If a Taurus man doesn’t write – sort it out thoroughly

What to do if a Taurus man ignores you (3 important things)

Want to know how to most effectively get his attention back?

Well, you’re in luck!

This guide reveals the behaviors a Taurus man is most likely to respond to.

But before we do, it’s important that you understand the following few suggestions.

There’s only one sure way to find out why someone is ignoring you is to find out what they’re doing instead.

Without knowing that, all we can do is speculate.

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The Taurus Man in a Relationship.

To know exactly what to do when a Taurus man ignores you, it’s helpful to know a little bit about him in a relationship.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. Some astrologers look at zodiac signs as a development of life. Aries is the first sign, and the child ever concerned only with his own ego. Capricorn is the wise old man of the Zodiac, and Pisces is the last sign to reach spiritual enlightenment.

So what then is left for the Taurus? Well, from the infant stage the toddler moves on. Babies can be stubborn, they like to experience life through taste and touch. They are inquisitive but don’t like to stray too far from safety. They like comfort and security.

Taurus is the sign of the still Earth. This means that the Taurus man is grounded, balanced and likes a routine. They are hardworking, loyal and become incredibly tactile lovers. They are simple creatures who don’t like change.

These guys like to pamper themselves. They like the finer things in life. They may be connoisseurs of aged wines or like to eat at good restaurants. Or they may love opera or old masters. Whatever their passion is, it engages one of their senses.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the god of feminine love. So, although Taurus is traditionally seen as a masculine sign, it has a sensual feminine side.

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, it is safe to say that Taurus men are quite easy to please. Therefore, when a Taurus man ignores you, he will have a good reason.

Perhaps you have hurt his sensitive pride? Or maybe he’s thinking about someone else? He might want to discuss the text messages he read on your phone. Or he might be questioning the relationship. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to know why a Taurus guy is suddenly ignoring you.

Three reasons a Taurus man might be ignoring you

He’s upset with you.

Taurus males express their feelings by touching, not by talking. They don’t know how to tell their partners how much they love them. Instead, they use their bodies to express their love and desire.

This is all very well when things are going well in the relationship. But when things go bad, this guy doesn’t know what to do. So he pulls back.

If he’s upset with you, you’ll probably get silence from him while he decides what to do. He needs to be sure how he feels about you.

2. he ignores you as punishment.

Taurus men tend to shut down and use this method of ignoring you as punishment. He can’t express his frustration, so instead he acts in a passive-aggressive way. This is the exact opposite of what happens when you ignore a Pisces man. He ignores you because he is hurt.

Taurus men are different. Like a bull in his star sign, he will heel and wait until he feels ready to confront the situation. Either way, he will approach you as much as he wants to. Don’t rush him-it’s like showing a red flag to a bull.

We already know that these guys aren’t talkers. So when they have a problem with you, they tend to want to walk away and solve it by thinking rather than discussing it. He will solve the problem in his head.

3. something is bothering him.

Of course, it’s not all about you. I know we tend to think the world revolves around us, but think your Taurus man might be worried about something other than you.

These macho men tend to distract from their loved ones in order to focus on the problem. They don’t like to unnecessarily worry about their loved ones.

Taurus males show their love and affection through physical intimacy. So if he is physically withdrawn, it may mean that he is struggling with an aspect of his life that needs to be changed.

These are just a few reasons why a Taurus man might ignore you, but what will you do if he does?

What to do if a Taurus man ignores you

1. Give him space and time.

At this point, you don’t know if you’ve done something wrong or if your Taurus guy is solving the problem outside of the relationship. So the worst thing you can do right now is stand up to him and demand an explanation. You have to give him time.

It would be different if we were talking about what to do when an oncologist ignores you. All they want to do is talk and discuss their feelings. But Taurus people need time and space to gather their thoughts. They need to be sure of their next steps.

They also need to think through their options and decide for themselves what they are going to do next. They can’t do that with you in their room. In fact, some say the best advice is that when a man ignores, you ignore him back.

2. speak frankly about your feelings.

Just because a Taurus man doesn’t like to talk doesn’t mean you can’t tell him how you feel. In fact, he admires your candor. If there’s one thing Taurus men can’t stand, it’s people playing mind games.

He doesn’t do it and doesn’t understand why others waste their time doing it. So while he himself hasn’t figured out the basics of the discussion yet, he does respect people with a straightforward personality.

You also need to know that Taurus males like constant scrutiny . Thus, knowing how you treat them gives them the freedom and knowledge to feel good about themselves.

Taurus males may act like they don’t care, but inside they will feel the complete opposite. They will feel sad and want to know why they are being ignored, but they won’t know what to do to find out. They will probably ask a close friend what is going on.

What does it mean when a Taurus woman ignores you?

Taurus women value honesty above all else. So if she starts ignoring you, chances are she’s noticed you’re lying about something. She may suspect that you’re a phony and want to distance herself from you. Remember, it’s hard to ignore someone you like.

Why do Taurus men hide their feelings?

It’s hard to get a Taurus man to open up because it’s hard for him to express his emotions even with those he loves and trusts. Therefore, they tend to hide their feelings from the beginning. It takes them longer to reveal their feelings for fear of being rejected.

How do you know if a Taurus is over?

A Taurus will give up physical affection and start dictating his rules and conditions. He will use harsh and harsh language when he stops loving you. He won’t care that he has hurt you. He won’t want to spend any more time with you.

What do Taurus men do when they are hurt?

Despite being a Bull sign, male Taurus men are rather sensitive creatures. They tend to retreat and hide behind a protective wall when they are hurt. They don’t pounce; instead, they prefer to lick their wounds in private.


Taurus males are simple folk. They crave stability and security. They will spend years looking for the right woman, and when they find her, they will settle down to a long-term commitment.

Sure, some women may find them possessive and a little boring, but to others they are the perfect man.

It’s all about finding the right balance between what works for you and your Taurus man. If your Taurus man ignores you, I always find that honesty and straightforwardness usually works.

Remember, this man doesn’t do bull * * t. And he doesn’t expect that from you either.

So, have you been ignored by a Taurus man? Did you find out why he ignored you? Do you agree with my explanation? I would love to hear your comments!

How to understand a Taurus man’s attitude towards you: that he is in love and hides his feelings, that he has serious feelings

Men born under the sign of Taurus – a real mystery for his chosen one, and even after many years of marriage with Taurus not every woman manages to unravel it. Explain the motives of his actions and understand the aspirations of life – not an easy task. To better understand who the Taurus is, let’s try to analyze in detail the essence and habits of such men, as well as learn how to recognize them. So how to understand the attitude of a Taurus man to you?

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  • Man Taurus: how to understand
  • That he likes you: the signs
  • That he’s in love.
  • But hides his feelings
  • That he has serious feelings
  • That he doesn’t care about you.
  • His penmanship toward you
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  • How a Taurus Man in Love Behaves
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Man-Taurus in a relationship

Only a truly beloved and loving woman is able to understand and accept such a man. The Taurus man chooses his beloved only with care and consideration and with the understanding that this will last a lifetime. Taurus does not always reveal immediately, but his passion grows and multiplies with each day he spends together.

Watch the video. Astrology: a psychological portrait of a Taurus man.

Taurus love is inexhaustible, deep, romantic and can last forever. It is difficult to find a more passionate lover, if such a man man manages to suppress his sense of ownership and jealousy. The sensuality of Taurus prevails over sexuality, which allows you to easily determine his attitude towards his partner.

He relates to his beloved with tenderness and awe, trying every way to please his beloved, to fill their life together with romance, to pamper the beloved with luxury and generosity. The possession of the most beautiful and desirable woman for him is as important as life itself.

A vow of eternal love and loyalty is not an empty phrase for a Taurus.

Seven out of eight Tauruses are possessive.

The mistress of such a man should be aware of the fact that so many Taurus men are possessive. If the Taurus suddenly begins to behave strangely and irreconcilable, it means that he does not intend to share his girlfriend with other men under any circumstances. He does not tolerate rivalry and competition in the relationship, never forgives treason and betrayal, does not accept compromise.

Man Taurus: how to understand

Often the external restraint and concern of the Taurus is perceived by a woman as coldness in relation to her. Immersion in current problems and worries is peculiar to men of this sign especially at the beginning of the relationship, which makes it very difficult for a woman to understand him.

The ambitious nature of Taurus considers any praise to his address as deserved. Not always he is able to distinguish genuine praise and gratitude from the feigned flattery. But outright falsity in the relationship will not go unnoticed. This will greatly offend and hurt the sensitive heart of the man.

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On the other hand, sincere, going from the heart, praise will be only a reward for a man of this sign and will help to achieve his location. And to praise such a man is always worth it.

In a love relationship Taurus is manifested in different ways. Despite his romanticism, he can be reserved and cold. For all of his inner tenderness and sensitivity, any reason for jealousy on the part of women can just take it out of itself. However, he is no stranger to forgiveness and understanding, if the chosen one manages to convince him that nothing serious has happened.

At other times, the Taurus is in a pose and it just becomes impossible to move him. Then the only way out for a woman is to patiently convince her loved one of her loyalty and devotion, using feminine wiles and caresses.

At his best, the Taurus man is able to become a real support not only for the woman he loves, but also for the whole family.

That he likes you: the signs

The Taurus man is not the kind of guy who immediately rushes into a maelstrom. As in any other sphere of life, he needs time to think thoroughly and assess the situation. Therefore, it is unlikely that a woman will immediately understand what he likes.

Only after looking closely and analyzing the possible candidate, Taurus will move to decisive actions and begin to seek the location of the lady. And then there is no doubt, he will succeed. Whatever he starts, he brings everything to the end. Love relationships are no exception, especially since the persistence and romanticism of Taurus only help in the conquest of an impregnable female fortress.

Taurus is not one of those signs for which it is important to have a general idea about a person and a woman in particular. Of course, he will pay attention to the beauty and intelligence, and then starts to make inquiries unobtrusively about what a woman likes, how she prefers to rest, whether she likes children… this is worth paying attention to.

If a male Taurus is having a conversation with a woman on such topics, then most likely he considers her as a possible candidate for the woman he chose.

90% of relationships are long-term.

The fact that Taurus immediately considers the possibility of a long-term relationship and marriage, so if he’s interested in what kind of woman is the mistress, it means that he cares about the lady. Then it is the right time for a woman to arrange a demonstration of all her talents and virtues.

In love, Taurus tries in every possible way to show care and carefully protect his chosen one. He will inquire whether the woman had dinner and, if not, will certainly try to feed his girlfriend. Manifestation of care – one of the first signs of love Taurus. He is ready for all kinds of small feats for the lady of the heart. Romance is not the most appropriate way to express his feelings, according to this earthly sign. It is better to do something useful for a woman.

Taurus by nature does not seek quick results, so you should not rush him in a love relationship.

The man Taurus knows that everything has its time. First need to get a better understanding of his beloved. A woman who is near such a man should be patient and by no means to make attempts to put pressure on him. This will only hurt his feelings and scare him. Taurus considers himself a leader in the relationship, so let him and the right to make the first move will belong to him, not a woman.

That he’s in love.

These mysterious incomprehensible men cause in a woman an irresistible desire to understand his attitude towards his person. A woman wonders how a Taurus man feels about her, if he is in no hurry to say so directly.

Watch the video. How to understand that a Taurus man is in love with you, and what to do if he hides it.

A lady should pay attention to her partner’s behavior. Taurus is a very cheerful and life-loving man, so he will try in every way to cheer up and please his chosen one. His imagination in this regard is limitless: from harmless jokes to all sorts of jokes. In love Taurus is ready for anything to his girlfriend was not bored.

The appearance of a Taurus in love can also change dramatically. Usually restrained and pragmatic Taurus can transform beyond recognition, to attract the attention of his girlfriend. He is even able to completely change his style.

If a man’s figure is not perfect, he will certainly do everything to pull himself up, for example, joined the gym or the pool.

Communicating with his beloved, amorous Taurus is fully absorbed by her, he literally does not notice what’s happening around; concentrated with great tenderness and warmth looks into the eyes of his beloved woman, trying to catch the slightest change in her mood.

Astrologers have even noticed that it is not uncommon that a male Taurus, communicating with a woman sympathetic to him, begins to blink frequently, and does so unconsciously.

As a rule, when communicating a Taurus expresses his emotional state through gestures. At the same time, a long, close look of the partner, aimed directly into the eyes of Taurus, can visibly confuse him and cause a blush on his cheeks.

But hides his feelings

Sometimes the amorous Taurus tries to carefully hide his attitude toward his partner. To understand his attitude, you will have to observe him properly.

Changes in appearance is the first sign that can be understood that Taurus has certain feelings for the woman.

Moreover, the man begins to more carefully monitor himself automatically. His subconscious makes him look more groomed and attractive in the eyes of the lady he likes. If a man in the process of communication makes unconscious movements in the waistband of his body, for example, adjusts the belt, it may indicate a sexual attraction to his chosen one.

A twinkle in the eyes is a fabulous expression, but the dilated pupils of a man quite realistically indicate his interest in the fairer sex.

In love, but hiding the feeling of Taurus, by virtue of its hedonistic nature, will certainly try to touch the object of its adoration.

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Of course, all his touching will be discreet within the limits of common etiquette, but he will not miss a single chance to do it again and again.

That he has serious feelings

Taurus will not rush into a decision, he will take a long time to evaluate and analyze his partner. The only way to push a man to take decisive action – is to make him feel the need to constant presence of his chosen one near him. And then the woman will be able to truly feel the power of love Taurus. She will become the meaning of his life. He will look forward to seeing her again, and in short periods of separation miss and think only about her alone.

At such moments, the main thing – do not disappoint your man, do not give him reason to doubt your choice or feel intrusive and unnecessary.

If your favorite Taurus, you have to humbly put up with his need to always be near, to feel the presence of his beloved, to touch her.

So many Taurus need a constant affirmation of their importance in the life of a woman. Do not allow coldness and indifference to such a man. Convince him that you are the woman he needs in his life, and then you will feel the full power of love and patronage of a Taurus.

That he doesn’t care about you.

Although Taurus takes the time to show his true feelings for his partner, his indifference is not hard to understand. If Taurus does not gather the courage and himself does not hint at the impossibility of further relations, he will try to express it in his actions. The man stops being interested in your successes and problems, forgets to meet or fulfill a promise.

Remember one of the first signs of falling in love in Taurus? The manifestation of caring! And lack of caring directly indicates his coldness and desire to end the relationship.

His penmanship toward you

In virtual communication Taurus will not conduct long intimate conversations with you. If a girl is outwardly sympathetic, he is more likely to ask more accurate questions, trying to assess the potential of his chosen one.

Live communication in Taurus is an undeniable priority, especially if he already feels in love.

8 out of 9 watch out for themselves in communication

Proper wording and literacy in a Taurus man in love comes to the forefront. Before writing, such a man will analyze the meaning of each phrase and try to avoid annoying spelling mistakes. Taurus can not look stupid and uneducated fool in the eyes of a lady, because the external beauty is not the most important thing in life for him.

In love Taurus will never allow himself rudeness or rudeness, so his remarks are always correctly expressed, without spelling errors, parasite words and do not contain profanity.

Watch the video. A look at love through the eyes of Taurus.

Taurus is restrained, so he will not spread about his problems and worries, but to wish the lady of the heart good night or good morning for him as important as a declaration of love.


Overly emotional and intolerant women will have a hard time with a Taurus man. His slowness, pragmatism and thoroughness to some members of the weaker sex looks like nerdiness and even stupidity. In fact, it is a typical character traits of Taurus. He will never commit acts that have not been considered several times, or to act impulsively.

Here is what they write about it on women’s forums:

  • “Taurus cannot be criticized, teased, or pranked! Do not wake him beastly nature! Patience sooner or later comes to an end. If it explodes – no way. Do not provoke jealousy in any case! Taurus is a terrible possessive person. They love fun and playful women, but you should be careful with the games, inadvertently not to fall into disgrace. It should be a woman-intrigue that you want to unravel, but at the same time not to cause him irritation. They do not like boring, stupid, hysterical women;
  • “Show concern for a Taurus man. They like a warm, heartfelt attitude. Praise often, you can even flatter, but within reason. The main thing is not to lie, otherwise he will stop trusting you. Show care and attention to any little things (bought a tie, tied socks, ask about the health of his parents.) He will love it;
  • “Be smart and impeccable. Taurus likes to be able to brag about his woman. You do not have to be the most beautiful, but it is important to be sexually attractive! A woman next to him should attract looks, be able to shine not only with her mind, but also with good taste, manners, the ability to present herself”;
  • “Smart girls – the weakness of Taurus, concerned about clothes fools do not attract them. If you’re like that, you can just walk away. They like to be entertained, when you’re interesting and incomprehensible at the same time. This kind of woman is a mystery, who does not make up anything and behaves in a dignified and natural way. In general, Taurus people like such smart, but adorable fools;
  • “In bed you have to be on top!”;
  • “I am a Taurus woman, and men and I are similar, so I can recommend the following: don’t try to lead or drive Taurus under the thumb. If you want to do something by yourself, let him help you, and when you achieve your goal, don’t forget to tell him that without his help you would have never made it. If he is stubborn, do not insist and break it, just try to convince him and wait until he weighs everything and thinks. If a man himself understands that this is important, he will move mountains to achieve this! And in general, Taurus is a good, reliable and good. Taurus values calmness and agreement. They are not connected to frivolous and flighty women except for fleeting sexual intercourse. Such relationships usually do not have a continuation. But, if a serious, intelligent beautiful woman comes to Taurus’ sight, then such a woman will definitely be a suitable candidate for the sweetheart position.

How a Taurus Man in Love Behaves

A Taurus man at the peak of his infatuation changes not only externally. All of his actions as if crying out about the desire to please and please her. He is courteous, attentive and accommodating. Taurus is ready to put a lot of effort and efforts to solve all the problems and concerns of a woman.

By nature, silent and secretive Taurus, falling in love, can trust their girlfriend most intimate secrets and hidden from others’ experiences.

In love Taurus sincerely tries to enter and understand the interests of his woman, her aspirations for something, even if previously it absolutely did not occupy him.

In love, Taurus is generous and capable of literally showering the object of his adoration with all kinds of gifts and presents. However, it is unlikely that he will spend money on useless things, because Taurus is inclined to acquire useful and practical things.

How to approach him

Taurus men favor open sociable women. With them it is easy and not boring. Perhaps this is due to a desire to adopt some of these qualities in their chosen one. With these women Taurus tries to spend as much time as possible. He appreciates the politeness, intelligence and personal achievements of his chosen one.

He instinctively strives to find a woman who corresponds to his ideals. Marriage to a woman who is a few steps below the Taurus man – a great rarity. Much more often the chosen one is ahead of him in many ways.

Understand and reveal Taurus under the power not every woman.

To learn to understand him and take it for what it is, a woman will have to make a man to show their emotions, to splash out their experiences. To do this, talk more often, sometimes argue, and then perhaps he will reveal himself fully.

Sometimes the woman does not know how to understand the Taurus desire to hide from the outside world, not to go to visit and not communicate with old friends. In such situations, you can not pressurize, insist or arrange scandals. We must try to take a man to talk frankly and find out the reason for this behavior.

Often the motives are quite trivial. Your man just does not get close communication. According to observations by astrologers, sexual desire for Taurus increases every year, which causes such a strong need for privacy with his beloved in a domestic setting.

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