Interesting topics for discussion – sort them out carefully

20 topics for group discussion (controversial)

Many times one tries to avoid controversial topics so as not to create discord among group members…

That’s why we will now post 20 topics for small group discussion that can be controversial. In addition to some helpful tips to turn the experience into an open, helpful and positive discussion.

Contrary to what many people may believe, creating an example of these debates can be very helpful and stimulate the development of different points of view that enhance dialogue and understanding between groups.

The purpose of a debate is not that one opinion can influence others, but that all participants in the discussion can get more information and a different opinion after the dialogue…

What can happen in a debate is that the basic ideas that people had before they started the discussion are reinforced. What is important is not this, but that each person can express his or her opinion freely and clearly, giving strong support to his or her personal beliefs…

It is always important to have someone in that discussion group who plays the role of moderator. That is, someone who presents a controversial topic for discussion, identifies the different angles and points of view that exist in relation to the topic, and then invites the participants to speak, in turn expressing their own ideas and feelings about the subject for discussion.

In order for everyone to be able to present their ideas, opinions, and viewpoints, it is important that the vocabulary and language of the subject under discussion be absolutely clear to all.

If there are ideas that are incomprehensible, some people will be left out of the discussion, and the purpose of the discussion will not be achieved, whatever that exposition of approaches and possibilities is…

Controversial topics can range from religious and/or political issues to topics with high moral and emotional content. We are going to look at some of these that are considered relevant current debates and in which there is participation.

Interesting topics for discussion that may be controversial

1- The use of animals in scientific research

All kinds of animals, from fruit flies to laboratory mice, are widely used in scientific research. Their participation is important for scientists to learn more about human health and biology, and with that, the development of new drugs, treatments, and cures is encouraged.

Ethically, however, animals experience the same pain as humans, and if they recognize that they have rights, scientific experimentation and testing would be a violation of their integrity…

In this case, the benefit to humanity is relegated to a completely irrelevant role because it is not known what will happen if there is no more testing on animals, but there is certainty of the damage that is done to them in performing these tests…

2- Same-sex marriage.

Proponents say that equal rights should be for all, without discrimination based on race, religion, sex or gender.

Thus, denying the right to marry would be part of discrimination, since all types of couples, whether heterosexual or homosexual, deserve the same right associated with marriage: as property rights, inheritance and adoption.

On the other hand, its detractors believe that the purpose of marriage between a man and a woman is to reproduce and maintain the institution of the family, which does not happen in the case of homosexual couples and which gives way to other types of families. 3- The family is a family that changes the traditional concept of parents, children, and the home.

3- Euthanasia.

The debate about the moral dilemmas of euthanasia is very old. Some of the arguments historically used are the same ones used today.

This is why euthanasia continues to be a debate at all levels of society…

Even the act of euthanasia is illegal, even if it occurs passively in every hospital in the world, every day. On the other hand, advances in medicine were able to prolong the lives of patients far beyond their means just a few years ago…

There is an ethical difficulty in adequately and simultaneously interpreting patient rights or patient autonomy– versus the rights and work of physicians. Euthanasia itself is defined as a deliberate intervention with the express intention of ending life and thereby alleviating unrelenting suffering.

There are two types of euthanasia, active, which consists of supplying potassium-based drugs to cause cardiac arrest; or passive euthanasia, which can be, withdrawing vital supplies to a patient who needs them to stay alive or administering large doses of opioids.

Despite this, there are still many people who view this medical practice as illegal and unethical, as well as an unacceptable aspect of the medical profession.

4- The death penalty.

Those who support the death penalty are based on the argument that if someone killed another person, they lost their right to stay alive; just as the punishment should equal the crime and not allow innocent people to be killed.

Opponents of the death penalty, however, believe that this punishment is contrary to a basic human right, namely the right to life. They believe that it cannot be proven that killing one person who has killed another will stop crimes.

Other arguments are the pain people may feel during a death penalty procedure, such as lethal injection or electrocution.

5- Religion is unnecessary

Those who believe that people don’t need religion argue that there is no scientific evidence for the existence of God, so many people can believe in things that simply aren’t real…

Another argument is that religious people impose a truth that may not be true, generating a whole system of false beliefs, prohibitions, and rigid rules of behavior that sometimes become excessive.

Those who support religion believe that their faith gives meaning to life and their beliefs motivate them to be better people, so religion will do much more good without causing harm…

6- The legalization of suicide.

Many believe that it is the inalienable right of every person to decide the fate of his or her life. Although in some parts of the world it is already legalized, other countries prosecute those who attempt suicide, as well as possible accomplices who assist them.

The arguments of many have religious grounds: life is a gift from God, and only he can take life. On the other hand, those who advocate suicide believe that if a person is alive, it is unbearable suffering, then he, as a human being, can take his own life.

7- Torture is permissible in some cases

The discussion in this case is called the “time bomb debate.” An example that is used to support this view is the case of a terrorist who is captured but who, before he is caught, has planted bombs that he does not know where they are…

Thousands of innocent people may die as a result of this act, in which case the torture of finding out the location of this bomb would be justified.

8- The benefits of cloning

Due to recent scientific advances, the processes of cloning plants and/or animals have been successful.

Proponents of cloning believe that the process can solve fertility problems, create healthy human beings and organ and tissue cultures, such as solving the problem of organ donation.

In this case, blasphemers assure that gene manipulation will lead to unexpected mutations, more social division, as the rest of the people will have different attitudes toward “cloned” people and the risk of developing new diseases.

In addition, there is the moral and ethical dilemma of clone rights, and it is believed that more research is needed to know all the consequences that human cloning can bring.

Other controversial issues that are sparking interesting debates in our society:

Topics for Debate: 120 Questions to Discuss

Conversation is the most important part of building any relationship from friendships to love affairs. Tired of trite and boring conversation topics? How can you find a fascinating topic of conversation that will help you have an interesting time discussing entertaining things? Questions and topics for interesting discussion.

4. What’s more important than talent or working hard in life?

5. Is it necessary to take risks in life and how worthwhile is it?

6. What indecent and dirty things are still worth doing?

7. What does our favorite music say about us and how does it characterize us?

8. Love. What is love?

Kade Beasley , Unsplash

9. Better plan or improvisation?

10. What can you do for a dream? What is a dream worth?

11. should you enjoy love and intimacy while young?

20. What values and beliefs are important to form?

21. Is it necessary to manipulate others in some cases?

22. How important is it to have goals in life? What about love? And friendship? What about family? Is everything important?

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23. What would you never do in your life? Why not?

24. What is the worst thing that could happen to you? What are you most afraid of?

33. Do schools and universities give you the right knowledge? What do they do right and what don’t they?

34. How much time do you need and why don’t you have enough for the really important things?

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35. Where is the line between talent and insanity?

36. What kind of experimentation in bed is necessary for a good intimate life?

37. Do you want to accomplish a feat and become famous?

47. The most awkward things in life? Why are they awkward?

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48. How do people behave on social media and how does it affect real life?

49. Should you live by the rules or should you break them as often as possible?

50. What discussion topic do you want to discuss with me specifically?

60. Why do we like to sleep, but don’t get enough sleep all the time?

61. What are your criteria for choosing your other half?

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62. What perversions do you want to try? Why are they perversions and not the norm?

63. What are your most cherished dreams? Why do you want to do these things the most?

64. Is there karma, destiny, and god?

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73. What’s the hottest and most indecent thing you’ve ever done? What is worth doing 100% of the time?

74. What bad habits do we abuse? Or are they our little joys?

75. How can we make the world a little better than it is now?

76. Do we need trouble and problems in life?

77. What are you willing to give up for your dream or desired goal?

90. Are young people better or worse off than us? What can we do?

91. Is it important to eat good food? Is it healthy? What are the pros and cons of modern cooking?

92. What is real art and why is it so subjective?

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97. Working in crime and doing bad things? Who is the judge? Why yes or no?

98. Why do people cheat and seek pleasure on the side?

99. Which conspiracy theories are real and which are silly?

100. How has technology changed lives? What have the positives and what have the negatives been?

101. Is it necessary to dream? Can it only be the cause of later disappointments?

102. To make money or to enjoy life? How to find that line?

103. How much time can or should I sit on the Internet?

104. What do you want to take back and change? Is it worth doing?

105. How do you separate the important things in life from the empty things? What are the criteria?

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111. How far can you go in bed? How much do you want to satisfy your significant other?

112. Is it better to try and risk getting a crane? Or is it better to have a bird in the hand?

113. What successes are you most proud of?

114. How often should you pamper yourself and how part of making something happen?

115. How long will you be remembered after you die?

116. What are the craziest thoughts roaming around in your head? Why are they crazy? Who is the judge?

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