Is it worth it to write to the guy after the breakup

What to write to an ex-male and whether it is worth it

At times, girls are at a loss, not knowing what to write to an ex-male. Much depends on external and internal factors. It is important to understand what drives you. This may be the remnants of psychological attachment, habits, or a woman’s awareness that “this will not happen again.

Before you again remind yourself of your ex, you need to think hard and do introspection. You have to know exactly what you’re doing is right. Today we’ll talk in detail about whether you can enter the same river twice and whether it is worth it.

Simple reasons why girls write to their exes

If after breaking up with a man, your head is filled with thoughts about what to write to your ex to get the relationship back, then you first need to understand what exactly you want to achieve with your action. Why do you need to get him back or will it be enough and friendly communication with him. Decide on this point before you write a message.

Girls decide to be the first to write to their former lovers for the following reasons:

your relationship ended somehow wrong;

You still miss your ex-boyfriend;

According to astrologers, you are perfectly compatible;

Perhaps it was all the fault of alcohol, which affected you;

The desire to correct mistakes;

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When writing a message to an ex-lover, consider the following:

The text should be properly structured;

It is worth to decide whether you really need it or not.

Don’t forget to mention in the message his good character traits for which you appreciated him so much. Men are not indifferent to such words. But you don’t need to write about love.

A neutral phrase to get a response

In order for an ex to get back in touch with you, you need to wait a while. It should take time for each of you to calm down. It’s also not a good idea to write him a bunch of messages apologizing.

After a while it is better to write him a message in the format: “Hi, how are you?” A reply to such a text message is more likely to be received.

Start a conversation on neutral topics by asking him questions about friends, work, what’s new with him, etc. If you immediately start by discussing past mistakes and asking for forgiveness, it will immediately alienate him.

Well, if your ex doesn’t respond to messages, it just proves that he doesn’t want anything more to do with you. There is nothing you can do here, the only thing you can do is to accept the situation and let it go. In this case, the question of what to write to your ex-boyfriend, and whether it is worth doing, will disappear by itself.

10 tips for those who have decided to write to your ex-male

There is nothing wrong with writing to your ex-boyfriend. However, you should keep in mind some points that will help you make the best decision in this situation.

Keep your feelings under control.

It is likely that after the breakup with your ex, you will miss not so much the person, but the memories that unite you. It is possible that there are no feelings left at all. So analyze the pros and cons before you take the first step.

Do not give your ex-boyfriend a reason to gloat.

If suddenly your ex-boyfriend does not react to your message, do not be angry or upset because of this. You must be prepared for such an outcome. It may well be that he will think: “She wrote first, then she misses you. This outcome should not awaken negative emotions in you.

Give important news when you meet her.

Usually, before the resumption of the relationship appoint a meeting. And it will have to talk frankly and maturely. It’s the only way to determine what will happen between you next.

For a while let the situation go.

With the decision to write first do not hurry. Let him get enough time to think. How do you know if he will decide to write to you? Well, if you broke up through your fault, it will take even more time for him to forgive you.

Remember the reason for the breakup.

In situations where the breakup occurred by decision of the girl, she may well come to her senses after a while and decide to resume everything. But in a situation where the divorce was at the request of the man, the woman should not be humiliated. He made his choice, you need to accept it and try to let him go.

Identify the real reason.

Be independent in your relationship with the opposite sex. Find yourself a hobby. Join a gym. Become interesting to yourself, you will interest and a man. And about the past relationships and do not remember.

Do not compare yourself with others.

You have the right to be yourself, no one else like the person. And no matter if all the friends around them are married, and how many children they have. This should not bother you and make you meet with the first man in order to quickly get married status. Being single is sometimes better than a relationship that doesn’t bring you joy.

Filter the data.

Believe me, if your ex-boyfriend wanted it all back, he would have done it long ago. Don’t get your hopes up for nothing and listen to people trying to reassure you in this way. When talking to him don’t start a conversation with questions about your relationship. So you inspire him that just waiting for a chance to start over.

Do not have false hopes.

Think about why you guys broke up? There was a good reason, wasn’t there? Then why try to get it all back, if there are unresolved problems between you.

And believe me, people can’t change overnight. Don’t expect him to behave differently. Do not go on about their feelings and memories. After all, the reasons for separation, what were, and so will remain.

Do not abuse trust.

It also happens that a girl, after breaking up with a guy, continues to be friends with him. She won’t give up the idea of seeing him again under any pretext. Only he does not owe you anything else, and therefore there is no reason to expect any action and help from him. Do not bore him with intrusive calls and messages. This will only characterize you with a disadvantage. Of course, if he himself does not offer you his support.

The form and content of the message to your ex.

You do not know what to write to an ex-male? First of all, create a text message. It should be unobtrusive and short. Re-read it before you send it several times. There should not be any errors in the text message. In addition, so you can evaluate whether you have made the right decision.

The form is as important as the content.

The tone in which you write a message depends on the nature of the response ex-boyfriend. If you seem unobtrusive, without a hint of your feelings, offer to meet him, then the likelihood that he will come to the meeting will be high. The opposite effect should be expected if the message is about how much you miss him and want to see him. The second option will tell him that you are suffering and need him.

That is, the purpose of your message can be one thing – the desire to see him. But the way you stated this desire will determine his reaction.

Sincerity comes first.

If you still have a problem with such a meaningless text, then it remains to write in more detail about your love for him. It is worth, first of all, to ask his forgiveness, if you are to blame for the cause of separation, or if you have somehow behaved unkindly. At such a moment it is easy for a person to understand how sincere his words. Only keep in mind that in such a case it is necessary to correspond to your words.

The right format.

Choose carefully the moment to write a message. In your message briefly and without “water”, write your request for a meeting. If it is too early to meet and talk, then say that your feelings are very strong and you do not want to lose him.

What should not be in the letter?

Do not try to arouse self-pity in a man. He is unlikely to appreciate it, and few people like it. Do not resort to manipulation. That way you resume the relationship just will not work. Swearing and insulting words are also inappropriate. It is best to restrain his emotions and not mad. After all, you want to return to the old relationship, not to alienate the man even more.

If you start accusing him of ignoring messages, it will also lead to nothing good. As well as recriminations, and even an attempt at blackmail. After all, you can’t take him by force now, can you?

A long message about who did what wrong, and what he is guilty of, will also fail.

Remove from the text all the words with affectionate nicknames. This is unlikely to have any positive effect. Because of this, he will not forgive you, and will not rush into your arms. No need to give once again to understand that you are ready for anything, only to make him pay attention to you.

This behavior will only give you another reason to hurt you and make it hurt. Realize the whole situation and try to come to terms with it.

If the relationship is really over, your efforts will be in vain and it does not matter who is to blame for the breakup.

It is clear that girls are sentimental by nature. Emotions can strongly contradict the true desires. So be as calm and restrained as possible.

It is a fact that the more a lady shows her indifference, the more likely it is that a man will be interested in her again. After all, who would want to lose a beautiful, self-aware woman.

Tips on how to forget the former man and live happily ever after

Recall the fairy tale from childhood about the princess, locked in a tower. She sat there and thought about what she should do. Above all, she kept hoping that the very brave and strong prince who would save her from the dragon would come.

This tale perfectly describes many women who prefer to do nothing and wait for their savior. At the same time, the modern girl also expects that this prince will solve all of her life’s problems.

It’s hard to admit, but the real salvation lies in the actions of the girl herself. After all, no one in reality prevents her from taking the initiative in her own hands. She just needs to muster the courage for changes that can change her fate beyond recognition.

Even if there will be a savior in a woman’s life, what to do when he’s gone again? Will she have to sit back and wait for the next one?

Also, many ladies are concerned about what it’s like for free girls who are not in a relationship. Is it possible to be happy without romantic dates and other trappings of a relationship?

Often girls who don’t know how to be happy without a man meet the same young man – who doesn’t have some kind of integrity.

They just fill holes in the soul and nothing more. Such relationships are usually doomed to fail. It’s worth understanding that every person is unique! You don’t need another person to be a complete person. He can be happy on his own. Finding happiness in the face of a man, such a girl simply aims to build a harmonious and healthy relationship, which should not “save” her in any way, but simply make her happy, making life better. Such a tandem can be compared to a dance. Only those who know how to move and know the movements can dance well. And for that you must first learn to dance alone.

Such a man radiates happiness with his whole appearance. After all, no matter how perfect a man is, it is not the fact that the couple will get together and be perfectly compatible. The main thing is to learn to enjoy yourself and love yourself.

By loving yourself, you will find the love of a lifetime! It is not easy, but it is worth it. Such a girl is unlikely to wonder after a breakup what to write to an ex-male under different circumstances. After all, she understands that everything happens in life as it should be. The woman will be able to accept this fact and live happily ever after.

Stop indulging yourself, that in your life will certainly appear a rich prince, as it happens in fairy tales and in the movies. No one has to solve your problems except yourself. Only in this way, independently achieving something, a man becomes a strong and independent person. Do not pile on the man his own problems. Maybe he does not want that.

Only a woman who is happy with life, radiates joy, doing things with pleasure, will attract the attention of successful men who know how to care well and make their loved ones even happier than they are.

By the way, an attractive woman is not always a perfect beauty. The seductive one becomes the one who lives in her own pleasure and does not need anyone else.

She does not have the habit of falling in love with the first person she meets, trying somehow to please and seem better than she really is. An attractive woman is able to interest a man without this.

So try to become this most charming woman! You will undoubtedly like it:

Ask yourself the question of whether you need someone else to be completely happy, and think about it properly. Answer honestly, without subterfuge. If the answer is yes, think for a moment, why would you want to wait and hope for someone? And if it doesn’t happen? You’ll just lose a lifetime of time.

Put yourself in front of the fact that only you and no one else is responsible for everything that happens in your life. Are you successful in your career? When have you ever achieved your goals? Why do not your most cherished dreams come true? It all depends on you.

It’s much more important to be happier now than later. Don’t go out with men you’re not interested in, with the goal of “just to have someone.” You don’t need these thoughts of “back-up” options. You don’t need them and they don’t bring you happiness.

Start every day to thank fate or the Universe for all the pleasures of your life. Be satisfied with what you have.

Fill yourself with joy and truly enjoy life, because it is so beautiful and there are so many interesting things around.

Your happiness is only in your hands. A man is not the source of your happiness. All that happens in your life depends only on you, and stop thinking about what to write to your ex and whether to write him at all.

Question to psychologist: whether to write to the girl or the guy after the breakup

Many couples maintain emotional attachment even after their relationship is in the past. Not wanting to separate from each other, men and women move to a new level of interaction – correspondence in messengers and social networks.

Is it good or bad, what are the consequences of this behavior and whether to cross this line?

Do we even need to start a correspondence?

Advice for men: Answer the following two questions for yourself:

  1. What will you lose if you write to your ex-wife?
  2. What will you have to regret if the correspondence never took place?

After answering these questions honestly and sincerely, you’ll be able to make the right decision about whether to write to a failed soulmate.

Tips for women:

  1. Assess the time period after the breakup: how much time has passed since your last conversation? If we are talking about a few days, do not rush, take a break. In the case where the months or even years have passed, you can start by asking about the affairs, and then act on the situation.
  2. Analyze your own feelings. Why do you want to resume correspondence? Missing, want to give it another chance, or just to get revenge, boasting of successes in his personal life? Understanding how the other person feels and finding out if they want to reconnect, even if only virtually, is critical to success.
  3. In case you are still experiencing physical attraction to your ex and you are only driven by the desire to “have fun without commitment”, pay attention to which party is more upset, in particular if you initiated the breakup yourself.
  4. You wonder what he does? Act depending on how your relationship ended: bad – be careful, normal – use general phrases.
  5. If the impulse to write to a loved one is spontaneous and has no serious basis, think before acting frankly. Perhaps it’s just a temporary nostalgia, and not even for the man, but on the individual qualities of his character, with the loss of which you can not come to terms with until now.

General Rules

How to correspond with an ex-boyfriend:

  1. Before thoughtlessly applying emoticons – fancy graphic representations of emotions – think about how they might be interpreted by the recipient. As soon as the relationship loses its former character and stability, the emoticon can “play a cruel joke”. Therefore, during correspondence it is better not to save on words, and the number of cartoon stickers to a minimum.
  2. Pay attention to the spelling and punctuation of your writing. Yes, you don’t have to laboriously count every comma, but it will be better for you that your ex-partner read exactly what you wanted to say, and not make hasty conclusions according to his own mood (on the basis of an inarticulate sequence of words).
  3. Maintain a certain pace of correspondence. Virtual communication should not be too fast and rash, otherwise it can lead to an overly intrusive communication.

What to write a man, woman?

Let’s consider in detail, what and in what case you can write:

If you need to smooth out the bitterness of the breakup.

Tips for men : To regain the trust of an offended woman – a very difficult task, especially if the breakup occurred on the male initiative. First probe the ground: find out if the girl has any problems.

If she needs help, you can try to offer it – especially since it is much easier to do in writing than looking “eye to eye.

Tips for women: If the breakup was painful for the stronger sex, use the “no contact” rule for a few weeks.

Do not write during this period, otherwise the situation will only worsen, not smooth out. Also, do not draw excessive attention to your own person, provoking jealousy in social networks.

Get the relationship back

Tips for men: one of the best ways to re-ignite the spark in a woman’s heart is to remind her of a shared positive experience.

That way you can steer the conversation in the right direction and ensure a positive tone and mood. Your message should show the depth of nostalgia about the past, but without any specifics to begin with.

Just voice your thoughts about some happy (necessarily shared!) memory . Put special emphasis on the fact that you feel comfortable discussing this fact at this particular moment.

Tips for women: The most important thing to remember if there is a desire to get back into a relationship is to refuse to be intrusive. No need to put excessive pressure on your partner – thus you will only provoke more irritation and humiliate yourself.

Remember: there is nothing more attractive and attractive to men than a happy and positive woman. Try to intrigue your partner – change yourself and do your best to make the guy notice your “better version”.

A message-intrigue is a good provocation that will make the man think of you in a new way, hence, shake his confidence in the decision to break up.

Maintain friendships

Tips for men: Here the main rule – caution, because you can step on a very dangerous path, especially if you do not see any prospects for rebuilding a loving relationship. But just as difficult is the prospect of remaining in the friendship zone forever, because it is also a certain area of responsibility.

In the case of a successful and happy relationship, you can calmly respond to messages, respecting decorum, but at the same time making it clear that “there is no going back to the ex.

If there is an understanding that the reason for correspondence is not a renewal of your romance, you should not pounce with offers to return “everything as it was. It is desirable in this case to offer her friendship directly.

Tips for women: you can send something like, “Hi… I’m glad we’re over, but I wouldn’t mind having a loyal friend like you. That way you can shift the balance from the guy to you. But it’s important to realize that this kind of approach can end up being an incentive to get too close. Think about whether you need it.

How to behave, what and how you should respond if an ex-partner writes?

An ex-partner wrote first – how should you respond?

If you don’t want to communicate anymore

Tips for men: you have every right to simply ignore your ex’s messages if communicating with her is not part of your plans and has a detrimental effect on your psyche and emotional experience.

Ignoring her is a normal reaction and not something you should regret.

Tips for women: Be straightforward and categorical, if you are absolutely sure that you really do not want to communicate, and not go on about his own pride. But if there is a clear feeling that the restoration of relations with a man – a road to nowhere, then is it really worth breaking up the ceremony?

Do you want to get it all back?

Tips for men: A win-win way to interest a woman, and, therefore, get a chance to restore the missed – is to leave her alone for a while . If the pause is successfully sustained, and at the same time you have not forgotten to apologize for the offense brought, you can go to action.

Do not go for the banal way – the standard phrase “how are you?” is unlikely to spur away and, even more so, rejected the fair sex. Try to cause genuine interest, for example, to tell her about the next concert of her favorite band. Finish you can express the hope that she is doing well.

So be able to “kill two birds with one stone”: not to beg openly for a return and at the same time catch the sincere and genuine concern.

Do wonders and messages-reminders about something good or smiling messages about what everyday little things that made you suddenly remember her as a lady of your heart.

Tips for women: So that the guy wants to return, eliminate all the “inhibiting” factors, such as insults, claims, blackmail, reprimand and outright pleas for a return. Instead, remind your life partner that you fall asleep with thoughts of him, nostalgic about the past, or realize your own mistakes, if any.

Sometimes just the phrase “I can’t do without you/I can’t do without you” is enough to make a man’s self-esteem skyrocket. A man with a sense of humor is sure to appreciate something positive, a joke within the bounds of decency. A provocation in the form of intrigue, an honest concern about his fate or an original compliment, especially if you haven’t seen each other for a long time, works on guys.

Mistakes and possible ways of correction

What mistakes ex-partners make in correspondence:

Getting into swearing . Even after finally going through all the stages of separation, people often continue to feel irritation and resentment towards their former partner, because the separation is a long and painful journey.

Anger and anger in such a case are absolutely normal reactions, but the negativity should not take over other feelings.


Thus, correspondence after a breakup is a rather complicated and sensitive process. Before agreeing to it, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons, taking into account the circumstances of the breakup and the nature of the current interaction.

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