Is it worth it to forgive a man for insults

What you can not forgive a man in a relationship: the top 7 behaviors

What you can not forgive a man, every woman decides for herself. However, there are so obvious things that will be considered out of the ordinary in almost any family. If you turn a blind eye to everything, you can end up with broken lives, lost families and pain.

Despite the fact that a loving girl is willing to forgive a lot, sometimes you just need to make a strong-willed decision and end a painful relationship. Let’s take a close look at what behaviors you can never forgive a man, or at least leave unexamined.

7 behaviors that you can not forgive a man in a relationship


Because it is a risk to a woman’s beauty, health, sometimes life, such actions should never be forgiven. Run away from men who behave so aggressively, because in time it will happen again.

Narcissism and selfishness

A sensible woman, enamored as a child by loving parents, will not be carried away by an egoist or a man with a narcissistic personality disorder. This type of men, as a rule, is tuned to the complexed ladies who are used to playing the second role. A man can not become a narcissist or a narcissist in one day, his character is formed over the years. It turns out that, deciding to have such a relationship, you consciously choose a partner with whom to live for many years.

Speaking of what men can not be forgiven, it is worth warning young girls: If you see that you met with a narcissistic character and you do not like it, leave him without regret. Don’t hope that an egoist will suddenly become an altruist and a narcissist will sacrifice himself for love. Alas! It will get worse. These people think only about themselves, pushing the partner into the background. If you do not want to live forever in the shadow of a narcissistic man, it is better to break relations at once.


Ladies, unspoiled in childhood, often fall under the hook of stingy men. If you prefer a different type of people and during the first days of dating it was obvious that your suitor – a typical miser, do not wait for a miracle! Stingy man will not become generous even for you.

Stinginess can not remain invisible and over time will manifest itself in all its glory. Suppose the gentleman took you to the expensive restaurant and chic, to impress his partner on the spot. And then suddenly changed drastically and began to make a date in a cheap cafe. If a man says that you are a spender, it is another signal that you got miser. You will be constantly rebuked: “Why do you need such an expensive bag?”, “Do not regret to throw away 500 rubles on an ordinary lipstick?”, “This price is not for you” and so on.

In addition, greedy partners like to complain about the high cost. For example, “Again all the products have risen in price, last week coffee was 150 rubles., Now for two rubles more expensive”, “In the cinema tickets are expensive, so we’ll go to the morning show”, etc. Of course, high prices are now spoken of everywhere. But the curmudgeons specifically emphasize this fact.

Dangerous Addictions

This is something that should never be forgiven a man in a relationship. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a serious disease. If you are near such a partner, even successfully coded, your life will be like a volcano. The latter is known to wake up suddenly.

Insulting relatives

If your chosen one is unflattering to your relatives (even if it is a matter of fact), do not let the situation go on its own and do not keep silent. Do not hope that in the future everything will improve by itself. This act is not accidental and will happen again.

The lack of immediate reaction to the rude words the partner will take as your silent consent and approval of his aggression. And then he will again express himself in the same spirit, hurting those who you care immensely. Later this behavior will become a habit and a norm for communication with your family and friends. This means that you need to immediately nip such behavior and interrupt the offender on the sidelines. There is no need to be rude. Just ask your loved one to never insult your family again.

Treason .

First look at the situation to understand who your partner was cheating on you. If your husband is “full on” and he had quick sex – that’s one thing. The case, of course, unpleasant, but tolerable, and the action is frivolous. Perhaps it is better not to spin the flywheel of your anger, and turn a blind eye to the incident.

At least think carefully before packing your partner’s suitcase. But if you have forgiven his weakness and do not plan to break up, then in the future be on your guard. You need to accept the fact that your partner will drink “to hell,” lose control and have casual affairs with the opposite sex. So keep your eyes open for your lover.

What you can not forgive a man, it’s conscious treason with a constant woman on the side. This is not only a physiological craving for adventure, but the psychology of the soul. The easiest way to part with an unfaithful spouse or gentleman. Or you can overcome your resentment and fight for him. Dig into the relationship and figure out what led to the fact that your partner went to the left. After all, the risk factor is always there. Perhaps your appearance provoked this failure, and you need to pay attention to yourself. Or maybe you are in frequent conflicts without cause and have ceased to understand each other.

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5 sins that absolutely must not be forgiven men, otherwise life will be hell

The woman herself decides where the edge of patience and mercy. And we just remind you of the actions of guys, which no self-respecting girl should put up with.

What to forgive a man and what not, each woman defines for itself. Situations are different. Often the clarification of relations occurs on high tones, and the atmosphere is heated to the limit. However, the sins of the guys, which will now be discussed, or lead the relationship to a dead end, or in abusive relationships. By turning a blind eye to these male habits, a woman may be left with a broken heart and a broken life.

5. When a man cheats

Do not forgive if a man cheated, because no one can guarantee that pleading for mercy will not be followed by another trip to the left. Photo © Shutterstock

Neither men nor women want to continue the relationship with the other half, which went to the left, do not want. It is too hard and painful to recover from such a betrayal. In addition, if a man once decided to cheat, there is absolutely no guarantee that requests for mercy will not be followed by another adultery. Of course, to forgive adultery or not, it is up to the partner who was betrayed. Let us just remind you that it will not be possible to return the former trust and sincerity, as well as life without the fear of treason.

4. When a man humiliates a woman, especially in front of strangers.

You should not forgive if a man constantly insults you, especially if it happens in public. Photo © Shutterstock

If a guy in the presence of acquaintances or not so acquaintances, is it possible to call such a man loving? Name-calling and humiliation, said as if in jest, should alert a woman. If a man allows himself to humiliate his beloved in public, there is only one conclusion: the lady should run away from the relationship, flashing his heels.

3. When a Man Abuses His Children

You should not forgive a man for child abuse. Photo © Shutterstock

If a woman is capable of turning a blind eye to many things (yes, practically everything), losing her pride and losing what little self-esteem she has left, then she should not allow a man to abuse a child. The choice of the role of the victim could have been made under pressure or by clever male manipulation, when the woman ignored all the dangerous signs of her partner’s behavior. Even so, the child should not grow up in an atmosphere of violence and fear; he cannot defend himself against the attacks of an adult. If a man is tyrannizing his son or daughter, the most serious measures should be taken.

2. When a man has raised his hand against a woman

You should not be forgiven if a man has hit a woman. Photo © Shutterstock

A mentally healthy, conscious man never resolves conflicts with the woman he loves by force. Hand-to-hand violence carries not only moral humiliation, but can directly threaten the health and even life of a fragile girl. Many of the fair sex naively believe that if they forgive one such mistake gentleman, he will change. But usually it is the other way around: seeing no rebuff, a man will repeat such “punishments” over and over again.

1. When a man has fallen into a dangerous addiction.

You should not forgive if a man has slipped into a dangerous addiction. Photo © Shutterstock

You can’t build a healthy relationship with a man who has fallen into a dangerous addiction. Casinos, slot machines, drugs or alcohol – all this will affect the man’s psyche, he will change beyond recognition. Even if your partner agrees to treatment, your life next to such a man will turn into a game called “Russian roulette”.

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