If you ignore a Sagittarius man: point by point coverage

What to Do If a Sagittarius Man Ignores You and Why Does He Do It?

What to do if a Sagittarius man ignores you? Most importantly, why does he do it?

Does he miss you? Do you need to call him?

Well, if he won’t tell you, I will. We’re going to find out how the Sagittarius man’s mind works and why he dares to ignore you.

The first thing you need to know is that you are probably not the problem here. When a Sagittarius man ignores you, it probably has more to do with him than with you.

This is because they are known to be bachelors and love the bachelor life. They are too focused on themselves and avoid commitment at all costs.

All they want is to prolong their singleness so that your man just wants to spend more time alone before settling down.

However, don’t immediately assume that your relationship is over. This silent treatment he puts you through is horrible, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t hear from him again.

We’ll look at all the possible reasons why he might be ignoring you, as well as why he might be ignoring your messages. You will learn what you can do when a Sagittarius man ignores you or your messages, but you need to learn something about him first.

The truth is that Sagittarius men love intellectual games. However, there is a deeper reason why he’s ignoring you, and we’ll get to the bottom of that.

Maybe he’s not right for you, and you’re going to have to deal with that. Not everyone can be your perfect match, and that’s okay.

Maybe your guy just needs a little nudge instead, and then you’ll be right back on the same page. Let’s find out which one.

When a Sagittarius man ignores you, it’s for one of five reasons.

Maybe you haven’t heard from him in a while and have no idea what’s going on in his head. Why is he ignoring you?

Is something wrong? Will he ever give you his attention again?

The answers to these depend primarily on the reason he started ignoring you. Let’s look at what that reason might be:

1. he feels he has nowhere to breathe and thinks he’s trapped.

If there’s one thing the Sagittarius man really cares about, it’s his freedom. As soon as he feels he may lose his, he will leave your life.

These men are adventurers, and they like to learn new things. Getting someone to commit can be difficult, especially if you’ve been acting needy.

Maybe not, but for some reason he thought a relationship with you would cost him his freedom. Maybe you just mentioned the word “commitment” and he was scared of that.

Since you showed the need to “trap him,” he no longer found joy in being with you. You want to calm down, but he’s not ready for that, so he’s decided to ignore you and regain his power.

2- He’s punishing you for something you’ve done recently.

Have you done anything lately that might have upset him? Maybe you know what you did, or you’re not sure, but he might be angry with you either way.

Maybe things were going great between the two of you, and then he suddenly changed. It’s like he suddenly became a different person, which happens for a reason.

For the Sagittarius man, besides freedom, the most important thing is honesty. If he felt that you were hiding something from him or that you weren’t being honest, he could be mad at you.

By ignoring you, he is showing that he is upset with your behavior. He trusted you and thinks you betrayed him in some way.

These guys don’t tolerate lies, so if you lied to him, he won’t turn to you. Yes, he could have acted maturely and talked to you about it, but he chose to ignore you.

If you know what you did and it was wrong, you absolutely need to apologize. On the other hand, if you don’t know why he was upset with you, he may be ignoring you because of something else.

3. he is preoccupied with something else.

Sagittarius men are very patient and don’t talk about things they aren’t sure about. This means he may be working on something he doesn’t want to talk to you about.

He may be working on an important presentation for a work meeting, settling a score with one of his friends, making plans with his family . In fact, it could be anything, but the point is that he is preoccupied with other aspects of his life.

Maybe there are no problems in your personal life, just something meaningful going on in his personal or professional life. He doesn’t know yet how things will unfold, so he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Instead, he focuses all his attention on what he’s working on and leaves you in the dark. You may hear from him after it’s over and he apologizes for neglecting your relationship.

When a Sagittarius man ignores you, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Yes, he could talk to you about what’s going on, but it could be so important that it requires all of his attention.

4. he is interested in someone else.

Unfortunately, your fears are justified. Sagittarius men are popular with women, so one of them may have caught his attention.

He may not have cheated on you, but he is slowly pulling away so he can get to know someone else. I know how much it can hurt, but if it’s true, you two are clearly not the right couple.

If he’s looking for the right person for himself because he realized he’s not right for you, you need to accept that and do what you need to do. When a Sagittarius man ignores you for a long time, you should forget about him.

He may eventually come back, but do you really want to be with someone who treats you that way? If you are just an option for him, there is someone else who will make you a priority, and you deserve it.

5. He’s not pulling you along because he doesn’t want to hurt you.

The last thing he wants to do is lead you on, so he tries not to give you false hopes so he doesn’t upset you. It hurts to be ignored, but when you are told that someone you like doesn’t want to be with you, it hurts even worse.

He should talk to you and let you know how he really feels about you, but isn’t he showing you? It may not be as direct as you think, but if you haven’t heard from him in years, you get the point.

For whatever reason, he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Maybe he’s confused and needs time to think, but are you really going to wait for a guy who isn’t sure about you?

Go out there and meet a man who will never risk missing a chance with a girl like you. Maybe a Sagittarius man likes you, but he just isn’t ready for it.

He may never be ready, and he knows it, so he’s avoiding you so you can see that he’s not the man you should be with.

What to do if a Sagittarius man ignores you

When he is silent about you, you need to act, whether you want to forget him or make him miss you. Whatever his reasons, you don’t deserve to be ignored, and he needs to talk to you about what’s going on.

Here’s what you can do when a Sagittarius man ignores you:

1. Talk to him.

Sagittarius men have some good qualities, and one of them is their ability to look at things from someone else’s perspective. They are open-minded, and they don’t have to agree with you to understand your point of view.

That means you can get him to open up if you try to talk about it. Did you contact him after he ignored you?

If he hasn’t responded to your messages, keep reading to see what to do, but what if you haven’t tried to talk to him? You should definitely do that, and it may turn out to be something you can overcome.

2. Don’t seem desperate or needy.

Whatever the reality is, you need to accept it. Don’t cry about what might have been and accept what is.

Sagittarius men want goal-oriented women. They like independent and goal-oriented girls.

This means you definitely shouldn’t do anything desperate, like beg him to come back. He just won’t be able to understand your tenacious behavior, and that will just push him away.

Focus on what you can change instead of worrying about whether the two of you will make it work. If it does, it does, and if it doesn’t, it shouldn’t.

That’s all it really takes, and you can’t control his attitude toward you. However, you can control your own actions, so keep your dignity and don’t do anything desperate.

3. Give him some time and space to think.

As mentioned before, the Sagittarius man may feel like he has nowhere to breathe. Give him some space by giving him space and time to think things through.

His personal space is important to him, and if you make him choke, he will run away. He needs distance now, and you have no choice but to let him figure things out on his own.

Maybe he has some personal issues he needs to deal with and then he’ll come back, or maybe it’s really over between you two. Either way, you need to give him the space he needs and focus on himself.

If he doesn’t want to talk to you about it, you can’t make him, and he will regret losing a girl like you.

4. Talk to someone about it.

Sometimes we need a third-person perspective to see things clearly, especially when we are emotional. If your friends have seen the two of you together, they may have sensed something you missed.

Even if not, talking to your best friend about it would be comforting, and they could shed some light on things. They might have noticed that you did something to upset him, or that he loves you as much as you think he does.

Most importantly, they will reassure you if you feel that it is the end of the world when a Sagittarius man ignores you. It may be okay, but even if it isn’t, give it time and don’t jump to conclusions.

When a Sagittarius man ignores you when you text, it’s for one of four reasons.

Maybe you wanted to talk to him but didn’t get a response. It can hurt, but think about how much time has passed since you texted.

How many texts have you sent and what are they about? Whatever the case may be, the Sagittarius man is ignoring your messages for one of the following reasons:

1. You didn’t give him a chance to respond.

Have you given him the opportunity to respond? If it’s been a few days and he hasn’t said anything, but you’ve only sent one message, you may want to send another one.

Be sure to give him a chance to respond by asking him a question and give him a few more days. If you don’t hear from him by then, you may not hear from him for a long time.

If he doesn’t contact you after a week, it may be best to just forget about him and move on. On the other hand, if it’s only been a day since you sent the message, there may be a reasonable explanation.

You shouldn’t panic so quickly, so give the man a chance to respond.

If you’ve been in a fight, let him know you want to kiss and make up. He will definitely respond after that, if he hasn’t been ghosting you.

2. You have been sending him a lot of messages.

Remember what I said about Sagittarius men and their freedom-loving nature? If you’ve been texting him all the time, he’s probably tired of it.

It makes him feel like he has nowhere to breathe and that the relationship is taking over his life. He needs time for other aspects of his life, and you don’t want him to feel trapped.

If you’ve sent him two messages and the content of the last one clearly required a response, stop. Ideally, you won’t even use double text unnecessarily; unless, of course, you’re both participating in the conversation.

The same rules apply to social media posts. Maybe you always want to talk to him and “stalk” his profiles.

This can drive a Sagittarius man away, so play it cool and let him have his precious freedom.

3. he’s too busy.

When a Sagittarius man ignores you when you’re texting, it may simply be because he has a lot on his plate. If it’s only been a few days since you heard from him, he may have been too busy.

Maybe he has new work responsibilities or something going on with his friends or family. Either way, he has a lot on his plate, and you’ll only add to the pressure by writing him more.

Maybe he’s trying to successfully juggle everything, and he doesn’t have time for a love life right now. You shouldn’t make him feel like you’re just one of those things he needs to get on with as soon as possible.

Instead, be the girl he could talk to about his day. You’ll want to know what’s going on with him, and let him organize his time better.

He may come back to you soon and let you know what he was dealing with. Otherwise, you might look at the zodiac signs that will break your heart, in order from least likely to most likely.

If he’s not very busy, he may end up hurting you, so let him go. It may have been weeks since you heard from him, and if so, he’s definitely not taking you seriously.

4. he wants to take things slowly.

You two may have just recently started dating, but you are moving too fast for him. When a Sagittarius man ignores you when you’re texting, he may just be trying to slow things down.

I mentioned earlier that Sagittarius men are afraid of commitment, so if you were trying to get him to do it, he’s taken a step back. He wants to move at his own comfortable pace, and you can’t blame him.

You might want to know how to know if a Sagittarius guy is serious about you, because he probably is. He just doesn’t want to rush into anything, and you may have gotten him to do so.

He might not even be ignoring your messages, he just doesn’t want you to get used to instant responses.

This is not what you should do when a Sagittarius man ignores you

Sometimes knowing what not to do is even more important than knowing what to do. I know you just want him back, but there are three things you definitely shouldn’t do, and here they are:

1. Don’t attack him or accuse him of ghosting you.

Unless you want him to really ghost you, don’t accuse him of it. You won’t get anywhere by attacking him and you might make things worse.

A Sagittarius man hates being accused of anything, and he’ll just think you’re being overly possessive. They don’t like possessive women, so he might run away if he thinks you are one of them.

Talk to him, but make it a conversation, not a trial.

2. Don’t worry about it and don’t love it.

If you’ve just recently started dating, don’t worry too much about him not responding to your messages. Maybe he’s just being intimidating and that’s okay, but if you make a scene over it, he’ll pull away.

It’s also important that you don’t like or question him. I know you are curious, but don’t forget his love of freedom.

You don’t want to make him gasp, especially if you just started dating. After all, what good is finding out what’s going on if he’s not the one to tell you?

Let him tell you himself, or leave it alone; otherwise, you’ll just drive him away. Instead, you can learn how to make him fall in love with you according to his zodiac sign.

3. don’t force him to do anything and don’t rush him.

The truth is, Sagittarius men aren’t that good at communicating. Maybe he doesn’t respond because he just doesn’t know what to say.

However, you should know that these men are pretty straightforward. If he’s interested, he’ll go after you and show that he likes you.

Talk to him about what is going on and let him open up to you. In order for him to do this, you can’t force him to do anything, and you shouldn’t rush him.

Stay calm and talk about what’s bothering you. If he likes you, he will understand your concern and change his bad behavior.

On the other hand, he may continue his disappearing act, and if it bothers you, let it go. All of this may simply be because he doesn’t want to be tied down and you can’t force him to change who he is.

Man – Sagittarius: how to fall in love, understand and conquer

A man born under the sign of Sagittarius is a very lucky man, and when you look at him, you get the impression that he is able to win a lot even in a lottery. Of course, this does not mean that he is lucky everywhere, but if we compare the luck of the sign mentioned with others, then this one is clearly in the favorites of Fortune.

Characteristics of the male Sagittarius

Brad Pitt (December 18) Sagittarius

The Sagittarius man can be recognized by the friendly and open smile he gives to his surroundings. For this, as well as for his calm and peaceful nature, he is welcome in companies. Outwardly they are always presentable. Prefer a business style of dress, but they can dress and more cheerful, wearing bright colors. Sagittarians are usually gifted with a representative figure and are often endowed with a tummy. But this does not embarrass them, in fact, they openly believe that it gives them solidity. And these two Sagittarians like all the expensive jewelry, including jewelry of large size.

The peculiarity of Sagittarians is their straightforwardness; everything that they think is traced in their speeches. But at the same time, few people are offended by this, because even the most terrible truth, Sagittarius will present it softly and unobtrusively.

They are not capable of sneakiness behind the scenes. With them, there is always something to talk about, both serious and abstract topics. Sagittarians can ignite others with their ideas, they are very passionate about what they do. But they can also support the idea of an outsider.

In dealing with them, it may seem that they purposefully humiliate and insult others, but it is not so. It is all inherent in their straightforwardness. But it is possible that the depraved form of this sign does not develop in the best way, which makes an attractive man a hypertrophied pervert. Fortunately, for the most part, they always have good thoughts and intentions, so you should not be offended by them, because they are not at all vindictive or vindictive.

But to spoil the relationship with the surrounding people can be their fickleness, which flares up unexpectedly. In general, Sagittarians do not really honor commitments of any kind. When excited about a new business, they may abandon the one they have already started. This leads to the fact that people have the impression of them as the people who are not obliging and superficial. In fairness it is worth noting that often such an opinion is wrong.

Sagittarians are curious and attracted to adventure and knowledge. For them everything unexplored is interesting, that is why their daily life is always full of interests and activities. In general, it is difficult to imagine a bored Sagittarius man who does not know what to do. For such inquisitiveness and vivacity of the mind and body environment can take him for a man of oddities.

But what interests Sagittarius men the least is the question of marriage. It is very difficult for them to decide on the union with someone, because they value freedom more than anything else. Generally accepted norms are not his strong point. He can up and leave at any moment without warning anyone, and this is unlikely to please his soulmate.

How to understand a Sagittarius man

In this case, a phrase once written by Louis Carroll, in the novel “Alice in Wonderland” is perfect: Understand me, but be sure to feed me on time and love me. This fits well with the Sagittarius image. It is better not to try to understand them at all, but simply to accept them as they are.

And if it doesn’t work out, it’s better to stop communicating at all and not continue the relationship. This, as they say, will save time and nerves both for you and for him. To begin with, understand that it is impossible to change the male Sagittarius, for them there is only their own truth by which they live. It is not acceptable for them to accept something else. Therefore, before making a decision to barque with such a man, you should weigh all the pros and cons of such a union.

Let’s keep it to 3 points:

  1. Sagittarians are up to their ears in love with their freedom, so to marry them by force is a task from the edge of fiction. For them, marriage is like the worst dream, after which life generally loses meaning. The only time when a man can marry without looking back, if the woman herself will be all hands for free and nothing committed relationship. However, even in this case, Sagittarius will have a “free bachelor” evening.
  2. Sagittarians like to take care of themselves, so they are able to maintain a wonderful appearance until old age. They expect the same from their spouse. It is not good even to walk around the house in a bathrobe and with disheveled hair, and certainly not in the street.
  3. Sagittarians simply hate quarrels and scandals. There will be no sense in settling an argument over a high tone of voice. Most likely, he will not even listen to anything and will just quietly get up and leave. But a calm conversation between adults is the best thing.

How to please a male Sagittarius

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that the first thing you need to do to please Sagittarius is not to limit his freedom, which he so values. The same applies to his hobbies. If you criticize his interests, you can forget about communication with him and favorable attitude from his side.

If you want to enter his life, then do it gradually, so as not to scare him. It is better if the acquaintance will happen in some themed place, such as a gym or a golf club. The first meetings will unobtrusively take place on neutral territory that will not commit to anything. It is important to let the Sagittarius man know that you have common interests with him, which means that there will always be a topic of conversation.

If the Sagittarius man will not observe any insistence on the part of the lady, the love relationship will start smoothly and by itself. A woman who will not encroach on his freedom and interests, he will carry in his arms.

Such men like independent, independent and self-sufficient women like themselves. He must be sure that in his absence the lady will not be bored and will find something to his liking.

Wanting to like Sagittarius you need to be prepared for a very bright, rich and carefree life. If you are a practitioner by nature, then think about whether you need such a relationship at all? You need to love sports and a healthy lifestyle, as Sagittarians are often avid supporters of it. Woman-dream in the eyes of Sagittarius must combine several roles: to be a good mistress (sexy and attractive), to be a friend and partner, able to support him in all endeavors.

At home, there should be peace and comfort so that the male Sagittarius can quietly reflect on future plans. Hysterics, noise and turmoil within the home, he will not tolerate.

So, what Sagittarius men appreciate most in the opposite sex:

  • Girls who look attractive and constantly take care of themselves, who can dress beautifully (of course, this concept is relative, and each Sagittarius has his own),
  • Intelligence, a broad outlook and the ability to maintain a conversation on various topics,
  • a good sense of humor,
  • an ability to listen,
  • not encroaching on freedom and interests,
  • A love for sports and travel.

How to behave with a Sagittarius man

Restless and cheerful, sociable and at the same time representative Sagittarius can put women in a stupor, who simply have no idea how to behave with him. In order to improve perception, consider the 3 basic rules of conduct with Sagittarius.

  1. He needs you to share with him his views. At the same time, not only superficially, but also as deeply as possible. For example, if a man is passionate about fishing, then his chosen one should be able to distinguish at least a fishing rod from a spinning rod. If he radeats for hiking, then the mate should be delighted with the pastime in nature with mosquitoes without the available and usual amenities.
  2. Next to Sagittarius should be a real hostess, because such a man is very attracted to the comfort of home. The ability to cook delicious food and keep the apartment clean is the main trump card of the weaker sex that Sagittarius is attracted to. But speaking of coziness means not only the physical side, but also the psychological one. Do not swear, do not raise the tone of the conversation, do not argue and do not be nervous. These men are not delayed at the scandalous and flighty young ladies.
  3. Despite the fact that Sagittarius themselves are not noted for their fidelity to women, their requirements towards women are high. His love should be faithful. They do not take their own betrayal seriously, and they do it not because they fell out of love, but in order to “hold the tone”. In this case they have never forgiven treason.

How to win a Sagittarius man

Sagittarians amazingly succeed in attracting not only luck, but also women. Charming, with a charming smile, easy on the rise and always “with needles”, he just can not go unnoticed. And then the question arises in his head: how to win a male Sagittarius?

They are in love, but, unfortunately, not constant. Having conquered one lady, they switched to another. But they do this not so much because of the increased amorousness, but because of the attempts to find his ideal.

With him you can and should even be the first to start a conversation, preferably if acquaintance will occur in the company of mutual friends. Do not move into personal matters, keep the general topic. They love to talk, to dedicate others in their new adventures that happened to him, for example, in the last vacation.

Be attractive, intelligent, unobtrusive, have a good sense of humor, have patience and then he will submit to you.

Sagittarius man in love

In love, this man is friendly, friendly, but very self-confident, ambitious and conceited. Starting an affair with Sagittarius any woman will feel the best. Here’s just do not relax, if you look closer to him, you will notice how he skillfully peeks at other girls. He is a born romantic, so many girls are willing to put up with his inconstancy for the sake of extending the “fairy tale.

He enjoys the feeling of falling in love, so do not be surprised if at the moment of your relationship there will be glimpses of his ex, with whom he broke up just a week ago. Since he cannot be alone, and having broken up with one date, he quickly finds another.

You may think that your love is forever, but this is nothing more than an illusion, because at any moment he can simply change his mind. Even marriage is not a guarantee of lasting love. You can’t expect promises from him, but if he has made one, he will keep it to the end, no matter what it costs him. Knowing his such trait, he doesn’t like commitments at all.

Sagittarius man in sex

Sex Sagittarius, of course, loves and he likes it, but he likes flirting and the process of courtship itself more. And it is quite possible to explain it, the foreplay is clear and understandable, here everything is in sight, but in bed Sagittarius is afraid to be disappointed in his chosen one. But for the sake of justice, we should note that rarely any man of this sign can be at his best. As a rule, their sex is fast and without special frills.

But if you’re lucky enough to find a true gentleman, then the experiments are guaranteed, both with positions and places. With seductive Sagittarius ladies at the ready several times a day, unfortunately, sometimes quantity trumps quality.

According to studies and surveys, Sagittarius men are insanely turned on by women’s legs dressed in stockings. Moreover, the bulk of them will insist that the stockings, high-heeled shoes and gloves are also present in sex. Therefore, if you like such a man, be prepared for any “weirdness”.

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