If an Aquarius man decides to break up – what you need to know

Breaking up with an Aquarius man: everything you need to know

This breakup does not have to be painful, if you can both remember the good moments you spent together.

As the most independent, open-minded and progressive Zodiac signs, Aquarius men don’t get very upset when someone wants to break up with them. They just haven’t been committed to anything long-term to begin with.

Aquarians tend to be committed to only one partner until curiosity begins to drive them to pursue someone else. They are overbearing when they are involved with someone because they want to keep any deep emotions as far away from their connection as possible, not to mention how much they hate possessiveness.

Five things to know about breaking up with an Aquarius man:

  1. He will leave if the relationship no longer makes sense to him.
  2. He’s someone who avoids a breakup for as long as possible.
  3. Invading his space is the main reason to say goodbye.
  4. He won’t be very upset about the separation.
  5. Prepare for the possibility of remaining friends as exes.

Since Aquarius men don’t like to argue or discuss divorce, in case they want to end the relationship, they will do everything possible to drive their partner crazy and end up being the one being asked for a divorce.

How to break up with an Aquarius man

Aquarius men come in two types, so the ideal breakup with a man of this sign will be greatly influenced by this classification.

For example, there is the Aquarius man who likes structure and convention, and who likes relationships no matter how much change is involved.

On the other hand, there is the more well-known type, the Aquarius, unconventional and free-thinking, a person who is always ready to break up a relationship.

Obviously, with the latter type mentioned, the breakup will happen easily and effortlessly. A man who happens to be such an Aquarius man just needs to be told that everything was fun, but the relationship just doesn’t make sense anymore.

This is not the case with the first Aquarius man described, because even though he hates to emotionally rely on someone, he will still participate and hold on tightly to his relationship.

As a matter of fact, it can be quite satisfying to watch him be tormented by inner contradictions. Contrary to what everyone believes, the Aquarius man doesn’t hate being with someone, he just doesn’t want to feel tied down.

However, when he is allowed to be free and do what he wants, he begins to fight for his relationship and work to avoid breaking up as much as possible, because Aquarius is fixed and therefore very stubborn.

An easy way to get an Aquarius man to break up a relationship is to start limiting, nagging and giving him advice or treating everyone else with superiority.

Being with a woman who acts more holier than Heaven and doesn’t think people are equal, the Aquarius man will want to leave as quickly as possible because he marches for equality and a society that does not discriminate.

Arguing with him is also a good idea when he wants a breakup, because he hates to see others contradict his ideas just for the sake of it, so he will do anything to get away from the man who is always trying to say that black is actually white.

Closed minds and invading his space are also great ways to make him leave for good. Those ladies who don’t want to act differently to make him leave can simply tell this man the truth, because there is a very good chance he will still want to remain friends.

The Aquarius man may be the best companion anyone has ever had, and even if he is hurt after the breakup, he may still want to prove that he is a better person and that platonic love does not bother him in any way.

It’s quite possible that the ladies he’s been with and stayed friends with will want him back at some point, but it would be too late for anything romantic to happen again in this situation.

The Aquarius man will never be devastated when a relationship ends, as it usually is with men in other signs, so he has no trouble staying friends with his exes, not to mention that he is never jealous or overly romantic, which means that no one will ever see him sing a serenade or confess his love to a woman.

Although he needs to keep his distance, he will not forever ban one of the ladies he has been with from his life. Those who try to steer him away from his friends will end up feeling his hatred, so this is a very bad way to end things with the Waterbearer.

Focused on equality and loving being surrounded by friends, the Aquarius man will not hear lies being spread about him or see his lover trying to push him away from his company.

According to him, a woman who wants to no longer be in his life should see the relationship with him very clearly and avoid emotional reactions as much as possible, even if a breakup seems to be already in the cards.

Making him feel like he has no dignity left is another way to end a relationship with this gentleman, because even though he can be stupid at times, he is very smart and wants to know that his partner appreciates him for his behavior and not for anything else.

Moreover, forcing a compromise will push this man very far away from the person who won’t let him act the way he wants to act. He needs to wear his green hat, red and pants and do unusual things, so when he is not given the green light to appear strange, he can become very cold and indifferent.

Having a lot of friends would be nice not to get along with the people in his life, and he will start to think twice about being with that person.

He spends a lot of time with his buddies, so he needs a woman who can do the same without pretending to have a good time.

Those who tell him how to live his life will end up abandoned because he hates having a life partner who is controlling and wants to impose some of his techniques on him.

The Aquarius man loves a woman who is more than happy in her own skin and bold, yet caring. He wants to combine submissiveness with boldness, so he appreciates a woman with great confidence in any situation.

Under pressure, the water-bearing man will no longer know where to hide, because his style is relaxed and he prefers to just let things happen on their own.

Lack of admiration for him and his talents could also be the road that ends a relationship with this man. Moreover, he needs a woman with whom he can be friends, because he attaches great importance to friendship even more than to a romantic relationship.

People who are not passionate about anything do not impress him in any way, because he admires people with many hobbies and a passion for something, not to mention how much he enjoys looking out for another person’s interests and making friends. in his lover’s life.

Women who do not have a humanitarian side will not be around him for too long because he is a fighter for the common good who likes to volunteer for different purposes.

The Aquarius man and breakups.

People who are very insecure about love will not be able to accept the fact that Aquarius men are never jealous. Men of this sign never show possessiveness and are not interested in mind games because they just like to give others freedom and not interfere in their lives.

Many may misinterpret this and think of Water Bearers as insensitive and unable to commit emotionally, but these signs are passionate about freedom alone, whether they are with a person for a very long time or just living life.

People of this sign rarely want to own their partner or belong to anyone. When dumped, Aquarius men will be a little sad, but afterwards are just happy to be free again.

Those looking for a committed relationship in which partners only spend time together should look for someone else and let Aquarius go, because men in this sign are too independent for such a connection, not to mention that they will never give up their rich social relationships. life for any relationship.

Aquarius men will always be appreciated by their exes for their intelligence and desire to know as much as possible.

Their egos may suffer a little after each breakup, but they will never let their pride ruin their friendships with their exes, perhaps only if they get really hurt.

They will always seek to end their relationship on good terms, but that does not mean that they will not gossip about their former lovers.

In fact, it is very likely that they will spread rumors about the women who have been in their lives, as well as going back to an ex-girlfriend from time to time, just to have a little fun, just like in the good old days.

Being spontaneous and adventurous, very few of the women they have been with can feel annoyed by their presence, let alone how they can inspire anyone to become more confident and strong.

No woman, however, will say that she misses the way her Aquarius man used to be self-centered and only interested in his own comfort.

The worst thing someone can do to an Aquarius carrier is to tie him down. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom and new experiences, this man will never allow himself to be pushed around.

He needs his own space and combines freedom with commitment. Those who try to appease him will leave his life as soon as he notices their intentions.

Another thing that can really put off the Aquarius man is bigotry and rigidity. Prejudiced people who seem to ignore everything or think they are better than they are will never command the respect of an Aquarius man. People of this sign are known for making high demands on those around them in their lives, not to mention how much they hate dishonesty, pride and arrogance.

Breaking up with an Aquarius man: how does the sign behave in a divorce if he gets dumped

You do not need to guess how an Aquarius guy will behave when he wants to break up, if he decides to end the relationship with someone, he will definitely let you know that this is the end. These cavaliers can be very emotional when divorcing or breaking up, as they are usually very trusting of the people around them.

Let’s understand the situation, what to expect when an Aquarius man breaks up with you.

Basic trait.

Even if outwardly the man looks aloof going through a breakup, he is actually in a lot of pain inside. Often he just needs to be alone for a while to come to his senses and figure out what to do next.

When experiencing a breakup Aquarius man, does he tend to fight for the relationship? On the one hand, he really likes to be with someone, to feel that he is the only one loved by our other half. On the other hand, this sign is known for craving freedom, wanting to be alone and not feel attached to anyone.


There are some things that almost always come after breaking up with an Aquarius man. Even when there are still feelings for the ex, the representatives of this sign need to somehow get out of the situation and restore the mental balance. As stated, they use loneliness for this purpose. Whether the breakup was bad or good does not matter. Immediately after, he will strenuously protect his heart from the possibility of any negative experiences.

In most cases, Aquarius men tend to withdraw so they don’t feel pain.

This is not always the right thing to do, but it helps to come out of an emotional situation with a clearer head.

A logical approach.

If an Aquarius man is going through a breakup, he tends to make decisions with his head rather than his heart. He will always solve complex problems with logic rather than emotion, which is sometimes good, but sometimes bad.

From the outside it may seem that they do not care about the result of the relationship, although it is far from it.

With the expression of their emotions, this sign has some difficulties. When Aquarians break up, they want to sit down and analyze the relationship from beginning to end. If it would be better to separate, they will go for it.

Surround themselves with friends.

After a breakup, someone may need a lot of time to be alone with themselves, but this sign after analyzing the situation just vitally needs to be surrounded by friends. And if outwardly you can’t tell a storm of emotions, inside they rage.

Friends remind them that there are still many people around who love and care. That thought calms Aquarius men. Plus, spending time surrounded by friends and family will help replenish the positive energy.

How to force a guy to break up

Aquarius will only leave you for a very good reason, as he believes that you can’t throw away a good thing until it’s finally ruined. There are many reasons why Aquarius men break up, but the main ones are probably because the girl is too clingy, intolerant or disrespectful.

You can’t patronize or demand anything. If an Aquarius guy is told what to do, he will do anything to rebel against you.

They create a relationship based on a solid foundation of friendship and trust.

If you dump an Aquarius man, it’s important to give him time before trying to get him back. With us it is quite possible to remain friends, but a little later, when he gets used to the new situation. For now, it is better to take a break and give time to be alone with yourself.

Beneath the icy emotional inaccessibility hides a very sensitive Zodiac sign. Sometimes it can be difficult to cope with them, because relationships are not given to them easily. But remember that Aquarius will break up with his other half only with very good reasons.

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