If an Aries has decided to break up – explain in detail

Behavior of an Aries man after a breakup: how to break up correctly, what to pay attention to

This sign of the Zodiac likes to be the first in everything, so when it comes to breaking up, they are very reluctant to be the ones who are abandoned.

Breaking up with an Aries man can lead to a fight followed by a passionate night of sex. After that, every time a girl wants to end their relationship, it will be interpreted as a way to start foreplay. So you have to be very firm in order to really get a breakup.

Top 5 things you need to know

There are a few things you need to know about Aries men:

  1. He may feel as if he has let you down and seem completely depressed and guilty.
  2. When an Aries man leaves, he may start acting disgusted and try to hurt you.
  3. Will lay low for a while and suffer alone.
  4. Will turn mutual friends against you.
  5. Despite his actions, the man will not hold a grudge for too long.

Women who want to break up with him and do not know how Aries will react. You can be sure – it will not be easy with him.

How Aries go through a breakup

Usually such a man in a relationship is quite logical and cold, regardless of whether he is annoyed or angry. But if this guy is very much in love with a woman, he will feel deeply betrayed.

If the girl no longer wants to spend time with him, he will make her feel guilty about everything.

Looking at the behavior of an Aries man after a breakup, you might think that he doesn’t really care that much for the relationship to end. It is very likely that he will even offer to help with packing if necessary. It will be easier to break up if you don’t live together, that way things will look less awkward at the moment of separation.

If a woman decides to break up with an Aries, she will have to listen to everything he thinks about her. No matter how much the guy loves her, when it comes to breaking up, she will fully understand how rude the ex can be. The Aries man has a very sharp tongue and is able to say a lot of nasty things when he is upset.

He will act with hatred and say that he always hoped she would take the first step to ending it all. After that, he will lurk and suffer quietly until one of his friends takes him out “in public” to have a drink and try to forget all the problems on the love front.

More often than not, Aries men go through a relationship breakup alone.

How to make yourself quit

Ladies who are not strong enough to say outright that the relationship is coming to an end should try to get the guy himself to initiate the breakup. To do this, it is necessary to do:

  1. A woman who wishes to break up in a non-brutal manner should become as blunt as possible.
  2. She must conceal her actions, because there is nothing more hateful to this sign than to be deceived.
  3. A woman looking to break up with Aries may try to contradict him at every turn because he likes to be right and a man whose words are really listened to.
  4. He hates being told what to do, so to provoke a breakup with an Aries man, you should constantly criticize and correct him.
  5. On the other hand, if a woman doesn’t know how to be bossy, she should just try to be as boring as possible. In this situation, the guy will leave without even writing a goodbye note.
  6. He doesn’t tolerate humble women because he wants to have fun and be together with someone passionate.
  7. The easiest way to get an Aries man to leave a woman is to deprive her of sex.

If you manage to do all this, you can almost certainly get back to your old life without a loud and overly energetic ex.

After a breakup.

Once a given Zodiac sign wants to end a relationship with a woman, two things can happen. The Aries man will either be open, calm and calculating after a breakup, or he will just explode.

This fiery sign is known for having a temper and saying things they later regret, especially when dumped.

Hating to be bored more than anything else, they often pursue the person they are in love with. Most are obsessed with the need to overcome many obstacles in love.

When an Aries man experiences a breakup and feels hurt, he acts very coldly. It will take some time for him to show his true emotions, but once he does, it becomes impossible to get the relationship back with the former Aries man.


Many of the girls are baffled by how an Aries man goes through a relationship breakup and try to figure out what is really going on.

When Aries men break up, they try to express all their feelings, and those who dare to interfere with this, feel their anger. They are not used to holding a grudge and being angry for too long, so once they have said all that they think, they can just forget about what happened and go on living as if nothing happened.

Say goodbye, and promise nothing: How a typical Aries breaks up

Aries are very impulsive – they break up a relationship without thinking, under the influence of a grudge or a circumstance that would make a representative of the other sign to make an appointment with a psychologist or think about it.

Admittedly, before that “impulse” there are usually up to 5 stages of breaking up…

5. Pink glasses.

These stubborn people may not notice the joints, rudeness, cavalierness, cheating of their loved one for a long time. And even if kind people (friends, relatives) try to open his eyes, he will not believe – simply out of stubbornness.

Although, of course, Aries suffers from the imperfection of his beloved/loved one. But at first he tries to tell himself “Who’s perfect, there, and Masha’s husband is also a miser” or “Vaska’s wife is much more squabbling.”

At the same time, they keep quiet about the problems in the relationship/family, so the husband/wife may not realize that Aries is hurt by their bad behavior.

4. Making up helps with love.

When the rose-colored glasses do slip off, Aries rushes to solve common problems: coddling a drunkard, begging a cheater or a troublemaker, trying to get the infantile out of his comfort zone. Everything is for the sake of future happiness in the family.

At this stage there may be a lot of fighting and breaking of dishes. And it is Aries who shouts the loudest.

3. For what!

The Disillusionment Stage. Not in oneself, but in the irreducibility of the partner’s constant mistakes. Everything happens very quickly: one day Aries suddenly realizes how much effort (and maybe even money) he has wasted. And that it is much easier not to build a house on the sand, but to break up.

2. Recent attempts to “fix” your partner.

Scandals are still going on in the house. Aries doesn’t spend any more money on re-educating his partner. But he can still argue (or mutter quietly to himself) in the hope that the husband/wife will come to his senses.

Unfortunately, in most cases the partner responds to criticism not with an apology, but with rudeness.

1. “You don’t exist anymore.”

Aries’ feelings go completely cold. No, he does not dissolve his hands – he just looks at his husband/wife as if he is nothing. This person is not talked to, not counted on financially, not expected to physically help.

Aries cooks by himself, cleans up after himself (if he is used to it), entertains himself, and is busy on the computer. He also goes on vacation by himself.

The fifth stage is the point of no return for the partner. Even if he suddenly comes to his senses, and begins to impetuously correct and declare his love, Aries with a surprisingly good mood will reply that he and a long time does not feel love. Or maybe he does not consider his former lover to be a man now.

After the official announcement of the separation Aries may continue to live in a marriage. But this life will be so unbearable that the ex-lover himself will run to the registry office to write a divorce.

By the way, Aries himself, from the outside seeming to be a statue of steel, can cry into the pillow at night and suffer greatly… But, having decided on the final separation, will not go back.

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