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Husband of Irina Antonenko

Irina Antonenko is a successful model, who became the first girl from the Middle Urals to win the Miss Russia contest. She collaborated with various designers, took part in the filming of 19 films and TV series. The main stages of her biography are described in detail in the article.

Biography of Irina Antonenko

Irina Igorevna was born on September 1, 1991 in Magdeburg (Germany). Her father and mother worked in the police force. Soon after her birth, the family returned to her hometown of Yekaterinburg. Here the girl studied at the local school, at the same time she began attending cadet classes.

In 2008 she entered the local financial institute. At the same time she became interested in the modeling business. In 2010 she managed to win “Miss Russia”, but after this high-profile event the girl decided to devote herself to filmmaking.

Irina Antonenko’s age

Irina was born in 1991. September 1, 2022 she will be 31 years old.

Where does Irina Antonenko live

The girl lives and works in the capital. She takes part not only in modeling shows, but also in other events of social life. The model also recently starred in the documentary series “Magomayev”, which tells about the personal life and creative path of the Soviet singer.

The girl got involved in a career as a model in her student years

Height and weight of Irina Antonenko

Irina has an attractive model appearance. Her height is 178 cm, with a weight of 54 kg.

Family and children of Irina Antonenko

The girl was officially married only once. But it is known about her relationships with different men, including celebrities. The main facts from the personal life of the model are described below.

First husband Vyacheslav

Irina’s first and so far the only husband was businessman Vyacheslav Fedotov. She met him during the filming of the program “Dancing with the Stars” channel “Russia”. Interestingly, Antonenko called her friend to her performances, but she did not come alone, but with her boyfriend and his friend Vyacheslav.

Initially, the relationship did not develop very actively. Soon the young people found out that they went to the same fitness club. One day after they met, Vyacheslav saw Irina after classes and was fascinated by her natural beauty. Then they started dating, and a year later they went to the Maldives, where the young foreman had the courage to propose marriage.

In 2012, they played a wedding in Suzdal, the event was very beautiful, as you can judge from the photos in public sources. Together, Antonenko and Fedotov lived for three years, after which they decided to divorce.

Marriage with Vyacheslav Fedotov lasted three years

One of the reasons for the separation was the long business trips of Irina to participate in various projects. Perhaps, during this time, Vyacheslav allowed himself to woo other girls.

Stanislav Bondarenko and Irina Antonenko

The divorce was influenced by an accidental relationship with Stanislav Bondarenko, a partner in the film “Golden Cage”. Passion in the script grew into a real romance, and as a result, young people began to meet. Interestingly, at that time the guy had already divorced his first wife.

With Stanislav Bondarenko, Irina broke up a year later

The romance was developing quite wildly, and many fans began to guess when the couple would announce the wedding. But it never happened. After only a year, the relationship ended. At the same time, the young people parted peacefully, there were no special insults or scandals. Just a few months later, Stanislav met another girl named Aurika Alekhina. Soon she became his new wife, the couple decided to register their relationship officially.

Irina Antonenko and Dmitry Malikov

In 2010, the girl met the singer Dmitry Malikov. All his life he considered himself a one-woman man, since 2000 he was officially married to Elena. However, because of the new passion, the relationship almost fell apart. It cost Yelena a lot of effort to save the marriage, and she managed to do it.

With Dmitry Malikov there was only a short-term romance


Thanks to her tall stature, beautiful figure and attractive appearance, Irina managed to make a successful career as a model. The first steps on the way to the profession she made back in Ekaterinburg – she worked in the agency “Alexandri” for two years. She took part in various projects, in 2008 she won “Miss Auto Sound”.

The next year she became “Miss Ekaterinburg”, and in early 2010 decided to take part in an all-Russian event. The trip was successful – she won and became “Miss Russia”. She was presented with $100k and a watch with precious stones.

After that, Antonenko began to cooperate with the designer Philipp Pleana. In April 2010 she took part in the opening of the Vienna Ball. That same year, she decided to take part in Miss Universe. The event was held in Las Vegas at a local hotel. It did not work out too well for Irina. The girl did not get into the top ten, did not take the prize. However, she managed to get in the first 15 lines. After that Antonenko did not participate in any major competitions.

The next year she started to star in the “Dancing with the Stars” project of the “Russia” channel. At the same time, she began to develop as an actress. Irina accepted the offer of Timur Bekmambetov and played in the film “Phantom”. After that she decided to enter GITIS and continued to develop in the modeling business.

After graduating from GITIS, the girl decided to devote herself to filmmaking

In 2012, she made her debut on the stage of the Theatre Center in Moscow. Then got the lead role in the TV series “Ship”, participated in the project from 2013 to 2015. After that, the girl starred in several more pictures, she receives offers from different directors.

Filmography of Irina Antonenko

The girl’s career is associated not only with the modeling business, but also with participation in television projects. Antonenko starred in 19 films, including:

  1. “Golden Cage” (2013) starring Alina Dmitrieva.
  2. “The Ship” (TV series, broadcast from 2013 to 2015), Alena Gromova.
  3. “Surprise for the Beloved” (2014) as Niki.
  4. “Elastico” (2016) – embodied the image of Dasha Razbegaeva.
  5. “Wasp’s Nest” (2016) – the actress got the main role of Veronica Maltseva.
  6. “Spellbound Girlfriends” (2017) – Tanya.
  7. “Give My Dream” (film shot in 2018) – played the role of Marina Kochubey.
  8. “Breakaway” (2018) – played Katya.

Irina Antonenko now

The model continues to participate in social events and star in various films. In 2019, she played the main role of the singer’s wife in the TV series “Magomayev”. Interestingly, the widow Tamara Sinyavskaya herself participated in the casting. She personally approved Irina for her external resemblance.

Antonenko herself was also interested in the upcoming work. By that time she had begun to take a great interest in music and dreamed of singing on stage. At the same time she had no musical education, so she spent a lot of time rehearsing with a vocal teacher.

After that, Antonenko continued to act in films. In 2019, she played the main role of Eugenia in the film “Say Something Good.” In 2021, the film “Friend for Sale” was released, where her partner was Vadim Galygin. In 2022, “Elastico: The Twelfth Player” is expected to premiere.

Photo by Irina Antonenko

Irina continues to keep herself in good shape, which is easy to see from the current photos:


Irina Antonenko is an attractive girl who did not limit herself to the modeling business. She takes part in social events, but also became interested in the cinematography. And for the sake of an interesting role, she is ready to learn even something she has never done, such as singing. This speaks of her as a determined and strong-willed person.

Ex-husband and romance with Stas Bondarenko: about the personal life of the star of the series “Magomayev” Irina Antonenko

On the First Channel began screening the TV series “Magomayev”. One of the main roles in the project received Irina Antonenko, a Russian model, actress and presenter. She played the wife of singer Muslim Magomaev, opera singer Tamara Sinyavskaya. Her colleague on the set was the Serbian and Russian actor Milos Bikovich. Fans are interested in how Irina Antonenko’s personal life is developing outside of the movie set.

More about the romances and the celebrity’s husband – in the material 24SMI.

Husband Vyacheslav Fedotov

Acquaintance with her future husband Vyacheslav Fedotov took place in 2011. The model then became a member of the show “Dancing with the Stars”, and her chosen one was among the audience. The wealthy and successful businessman came to the studio together with Irina’s friend and her boyfriend. The charming man won the heart of the beauty, she admired his self-confidence, iron grip and unconventional approach to life. But the businessman initially reacted to the model’s attention with caution, believing that she, like many “misses”, is in search of a rich groom. Vyacheslav did not want to find himself in a similar situation, so he ignored the girl.

Later it turned out that Vyacheslav and Irina attend the same fitness club. When he saw the model after a workout, without makeup and in sportswear, the man realized that he had fallen in love. Thus began a beautiful romance. A year later, Vyacheslav proposed to Irina to become his wife: changes in Irina Antonenko’s personal life occurred when the couple went on vacation to the Maldives. Fedotov presented his beloved with a precious ring adorned with 13 diamonds, and Irina said yes.

Irina Antonenko and her husband Vyacheslav Fedotov. Photo: “VKontakte”

Irina and Vyacheslav played a wedding in 2013. The festive event was held on a grand scale in the city of Suzdal. After that, the life of Irina for some time resembled a fairy tale: her husband gave her expensive gifts, took her to rest in exotic places. However, the family idyll did not last long, and soon the relationship between the spouses began to deteriorate. Children in this marriage was not born: the actress did not want to continue the family to refuse to move up the career ladder. She became more often invited to participate in new projects, and to miss such opportunities was impossible.

According to the celebrity, while she was on the set and went on business trips, her husband did not stop looking at other women, despite the status of a married man. At the same time, Vyacheslav did not like the absence of his wife at home, scandals based on jealousy in the family occurred more often. Many began to speculate that the reason for the end of this love story was the rapidly gaining momentum career Antonenko and her professional successes.

The star herself said that she made the decision to divorce on her own and it was not about cheating and jealousy. One way or another, but in 2015 the spouses officially dissolved the marriage.

Romance with Stanislav Bondarenko

Another change in the personal life of Irina Antonenko happened thanks to work. On the set of the melodramatic series “Golden Cage” in 2013, the actress met the popular actor Stanislav Bondarenko. They met after the actor divorced his first wife, Yulia Chiplieva. Irina and Stanislav had to portray their love feelings on camera, and soon the colleagues realized that they were united by something more and serious than working together.

The office romance lasted several months, the feelings were mutual and strong. The couple stopped hiding their relationship from others. The stars began to appear together in public more and more often, new photos of the lovers were regularly published on their pages in social networks. Stas and Irina were sincerely happy about their happiness and made plans for further life together. But the wedding did not come to this.

In the program “The Fate of Man,” Stanislav said that Irina was not the reason for his breakup with Julia, who gave him a son. However, Antonenko could very well become his second wife. Over time, the passion began to fade, although the lovers were still comfortable with each other. But one day, Bondarenko decided to go to Georgia alone to see what it would be like for him to live without a relationship.

After that, Irina and Stanislav finally separated, trying not to draw undue attention to this event. The celebrities did not publicly clarify the relationship, send each other mutual recriminations and insults. Everyone chose their own way and went about their other business.

Irina Antonenko and Stanislav Bondarenko. Photo: Kino.mail

According to Stanislav, the reason for their separation was the opposite views and life priorities: he wanted to create a family, and Irina put her career in the first place. Her former lover eventually managed to achieve his goal, he is happy in his second marriage to the model Aurelia Alekhina, who gave him two children.

Irina Antonenko’s personal life now remains hidden from prying eyes. She prefers to avoid questions on the subject and does not tell in interviews whether anyone is important in her heart. The actress is busy with new projects in modeling and film. Some fans suggest that a decent man has not yet met on the way of the beauty. And the reason for this was the fact that the celebrity does not have enough time for romantic relationships, because her work schedule is planned for months ahead.

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