not trust their other half. But here came to you this feeling in a dream … What will the dreamer tell about it – whether such a dream shows your soul from the best side, and in general, what do you dream about jealousy?

General interpretation of this “nervous” and “suspicious” dream

  • Very often interpreters say: in a dream jealousy is transformed by your stubbornness in life. That is, it is quite a positive dream. If the feeling in the dream was very strong, even all-encompassing, on the way to the goal you can not be stopped at all.
  • If you felt jealousy, but it was unclear whom and for whom you were jealous, it means: you will face misunderstanding of your relatives, and this will make you very sad.

Jealous of you?

  • Such a dream often means: you have upset some loved one (even if you didn’t mean to do it).
  • Did you dream that you brought a new husband (wife) into the family, and the children responded with terrible jealousy? Your subconscious is hinting: you are not too show them your love. Spend more time together, but at the personal life too, do not put a cross.
  • And on the contrary, if you saw how the children of your beloved were jealous of you, the dream means your subconscious fears of becoming a bad stepmother (stepfather) to them.
  • If the “Othello” in your dream was your cat, dog, or other family pet, up to and including the disruption of the date, it says: small misunderstandings can put “sticks in the wheels” to a newly established relationship. If you do not want to split up, carefully negotiate everything, even little things.

Are you jealous?

As the dream book says, jealousy of your partner (partner) is a sign: in fact, this person is 100% faithful to you. But it is very important that the “Othello syndrome” you left in a dream and did not begin to transfer it to real life. It is known: the more often a person is “brainwashed” by such feelings (even unfounded), the more he thinks about escaping from the relationship.

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The dreamer is a man.
  • What do you dream about being jealous of your own wife? Strangely enough, to the dishonesty of business partners or friends. In order they did not put you “stick in the wheels”, try not to intersect.
  • If you are jealous of your beloved literally to every post, the dream speaks of your extreme determination. There is nothing that you could not achieve.
  • In the dream you harassed your ex-spouse with jealousy? Conversely, this dream speaks of your indecisiveness. If life gives you several choices, you’re like that fabulous knight, long stomping at a crossroads, not daring to choose a direction for themselves.
  • But what if it was your beloved jealous? Unplanned news will begin to ruin your plans, but you will still be able to bring the beginning to a victorious end.
The dreamer is a girl or a woman.
  • If you were jealous of your own spouse, the dream says: you’re really jealous, even though your loved one did not give a reason. Do not take out his suspicions, so you only alienate her husband from himself and earn a reputation as not too smart woman.
  • Jealous of your ex: it’s time to say goodbye to something or someone that acts in your life as a “suitcase without a handle.
  • If you were jealous of your lover (boyfriend), it says: you are not confident in your own irresistibility and subconsciously afraid that over time, this person will leave you.
  • If the object of jealousy was your lover, the dream says: soon he will reveal to you from an unexpected side.
  • Your spouse was jealous of you: your relationship is not experiencing the best of times. Perhaps it will be wise to live separately for some time, or at least not to engage in loud conflicts.
  • See your boyfriend jealousy: Your enemies are undermining your well-being, but they will not succeed. For example, if you know for sure that around your lover there is some prostitute, the dream assures: she will be left with a nose.

And what do famous interpreters write about this feeling?

Sometimes author’s books complement the folk interpretation, and sometimes – change the deciphering of the “dream” signs beyond recognition. How do they look at the “green-eyed monster” that tormented you at night?

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