Induced Thoughts and Emotions at a Distance: Explained in Full Detail

How to insinuate a thought from a distance

It is believed that all human thoughts are material, and this opinion did not appear for nothing. They have a great power, which lies in the energetic impulses emanating from the head when a person begins to think. Therefore, there is no need to understand esotericism or study magic in order to influence those around you. Moreover, with certain skills, it is possible to indoctrinate at a distance, when the one being indoctrinated is quite far away. It is this phenomenon that is worth getting to know better all those who want to learn how to influence other people.

Description of the phenomenon

Mind indoctrination refers to the external influence on the human brain in which personal beliefs, attitudes, attitudes, and desires are replaced. The most significant influence of this nature is exerted by loved ones. This is due to the fact that relatives and friends are always open to each other, due to which they perceive information uncritically. This is the reason why there is a kind of indoctrination of different thoughts and attitudes between close people. The only exception may be people with insufficiently developed communication skills, which makes them more closed and their perception of information very critical.

A striking example of suggestion is a child’s relationship with his or her parents. The baby easily accepts absolutely everything the adults say. No critical perception is out of the question. Therefore, scientists note the importance of healthy relationships within the family for the development of the child’s psyche and intelligence.

Influence at a distance

Few people have the ability to suggest something from a distance. They are the ones who understand how thoughts and desires can be non-self. Such people can easily exert the necessary influence, they can influence the subconsciousness of a person who is very far away. Distance does not become a problem for them.

Such a mental method of one-way communication is explained simply: each person is a receiver, which can catch the thoughts intended for him, sent by means of energy impulses of a certain frequency. More often than not, such messages are taken for their own ideas.

Induction is considered a type of hypnosis. When influenced at a distance, it becomes telepathic. And the latter has a much greater power when compared to the former. The person who is influenced is called a suggestor, and the hypnotist is called a suggestor. The process itself is called “suggestion.

Why do it

Unintentional persuasion and suggestion can be found even in everyday life. Almost everyone has at least once encountered the fact that at the thought of a planned call to a relative, that person himself called a couple of minutes later. It is also often possible to notice how, when a thought about something occurs, a friend who is nearby suddenly starts talking about the very topic. Such situations are not uncommon and can be perceived as the best evidence of suggestion.

However, such influence cannot be called sufficiently useful or effective. The real reasons for meaningfully controlling others can be far more significant. And it all depends on the suggestor – if his intentions are evil, the suggestor may even suffer.

What is the purpose of suggestion at a distance:

  • Changing a person’s views or beliefs for the better;
  • Correcting the life of the suggetter in the right direction;
  • Drawing attention to certain problems;
  • Development of emotions, sociability and other personal qualities;
  • Help in getting rid of bad habits;
  • Improvement of a person’s health, influence on his psyche.

Evil intentions are not excluded, as mentioned above. Some may use suggestion to cause harm or personal gain by harming another person.

For a closer acquaintance with the features of suggestion is recommended to read the book of V.M. Bekhterev, a famous psychiatrist and physiologist, “Compulsion and its role in public life.

Man and suggestibility

Each person may be subjected to varying degrees of influence. This is due to the fact that some have a great suggestibility, while others are well protected from it. For your own safety, you need to know who is most at risk of being affected by a hypnotist and how to protect yourself from it.

Influencing People

Hypnosis at a distance without the person’s knowledge is easiest to perform on someone who perceives information without any criticism of it. Such people always accept the statements of others easily and prefer not to argue with anyone. To aggravate the situation may have the following qualities:

  • Shyness;
  • Simple-mindedness, trustworthiness;
  • Weakness of character, shyness;
  • Dependence on others’ opinions.

In the presence of any of these qualities should engage in self-development to get rid of it. This will allow you to become a different person, as well as reduce the risk of external influences on the subconscious.

Persuasion is almost impossible for people of strong character. Such individuals always get their way, accept others’ words only after critical analysis, and easily resist attempts by a suggestor to influence their brain. The following conditions will be useful against suggestibility:

  • Developed willpower, arrogance;
  • Tempered character, frankness;
  • Initiative, eccentricity;
  • Narcissism, vigor;
  • The presence in the subordination of other workers;
  • Personal independence, low sociality.

People with bright character traits in leadership positions have little to worry about. Induce them to do something only true professionals versed in psychology, who had time to train their skills to the highest levels.

Protection against suggestion

If there is the slightest suspicion of attempts to interfere in the thought processes, it is worth thinking about how to defend against this threat. Methods to prevent suggestion from outside will be suitable even as a prophylactic for people wishing to reduce the risk of possible contact with a suggestor in the future.

It is possible to protect oneself from the influence on the human brain at a distance by following the following rules:

  1. Avoid contact with suspicious people, do not communicate with strangers of unpleasant appearance.
  2. Do not look a stranger in the eyes when forced to talk, prevent any touching from his side.
  3. To refrain from visiting crowded places, do not attend ambiguous trainings.
  4. Stay calm in all situations, learn to suppress stress and excitement, be cool.
  5. Learn to say “no” to people, refuse to make decisions under external pressure from others.
  6. Subject absolutely everything that strangers say to critical analysis, do not take everything for granted.
  7. Limit communication with unfamiliar people, do not tell important information about your life.
  8. Train your resilience by educating yourself with iron discipline and doing exercises to develop willpower.

Those who are especially afraid of being exposed to hypnotists can resort to a simpler method of protection. Its essence is simple: you must wear sunglasses, a hood and headphones whenever you go out in the street. However, it is worth considering that even with such protection, trained suggestors can make an impact.

The main signs that a person has been compelled are unusual thoughts or actions and increased sleepiness during the day.

Ways of suggestion

All techniques of indoctrination of thoughts at a distance can achieve the desired result. It is recommended to start with the main one, and then switch to additional ones. Gradually, with regular repetitions, the suggestion skill will develop, which will make it possible to influence even strong people.

Basic Method

Inducing a thought is not an easy task, but no special training is required to put the abilities into practice. It is only necessary to remember how correctly everything should be done, and to practice. If you have a friend who has the skill of suggestion, you can ask him for help. Even without pedagogical abilities, he will be able to increase the effectiveness of the training.

What to do for suggestion:

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair, relax as much as possible so that every part of the body becomes free, and take several deep breaths.
  2. Close your eyes, think calmly about the thought you plan to suggest to the sugger, make sure it is clear and concise.
  3. Imagine the person you want to hypnotize as if they were there, and you’ll need to feel them.
  4. Begin to slowly pronounce your order, which should be repeated several times, avoiding extraneous thoughts in the mind.
  5. Imagine how the suggestion is made by the suggestor, and visualize everything in maximum detail.

This method is considered basic and allows you to influence most people. At first, nothing may work, but with regular practice, the result will still appear. When selecting a suuggerent, one must consider his or her psychological characteristics, as a personality that is too strong will not yield to suggestion by a novice.

Additional Methods

If desired, it is possible to use other methods that will bring no less effect. In some situations, they will even be more effective. Therefore, they should not be neglected. However, it is not recommended to train all methods of suggestion at once, since it will seriously slow down the achievement of success.

What techniques of suggestion can be used:

  1. Photo commands. A fairly simple method that will be effective for beginners. To use it, you will need a photo of the person you want to telepathically hypnotize. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to hold the image for a long time. The application is done in the same way as in the basic technique, but instead of imagery, one simply has to look at the photograph in concentration. The command should be uttered many times in a row.
  2. Impact on Animals. The technique will allow you to influence your own pet. It is important that the pet be exactly your own, and a familiar one, not just bought. When establishing a connection with it, it will be possible to get telepathic answers from your pet. To do this, just sit down next to him, relax, distract yourself from everything extraneous, close your eyes and imagine his image. These actions are repeated many times until there is a feeling of complete contact, after which you can start communicating.
  3. Therapeutic hypnosis. With the help of suggestion, it is possible to help a person cope with an illness or pain. One has to imagine that a balloon filled with warm energy is flying toward the sugger, which can heal him, and then the patient inhales it, which causes the heat to spread throughout the body and a manifestation of happiness. The hypnotist is required to be sure to feel the sensation with which the loved one’s body is filled.

Each method requires a separate practice. Therefore, it is worth choosing one of them and engaging in regular practice. It is recommended to pay special attention to the first method of suggestion, because it is the one that often leads to positive results for beginners.

Some people use the basic method of suggestion for ordinary communication by simply transmitting mental letters to each other.

Training, Recommendations

It is possible to increase the effectiveness of suggestion through training, as well as by following a number of simple recommendations. It is worth paying attention to all of these even before the first attempts to hypnotize someone.


Many people get discouraged and do not understand how to mentally influence a person who is very far away. If attempts to compel one’s thought are unsuccessful, it is worth practicing special methods. They will teach you how to have a more stable and firm impact on the suggetter. Exercises are recommended to perform daily, but it is important not to overexert yourself so as not to face negative consequences.

The most effective exercise options:

  1. Imaginative performance. It is necessary to remember any acquaintance of yours and try to focus as much as possible on his appearance, actions, thoughts, sensations. Do all this with eyes closed, not distracted by anything. It is possible to complicate the task by choosing a stranger for the image.
  2. Practice on the people closest to you. Try to concentrate on the person nearby. It is necessary to feel it out as much as possible and start giving orders. For example, “come to me, you have to do it, get up and come here.” The phrases in your head may be anything, but they must remain short and clear.

Such simple exercises are enough to learn how to manage people. You just have to stick to doing them correctly, making them a mandatory part of your day.


If you follow the simple recommendations, you will be able to achieve results much sooner. But these tips will be useful even for those who have already managed to learn how to influence people. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to them.

  1. During the procedure of suggestion, the environment in the room should be as calm, quiet and comfortable as possible. The light should be dimmed.
  2. It is necessary to believe that soon the result will be achieved, and the order will reach the suggetter. One should not doubt the effectiveness of the suggestion.
  3. When indoctrination, one should breathe slowly, taking deep breaths and exhalations. If you are not able to do this, you should not be able to do it in the same way as you are doing it.
  4. It is best to conduct hypnosis at a distance in the evening or at night. The results will be somewhat lower during daytime practice.
  5. One should try to influence some person on a daily basis. You should not skip training, allowing your mind to be distracted from your goals.
  6. One must not show negative emotions when suggesting, and one must give up thoughts of dissatisfaction with oneself or the results.
  7. Free time should be diluted with yoga classes. The most important thing is to learn how to breathe correctly, as well as to concentrate on one thought.
  8. You should choose the suggestible correctly. You should not take for training the image of a strong person who has achieved great success or has a strong psyche.
  9. In the background of the training should play light relaxing music. Its volume should be moderate.
  10. The special training of figurative thinking with the help of classical exercises will have a positive effect on the final result of suggestion.

It is necessary to follow all 10 recommendations to those who have decided to achieve the maximum result in a short time. For others, however, yoga and visual thinking exercises should be omitted. The other items are extremely important to follow.

Compulsion is hard work, which exhausts the suggestor. Therefore, it is very important to regulate the frequency of hypnosis by giving yourself a rest.

When to influence a person.

It will be possible to suggest a thought to a person as clearly as possible at a distance when they are vulnerable. This is ideal for beginners, since minimal exposure is required. It is best to suggestion when the person’s attention is impaired, distracted from others, or seriously stressed and mentally exhausted. The best results can be achieved exactly in such cases.

Techniques and techniques for suggesting thoughts from a distance

Indoctrination of one’s own thoughts to another person from a distance has long worried mankind.

Everyone would like to be able to inspire the right attitudes of life in the loved one.

Is it possible?

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What is it?

Transmission of thoughts at a distance is in psychology all known name – telepathy .

With the help of this technique it is possible to exchange with another person not only thoughts but also feelings, emotions, desires, it is even possible to make some settings.

The exchange of information may be reciprocal, i.e. a telepath is able to receive other’s thoughts from a distance. It often happens without participation of the receiver’s consciousness.

Telepathy is the object of close study of specialists around the world. There is already some data on how you can learn to transmit thoughts and discover telepathic abilities.

Is telepathic communication possible?

Dense fascination with telepathy began in the middle of the nineteenth century. Then began to open magical salons en masse, and magicians, who appeared out of nowhere, began their march across the country.

In the first half of the twentieth century, scientists first became interested in telepathy. The Rhine couple from America conducted an experiment that did not prove the existence of telepathy, but it was the beginning of serious research into the phenomenon.

During the last decade of the twentieth century, Edinburgh scientists concluded that the transmission or reception of thoughts at a distance is only possible during an altered mental state. A person stays in such borderline states, for example, before falling asleep or during a bright flash of anger.

By now the world’s scientists have conducted a large number of experiments, which have led to some conclusions.

It turned out that people who are in close emotional contact have the ability to exchange thoughts more often.

The Russian academician Yu.B. Kobzarev explained the phenomenon of telepathy in his own way. He claims that during the appearance of a thought charged particles are launched into space, which are called “psychons”. Psychons accumulate in clots that are picked up by people with a kinship or emotional connection.

A technique for transmitting thoughts at a distance in this video:

Is it possible to sense a person who is far away?

A series of experiments have shown that a person is able to sense another person at a distance. Many of us have experienced this sensation when we think of someone and they appear in the room or do something that we have just been thinking about.

This kind of connection on a telepathic level occurs between close people who are strongly connected emotionally.

It usually occurs between parents and children, between spouses and lovers. These people spend a lot of time together, often communicate and know practically everything about each other.

Mentally, they can talk to each other and consult with each other, imagining how their loved one would act in a certain situation.

Why do I feel at a distance?

If you feel a person at a distance, it means that he is important to you .

You often think about him, feel positive emotions and are on the same page.

If the person is your relative, then everything is obvious. And if the one you feel at a distance is not a close person, then you have a special relationship to him: a resurgent love or affection.

You often mentally talk to him, feel his mood with the help of intuition. Surely you want to be close to the person, but so far you have not been able to, so your subconscious finds a new way out and you begin to feel the person even at a great distance, trying to fill your emptiness associated with his absence.

Also, such a situation indicates that you have a strong potential, through which you can develop your telepathic abilities, because you subtly feel the world.

Often, a person sees signs and feels the other at a distance before an important event in life, which will require a difficult decision.

How does one do this?

To sense another person, it is necessary to tune in to his wave and cause a phantom. There are various ways to do this:

  1. Imagine the image of the person in front of you, carefully reproduce his face, his eyes, his smile, the features of his movements, imagine that he lives in your imagination.
  2. If it is difficult to imagine the person, take his or her picture. As you look at the image, try to bring him to life, imagine how the wind rustles his hair, how he laughs, smiles or talks to you. It is very important to make the image come alive.

Before you start visualizing the image, you need to tune in to work, because in normal everyday conditions the telepathic connection will be minimal. Immerse yourself in a state of complete relaxation, calm all thoughts and consciousness, do not think about anything extraneous.

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Mind Control

With the help of telepathy you can control the mind of a person at a distance. It is possible to inspire him the necessary thoughts that will lead to the desired consequences, and even give some kind of orders.

With the help of suggestion techniques can cause a person to sympathize with you if you constantly send him love signals and thoughts to confess their love.

One can even heal a person with the help of his thoughts. Mothers have a tremendous ability to do this. They are bound to their children by a thick emotional “rope.

If they feel anxious for the child, if they wish hard for the child to get well, and try to inspire thoughts of a speedy recovery, a miracle can happen.

If you want to try to heal the person from a distance, mentally send a warm ball of energy with healing power to them.

Imagine how the ball will reach the goal and begin to have a healing effect on the patient.

Imagine that he gets better, that he starts to feel joy and positive emotions.

Using the power of thought, a person may be prompted to do something. For example, you have quarreled with a loved one and want him or her to call you.

Make yourself comfortable, clear your mind, clearly imagine the person, revive his image, and mentally urge him to action. Imagine that he picks up the phone, dials a number and calls you.

Compulsion Techniques

  1. Before you start, relax, clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and information. Comfortably arrange yourself, try to cause an image in your head of a person to whom you want to convey thoughts. Put his picture in front of you and scrutinize the image for five minutes. All this time bring the image to life, imagine how he talks, how he smiles or laughs.
  2. Focus completely on the other person. If at any point you feel the presence of someone else in the room, then your actions are correct and you have established a telepathic connection with the desired object. Now begin to mentally reproduce the thoughts that you want to convey to him. Explicitly imagine how the thought flows along the energy channel and penetrates into his brain.
  3. Imagine that he hears the thought and sinks into it. The person to whom you are transmitting the thought will hear a certain voice in his head and it will seem to him that new thoughts were born in his brain on their own. Repeat the exercise every day for thirty minutes.

It is best to repeat the process about five times a day, then the expected effect will be much stronger.

The truism technique is practice:

On the Power of Thought

Thoughts have enormous power, they are believed to be waves tuned to a certain frequency .

These waves are capable of being transmitted over very long distances. The person to whom the insinuated thoughts are transmitted is a kind of “receiver”.

The great power of thoughts is no secret to anyone: how many times have you had amazing situations when you called the person who at the same moment dialed your number?

There are such examples in everyone’s life. Scientists say that around our planet there is one information field in which all our thoughts “swim”.

They are on different waves, so everyone picks up from the outside world only those thoughts that correspond to his personal wave.

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How to suggest a thought?

In addition to the above practices of thought suggestion, there is another interesting technique . Free your mind, do not think about anything, close your eyes and clearly imagine the solar disk. After the image of the sun has steadily appeared in your imagination, switch to the person to whom you want to send a message.

Recreate his image in your head, imagine his characteristic features, bring the phantom to life. Having tuned in on the same wave as the receiving person, clearly imagine on the solar disk the phrase you want to inspire.

Be sure to use the first person to overcome subconscious defenses.

The practitioner of suggestion should repeat the phrase sixteen times, and then in the solar disc imagine the person who begins to execute the peculiar order.

In this experiment, you will send a message to someone you know. The concept of nonlocality:

How to attract a man from a distance?

To make a man fall in love with the power of thought is impossible .

With this technique, you can only make him think about a woman, inspire his interest in the man and cause positive emotions associated with the image of the lady.

If you are in the middle of the night, it is better not to fall in love with a woman. If you are sick, it is better not to resort to suggestion, because there will be no result.

If you are going to sleep with your beloved, go to bed at about the same time. Relax, clear your mind. You can turn on pleasant music or light ether sticks. If you are going to be in the phase, you should not forget that you are going to be in the phase.

After that, start saying short phrases like “miss”, “think”, “remember”, adding your own name each time. If the process will be reproduced qualitatively, soon the man will think of you

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How to attract a man at a distance. Work with submodality:

How to get your loved one back?

Often women are very distressed if their lover leaves them. They cannot come to terms with what has happened and want him back. With the help of suggestion of thoughts, this process can be greatly accelerated. To begin with, a woman should work on herself.

She should no longer feel sorry for herself and expect pity from those around her. She should radiate love and positive emotions, so that the man with all his soul wanted to return to the woman filled with harmony.

If you are tired, exhausted and miserable, you can not even try to renew the relationship, because a man will not bind his life with a lady like this.

After careful work on yourself, start the suggestion according to the above techniques. Every day, imagine the image of a man in your mind and inspire him that he is thinking about you, that he wants to call, come and eventually return for good.

How to call to you?

How do you attract a man? If you want to call a man who is at a distance, but can not enter into an open dialogue with him, use the power of thought.

Constantly think about a person, try to inspire him to think that he must come.

At least five times a day, carry out special rituals, which consist of complete relaxation, a thorough presentation of the image of the person and suggestion to him the necessary thought.

This is the only way to get the necessary information about the person you are going to meet, and to get the necessary information about the person.

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How to influence by photo?

The advent of photos has greatly facilitated the lives of various magicians who read minds at a distance, suggest thoughts and influence the person. The photo perfectly helps to inspire thoughts from a distance, if it is difficult for a person to reproduce the image in the mind.

It is necessary to put it in front of oneself and examine it for a long time, trying to “revive” the image depicted in the picture.

Here lies a certain danger for the person who does not think about the power of photography and gives it away to everyone. Never give your images to strangers who may want to harm you.

Is hypnosis possible?

Everyone knows about the possibilities of hypnosis when the subject is directly in front of the hypnotist.

But can hypnosis be performed at a distance without the person’s knowledge? This effect on a person is called telekinesis.

This concept has no limitations, neither spatial nor temporal. The tool of telekinesis is a thought, which can be instilled in a person who is even on another continent.

Telepathic abilities are possessed by practically each of us, but they are manifested in varying degrees. It is possible to develop these abilities in yourself, if you give a lot of time to training and take them seriously.

The main thing to remember is that suggestion of thoughts can be used only for good intentions, if in that way you will try to revive evil, in a short time it will certainly return to you.

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