Ignoring a guy after a fight

What to do if the guy ignores after a quarrel and is offended

If after a quarrel the guy is offended and ignores, then first of all you need to figure out what is the reason for the conflict, what your actions led to such a reaction. Let’s figure out what tactics you should choose to behave so as not to finally ruin the relationship.

How to understand that the guy after a quarrel offended

First of all, determine that the guy really offended, that his ignoring is not the usual manipulation, but caused by his experiences after the quarrel. The following signs will help you to understand that the young man is offended:

  • In every way shortens the time of the conversation, does not show emotionality, answers in a single phrase, and prefers to call by SMS. Avoids communication, and if it happened, he tries to finish it as soon as possible.
  • Trying not to spend time with you alone: either include your friends or does not come.
  • Does not share his plans. Does not rush to a meeting after work. Prefers to communicate with friends.
  • Avoids intimacy, tactile contact, eliminates kissing. You do not get his usual tenderness, compliments.
  • In the conversation slips into barbs, irritability, reticence.

For men during the offense is characterized by withdrawal. They prefer not to devote anyone in his feelings, to experience resentment alone.

Why does the guy after a quarrel ignore you

First of all, analyze whether you are really to blame. If you have nothing to do with it, the ignoring and resentment may be for the following reasons:

  • The guy has not admitted his guilt and is waiting for you to cool down. Moreover, the more guilty he is, the longer you have to wait for him to be ready to apologize.
  • The guy doesn’t think he’s to blame. He hasn’t properly evaluated what happened and won’t admit his guilt.
  • The guy has problems at work, and he doesn’t feel bad about it. He doesn’t perceive the argument that occurred.
  • He doesn’t care about the fight. Even if the guy did admit his guilt, but he’s not interested in the situation, he hasn’t given it the importance it deserves.
  • The guy shows his equanimity.

If you are still wrong and were the initiator of the quarrel, the guy may show disregard for the following reasons:

  • He was offended. You hurt his dignity. He can’t get over the situation that easily. He’s out for revenge.
  • He’s disappointed and has made a decision to end the relationship. This reason is especially relevant if you have beaten his ego more than once.
  • He’s got other problems on his mind.

Man offended! What to do?

Do not take it tragically quarrels and ignoring guys. Understand that everything happens in a relationship. A grudge is an excuse to look at how many mistakes were made on the road to happiness.

How to behave if a guy ignores you after an argument

If a guy is silent for a day or two after a fight, this is already wrong. Especially, if such situations are repeated over and over again. This is not the way psychologically mature people behave. If after every misunderstanding you encounter a similar situation, then you are faced with an infantile young man. Think about whether you need this kind of relationship.

If you are ignored by a guy after a quarrel, he is trying to prove something to you in this way, then the following tips will help you normally survive in this situation:

  • Give the young man responsibility for his silence.

Don’t take it upon yourself to ignore the guy. As soon as you do, you’ll get rid of the guilt he imposes on you by his silence. Unfortunately, it’s common for women to take the blame for what happened. And it doesn’t matter to us whether we’re really to blame or not.

Do not run the situation before going to sleep, do not take it to the details: you should have kept quiet here, if you do not respond, and the scandal would not have happened. This is not going to fix the situation, but you’re exhausted with guilt.

  • Accept the fact of your innocence.

It’s not your fault the guy’s silence, the way he reacts to misunderstandings. He’s a grown man. If he’s made the decision to behave that way, it’s the only option for him. If he needs to be quiet, then let him be quiet.

  • Realize that ignoring him is not your problem.

Accept to yourself the simple fact that silence is not your problem. It is the guy’s psychological problem. He needs to address the issue. It’s not at all common for men to acknowledge their mental problems.

  • Think about what the guy wants to show you with his silence.

If a guy is ignoring you, then most likely he wants to convey to you that he’s not there. He’s offended and morally estranged from you. Show some restraint, show that you don’t care about his behavior.

If the guy’s plan is to manipulate you, your feelings of guilt, then destroy them. Mirror his behavior. Start acting the same way. Let him get nervous, worry. Let him know with his silence that it makes no sense to manipulate you.

If the guy does not get in touch, you do not understand what it is, and yet you care about him, then muster up the courage to start a conversation. Try to figure out what is the reason for his silence. If he does not come into contact, then leave him, give him time to think about the situation. Same old life.

What to do if the guy is offended and ignores messages

If the guy ignores, offended, then you do not need to behave in the following ways:

If the guy does not pick up the phone, himself does not get in touch, do not cut off his phone, do not beg for forgiveness, do not humiliate. That way you won’t solve the problem. If he is your man, he’s not going anywhere. Bide your time.

  • Don’t resent the guy.

Don’t be offended by the fact that the guy wants to be alone. With your resentment you will only make the problem worse. The young man will shut himself off from communication even more. We are not talking about regular ignoring. But, if the guy made a decision to be alone, give him the opportunity.

Show wisdom and patience. If you initially do not accept this way of solving problems, then discuss the issue when you are both in a calm state, between you are not in conflict. This will avoid future misunderstandings.

  • Do not involve your family and friends in the matter.

If the guy is offended and ignores your behavior, you should not devote friends, parents, girlfriends. This question concerns only the two of you. Work out the problem together, without involving third parties.

  • Do not take the guy to other emotions.

If the guy was offended by you, you should not “fight fire with fire” and lead the situation with another emotion. No need to roll up a scandal, shouting, provoking him into an open quarrel. Man will not be able to understand the real reason for your behavior. This will only make it worse.

In order to avoid resentment, ignoring in the relationship, then discuss more often what your expectations are for resolving issues, talk, ask for each other’s opinions. The closer you know your boyfriend, the easier it will be for you to anticipate his reaction and prevent conflict.

How to react to a man’s ignoring

Unreasonable silence and lack of attention from a man, leads to a state of bewilderment. Why a young man out of the blue began to behave this way, and how to react to ignoring a man. The reasons for such behavior may be related to the woman herself, but more often it is a reaction to an unclear situation that a man is facing.

Reasons for ignoring

The first thing to pay attention to is the circumstances that preceded the subsequent ignoring. This will help establish the man’s motives for the neglect.

After a brief relationship.

If this was the first and last date, and there has not been a long-term relationship between the man and woman, it is simply a desire to end the communication without explanation. It is very difficult to explain to ourselves and even more so to the other person why we don’t like this or that candidate. In order not to develop unnecessary demagoguery, a man prefers to just stop communicating, making it clear that he is not interested in you. Finding out the reasons for this behavior makes no sense.

After the quarrel

In a situation where ignoring followed a quarrel, this is a clear sign of demonstrative offense. A man in this way wants to punish the guilty in his opinion a woman, as if depriving her of his presence. Women are emotional beings, and after a conflict they feel a strong need to compensate for negative impressions. They want to know for sure that everything is ok, to find out everything until the end and to calm down. A man knows this and deprives his partner of such an opportunity, thereby punishing her, and leaving her to wallow in her own experiences.

After a long relationship.

But how to assess the man’s ignoring and react to it, if there is no apparent reason for such behavior? For example, a husband and wife live together for a long time, it does not matter if it is a civil or official marriage, or just a guy and a girl dating. They do not quarrel, the household is arranged, perhaps there are children. And then at one point, the man kind of withdraws into himself, stops being interested in his wife’s affairs, talking to her, having sex, etc.

Such behavior can be explained by the emotional burnout of a man. This condition is temporary. When the partner thinks about what to do next. The fact is that people are used to living by emotion. They measure pleasure and joy by the number of emotional outbursts. And when there are fewer of them in the home, the guy begins to think that he is unhappy, although there is no apparent reason to complain.

He may have thoughts that maybe this is not the life partner he needs or not the life he dreamed of. That is, you still need to get used to a stable condition. And everyday life is stability, almost devoid of emotion. In this case, the man simply lacks the emotional release to get rid of this apathy. Many people literally go through withdrawal from the lack of emotion.

Reasons for the violent reaction to ignoring

Why is it so unbearable for a woman to be ignored by a man, and why do we have to react to it somehow? We all don’t like being in a suspended state. Our brain is so built that it cannot tolerate incomprehensible subjects and situations and begins to think of something of its own to bring clarity so that the person can relax.

That is why the girl, as a more emotional being than her chosen one, wants to get out of this situation as soon as possible. At this moment, all feelings become more acute, anger is born, resentment against the person who plunges her into this state. She wants to take revenge on him and make him feel the same way. All these feelings come from powerlessness and complete lack of control over the situation.

The solution to the problem

Until the situation clears up and the man himself starts to make contact, the woman will have to live with it somehow.

  1. To calm down, you need to reduce the importance of this man in your life. You don’t have to paint him with qualities that he doesn’t have. We all tend to idealize what escapes us. What is valuable is what is in short supply. And when there is a lack of communication as a consequence of ignoring him, his value increases.
  2. You have to stop thinking, “If I don’t do something now, he’s gone forever, I’ll lose him. You shouldn’t rush into anything, you should allow time for events to take shape and for emotions to dissipate. Time is the best medicine in an unclear situation. It will not last long anyway.
  3. Under no circumstances should you try to contact the person who is ignoring you. If the person wants to get away from you, there is no need to interfere with him in this, it will only make the situation worse. Remember that the more pressure, the stronger the resistance. And the violent reaction to the man’s ignoring just creates unnecessary pressure.
  4. Trite as it may seem, but the situation should let go and realize that here your authority ends, and one man can not replace the whole world.
  5. You shouldn’t try to follow a man, this further fuels interest and a desire to clear things up. Also, when a girl sees that the guy is doing just fine without her (in her opinion), it sinks her into an even greater state of depression.
  6. Don’t try to push the young man’s emotions, evoke pity, guilt, demand to explain something, etc. Ignoring means satiety of emotions, and the guy will try to avoid new shocks, shutting himself down even more.
  7. If meetings with the man continue (at home or at work) and there is communication between you, you need to pretend that the situation and the ignoring itself didn’t happen. The point is not to focus on this and defuse the situation. People are more likely to be attracted to a positive mood.

If the person didn’t say yes or no, it’s likely that he hasn’t made a final decision about the breakup yet. The young person is resting from recent events and accumulating strength, like a bear in a den. It is necessary to give him time to think everything over, at the same time, and to think about whether you need such a partner near you, who in any unclear situation prefers to give up and solve the problem by running away, leaving his woman in a state of prostration.

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