If a man says he misses you

A man says he misses you: what does it mean and how to react

When a man says that he missed you, many girls do not understand what this means, how to regard such information. Such statements can come out of the mouth as a loved one, or a colleague. To shed light on the mysterious recognition of the guy, you should carefully analyze the relationship with him, and then draw conclusions.

The differences of male ennui from female ennui

Men and women yearn in different ways. If the fair sex public stereotypes allow women to fall into despair, boredom, depression, then men are not allowed this “luxury”.

Young men become hostages of the masculine image. According to the prescribed norms of behavior, they have to hide their emotions. Because of this, guys are often afraid to admit that they miss their girlfriend. Many of them will even deny it, so as not to appear weak. Despite the desire to look independent males, men, just like women, are prone to depressive states. Only the psychology of the manifestation of longing looks different in them:

  1. The stronger sex seeks salvation in alcoholic beverages and drugs.
  2. Under the weight of homesickness guys commit offenses, behave aggressively toward people.
  3. According to statistics, men are 4 times more likely than women to commit suicide during depression.

Guys rarely ask for help from friends, acquaintances or doctors, so all the burdens of mental instability endure alone.

Women behave more easily in this respect. They are not afraid to talk about the problem, to ask for support or advice. Because of this, a girl more easily copes with homesickness for a guy than a young man who misses his lady of the heart.

What does it mean if a man says that he misses you?

It is not uncommon for a girl to be stumped by a man’s confession that he misses her. To understand the real motive of what was said, analyze not only the context in which the phrase sounded, but also the relationship with the guy.

If it’s an ex.

If an ex-boyfriend says he misses you, do not rush to rejoice, even if your feelings for him have not faded. Find out from mutual acquaintances what events happened in the ex-spouse’s life in the last few weeks. The reason for the increased attention and affectionate confessions may be due to the separation with a new partner or the presence of domestic problems.

If these fears are confirmed, it is better not to answer his calls or messages, because the former in this case, the ex-spouse is interested not as a beloved woman, but as a housekeeper and a backup airfield.

If it is a married lover

Relationships with a married lover are always filled with passion and positive emotions, otherwise there is no point in such a connection. If the proprietary lover says that he missed you, beware. There is a high probability that in his soul are born real feelings.

In order not to aggravate the situation, do not lose sight of this call. If you are not planning to break up the family, as soon as possible explain to your lover about the solely sexual relationship and the total absence of a common future. But if you also have tender feelings for him, decide together about the future relationship.

If it’s a boyfriend you love

In a romantic relationship, you don’t want to leave your other half even for a minute. As soon as you go home, there is a strong desire to see each other again. If a guy says that he misses you, it shows that he is uncomfortable without his beloved. Coffee is bitter for him, sugar is unsweetened, and there is an emptiness in his soul.

Do not be shy to show your feelings and talk about them. If a man is sad, you should soothe him with gentle words. At such moments, guys insanely need them.

After the breakup of a relationship

Often women think guys are thick-skinned creatures who are incapable of experiencing suffering because of the separation. This is a misconception. Immediately after a fight, men show their stern temper:

  • They don’t write messages;
  • avoid calls;
  • try not to cross paths.

But after a few weeks, they begin to pine for the girl and want to return the relationship. There may be several reasons for this:

  • A failed new relationship;
  • jealousy of the ex-girlfriend’s suitors;
  • pressure from relatives;
  • loneliness;
  • the love in the heart is not “dead yet.”

Whatever the motive behind the gentle “I miss you,” the man’s behavior will reflect the sincerity of his feelings. If the guy really realized his mistake, it is worth giving him a chance to resume the relationship. In other cases, attempts will lead nowhere. After some time, the breakup will happen again.

In Internet correspondence

If a virtual friend in correspondence sends a message with the text “Missed”, you should not take this confession seriously. Until the actual meeting took place, such words serve to link words and give the text a romantic touch.

A man may write such messages to other girls as well, so it’s better to be skeptical of statements in social networks. Responding to a message of reciprocity is not necessary if there are no plans to meet with a virtual lover. But if the friendship strengthens every day, nice words from the guy necessarily make you happy.

If he says that he misses you, but does not come.

Women often can not understand why a guy says that he misses you, but does not appoint a meeting. In fact, there are only two reasons:

  • The man is deceiving the girl, keeping her as a backup shelter;
  • The guy really misses her, but at the moment he has other important things that do not require delay.

Guys are brought up from childhood with responsibility: “I must”, “It’s time for business and time for pleasure”, “The male must be strong, he has a family to support”, “Boys don’t cry”. A man can miss his beloved, but if he has to help his mother on the weekend, or perform a report for work, then a date with his beloved will be postponed until later.

In order not to suffer the guesswork, plan a meeting with the guy. If the beau does not want to arrange for the general convenience, his feelings can be questioned.

Ways to determine that he really misses

An observant woman by the behavior of the guy will easily calculate the presence of his love experiences and feelings towards her. To understand that a man in love really misses, help the following non-verbal signs:

  • The young man often writes messages or calls under any pretext: to discuss a new photo, to seek advice, or to get an opinion on an interesting article.
  • Expresses dissatisfaction if the girl does not pick up the phone for a long time. Every second of waiting is torture for the lover.
  • Goes through all of the woman’s social networks. Comments on old posts, likes last year’s photos.

  • He is interested in the woman’s affairs and mood. He cares about her health, her successes at work or school. In case of problems he tries to raise the girl’s morale.
  • The man gently encourages the exchange of photos and videos during the day to create the effect of presence.
  • If the guy really misses, he will not endure a long pause after a fight with the girl. He will try to make contact with his girlfriend as quickly as possible.
  • Prefer to discuss with the girl everything in the world, even domestic situations. This means that the man wants to get closer to his beloved.
  • Makes joint plans. If the guy is on a business trip, he is looking for interesting entertainment that can be visited together.
  • If the man is bored, at the beginning of the relationship he wants to meet with the woman more often. During a face-to-face conversation, he gets anxious and speaks inappropriately.

When a man inundates a lady with requests to send a full-length photo, praising her appearance, his interest in her is purely with sexual overtones. After the intimacy such a womanizer will disappear. A guy in love will miss the girl even after sex.

How to react to such information

To hear the phrase “I miss you” a woman can from anyone. But she will only reciprocate immediately to the loved one, with whom she has been in a relationship for a long time. The lover will be pleased to hear from his woman affectionate: “I miss you and I’m counting the minutes until we meet.

If this information comes out of the mouth of unfamiliar people, should not immediately rush into his arms with a declaration of love, even if the girl has a tender feeling. Every man is a hunter by nature. To the prey, which itself goes into the hands, he quickly loses interest. If you want to build a long-term relationship with a guy, you do not need to open up to him right away – let him conquer the target. To “miss” it is better to answer with uncomplicated phrases, which will indicate an arrangement for a man, but not about open feelings for him:

  1. “Good to hear. How are you?”.
  2. “In order not to get bored, I suggest we go for a walk.”
  3. “Don’t be sad, I still have time to bore you. I suggest you start torturing me with your attention tonight. Agreed?”.

If building a relationship with a young man is not in the plans, then his recognition should be ignored or delicately explain that he has no chance of love. Inadequate suitors in social networks can safely put in the blacklist. Over time, their ardor will subside, and they will calm down.

It is nice when your beloved is bored and waiting to meet you. But you should not rush headlong into a maelstrom of the first recognition. You should always analyze not only the words, but also the man’s actions. Only the totality of these indicators can indicate the sincerity of feelings.

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Infatuation arising in relation to unfamiliar people – the phenomenon is not the most positive. To stop

11 signs that a man misses you madly

Incredible facts

When a man falls in love, he can not stop thinking about the object of his desires.

He tries to attract a woman’s attention, he sends imperceptible but important signals to keep her attention.

If you notice these signals, it means that he misses you, and hopes for another chance to communicate with you.

Here, 10 signs that he misses you, even though he may not admit it.

Does he miss me.

He tries to contact you when you’re not together.

When you post a picture or share something on social media, he is more likely to like your post or leave a comment.

He may be looking for any excuse to send you a message. Don’t be surprised if you get a random message from him out of the blue. Thus, the man is looking for any opportunity to communicate and find ways to connect.

He wants to find an unobtrusive reason to get together.

When a man misses you, he finds many ways to meet you. For example, he might hint that a coffee shop has opened nearby and ask if you want to see the new place.

Or casually mention that he would like to go to the movies or to a concert, but can’t find someone to keep him company. All of this suggests that he’s looking for a convenient opportunity to spend time with you.

3. If he is talking, he mentions your personal memories or stories.

If he is always trying to find an excuse to insert an anecdote or memory into the conversation that only you both know about, he is trying to bond with you.

This is his way of making your relationship more intimate. He wants to make you feel nostalgic so he can push you towards him even more.

4 He can’t go very long without communicating with you.

This can be communication in any form. The man who misses you feels the need to talk or see you at least once in a while. There is nothing he can do about it.

He likes knowing you are in his life, and he misses you terribly in your moments of absence. If he thinks about you, he will try to make contact with you.

5. He gets worried or confused when you meet unexpectedly.

If normally when you meet, he seems pretty confident because he is preparing to meet you. But if the meeting is unexpected, it may take him by surprise and knock him out a little bit.

Yes, he may have been looking forward to meeting you, but a spontaneous meeting might make him a little nervous for fear of not slapping you in the face.

6. If you’re spending time together, he’s trying to make it last.

If a man is interested in you, he will try to do everything he can to make that time as good as possible.

He will try to prolong the dialogue by asking lots of questions. If he is giving you a ride home, he will go a little slower. He doesn’t want to rush his time together.

7. He remembers important dates.

If it’s your birthday, he’ll send you a birthday greeting to talk to you. If you mentioned an exam you need to take, he will wish you good luck on that day.

He is looking for even the slightest opportunity for a more intimate communication to occur between you.

8. He belittles the virtues of other men.

If you start a conversation about men or guys who are interested in you, the man will try to avoid the conversation or change the subject.

If that fails, he will try to downplay the other men in your life in some way. As silly as it may look, he may even make them look bad in order to look much better in your eyes.

9. He says compliments or warm words to you

A man in love will not hesitate to let you know how disarmed he is by you. He will let you know how important you are to him, how your presence affects his life.

He will just find an excuse to shower you with beautiful words or compliments.

10. He pays attention to you when you are together

When a man thinks and misses you, he really listens to what you have to say. He will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible and express yourself freely.

You may think you are the most interesting person in the world, and anything you say is worth hearing. You are unlikely to hear him rebuke or feel ashamed of what you have said. Your words will be heard.

11. Drunk messages.

As you know, what goes on the mind of a sober person goes on the tongue of a drunkard. Don’t be surprised if you get a drunken text from him. It happens almost instinctively.

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