Ignoring the guy you like: what’s important to know

How to ignore a guy you like

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Are you going to ignore a guy you like in order to get more attention from him? Or do you want to ignore him because you realize it’s not going to work out with him (even if you still like him)? Luckily, by sticking to some simple tips and keeping your cool, you can easily ignore a guy you like to get him even more or break up with him for good.

  • Wait about an hour (if it’s a direct and specific question) or even a few hours (if it’s just a “hello”) and then already answer.
  • It may be better to set a timer or reminder for yourself.

  • You can write down in a notebook what you want to tell him.
  • This way, when the guy himself starts talking to you, you’ll already have a few good phrases ready.

  • At a party, go up to your friend and say something funny.
  • Find some excuse to stand next to the other guy, talk to him or touch him.

  • If he calls you and asks you out Friday night, say, “I’d love to, but I already have plans for Friday. How about we meet on Saturday?”

  • If the guy is planning to meet with someone else and you’re upset about it, pick someone you trust with whom you can discuss it.
  • However, it’s worth making sure you’re still attracted to the guy and he’s not going to leave you. If you had plans with him at first, but then he easily changes them (and it’s not the first time this has happened), it might be time to forget about him forever.

  • When a guy invites you to spend time together, tell him you can definitely answer a little later.
  • Wait 1-3 days before saying yes.

  • For your plan to work, you need to always be busy.
  • Fill your time with something interesting: you can go for a manicure, meet up with friends or go to the bookstore to find something new to read.

  • You can make a guy jealous by texting someone else.
  • Another way is to show a guy how you socialize and have fun with other guys.
  • But you don’t want to take it too far. You just need to make the guy a little jealous, not lose him.

  • Tell the guy about your plans for the summer (as if you’re planning to spend the summer without him).
  • Perhaps you have plans to go to camp or on a family trip.
  • When the conversation turns to the future (like what happens when you graduate from high school or college), you could say something like, “Well, it’s too early to talk about what’s going to happen with us.”

  • You can say, “Our relationship isn’t developing. I don’t want to pursue it anymore.”
  • You could say, “This relationship has run its course. I want to try something new.

  • If you want, you can write down his number somewhere in a notebook.
  • But if you go through your phone and suddenly want to call or text this guy, you’ll have to look up his number and enter it manually.
  • This extra effort is reason enough to give up on your endeavor and just turn off your phone.

Ignore him on social media. If you want to get over a guy, you need to avoid meeting him, including stopping visiting his social media page. You need to completely stop communicating with him. If you don’t want to remove him “from your friends,” you can eventually just “hide” his news or unsubscribe from him. That way you’ll have more opportunity to wean yourself off of him.

  • If you really need to sort yourself out, just write down your thoughts in a notebook.
  • Alternatively, you can talk to close friends.

  • Better yet, send a wish to someone else and then just turn off your phone.

Keep yourself in check. The best way to ignore a guy is to always stay busy. Maybe you need to start dating someone else or spending time with friends. Sometimes it’s better to stay home and watch movies while enjoying pizza. No matter what you do, just be busy – then it will be much easier to ignore your ex. [12] X Source of Information

How to ignore a man to make him want you

Women use a variety of tricks to get the attention of the man they like. Skilled huntresses have a lot of tricks in their fighting arsenal on how to make him think only about you. One of them – is ignoring. It is believed that a moderate indifference greatly increases the male interest and rekindles the desire to possess a cold-blooded beauty. The famous line from Eugene Onegin, “The less a woman we love, the more she likes us,” has found relevance in relation to the male sex as well. In this article, we will analyze how effective tactics to actively attract male attention, and how to properly implement it in practice.

Theoretical foundations of the effectiveness of ignoring tactics

It is no secret that men are by nature prey men. The process of hunting, accompanied by difficulties, and the subsequent achievement of the goal bring more pleasure than the unhindered capture of the victim in the net. Males, in search of a worthy female, are willing to be predators. It is easy to support this unsophisticated urge by ignoring it. Why, you ask, complicate an already difficult process? Please acquaint yourself with the evidence-based arguments:

Easy accomplishments are associated with easy prey . Girls who immediately reveal their cards and show that they are in dire need of male companionship will no longer generate hot interest. If you want men to truly lust after you, you need to become a barely attainable goal for him. When he comes close to realizing his aspirations, you retreat a little further.

The hunt ignites passion. The need to find ways to get your attention and get even a minute of your personal time makes men put in a lot of effort. Ironically, even if a man doesn’t pay attention to you in any way, it’s ignoring you that will help turn his attention to you and arouse interest.

A woman’s indifference suggests that she has a choice among potential partners. Nature has arranged it so that subconsciously we are looking for the best partner for the continuation of the species (healthy, active, attractive). A woman who is selective about her partners arouses even more interest due to her inaccessibility and mysteriousness. The desire to become that chosen one will not give a man the opportunity to relax, and he will make efforts to achieve you.

Ignoring acts as a special form of pre-sexual play. Awkward meetings, seeing you in an attractive appearance, along with skilled ignoring will do the job. And he will want you as he has never wanted anyone before.

Deliberate ignoring allows you to lay the seed of a deeper interest in you. It’s not just about sex anymore. The idealization of a girl who turns out to be unavailable to a guy due to her lack of interest (even if it’s not true, but it will remain a secret to him), makes his imagination draw her positive traits. Even without being intimately acquainted with you, he has already endowed you with a mass of qualities attractive to him: intelligence, temperament, etc. By the time he gets to know you, he will already be deeply interested in you.

Rules of ignoring

There are several psychological points, without which the use of tactics of indifference will be useless and will not have the desired effect:

Always be on his radar. Once acquainted, it is imperative that periodically he sees you. This technique works like NLP (neurolinguistic programming), only you encode his subconscious to your image. And missing for a few weeks – it’s not a tactic of indifference, but banal inaction, which is not effective.

Don’t take a passive position. If you think that the proper way to ignore is to take the princess position and watch the prince ride his horse around you, you are sorely mistaken. It is a serious work to your actions can be traced in a cold detachment, and in his eyes read a wild, unbridled passion.

Create situations where he unobtrusively can notice your best qualities. Suppose you go to a sports club. Pick a time when he will be there to work out, and do not hesitate to show a trim figure in a tight, attractive fitness uniform. The same applies to any other opportunity to unobtrusively emphasize your attractive features (being well-read, having good taste, cooking skills, etc.).

In dialogue, be witty, but a little detached. Being a beautiful woman is not enough to fully win a man’s attention. Your clear position on various issues, the ability to maintain a conversation on different topics will help ignite interest.

I do not argue that showing indifference – it’s a great way to draw his attention. But remember, it is suitable if you do not plan to build a serious relationship with the object of sympathy. In fact, ignoring is a form of manipulation, a special game on the feelings and instincts of unsuspecting men. A healthy, harmonious relationship is not a good place to start.

Certain Ignoring Techniques

So, you’ve learned the basics. Now it’s important to organize the knowledge, get the answers to the questions you’re worried about, and get the tools for practical application. An important prerequisite for getting his attention is to take away the feeling that he is in control. Men like it when they can see the flow of events and influence them according to their interests. It is a kind of their psychological comfort zone. Take away this opportunity, and he will lose this leverage and become more vulnerable to your cunning tactics.

Adhere to a formal style of communication

Often girls in love are just as smiling in front of the object of their crush and lose all caution in communication. Remember, once he sees that you stopped keeping your distance and became more supportive, he will realize that he has reached his goal. Therefore, it is important to be reasonable when communicating with him:

Don’t stay too close. Maintaining a personal distance and keeping him out of it will help maintain the effectiveness of the technique being implemented. Unobtrusively suppress his attempts to penetrate into your personal space – to touch your hand, stroke your knee, etc. If you strongly want to touch him, do it yourself in order to keep the initiative in your hands.

Keep an outward calm. Let passions rage inside and you are ready to pounce on him and tear off his clothes, outwardly be cool. Your reaction is telling him how interesting you are.

Be yourself. You don’t have to appear smarter and dumber than you really are. Talk about what interests you, and do not hesitate to interrupt the conversation when you are bored.

Don’t give complete information about yourself.

Remember that you – a girl-question, unsolved mystery, causing a magnetic pull of the man in an attempt to unravel you. What to do if he is persistent and asks a lot of questions:

Translate the conversation. Not right after a personal question, of course. Give a general, vague answer that only indirectly addresses the essence of the question. And then slowly move the conversation in another direction or redirect the question to the interlocutor.

Ask the questions yourself. So that he doesn’t have time to touch on your personality, actively ask questions. The more he talks about himself, the less information he gets about you.

Support his story with additional questions. To make sure you don’t ask too many questions, ask around. In addition, the more information you get from him, the better you will know how to influence him.

Work on your body reactions

Body language is a powerful tool in male-female interactions. Body reactions help you monitor subtle shades of conversation, secret desires and even dislike. If you learn how to properly operate body language, you can let him know without showing interest that you crave his active actions. How to do it:

Touch his hair, his neck, his ears. These are nonverbal signals of sexual desire for the interlocutor. Incorporate these gestures unobtrusively into your behavioral repertoire, but keep a “cool” appearance. Being able to differentiate and recognize emotion will not allow him to miss these signals.

Bite your lips. An overly vivid, with clear sexual overtones, gesture that demonstrates lust. It can be incorporated into an informal conversation with elements of erotic humor. After that, it is important not to show a bright interest in your partner, but instead, referring to the busyness, leave the meeting.

Keep an open stance. Embarrassment will probably make you want to put your foot down and cross your arms over your chest. This gesture can cost you the effectiveness of the work you’ve done. Take a loose, open posture: hands gesturing at chest level, toes pointed toward the interlocutor. This gesture will show that you feel confident and are not uncomfortable in his company.

Keep eye contact. Do not avoid eye-to-eye contact. On the contrary, hold this contact for a few seconds. In this way, you show that you feel sympathy. But the rest of the action words tell a different story.

Periodically say “no.”

After you sowed intrigue and sparked interest in a man, he is sure to want to find contact with you. Will invite you for a cup of coffee or dinner with continuation. You see another opportunity to make the right tactical move. Say no, citing the busyness, the availability of prior arrangements to meet with another person and other reasons. In this case, subtly indicate that you are waiting for a second invitation, which may agree.

Put your interests first

Never sacrifice your own interests in favor of his interests. If there is an ambiguous situation where you have to give in to a partner to the detriment of himself, choose only in his favor. Do not think that selfishness will ruin your efforts. On the contrary, a woman who has her own interests and values her time is perceived with respect, reverence. You show that the man in your life is not the main position, and you are self-sufficient in every way.

Set a clear framework in your relationship

Girls in love tend to compromise their principles in the name of a great feeling. They are willing to talk the night away, despite the fact that in the morning they have to get up early for work. Or sacrifice a meeting with a friend to see the object of sympathy. These actions are not conducive to the man to ignite strong feelings for you. Remember, your life should not change under the pressure of new feelings. Keep it in its original form, he will appreciate your independence.

Do not deprive yourself of the joy of communication with other men

Often, to avoid friction, girls in love limit communication with male friends. This is done in an attempt to avoid misunderstandings and cut out unnecessary cause for argument. But, as said before, the appearance of a man in your life should not change it. Plus, when he sees that he is not the only one claiming your attention, show great ingenuity to sweep away all competitors.

Show that your word is law.

You set acceptable boundaries in your relationship. For example, do not call after 10 pm or not to appear with unannounced visits to you. After it is important under no circumstances change these requirements. Show that your word has weight and you can not be manipulated or infringe on your personal boundaries. Undoubtedly, he will try to destroy this stability and plant a flag in your territory. Be steadfast and stay on the defensive. Your steadfastness will help you achieve your desired goal of getting his attention fully and irrevocably.

Don’t invent nonexistent qualities

Be natural, don’t attribute socially desirable qualities to yourself if you don’t have them. Don’t say you can cook if you boil cooked dumplings with difficulty. Do not say that you adore reading literature, if the last time you touched a book on the school desk. Your spontaneity and love for yourself is far more valuable than creating a perfect picture. Exude confidence, your look should tell him that he is one of many, though undoubtedly beautiful/smart/rich.


Ignoring a man you like is not as easy as it seems. It requires tactical precision, wisdom, patience and excitement. By learning this technique, you will be able to arouse the interest of even the most resistant representative of the male sex. The key to success, as in everything else, is self-confidence and self-esteem. I wish you beautiful generous men, beautiful dresses and beauty.

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