If a Taurus man is jealous

Taurus man jealousy? (7 tips for dealing with jealous Taurus guys)

A couple of years ago, I happened to be in a relationship with a stranger. The drama that led up to it is unbelievable and hilarious. Both of our families were playing matches. Then when I found out he was a Taurus, naturally I thought to myself: “This could work,” after all, Taurus guys are romantic as hell. So, I agreed to the matchmaking.

A month into the relationship, it dawned on me that this man was pretty interesting! Slowly but steadily what I wanted – no, I need it to work for me. And as soon as I had a vested interest, things took a turn for the worse. I was no longer getting the attention I was used to, so I went out of my way to make him jealous by flirting with other people.

I figured; Seeing men literally drool over me as I tossed my hair back and walked away and then stopped to throw them a look over my shoulder as I winked would bring him back to full commitment. Pause for effect. Let’s just say I was hurt.

Still reeling from the unforeseen turn of events, I later realized that my journey to understanding the Taurus man was an exciting journey that forced me to do a double take and a steep U-turn in my approach to this man. Bottom line – Taurus men’s jealousy does not mean a good relationship. So, if you want to make a Taurus man happy and free of jealousy, the following tips will help.

Are Taurus men jealous? How to behave with jealous Taurus men

1. Understand what makes a Taurus man

If you’re even a little confused about your man or, better yet, the signals you’re getting from him, you should probably check his date of birth. The Taurus man was born between April 20 and May 20. He is represented by a bull. That in itself says a lot about who he is and how he behaves when he is jealous.

He is largely a stubborn introvert, more traditional in his beliefs and therefore chivalrous.

He tends to be firmly rooted in his beliefs . Be happy, once he believes in you, he will protect you from the world and defend you.

2. Keep an eye on your Taurus man’s lifestyle.

Dependable, provider, perfect father . Wait! Wait, do I hear your ovaries squirming? Yes! He will be your perfect husband if you understand how his mind works – especially when he’s jealous. His love of nature makes him lean toward gardening, carpentry, and generally anything that involves touching and growing.

You have so much work to do as his favorite. The Taurus man is very complex. He tends to hide his strong emotional side under a blanket of rudeness, so a delicate flower like you can easily interpret this as indifference. Wait, give him time. Patience is the key to understanding him.

3. Sort out the sensual Taurus man.

Sex is never casual for the Taurus man. It is a hotbed of emotion. Passion and energy. He’s not your wild, spontaneous lover, but he is your eternal love . He loves watching you enjoy the loving caresses, so he will spend ages on foreplay. With every kiss and every touch he expresses his love for you and his appreciation for your body. It’s his way of affirming to you that he has your support! This is sensual heaven for every girl.

4. There’s a bull in Taurus men.

Their dependable, rooted personalities make them dedicated and stay true to their commitments for a long time, whether it’s a job or a person; so when they get jealous, they do so passionately. Just as they never leave a job half done, they never leave a relationship half finished. And if circumstances take the work out of their hands, it will haunt them for a long time. Even long after they’ve stopped saying anything about it.

This methodical, single-mindedness results in these people being extremely possessive . This person wants to acknowledge their success. Strongly protective, and so you don’t want to stir up his jealousy. Did I mention it would end badly? Well, it will end badly .

5. Beware of his complexes.

One of the main reasons this man may leave is because he feels misunderstood, taken for granted, disrespected, or unwanted. After a while of courting a woman, it’s no longer a pursuit for him, but a challenge to his dignity. You don’t want to touch his self-esteem except to get rid of him quickly.

He wants stability, security, and routine. He is persistent and diligent, and you may be the only object of these strong qualities, at least for a while. If you are trying to man commit a Taurus man, don’t interfere with his ego or try to make him jealous.

6. The usual relationship advice doesn’t always work with Taurus men.

If I were in front of you, I would scream. Don’t resort to the usual relationship advice to decry this man! It will have unpleasant consequences. He is unique, and one thing you can count on is his unpredictability in a good way, if you have gone out of your way to win his trust, which you can almost never lose, or in a bad way; if he has not figured out his feelings for you.

In this case, one moment you are in a sweet and happy relationship, and the next you are all alone. He walks away without any explanation. This is the perspective of a woman who has been there and done that.

7. When trouble comes knocking.

You will hurt yourself if you believe that the way to “show him up” when you are going through a rough patch is to make him jealous. Jealousy is not decent for him! Taurus men can’t stand intellectual games; in fact, jealousy is inappropriate for a Taurus man. For them, the color is either black or solid white – never gray.

Moreover, he may hold back from you when he realizes he is not appreciated or respected. Believe me, I know. And because he doesn’t let you know his position, if you haven’t already learned his identity, you may be tempted to turn to someone else for love, which will piss off the bull in him. Uh-oh. Make sure you don’t do that.

They don’t allow themselves to be jealous. Short and simple. If they feel they are underestimated, they will reinforce it. So, jealousy is forbidden. What’s more, they never want to feel like they’re competing with someone for your affection. It hurts their ego. Or rather, it hurts the bull in them. Trying to make a Taurus man jealous will cause you to lose him.

What happens when a Taurus man falls in love?

A Taurus man in love is the best thing that could happen to a woman. You get a devoted, passionate, devoted lover who wants nothing more than to mother his children. He will subtly brag about you to people, friends and family. His world will revolve around you. You will be crowned his queen. However, jealousy is not his good trait.

How do you know if a Taurus man is in love with you?

He will take the time to woo you the old-fashioned way. It will be both sweet and funny. Sensual and exciting. This man will write poetry, take you on dates to restaurants with natural themes. Their desire for control and order will cause him to panic at first, especially if he gets even a hint of rejection.

How do you know if a Taurus man loves you?

He simply will not contact you if there is no interest. If he calls, writes, even discusses his work with you, girl, you’re in. Taurus men think long and hard before they make decisions, and once they do, there’s no turning back. So, if this Taurus straitjacket comes out clean with you, his word is his bond.

How do you make a Taurus miss you?

Be careful: making Mr. Taurus miss you is not the same as making a man jealous. He’s strong and bossy, but he doesn’t want a woman who’s a wimp. So, go out and work. Go to parties with friends.

If you’re at a party together, don’t make him the center of attention. Talk to other people, but don’t flirt. He’ll worry until you get his full attention back. But be careful not to inflame him with jealousy; a jealous Taurus man is not pleasant.


I was one of those people who honestly didn’t believe in the meaninglessness of the zodiac signs. Honestly, it was despair that unearthed this treasure trove for me, and then I realized that I had been fighting needlessly all along! Dating a Taurus man who quickly becomes jealous can be testing and encouraging at the same time. The key is to make an effort to decipher your man or anyone else. The rewards to be reaped are more than worth the cost.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article; if so, feel free to share with a friend who may be dealing with jealousy in a relationship .

Taurus Male Jealousy.

Taurus men, for the most part, are the epitome of stability and reliability. They try to be restrained and look at the world soberly, self-confident, and from this less jealous than, for example, representatives of such a sign as Aries. But this does not mean that these men can not be jealous.

How does it manifest itself

The first thing to note is the fact that jealousy in Taurus men is not so easy to cause. They are too self-confident, because of which they do not even think about the fact that someone out there, somewhere could look in the direction of another man. But this does not mean that the representatives of this sign do not know how to be jealous. On the contrary, they are very jealous, but this quality is manifested only when there is a good reason for jealousy. He will not suspect his second half in infidelity, to feel insecure about himself because of communication lady of the heart with another man, and the competition to see someone else will not. But if there will appear at least something that will have a clear symptom of infidelity, then the other half and the perpetrator will not be well…

Jealousy of a male Taurus is comparable with the volcano, which has been asleep for a long time, and then explodes, spewing lava and then fading rapidly. This is also the case with jealousy of representatives of this zodiac sign – they are initially calm and reserved, and then, when there are real reasons for jealousy, they spew anger and aggression, quickly, at an explosive pace. At such moments next to such a man is better not to be, because it will hurt, sweep away and not notice. The woman herself may also be in trouble, because at such moments she can not appear before the restrained gentleman, which she saw her man, and the aggressor, spewing all his discontent in one burst.

And as long as the reasons for jealousy do not run out, Taurus will not calm down. He will arrange interrogations, suspect his soul mate in everything without exception, invent new reasons for jealousy and seem to be the most genuine “schizophrenic”. It is better to prove to him as quickly as possible that it is not necessary to be jealous, or leave him – otherwise the relationship can turn into a real hell.

How to lead

Try to convince him of the insignificance of the reasons for jealousy he saw;

Don’t say, “you imagined it” and “it’s not like that” – this will only make him suspicious;

Don’t make empty excuses – they will only make things worse for you;

Prove your faithfulness in action – sacrifice something for the sake of his peace;

Be honest in everything without exception …

How to get rid of jealousy

Jealousy of a restrained in normal life Taurus is so unpredictable, strong and powerful, that it is better not to provoke it. He will do in a fit of jealousy everything in order to destroy his rival and tame the other half. Only then will he calm down, and only then will you get rid of his jealousy. Although there are many other methods.

For example, a manner of exaggeration and praise works great for Taurus men. Praise him, give him compliments, constantly talk about how precious he is to you – this is what will help you get rid of his jealousy and make it so that it never occurred and.

Well, if the jealousy occurred on a serious matter, then you should already think about sacrificing something to prove his jealousy, because this is the only way to regain his trust and get rid of jealousy. Taurus men are not too vindictive, you just need to wait a little and do a couple of good deeds, and that’s it – the jealousy will be forgotten, and the trust will be restored.

How to achieve

Get a male Taurus jealousy is difficult, at least when it comes to provocative jealousy, rather than destructive. It is impossible to provoke the Taurus to such jealousy, because of which he will start to pay more attention to you and fear of losing you. You can only provoke him to destructive jealousy. He will not be jealous of petty reasons, will not build theories, and will start to be jealous only if there is a really serious reason. And so it turns out that a serious reason can be just the same in case of a Taurus and serve as a reason for separation.

So, no matter what, but it is better not to provoke a representative of this sign. Jealousy of Taurus is unconventional, and it is better not to appeal to it.

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