If a woman is indifferent to a man – a look at the big picture

Female indifference in a relationship: definition, signs and causes

A man and a woman are bound by mutual attraction, common interests, interest in each other. Women by nature are called upon to surround with care and attention to who she loves. Where does the indifference of women in a relationship and why loving, caring, attentive girl becomes indifferent?

Nothing ruins the relationship as indifferent, indifferent attitude towards the partner. It is wrong to think that men – the creatures of the “thick-skinned”, therefore do not suffer from female indifference.

What is female indifference

Indifference is an indifferent, indifferent attitude. A person with such qualities refuses to help, show compassion or moral support to someone who needs it.

Psychologists claim that indifference comes in many forms:

  • Contrived – a kind of tool of manipulation or self-defense. In a woman, it can be an attempt to arouse interest in herself. After all, a man is a hunter, he is not interested in easy prey. So the girl portrays impregnability and indifference, although in her dreams she sees herself in the arms of this macho man. In family relationships, the spouse can “turn on” indifference for educational purposes. This is usually how a woman reacts to inattention or unworthy behavior of her husband. This is all temporary, ostentatious behavior. A woman who loves her husband cannot pretend to be cold for long.
  • True – when a person is simply indifferent, does not feel any feelings towards the partner. This can not only destroy the relationship, but also cause serious psychological trauma.

Indifference and lack of love – two sides of the same coin. Most women are emotional and sensual beings. When a girl loves, she is ready to do anything for his beloved, to wrap him with attention, affection. If there are no feelings, sooner or later the man will face a real indifference to himself.

As manifested by female indifference in the relationship with a man

Indifference is always manifested in the behavior, attitude towards the partner. Some time a woman may be able to hide it. But for a long time to pretend it is impossible.

Here are some signs of the indifference of women in a relationship:

  • Irritability. A girl reacts sharply and aggressively to every action and word of the partner, irritated without reason, constantly dissatisfied with everything. Of course, there may be a bad mood or feeling of well-being. But if discontent and reproaches become a system, it is a reason to think.
  • Detachment. She is not interested in the man’s problems, does not want to hear about what he cares, what he lives on. Walks away from conversations.
  • Constant busyness. Most often this is a sign that the girl avoids communication under any pretext.
  • Refusal to have sex. Lack of physical attraction of adult men and women is a clear sign of indifference.
  • Ignoring joint plans. For a woman, family, stability, reliable rear is very important. If she avoids talking about the future, does not make plans, does not want children together, it shows that she treats the man as a temporary partner.

All this is a clear signal to the man, a reason to think about the sincerity of feelings towards herself.

Causes of female indifference

Speaking of female indifference, psychologists identify two main reasons:

  • Lack of love;
  • and a response to the indifference of men.

And if the first case, a man is unlikely to cope, the second factor is quite possible to overcome, changing their own behavior and attitude.

Separately, we should highlight the “inborn indifference. When a person, by virtue of his character, upbringing simply can not feel compassion, indifferent to loved ones, others, animals. Such a character is difficult to get through emotions. He does not care about what is going on around him. In relationships with the opposite sex, he is just as indifferent, because he simply cannot do otherwise. For women, such indifference is less typical due to natural emotionality and sensuality.

But the periods of indifference connected with health conditions, fatigue, emotional and hormonal factors are typical for the representatives of the weak half of humanity. Women are susceptible to depressions that also lead to emotional emptiness and indifference. In such situations, the lifeline is the help and support of loved ones, and most of all – the husband. Timely referral to a specialist will help solve the problem and build relationships in the family.

It happens that a woman has exhausted the limit of feelings for her man, she had another, who she is ready to give her attention and love. In this case, indifference manifests itself both emotionally and physically.

Ways to combat female indifference in relationships

In order to cope with indifference on the part of a woman, it is important to understand where it came from, to understand the reasons. In the case of the lack of love, perhaps the most effective way is to break up the relationship before it is too late.

A girl can adapt for a while, to portray interest, attention in order to achieve his goal: to get married, have a baby, to solve the material problems, to improve self-esteem and so on. If we are talking about a married couple, the woman is ready to sacrifice her desires for the sake of her children, out of a sense of duty, because of her responsibility to her loved ones.

The list of women’s reasons to maintain a loveless relationship is many. But for a long time to pretend will not work. Indifference girls in a relationship will inevitably manifest itself. And it will increase like a snowball. In that case, you should clarify the situation on the shore and make a decision for yourself.

Much more difficult, if the indifference in the relationship appears after many years spent together in love and harmony. Put a cross on such a relationship is not easy. Saving the situation may be mutual understanding, love, mutual desire to preserve close relationships and the family. To begin with – come to a dialogue. Find out what the reason is, try together to find a way out. Perhaps the spouse should pay attention to themselves and their attitude towards his wife, children, to be more attentive and caring.

A joint decision to pay more attention to each other can be a lifesaver. For example, joint vacations, walks, trips to the theater, cinema, restaurant, common hobbies and pastimes forgotten. The more time spent together, the more chances to return the shaken intimacy in the relationship and to overcome indifference.

Many families experience cooling crises in relationships – and some manage to successfully overcome this period.

A relationship between two people is a delicate matter. It is impossible to find general patterns for everyone. Indifference of a woman to a man in a relationship is formed and manifests itself individually. It is important to recognize the problem and the need to overcome it – then there are ways to solve it.

10 signs. that he does not care about you, even if you are in a relationship

He does not play hard to get, you just do not get him hooked.

It can be very difficult to know how a man feels about you. If he distanced himself, you instinctively will try more if he builds himself unapproachable. But how do you know when this is actually happening?

A course in cognitive psychology.

You’ll learn where anxiety comes from and when it stops being the norm. You’ll find the thoughts that make you feel bad about yourself. Learn to understand your emotions and feelings. You’ll understand how to overcome unnecessary anxiety, to become more confident and not depend on other people’s opinions.

When you try to win a man’s attention, there is a thrill, but if a man really likes you, chances are he won’t pretend for too long.

If a man is doing any of the following, then I’m sorry, but he’s not running some elaborate marriage game, he’s just not interested in you:

1. he’s not responding to you.

If a man really likes you, he will respond to your message. He may not be able to respond right away because he’s busy, but that shouldn’t be his constant excuse. If you show him your attitude and he’s really interested in it, he won’t ignore you just to pass himself off as an untouchable.

2. he flirts with other women

Every man knows he’s playing with fire by trying to flirt with multiple women. None of them really think this move will appeal to the girl he likes. If the man you’re hanging out with is pulling this kind of crap, run without a second glance!

3) He refuses to make everything official.

Many men will try to make excuses for why there are “bad times” in their lives to start a relationship. However, if he has no problem forcing a connection and empty promises on you for something more, he’s not playing hard to get, he’s just playing with your nerves.

4- He doesn’t ask you about your personal life and doesn’t tell you any information about himself

Some girls find excuses for a man they really like, so when a man has nothing to talk about, they may assume he’s just shy or trying to look mysterious. No, he just doesn’t care about what’s going on with you and thinks you don’t care about him either (or he just doesn’t want you to get too attached).

5. He’s insulting you, as subtle as that sounds.

Some men do believe that the way to flirt with ambivalent compliments is the way to win a woman over. However, none of them will use it on a woman he really cares about, because it’s just plain rude. If a man acts this way with you, you better not stay with such a man because he is likely to be selfish both in life and in bed.

6. He’s explicitly stating that he’s in a relationship.

When a man openly states this fact, it’s time to walk away and not push the boundaries. This means he has made his point and is not planning anything romantic with you. If he is not available and still wants something from you, he becomes even more slippery.

7. He won’t let you stay at his place.

If he won’t let you stay with him after the two of you have had a good time, then he sees you only as a woman for intimacy and nothing more. Don’t be fooled by what he says and really pay attention to such actions because they say everything.

8. He doesn’t communicate with you on social media

If he has no problem communicating with you in real life, but he goes to great lengths to dodge you online, then he’s not right for you. Worry less about him being hard to find and worry a little more about him not wanting another girl to see the two of you chatting.

9. He suddenly disappears.

You might think that all went well on your date and he might just be playing a silly game of silence. But it’s not a game! That’s one of the signs that you’re not appreciated, he just doesn’t like you.

10. He is hiding you from everyone close to him.

Of course he won’t tell you what he’s doing, but if he hasn’t introduced you to the important people in his life, like friends and family, then that’s probably what he’s up to. You’re not one to be ashamed of, so keep at it instead of fighting him.

If a man likes you, he will make every effort to get to know you and make you happy. If he’s not ready for that, then he just doesn’t like you.

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