If a man wants you.

How to know if a man wants you : 100% signs

Hi gals!!! Want to know the signs that a man wants a woman? I’m going to reveal them to you right now. You can’t always know right away if a man wants a girl or not, as there are determined and there are hesitant men in action.

Signs of male desire

In most cases, wooing a girl by a guy is related to his desire to get into bed with her, and he does not want anything more. You can tell by the following signs that he wants you.

The look

Don’t forget that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Experienced girls can easily determine the intentions of the beau looking at them. The look reflects a man’s desire.

A man who is confident does not hesitate to stare intently at a desirable girl. They will often raise their gaze upon discovering a person they like. You can look sideways or turn your head back to catch his gaze.

Shy guys will immediately try to move their eyes because they can’t stand to look back. They look at the girl they like with meek and short gazes. One easy way to tell if a guy is watching you or not is to yawn. If you look at him after yawning and see that he yawned back, chances are he was looking at you.

Often people who are in love use the ingratiating look with which they ask for approval for action.

Touch and Breath

The desire to touch the object you like is one of the important signs. A guy who likes a girl will want to touch her, touch her hair, neck, shoulders, anywhere and anytime.

Even in the workplace you can notice similar situations. When you pass some items to a colleague, he will touch your palm and linger on it, waiting for a short pause. The man will try as often as possible to be closer to the woman who attracts him. Will often pass near her, literally invading her personal space. If you are getting close, the guy will have his breath knocked down next to you most of the time and you will feel it.

Gesticulation and voice.

When a man talks to a girl he likes, his tone of voice changes. It begins to sound lower than usual, as if velvet and a little quieter than he speaks in life. The most primitive and banal occasions will be used for phone conversations. The conversations will be long.

The words spoken and the jokes made will have a double meaning. The man will thus probe the ground, what he is allowed and what he is not. When the man will be excited, his gestures will give it away: he will fumble with his car keychain, keys, lighter, constantly adjust his collar or knock on the table.

During the date a man will show by all means that he is worthy to be near you. Attracting attention and playing up the desire in the girl, they sit down with their legs wide apart, may also be in your presence, shoving his palms into the front pockets of his jeans and displaying similar things that accentuate the intimate area.

Clear signs of

A man often hides his intentions, but not this time. One of the clearest examples of a man being crazy about you is that he will be available for you at any time. Call him even in the morning, even in the afternoon, even at night, he will always answer the phone and come at the same time. He’s there for you in every way, every way to help or advise you.


When a guy wants a girl, he wants her to have a mutual desire for him. He begins to monitor his appearance. He can radically change his image, just to please the girl. He will always be neat and kind to you, will perfume a beautiful fragrance.

Beside you, he is always in a good mood and shows himself only on the positive side.

Signs of aroused man

To understand that a man is excited, it is quite simple:

  • Profuse salivation, in which he often begins to swallow and drink water, trying to hide this fact.
  • Strongly racing heartbeat. If you casually put your fingers on the place where the pulse is measured, you will immediately know that the guy wants you.
  • His palms are sweating.
  • To look tighter and stronger, he unconsciously tenses his muscles.
  • At times your touch may send goosebumps through his body.
  • Looking at you, his pupils enlarge greatly and his gaze becomes as if clouded.
  • Reactions are inhibited by extraneous sounds or circumstances, for they distract from you.

And the most obvious fact of desire is an erection. Just a glimpse of your fly is enough to make everything clear at once.

When a guy tries to touch your face or lips, he thereby expresses his sexual interest. If a guy is shy and can’t make up his mind to kiss you, he will try his best to touch the girl’s face: to fix his hair, to remove an eyelash and so on.

When he begins to wet his lips or bite them, he desires and is ready to kiss his chosen one. Exhausted with desire, he will begin to touch his mouth. If at this point his nostrils flare, he begins to touch his throat and raise his eyebrows, you can assume he has intimate plans for you.

More signs that a man wants you

In the presence of the girl he wants, he will begin to mimic an open embrace. One of his hands will be looking for support, the other he will be very actively gesticulating. Also he will be given out by the pose in which he will be near the desired person. His legs will be shoulder width apart, his pelvis will be erect and his back will be straight.

The man will constantly monitor whether everything is okay with his appearance, will be correcting his hair, accessories, occasionally unbuttoning the top button, touching his face. Signs of his interest include showering the girl with compliments, gifts and courtship.

I have given the most common signs and moments by which you will be able to answer the question, “how to understand that a man wants you?” The main thing to remember is that each person is different and you need to pay more attention to the characteristics of character and temperament.

For one to buy a bouquet of roses, as if to buy a loaf of bread in the store. The other will put his heart into these flowers. Here to figure out who you like, not only help your heart, but also your mind. If you want to know if a guy really likes you, read this article.

Write in the comments, what signs do you use to determine that a man wants you, and how did he show it in his behavior?

9 clear signs that a man wants you

It’s simple – watch the man carefully and you’ll understand everything.

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It’s not always easy to understand that a man wants a woman. After all, not everyone is ready to open up. For example, if he’s a boss, ex or married – he won’t explicitly admit that he’s ready to spank his subordinate, forgive all of his ex’s cheating and forget about the family for one night with a stranger. But there are nine signs that give away his desire head-on.

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Talk about 6 physiological changes that make it obvious a guy wants intimacy. At the very end, 7 special situations in correspondence, when communicating with a married man and even a girlfriend’s boyfriend, when you can easily unravel his intentions.

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9 clear signs by which it is clear that a man wants you

There are signs and hints by which it is easy to both understand that a man wants physical intimacy and determine the seriousness of his intentions. It is important to correctly perceive his actions, in order not to mistake his desire for a completely different expression of feelings. This can be read by behavior, by words, by gestures, and even by a glance.

He looks at you intently, and when the eyes cross, confused.

Eyes tell more than words, so if a woman catches a “predatory” look, it means the guy is not indifferent. At the same time he will be embarrassed by his thoughts about the girl, so he will look away as if he was “caught red-handed”. The reason may not be the desire, but the fact that he was told some news about a woman, but the presence of interest his behavior will still give out.

He is constantly looking for an excuse to touch you.

The man brazenly invades personal space – approaches, stands next to you, “accidentally” touches your hand when he passes some thing. Sometimes he jerks his hand away, as if burned, and may be a little embarrassed by the feelings that overwhelm him from the intimacy with the girl. Often the desire manifests itself in a simple action: removing an eyelash or hair from his face, an invisible lint from his blouse.

His voice changes.

His voice sounds a little lower and quieter, the timbre becomes more pleasant, he chooses his words carefully, but still occasionally gets confused and confused. He might have been actively gesticulating and saying something a few minutes ago, but when communicating with the object of desire he will immediately begin to speak differently.

He has appropriate postures and gestures.

A man may look at a woman and at the same time fidget with his keys, twist a pen, or adjust his clothes. He may look thoughtful or dreamy. Guys often choose to pose with their legs spread wide apart: he may stand like this or sit with his leg over his leg. Subconsciously a man accentuates the girl’s attention on the area below the waist – puts his hands in his pockets or behind his belt.

When he is with you, he is always in a good mood.

A man will try to attract a woman he feels attraction to. He needs to show his best side and convince her of his decency. He will not scandalize in front of the girl, he will be demonstratively polite and try to make her laugh. He will not allow himself to whine or complain, because it does not correspond to what he wants and destroys all the charm of his attraction.

He is tense and collected, trying to keep his posture

A man instantly squares his shoulders when he sees a girl who is physically attractive. On a subconscious level, he tries to be taller and more attractive in order to interest the “female. His body becomes more tense, his muscles become more prominent. This sign may indicate aggression, but then the posture will be different – he will try to pull his head closer to his shoulders.

He licks his lips and nibbles on them.

A man wants to touch and kiss a woman, but for now he can only touch his lips. So he touches his mouth more often, stroking it with his fingertips. In addition, he may lick his lips or even nibble them slightly, looking at the girl carnivorously.

He tries to be always near her.

A man is looking for excuses to meet, and if he works in the same office as a woman, he will constantly be approaching and “spinning” nearby under different excuses.

He says certain phrases

A man gives himself away by unknowingly speaking ambiguously. For example: “I want to ask you to help me,” “I want to give you a ride.” Other phrases may appear during communication, which can be interpreted differently. When he is caught red-handed, he is a little embarrassed, but he may decide to go for broke.

Six physiological changes that make it clear that a man wants sex.

There are win-win ways to tell if a man wants a woman. Yes, some signs he may hide or control. But these physiological manifestations are beyond the commands of the brain. They speak to arousal, a desire for closeness, and always show up when a desirable woman is around.

His pupils are enlarged when he looks into your eyes.

This reaction is standard when a man sees something he really likes and is attracted to. It may be a manifestation of fear, but it is unlikely that he is afraid of the girl’s beautiful legs or her cleavage. Pupils can speak not only of attraction, but also of sincere sympathy and even love. In any case, the man is not indifferent and wants to be close.

His breathing is disrupted.

When a man approaches a woman who attracts him physically, his heart beats more often, his breathing is disrupted, there may even be a slight shiver. It’s hard to hide it: the male body doesn’t listen to him at that moment, his instincts overpower his common sense.

He’s salivating profusely.

That doesn’t mean it’s time for him to try on a bib and drool out of his mouth like a river. No. He’ll just swallow more often and drink water or another beverage. When he looks at a woman he likes, his hand will reach for his glass to moderate his salivation and moisten his throat, which is parched from rapid breathing.

His palms sweat.

Your palms are sweating from excitement, but when the desired girl is near you, all the body processes are accelerated. The man may feel warm or cold, that’s why his body sweats more. He will try to hide it, wiping his hands on a napkin or pants.

His reactions are a little inhibited.

He is focused on his feelings, so what’s happening in reality is a bit of a blur to him. He may not respond immediately, may not answer the question asked. His confusion and thoughtfulness may be due to some problems, but not when his cheeks are flaming and his eyes are burning at the sight of a desired woman.

He’s hot.

The man complains that it is too hot indoors or outdoors, although others do not notice it. His body reacts by raising his body temperature. He may take off his jacket or sweater in an attempt to “cool down” a bit. All of this happens to him when the object of his lust is near.

7 special situations when a man obviously wants you, but is hiding his feelings

How to understand that a man wants a woman, if they have different social status, longtime friends or neighbors? It can be difficult, because a man carefully hides his desires, and sometimes even struggles with them.

How to understand that a man wants you by correspondence

He will flood a woman with messages, photos, and then disappear to start his attack with renewed vigor. A guy will ask for a photo of the girl, citing that he wants to see exactly what she is like now. His messages will often flash phrases that start with “I want.”

How to know a married man wants you

He will not openly talk about sympathy and will try to “probe the ground” first. His long gaze and desire to touch will give it away. The man will try to get acquainted, will cover himself with friendship and even ask for advice about his relationship.

How to figure out if your boss wants you

The man will be more nagging and look for reasons to be alone. In doing so, he demonstrates his superiority, trying to hold the situation in his hands. This behavior arises from the fact that he can not resist the physiological needs, looking at an attractive subordinate. And this irritates him.

How to understand that a colleague wants you.

He will look for an excuse to approach, to chat. His look and embarrassment will give him away when his hand accidentally touches the girl. The man will be genuinely happy about the planned corporate party and will be upset if the desired woman can not come.

How to understand that the neighbor wants you

There will be a feeling that a man is watching over a woman everywhere and as if stalking – they will bump into each other in the elevator, on the landing and in the yard. And then he will start looking for excuses to go get sugar or salt, even though he wants something completely different.

How do you know if an ex wants you?

He will suddenly decide to get together, may even want to make up temporarily and give the relationship a “second chance.” His body feels the need for intimacy, he remembers the warmth of his ex’s body and is not ready to replace her with another, although he understands that the relationship has no future.

How to understand that your girlfriend’s boyfriend wants you

The guy will say compliments, as well as hug his girlfriend, but look at the other woman. In company, he will try to give both his attention, and sometimes even the girlfriend will feel resentful and jealous.

It is useful to know that the boss or acquaintance is experiencing attraction: you can ask for a bonus or at all twist an affair. It is possible both to understand what the man wants, and to build further communication. But it is important to remember that a desire for intimacy does not indicate the presence of love, but it may be the basis for a long and happy marriage.

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