If an Aries man is jealous: we describe in all the details

“Did you pray at night, Desdemona”: how Aries gets jealous

Aries is born under the sign of Fire and ruled by the planet Mars. All this points to difficulties in relationships with representatives of this zodiac sign.

And in order not to cause them jealousy and not to provoke a bright scandal, it is better to behave more modestly.

General characteristics of the sign

Aries are characterized by a particular self-confidence, a strong character, although not always restrained. They are ambitious, ambitious people, able to achieve practical any goal.

The energy inside this person is boiling, but not always possible to rein it in. Therefore, representatives of this sign of the zodiac often “break the wood” and then they themselves correct their own mistakes.

In love, such impulsive people do not always find happiness.

Falling in love, this sign on the zodiac will be pushing hard to win the appreciation and attention of the partner, to the maximum extent put into relationships, to show their fiery feelings in the most unexpected ways.

It is difficult to resist such pressure.

But the rupture can lead to excessive pride Aries, the desire to be the first in everything and always, not susceptible to any other opinion or criticism of his address.

And if he imposes a subordinate role, then his anger will be poured out in full. Causing jealousy in this sign of the zodiac is also not recommended, otherwise the consequences could be sad.

How jealous of the Aries man

These men usually have a bright and violent temperament. This is a fiery and passionate nature, not able to restrain their own feelings.

He can lay the whole world at the feet of his chosen one, get all the treasures, to bestow her attention, but it will spoil all relations with the strongest jealousy.

It is very easy to arouse this feeling in Aries. It is enough to communicate in front of him with a colleague, friend, neighbor, and light flirting or frank attire will cause an attack of fury.

In this case, you should not only try not to give unnecessary reason for jealousy, but also to behave quite discreetly and accurately, do not relax for a minute. Otherwise, this will lead to a stormy clarification of relations.

And in anger, Aries are not always restrained and can behave quite aggressively.

How jealous of the Aries woman

The weak representatives of this sign are not much different from men. They also show a storm of passion in relationships and will not tolerate being overshadowed by someone else.

Element of fire imposes a permanent imprint on the behavior of these women and presents them with excessive emotionality, intemperance and a strong temper.

Suffice it to hurt a little bit the self-esteem of such a woman, to show attention to the other, forget about any important date for the couple, not to show due attention to her appearance and the scandal is ensured.

Jealousy of Aries will manifest itself as a volcano, sizzling all around. It is not in the character of Aries to keep silent or to give in, to restrain oneself.

How to get rid of Aries jealousy

To maintain a great relationship with your beloved partner, you need to behave very carefully.

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac may erupt on any occasion, so be prepared for the fact that you are unlikely to be able to completely avoid jealousy on their part. It is reassuring that the Aries also cool down quickly and easily.

To shift their attention from jealousy to something else, you should:

  • Constantly think up some interesting activities, events, hikes, entertainment, preferably of an extreme nature. Then Aries will be able to leave all the excess energy elsewhere, and his emotions will be occupied by vivid impressions.
  • Surround such a person with attention, love, and remind him by all means available to you that you will never find a better partner.

But remember that this is not Leo and blatant flattery and falsity will be revealed immediately. Therefore, give only sincere compliments.

  • If Aries has flared up and is in a state of anger, then the best thing you can do is to become humble, calm, gentle and wait out this storm without attracting attention. It’s better to agree with everything your partner expresses.

Remember, Aries are compassionate and when emotions have passed, they will be able to listen to you or forget about the scandal altogether.

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The jealousy of the Aries man

Aries men among all zodiac signs are the most jealous. At least, if you don’t take into account the explosive jealousy of Scorpios. So, if you are a girl who has decided to tie her life to an Aries, then prepare for the worst, because the representatives of this sign are so jealous that not everyone can withstand it…

How it manifests itself

It should be immediately stated that the man-warriors by nature, they believe that the woman who is near, should belong to them one hundred percent, not only in body, but also in soul. As a result, the excesses of the owners turn the representatives of this sign in the most real “maniacs of jealousy. And sometimes jealousy Aries manifested in such a way that it may seem as if he is the very “schizophrenic,” mad about betrayal and mistrust.

But how does the jealousy of the Aries man in a relationship? And it manifests itself in the form of direct speech. A representative of this sign will never be silently jealous, silent about the experiences and grievances, and tolerate. He will say directly that he does not like your communication “with this or that” person. Moreover, present it in a rough form. But do not respond aggressively to a rude display of jealousy Aries, because in this case you run the risk of exacerbating the problem.

Aggression, ill-considered and spontaneous actions, sarcastic remarks about the object to which he is jealous of his chosen one, unflattering remarks, nagging, questioning, restrictions on freedom and independence – all these are signs of jealousy and mistrust. Moreover, while for many men and women jealousy and mistrust are different concepts, for Aries they are one – without one there can be no other.

How to behave

  • Try not to give any reason to be jealous;
  • Achieve his trust and never undermine it;
  • be constantly by his side and give him your undivided attention;
  • Never hurt his dignity in the presence of another man;
  • never talk about “ex” in his presence.

How to get rid of jealousy

Aries men are jealous, but very rebound. He can be very jealous of his beloved, to declare war against her, to start rude to her and to recall all the sins, both significant and not very, but he eventually will very quickly withdraw. But it will happen only if the woman will not fuel his aggression and emotions with her dissatisfactions, excuses, and the like.

It is important not to try to make excuses or excuses when there is a scandal based on the jealousy of Aries. The more excuses he hears, the more excuses you say, the more jealousy you will see in response. And in the same way you should never accuse him of nonsense, exaggerations, you can not say, “you have it all wrong. Such a phrase can only exacerbate the problem. In this case, get rid of the jealousy of Aries will later be even harder, if not impossible.

And in general, the only thing that can help in getting rid of jealousy of Aries is trust. You need to gain his trust by all means. It’s hard, it may even seem impossible, but if you work hard, everything will work out. What do you need to do? Well, first of all, voluntarily go to the constraints in terms of freedom. Secondly, you need to spend more time with him and spend as little time as possible without him. Well, thirdly, never lie – any even the smallest lie will be evidence that you can not trust, and hence the jealousy, and suspicions, and interrogations, etc.

How to achieve

Yes, unfortunately, there are also cases when a woman on the contrary needs to achieve the jealousy of the beloved man by any means. But in the case of an Aries man to achieve jealousy is easier than anything else. Costs just a few simple conversations with someone of the male sex and not tell him anything about the subject of the conversation. Or you can mention, as if accidentally and casually, about someone from a “past life”. And you can just become a mystery to him.

For the Aries man, the reason for jealousy can be anything. Little lie, the lack of details in the stories about the conversations with someone, withholding secrets, sudden calls on his cell phone or meaningless SMS from an unidentified number – all this can make him jealous of you. But think well, is it worth it, because the jealousy of the representatives of this Zodiac is strong and destructive.

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