Is it worth confessing his love to a married man

Sergey Kalmov

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Thursday, July 24, 2014.

Book of Advice. One hundred and seventy-fourth issue.

What should a married man do if he really fell in love? Such a question everyone decides for himself. Whether to break up with his wife, whether to tell her about his love or build a relationship with the woman he loves in secret – there are many options. In my opinion, if it’s love, then there is nothing to hide in corners, we have to act honestly and openly. Or you can just suppress this feeling, if you value your wife. Love itself has no value in itself, it is the relationship between the lovers that gives value to love. And if your love fades in a couple of months or even years? You must have loved your wife when you proposed to her? Where is that love now? So think carefully before you act.

My ex-husband is married, but I love him! “Love not what you want to love, but what you have, what you possess.”

If you declared your love for a man and he avoids you now? And Don Perditto opened his feelings to Dona Conchita when she opened hers to him! But life is not a soap opera and it is not a stupid script written in a hurry. So your phrase goes like this -. so you are a complete and unsalvageable fool!

How do I confess my love to a married man? Confess your love to a married man only after he does it first to you and no other way. This will prevent resentment, humiliation and bitter disappointment in the event that the confession of “I love you!”, the man will answer “And I do not you!”. Which is what happens in 95% of cases, and in the other 5% there is a pretense and deception. After all, if a man is forced to say “I love you” under your uncontrollable pressure, is it possible to believe him?

What kind of women like men: married or unmarried? Men like both, but for the most part they prefer unmarried women. Very few men are willing to find themselves in a “husband suddenly walks in” situation, few people like to jump out the window or hide in the closet. Also, if a man doesn’t want someone to “use” his wife, he doesn’t do that to other people’s wives either. In general, married women, however, do not have much difficulty in finding a lover, whether it is a solid married man or a very young guy. It all depends on the woman herself.

What should I do if I fall in love with my wife? And you think that this is not normal? Meanwhile, such cases are not so rare – husbands fall in love with their wives again sometimes after a long period of adultery. There is not much to do, be sure to confess your wife in love, say that you fell in love with her again as a boy. Most likely she will not believe you at first, but your attitude and actions to her will quickly convince her of the sincerity of your words. At one time you married this woman because she was the best, and now you are convinced that she still is. From that moment on, your marriage to her is a qualitatively different one, full of high feelings. And it is beautiful.

What to do if you confess your love to a man and he does not reciprocate? Gnawing elbows, biting lips, swallowing tears – that’s what to do! In soap operas the recognition of a woman causes a man a storm of reciprocal feelings lasting at least half a season :), and in life the woman has to patiently wait for a man who by virtue of their nature falls in love much slower than she did. This has been known since ancient times, so the rule has been in effect since those ancient times: a girl waits for a guy to be the first to confess his feelings to her. And all those who have broken this rule, let them read the first line of this post – there is a detailed instruction on what to do now.

How to start a new life after cheating on your wife? “A new heart will explode over us A new life will call after itself. ” (Yuri Shevchuk) Just do not lock yourself in the past, leave open all the ways that lead to you. Do not do anything by yourself, just wait. She who is truly yours alone, will come by these ways herself. And you will feel it. and there will be no more doubts, no suffering, no cheating. There will be only her, Love! Nothing is over, everything is just beginning.

How can I make sure that my lover doesn’t just want sex from me? You can’t. He only wants sex. But that’s not what you want to ask, you want to ask: “How do you deceive yourself that your lover loves you when all he really wants is sex? You can’t ask him yourself, he’ll probably say “no, I don’t” or “yes, I like fucking you! A little tortured you still think up a rose-colored glasses, but then it will hurt when they break And they always break, and in pieces!

Declared his love on the second date. Can it be, because he is married! Always remember the golden rule of sexual mechanics: “A man will say anything to get a woman into bed. “-You promised to marry me! -What else have I promised you. ” (c) But maybe yours really did fall in love. Although personally I don’t believe it. Let him show his love by action, and words are like the wind.

If a married man does not call, does it mean that he does not love me? Definitely a man in love takes every opportunity to call, to write, to meet the object of his love. Even if you take into consideration that he is married he still has enough time to call you and his total lack of calls shows that he is not interested in you.

My lover said that he can not love me, but I love him! Either love him “one-way”, or leave him, or find a specialist in love magic and make a competent love spell.

Does a husband stop loving his wife when his mistress appears? In most cases, the husband stops loving his wife before the mistress appears. The mistress appears to fill the void in the relationship between husband and wife and wife and husband. First the love goes away, then the mistress appears. But this is not always the case. A husband may feel only (or mostly) sexually attracted to his mistress and date her solely for sex. In this case he may well continue to love his wife. One must take into account the fact that a man is capable of loving two or more women at the same time, and then the husband will love both his wife and his mistress, each in his own way. If his wife and mistress love him too, then there is a complicated, emotionally saturated drama, a knot, in which three loves are intertwined, to untie this knot is impossible, and to cut it is painful for all its participants, and especially for man. To return to the exact meaning of the question: if a husband has a mistress, it does not mean that he has stopped loving his wife, although in most cases this is true. And to conclude, a husband may love neither his wife nor his mistress, which is also not uncommon.

If a married man loves a woman, what should he do? As a devout Orthodox Christian and an honest, law-abiding citizen of Russia, he must suppress his wicked love and remain faithful to his wife! So be it! Amen.

How do you punish a man for not loving him? Are you so sure that everyone you want just has to love you? He doesn’t love and he doesn’t love, it’s not a crime, why punish him? For not loving? It is better to punish you for senseless and evil love, which is not love at all, but a perverse passion for possession, multiplied by an excessive selfishness.

A complicated relationship with a man: now approaching, now moving away? Not a man, but the surf! In the article How men fall in love about it. This technique, by the way, is recommended to women who want to thoroughly fall in love with a man. And specifically this situation when a man is getting closer and further away, I have described in an article, but I do not remember which one. Somewhere in here.

Why, when I confessed my love to a man, did he leave? Because he needs your love like last year’s snow. You have to respond to love somehow, and how can you respond if you don’t feel it back? The right thing to do in this situation is to end the relationship. Most men enter into a relationship with his mistress just for sex. And if the relationship from a friendly and sexual turn into a love affair, it inevitably leads to a number of problems. Especially for married men. Other such a woman in love with a single question: “Do you love me?” repeated several times a minute, can bring the man to a hysteric or a heart attack, depending on his temperament. There is an ancient rule of women: never declare your love first.

If your beloved only confesses his love when he is drunk? And that is his “drunken love”! Drunk loves, but sober doesn’t. He doesn’t repeat it, no? Then it is not love, but his individual peculiarities of the manifestation of intoxication. That’s all.

How can I help my husband forget the woman he loves? I’m dying over you, madam! Why should you forget the woman you love? What a perversion! It’s better to leave the wife you don’t love and be done with it! And live with the woman you love and have children with her and be happy! And what is this: “Help your husband to forget his love”? How can we help him when he doesn’t want to forget the woman he loves? Hey! Husband! Forget everything and love the one you want to love! Tomorrow old age will lay its hand on your shoulder, and the day after tomorrow you’ll be nothing but the sand of time. Men! Hurry up and live!

How to confess your lover in love and whether it’s necessary to do.

Is it necessary to confess your love to someone who does not belong to you – your lover? Some say you should not at all, others say you should, but only after hearing the revelation first.

There is no shame in saying “I love you.” If a couple is truly in love, then the question: is it worth to confess his love to his lover – will not arise. This happens by itself, without long deliberation. The problem for women will be if the lover after six months of dating in response to a declaration of love says that he was just fine.

The reaction to such an answer can be ambiguous:

  • The girl will conclude that the lover is secretive or shy. In fact, he is blazing with love. This is called self-deception and does not lead to anything good.
  • The conversation will turn into a quarrel. The woman will take the text: “I feel good with you” – as an insult, will close in on herself and will not let her partner near for a long time.
  • The lady will not give importance to the words, because she understands that whatever your beloved said, they still do not have a future.

In the latter case, the beautiful lady consciously goes for a forbidden romance. Usually, for the sake of sex and novelty, but not for the sake of expectations. The reaction is inherent in those who are married and do not count on more in this connection. A girl simply lives for the present moment – if feelings overwhelm and want to express them in words, she does not deny herself.

Why is it so hard to give a confession of feelings?

For some people to say “I love” is equal to torture. They choose the option to “hide in a hole and wait.

The main reason for this behavior – the fear of not hearing similar words in response, to be rejected or worse – ridiculed.

Perhaps you or your partner are afraid that failure will destroy you? Then you should know that fear is by no means a cover-up. Fear has childhood roots. Also – psychologists say – the cause may lie in adolescence. During this period, young people are more liberated and easily share their emotions. Their openness makes them vulnerable. The first declaration of love may have turned into a psychological trauma for the boy. Take this into account when you’re going to accuse your loved one of silence. Bitter experience carries over into adulthood and makes you act very carefully.

If you look on the bright side, the reticence and secrecy – not a companion to a good relationship. There are situations when it is necessary to open up. For example, the confession will help the lover in your situation to decide on the choice. Or on his part – will influence your decision to stay or leave.

Often women who are accustomed to reading between the lines, give lovers inappropriate abilities. They believe that a man will certainly guess love at the sight and actions. But the stronger half of humanity interprets eye contact or an unusual candlelit dinner a little differently. He sees what his eyes see and no more. That is why a lady is often offended when she comes across as indifferent.

A word of advice: Don’t be afraid to make things clear by saying the cherished words out loud. This is better than to start a game whose rules are known only to one player.

If even yourself can not say the phrase: I love your lover, psychologists suggest an alternative. To start just say: “I really like you” or “I feel so good with you like no one else. Come up with phrases that will gradually increase on the emotional scale, until you feel ready to express the main thing.

Acknowledgment of feelings and willingness to say no

It is usually easier for a woman to understand how a man feels. When trying to win a woman’s heart, guys do not flirt or languid looks. The stronger sex expresses itself directly, showing concrete signs of attention – bouquets of flowers, gifts, frequent phone calls and a declaration of intentions in clear text. Another question is how can a beautiful lady understand that he is serious? Maybe the gentleman is an experienced womanizer and thus lures the next victim?

Do not forget that the beautiful recognition itself means nothing. In a relationship it is the actions that matter. If the actions do not support the words, no matter how much the man said that he loves – it will not count. Saying “I love you,” do not forget about this fact. Also remind your lover.

If people are adults, for them, of course, more important, deeds, not words.

Realizing this, both partners are trying to comply with this principle. But for young people it is difficult to distinguish between truth and lies. Believing the guy unconditionally, the girl gets caught in the bait, enters into an intimate relationship, and then discovers that she was used. In adulthood, the event is reflected in her behavior with the man. Very often the wall of mistrust is difficult to break through, let alone the opportunity to hear the cherished words from the lady.

But if you decide to confess your feelings, you need to be prepared for rejection. After all, revealing your soul doesn’t guarantee a response. The chances of a girl here are 50×50. So it is worth to reduce the importance of the event in advance and agree with yourself that the opening of the subject of your passion will happen, say, “just in case”. By the way, imagine the most negative scenario. So, when you hear in response not what you wanted, you will be less disappointed.

If you find out that your partner has less ardent passion for you than you have for him – do not get upset. Perhaps that kind of partner you do not need. Especially if he is married and is not going to divorce. A negative result can serve as the beginning of a new life and lead to a true soulmate.

Psychologists say. How to declare your love?

First of all, do not write a message in any case. Such a way always spoils the case. The message is sparse on intonation, it lacks the most important thing – the look. In addition, the person may regard the text completely differently. As a result, everything will end up in a showdown.

On how to tell, so that the man understood you correctly – tell psychologists:

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