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If a man does not talk and does not call – A Gift of Fate

You call and he still does not answer, does not respond to watsap. You call and he still does not answer. You wait and wait, the darkest thoughts appear in your head. And yet, when you saw each other, it was so wonderful. You really enjoyed the date, and you got the impression that the feelings were mutual. So what to do if a man doesn’t talk and doesn’t call. In this article we will try to understand the situation and consider different solutions.

Promised to call and did not call: how to behave?

The fact that a man does not call, does not necessarily mean that you are not interested in him! To understand the reason for his silence, you need to think not about him but about yourself and first answer one important question: did I start at some point in the relationship (even short and casual) to expect too much from your partner?

In a few situations, let’s see how your thinking may be different from what the man thinks and break down the reasons for his silence.

  • Situation 1: He didn’t like you.

The case here is obvious. The man doesn’t want to see you again and no move on your part is going to change that. You probably misunderstood his intentions, thinking that he was interested in you, but in fact he wasn’t. Why not? Because you liked the man from the beginning you interpreted every nice gesture on his part as a signal of interest and serious intentions towards you. Perhaps you were too quick to show him how much you liked him. Remember that men are hunters, they like to conquer a woman. The more compliant a woman is, the less interest a man has in her.

Is it worth calling a man if he’s missing in this situation?

Definitely NO! What you can do is to let go and wait for movement on his part, continue to live and do your own thing, do not loop on him. Learn to accept all life situations calmly, without fuss, do not create unnecessary tension. Remember, as long as you cling to the expectation of a call, there will be no call, because it creates an invisible barrier and even if he is thinking about calling or not, he will definitely not call. As soon as you distract yourself and put the waiting for the call out of your mind, you’ll get it right away!

EXPECTING THING discourages you from getting the RESULT.

It’s important that you start to value yourself more. The art of seduction is a small game. Even if you like a man, you don’t have to show your feelings right away. Don’t throw yourself at him as if he were the last person in the world, but rather push him to be the WINNER and you the HOLDER!

  • Situation 2: He likes you, but he still doesn’t call or write

If a man doesn’t call, but you are sure he likes you, there could be several reasons. Again, you have to understand that men are sometimes simpler than we think. They can’t think multi-dimensionally! When women analyze and process many thoughts at once, a man goes from one activity to another! Take a deep breath, just think about how many times you couldn’t call the people you care about because you were just busy or you didn’t have the opportunity.

There are several situations when a man doesn’t return your messages and calls. You should be aware of these. Why doesn’t he do it? For example, he’s at work and is VERY busy with work that can’t wait. Men think one-dimensionally, and a lack of attention to an important project or meeting can lead to job loss or other serious consequences. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Don’t count on him talking to you when he’s exercising. It’s an activity that consumes his whole mind and body. And you prefer a handsome and athletic man who is not overweight, don’t you? Maybe he’s out with his parents or has a very important conversation with a friend. Maybe he left his phone at home. That happens, too. There’s another important aspect to life, he’s waiting it out, thereby testing you. There is a type of modern men who, unfortunately, have been spoiled by our women, taught them to achieve, and taught not to bother (knowing that she will call), they are just used to it! And another reason, it is primitive simple, but it too should be taken into account, he just does not dare, fearing rejection from your side.

Is it worth it to call a man if he is missing?

More likely no than yes. If a guy can’t answer or call you for one of these reasons, no matter what, my recommendation is to be patient and wait for a call from him! It will be the right thing to do either way.

A lot also depends on how long he doesn’t talk to you. If it’s within a few hours, you have nothing to worry about. Is it worth it to call the first man? When a man hasn’t written or called for a long time and you’ve known each other for a short time, never make a move first. However, if you’ve known each other a little longer, then it will be seen as a nice gesture that will strengthen your relationship. You will show him your concern for him. Otherwise, you will begin to lose his respect from the beginning of your relationship. He will feel like he is holding you down or that you are stalking him.

  • Situation 3: He likes you, but he won’t admit it.

This is where you should play it right, bide your time. When he calls you a few days later, let him know that you don’t like this behavior. Tell him gently that you need more interest and respect. On the other hand, don’t let him feel that you are disappointed or upset! You do it in a way that lets him know from the beginning that you will not tolerate this behavior. But don’t overdo it, because it’s not about constantly following you and enduring your advances. Give him some time, show empathy. These men often hide their sensitive side under thick armor. Break through it from the beginning, and the situation will never happen again! He will know that you expect his attention, and he won’t risk losing you!

  • Situation 4: He’s a player and a manipulator

There are certain types of men you should avoid if you are looking for a serious relationship. A player, a manipulator will want to use you and leave you at the first opportunity. This type of man will not specifically write or call you to get control over you. The moment you talk to him, he will know he has won. He will trick you by manipulating and playing you. In the beginning, he will promise you stars from heaven so that you will finally give in to him. Once you sense that the man is a player, don’t waste your time and nerves and let him go!

  • Situation 5. Storyteller

A man who is a storyteller is another type of man with whom you should not build a serious relationship. Such men will always tell you “noodles in your ears” When asked why you did not call, he will tell you yet another tall tale and promise you a mountain of gold, which will make your head spin. But in fact everything will remain the same. Such men can be grouped with a man who is a pathological liar, who constantly lies, even if there is no sense in lying. Liars and liars, unequivocally, are not the people with whom you can build a serious relationship.

He promised to call and he didn’t… how do you behave? Let him go and move on.

Can a man love and not call?

As you can see, there can be many reasons why a man doesn’t call. You found that for the most part they are not so scary, and there is no sense to immediately think negatively. In the situation that has happened, always remember, it is IMPORTANT to remain calm, not to worry and not to rack your brains, screwing up and inflating the situation that has arisen.

If a man really values the woman and set up a serious relationship, he will definitely call and ask her out on a date. But using these examples at the initial stage of the relationship, try to recognize the type of your man in a timely manner, so that you won’t regret it later.

My advice, if after a date, the man does not call back first, THIS IS a SERIOUS SIGNAL to think hard about whether it is necessary to start a relationship with a man. No matter how busy a man is, if he is interested in a relationship he will find a couple of minutes to at least warn you not to worry, not to lose him and inform you of his employment. This is what a serious and responsible person who is properly brought up will do!

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Is it worth it to call a man, if he does not call: different options

Many young women have faced this problem when a guy they dated disappeared for a few days and did not call him back. There is a quite logical question: he is very busy, or simply not interested in seeing you again, and he just does not have the courage to say “no” to you? In any case, every girl will have a question: shouldn’t I call him first? Yes, definitely, some women like to take responsibility, and they don’t mind at all being the one to call the guy and suggest a new meeting while others wait in silence.

The only thing left to figure out is, should I call him? It depends on the situation, no one wants to seem too intrusive. In fact, when someone needs attention, it only indicates a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. It can come from constantly feeling unloved by others or from parents who have been emotionally unapproachable. We all dream of being around a kind, loving man, but many young ladies subconsciously do not believe that they deserve love and respect men, just because they have never had a worthy partner near. But how do you know if you need it? Psychologists have gathered some tips that will help you figure out whether you should pick up the phone and dial a number or it’s better to take a step back.

Be sincere

Yes, we live in the 21st century, and today there’s nothing wrong with asking a man out. That’s why it doesn’t cost girls anything to call first or send a text message. But there is a difference between taking responsibility for making the first move and going after someone. The former just comes from a sense of self-confidence, and the latter has to do with insecurity. If you call him regularly just because you feel the need to reassure him, there is something wrong with that.

Do you shake with fear when you think about the possibility of a rift between you? If so, ask yourself if you feel safe. It’s easy to see this in other areas of your relationship as well. Answer yourself this question: do you always agree with him and strive to please your partner? Do you always let him do whatever he wants? Maybe you are afraid to say no because it might upset him? Ask yourself, is your desire to please driven by being nice to him or are you just ignoring what you really want out of the relationship?

Instant gratification.

If you’re calling just to instantly satisfy your need, you’d better think a few times before you dial the number. The reason is that you are letting your happiness depend on him in that case. What if he says something you weren’t expecting? What if he doesn’t have time to say what you want to hear? What if he doesn’t pick up the phone? All of this will affect your mood, and you don’t want that. First, think about what you really want to get right now.

Yes, hearing your loved one’s voice is nice, but if you’re calling too often in search of little happy seconds, it’s time to wonder if everything is okay. If you are the kind of person who thinks that finding the perfect man is the solution to all your problems, this is where you need to think. Often this policy can lead to disappointment, because there is no such thing as “perfect” in relation to men. Love is about something else, it’s about learning to accept people for who they are, and you can grow together. Remember that if you don’t find happiness within yourself, you will never find it, or you will, but it will be too short. You will constantly look for happiness in your partner and expect more from him than he can give you.

You always give more than you receive

Are you the person who is always the first to text, call, and make plans? Are you trying to please your boyfriend, sending him nice presents, cooking him dinner and always making sure that his favorite foods are in the fridge? If you are hoping that through this behavior, he will appreciate you more and will fall in love with you every day with renewed vigor, it is in vain. In fact, you will never get what you wanted, because he probably just doesn’t appreciate what you do. Relationships are about harmony and balance.

You try to contact him again even when he doesn’t answer.

A good rule of thumb is to never call or text someone who is already ignoring you. No one can be so busy that they don’t respond to messages for weeks. There’s no single reason to call again and again. In fact, this is a common scenario where weeks go by without a response or message from a guy. You decide to see if he’s okay, send a text and get no response. You get a big urge to send another text, but you don’t have to. Not being able to cope proves once again that you just need attention. Instead, accept the silence with confidence.

Lack of response makes you anxious.

Are you texting him and calling him just because you want to make sure he’s not with someone else? Maybe you’re even tempted to start monitoring his social media activity? Basically, when you don’t get the attention you want, you immediately start to think you’ve done something wrong or question his feelings for you. Recognize that you are an amazing woman and any man would be lucky to be with you. When you really think that way, it makes it easier for you to trust others because you value yourself.

You call no matter what.

If you ignore your partner’s blatantly bad behavior, that speaks volumes. What are we talking about? For example, your chosen one may cancel plans or lie to you at the last minute, but you forgive him all. Such behavior is unacceptable, and you deserve much better. The right way is a confident control of the situation. Your self-confidence will lead to you attracting the kind of guys you deserve. Don’t be afraid of rejection, accept yourself for who you really are. Put away all your prejudices and be willing to trust.

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