If a man says I want you: consider thoroughly

How do you react if a man says, “I want you”?

The next question we’re going to tackle with you is, “How do you react if a man (not the first person you meet on the street, but the one you’ve already met and talked to a little bit, starts saying, ‘How I want you,’ and so on, in the same vein?”

First, in order to “respond,” you need a clear idea of WHAT you have going on right now. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Generally speaking, you should always react as your inner voice tells you. And you’d do well to understand exactly what you’re going through.

Understand what your “layout” in your situation is and do what your conscience tells you to do.

Make your own decisions, even when you get advice!

Understand this. The very formulation of the question “Eugene, what should I say?” or “Eugene, what should I do?” – it is not correct. You should not shift the responsibility for your decisions onto me or another person.

You should always act based on YOUR inner attitude. Based on what YOUR inner voice is telling you. What YOUR intuition is telling you.

You shouldn’t do what “ZHUCHOKOV said” or what you read in a book. Understand that another person’s opinion is based on HIS view of the world and HIS understanding of the world.

If you listen to my advice and take it as the ultimate truth, you will have a gap in your understanding. Because you have your own picture of the world, and you act based on someone else’s picture of the world (e.g., a buggy picture).

This is very important to understand! Aren’t you confused yet? 🙂

You always have to string the advice you get from the other person onto YOUR picture of the world. And if your picture of the world “misses” that advice, it changes slightly under the influence of that advice.

You are not using the pure advice of another person, but recycled advice, taking into account your changed picture of the world. This will be YOUR product, and you are fully responsible for it to yourself!

So your algorithm of actions looks like this (let’s get this straight):

  • you get advice from me or from another person
  • You pass it through your picture of the world.
  • Your picture of the world changes slightly
  • your “new” picture of the world gives birth to YOUR solution
  • you put your solution into practice

Now let’s get to the point of your question.

If a man says to you directly, “I want you,” it means he’s not even hiding the fact that he’s trying to get you into bed. He’s not hiding his intentions.

He wants to have sex with you. And he’s not hiding it. That’s great!

This is a good situation – you don’t have to think painfully and try to figure out the man’s intentions. For you, in principle, everything in your situation should be very clear, and you make a further decision, based on your personal preferences (your personal settings).

I hope you understand what is most likely to happen in the case where you give him the “sweetie”? Just in case, my guess is that you may never see this man again…

You need to gain experience in male behavior

If you don’t have much experience in such situations, you definitely need to go through this kind of procedure at least once.

Try to give a man a quick “sweetie” and see what happens. And in the future, when you meet other men, you will already have some experience.

I’m talking about this very seriously. The worst thing is that a grown woman has no such experience and has illusions about male behavior, thus committing serious mistakes in her relationships.

In general, my personal advice to you is this: a man has to earn you with his attitude and his behavior. The sexual moments themselves will emerge in your relationship when you get close enough to him, and your intuition will tell you that it’s already possible, it’s time, that you want it.

Try to make all such decisions not out of your mind (it only stores other people’s echoes), but out of your intuition, and then you won’t be disappointed anyway. That’s what you yourself wanted, right? 🙂

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A man wants a woman – signs. How to behave if a man wants you

Relationships and Psychology

Signs that a man wants a woman

A man wants a woman – what are the signs that define it? A woman can tell that a man wants her, in his eyes. Determined men with the makings of a leader look intently, not ashamed of it. Self-doubting, shy guys avoid direct eye contact. Young people in love are characterized by ingratiating looks. The most important sign is tactile contact.

Tactile contact is a form of communication that conveys direct physical contact with another person. For example, a handshake, a pat on the shoulder or back.

Source Wikipedia

A man in love tries to take a woman’s hand, put his arm around her shoulders, and snuggle up to her. While talking to her, the timbre of his voice changes; it becomes lower and velvety.

A man in love is always available to his beloved. He will immediately answer her call and drop everything he has to do to help her solve her problems. He is interested in her life, knows her preferences and habits, is attentive to little things.

Takes care of her appearance. Visits the hairdresser more often, uses perfume, buys new clothes. Strives to show himself only from the good side, is always in an elevated mood.

Signs of excitement

It is not at all difficult to understand that the man is excited:

  • His heart rate increases, his pulse rate increases;
  • His palms become sweaty;
  • Tense muscles;
  • Goose bumps may appear;
  • His pupils will dilate;
  • Eyes become cloudy.

But the main sign of excitement is an erection. Just a glance is enough to notice it.

An erection is an increase in volume and hardening of the male penis as a result of sexual arousal.

How to behave if a man wants you

If the sympathy is mutual, it is worth maintaining communication, demonstrating your disposition, accepting gifts and help. Light flirting is necessary to build further relationships.

But do not move too quickly into a closer contact. Give the man time to show his best qualities, to win you over.

If you don’t want to continue the relationship, refuse to date and stop all attempts at flirting. In the case of active harassment, explain frankly and sensitively that you are not interested in the man and you don’t want to continue the relationship.

Of course, the rejection will be unpleasant to a man. At this point he will show his true face. Someone will try to make an effort to win his beloved. Some will persistently pursue, and some will say mean things. But, more often than not, men will try to make attempts to get closer.

Why a man wants a woman he likes

If a man likes a woman, in relation to her he feels tenderness and warmth. He wants to touch her, kiss her, stroke her skin and hair. Sex becomes the culmination of falling in love. At these moments the couple becomes really close, feeling and understanding each other. This is a natural process, driven by instincts.

But for sex to be fun, many women don’t just like each other, they need a permanent and serious relationship.

With men it’s a little different. If they want sex, they can find a temporary partner. But still many of them prefer to have a permanent woman near them, whom they love and want to see as a companion for life.

Gestures of a man in love

Not many men can express their feelings in words. Much easier to express their feelings and emotions they can with the help of gestures and actions.

How do you know a man loves you? Very often men in love express their love through gestures.

One form of manifestation of love is kissing. Women need to kiss more than men. For them, a kiss is a sign of tenderness, sympathy, gratitude and other feelings. If a man kisses you often, it shows that he loves you.

Men get tired of long conversations. Listening intently, he can only if the subject is interesting to him and if the dialogue is beloved woman.

Every man in love is so full of feelings that he can not contain them, even among his friends and acquaintances. He tries unobtrusively touch his beloved, to hug her, to correct a curl, to take her hand.

He can give gifts and make surprises without reason. And this shows his love and affection, the fact that he thinks about you and wants to make you feel good.

The fact that a man loves you can be understood without words by his attitude towards you, how he surrounds you with care, attention and tenderness.

What a man does only for the woman he loves

Love and respect are two things that cannot be separated from each other.

Five things a man does only for the woman he loves:

  1. Will only listen to the woman he loves. While talking to your man, you will have his full attention. He will listen to you, listen to your advice, give his opinion
  2. Will be open to discussion with you. And that’s a good sign. It means that he sees something in the relationship that does not suit him and is willing to find a solution to the problem
  3. A man who loves and respects his partner will try to find a compromise. Everyone is different and their opinions are not always the same. Usually in a strong relationship where there is love, there is a desire to compromise
  4. He will only fight for the woman he loves. He will protect her from attacks by friends and relatives, because it is important for him to be near his beloved
  5. A man who has experienced true love knows how valuable it is and will consider his beloved the most important person in his life. If he has to choose between the thing he loves and the woman he loves, he will choose his beloved. In order to make her happy, he is able to change his life.

The qualities of a man that women value in a relationship

A real man, from a woman’s point of view, must have these qualities:

  • Be confident in himself and his powers, but not self-confident. With such a man a woman feels safe;
  • Kind, not expressing aggression with or without cause. Many people know the expression “The strong must be kind. Any woman is delighted if such a man is near her;
  • Reliable. A woman must be sure that, if there is a difficult situation, he will be able to protect her;
  • Faithful. In a relationship there should be trust. And if a man cheats on his partner, how can you trust him?
  • Generous. Who will like a greedy man? One thing – a reasonable economy and another – pettiness and stinginess;
  • Tidy. You can dress simply and tastefully, even if things are inexpensive;
  • With a good sense of humor. You will never be bored with such a person.

A woman, being married to a man, should be confident in the future. There should be financial stability and emotional closeness in the family. The husband should not only provide financially for the family, but also pay attention to the children.

Reviews from real people

How do you know if a man wants you? Who feels it? What do real people say about it?

Testimonial Testimonial Forum Testimonial Forum Testimonial

The truth is that all men are different, and their opinions may be different.

Video: 5 signs that a man wants you

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I tried to tell in detail on what signs you can understand that a man wants a woman, how to behave if you see that he wants you, what gestures men say that he likes you.

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