If a man loves he will not disappear.

It’s simple: if he really loves, he will never leave.

Leaving is also a decision, and your loved one has a right to it. If he really wants it. let him go.


When a loved one leaves our lives of their own free will, it is overwhelming and devastating. But instead of blaming yourself, realize one simple truth: he just didn’t love you the way you loved him. Any man who isn’t willing to pursue you by any means, who isn’t willing to fight tooth and nail for you if need be, just doesn’t deserve a place in your heart.

Because really, it’s simple: if someone loves you, there’s no way they will leave you.

Oh, when the person you love decides to leave you, they can voice many reasons why you can’t be together. However, they all boil down to one thing – he just didn’t love you enough. Yes, he may have had some feelings for you, but that love wasn’t strong enough to make him want to stay forever.

When you love with all your heart, there is no way you would want to leave the person you love. You are willing to do whatever it takes to keep your relationship alive. Anything.

When someone truly loves you, it doesn’t matter how difficult it is with you at times. No matter how many senseless quarrels over the small things you had, or how childish you sometimes behave. All these fights, arguments and disagreements are meaningless compared to what you mean to each other.

When someone really loves you, there’s no way they’ll disappear just because you fought with them, or they were tired or mad at you.

A true lover knows that the point of a relationship is not to fight or break up, but to love.

When someone truly loves you, they will always understand you-perhaps not right away, but they will understand and forgive. He won’t let your differences drive you in different directions. On the contrary, he will love what makes you different – it’s part of you, and he adores you.

And he certainly won’t even think about using that against you for anything. If you truly love each other, your differences will bring you closer together. And the things that will seem new and unfamiliar to you in each other will cause a desire to get to know them better, to become even closer.

When someone loves you truly, they are willing to stay by your side, even if a storm of unprecedented strength is coming at you. No matter how strong the storm is, it will not shake their resolve. The black bands of your lives will try to drive a wedge between you, but he will hold fast to you, no matter what happens.

This man will stay with you because he knows that when you go through something like this together, it only makes the relationship stronger. And sooner or later the dark streak of life will be replaced by light – you just have to believe and wait.

When someone really loves you, he wants to be with you all the time, and wants to help you more than you want to help yourself.

When someone loves you truly, they often see you at your worst. He sees the darkest side of you – and decides to stay anyway. He sees you at your most vulnerable, depressed and hysterical – and that doesn’t turn him away from you. On the contrary, it makes him want to reach out and help you get back on your feet.

When someone loves you, he will find a way not to let love die.

He won’t leave you even when it’s not easy to love you. He won’t leave you when he needs you the most. He won’t leave you when life is testing your love. If he truly loves you, he will stay with you no matter what.

The decision to stay is a decision that true love forces us to make over and over and over again.

The decision to leave – well, that’s a decision, too, and your loved one has a right to it. If that’s what he really wants…let him go.

If someone is incapable of seeing what makes you special, what makes you beautiful, if he doesn’t want to build a future with you together…let him go. He just doesn’t deserve the love you were willing to give him.

And if he left, it just means that he wasn’t the one, the only person you can really tie your fate to. Your true love is still out there in this big world, and one day you will surely find it. This man will fill all the cracks in your heart… He needs you as much as you need him. You will be the reason he stays close to you – and he doesn’t need another.

Be with someone who loves you with all his heart. Be with someone who loves you like you are the most precious jewel in the world and will never let you go.

Because the truth is, when someone really loves you, they stay by your side.

Men fall in love when they are not near – psychologist

Elena Kuznetsova, director of dating agency “I and you” in Vladimir, family psychologist, consultant on interpersonal relationships, told how a woman should behave in order to make a man fulfill all her desires.

Manipulation with the alienation of the enemy, to fall in love even more and get him to some “bonuses” in the form of gifts or marriage proposals, is effective only in the initial stages of dating and if the stronger sex is “fundamentally interested” in the chosen one, warns psychologist. In all other cases, the method will not work. Another subtlety is that a woman is not always able to objectively assess how much interested in her gentleman, so that is often much at risk, playing with men in “cat and mouse. The true attitude of the chosen one will become clear in the process of this game.

Obligatory conditions

In addition to the already listed conditions – the initial stage and high interest – sexual relations are also important. Intimacy must be. Otherwise a man who has not “tried” a woman will not give his best to keep her. So a woman needs to have time to “pull the plug”, while the suitor at the peak of passion – a maximum of four months, if people see each other often.

Algorithm .

Situation for an example. A woman contemplates: “We’ve been dating for over two months, but nothing happens. Except for sex and restaurants, I am not offered anything, but I want more”… In this case, the lady, if all of the above conditions coincide, can try to manipulate and “without declaring war” to lay low, stop contacting the man herself.

The suitor calls or writes, “When can I see you? React to questions from a man must, otherwise he will think that he became uninterested in you and just go into hiding, but the woman’s answers in this case should be very vague: “I do not know. We’ll call”, or: “I can’t tell you specifically,” and so on. Turn on the “dynamo”, let in mystery – the more the better.

“There’s no need for any specifics. Mystery, halftones. “A Thousand and One Nights”, fairy tales of Scheherazade”, – emphasizes Kuznetsova.

Psychologist explains that her behavior will knock the woman from under the feet of men, as the stronger sex does not like any “confusion. They need to know exactly what “we’ll make a movie or not. But instead of concrete answers, the young lady begins to feed the breakfast. The cavalier gets angry. However, since he wants the woman very much, and under the circumstances his “want” is doubled, the man will be forced to go along with the lady of his heart.

On this wave, the woman may begin to accurately voice her conditions. Thus, if the man asks: “Why don’t we see each other, what happened?”, it’s worth answering, “Nothing, business.” If the woman started the game for a specific gift, she can say: “Business. Working. I’m saving up money for a vacation”, or “I don’t have time. I took a “freelance job,” earning money for my boots. The meaning of the dialogue should be: “I understand that you want me, and I also want to see you, but I have to work, because I need this and that. Only the whole conversation has to be done subtly, without stinginess. You don’t have to say to a man, “Give me money for Spain, then I’ll see you.”

“Under no circumstances should you get cocky. It is necessary to use hints, but the purpose of his overtime work to indicate be sure, “- explains the psychologist.

If the game was started in order that the man offered to live together, the woman should put in a conversation not on the financial component, and that she can not see because of the heavy workload of family matters: “My parents need help,” or: “I need to go to grandma. The message here is that I really want to, but I can’t come to you because I don’t have time. And you can’t come to me either, because I’m babysitting my elderly grandmother. The situation must be brought subtly and gently to the man who is at the peak of feelings and wants to see his woman every day, said: “Let’s live together then.”

Do not flirt. It’s good if you can keep a man at a distance for two weeks. But that’s the maximum. “Overstaying” can be detrimental to the relationship.

As Kuznetsova explained, the “disappearing manipulation” scheme is simple. A man who realizes he can’t get what he wants is bound to get angry at first and act like a child who didn’t get a toy. Then, when the reason for the impossibility of dating is explained to him – which is why the woman should not disappear at all, but get in touch – the man will begin to think about how to change the situation. As a result of a well-done game a representative of the stronger sex should have a desire to do everything for a woman to make her life easier, and to bring her beloved as close to him as possible.

Fiasco .

If the gentleman “behaves” to manipulation and, in spite of the “dynamo”, continues to be in touch regularly, then the battle can be considered won. But if a woman notices that her boyfriend began to call and write all the more rarely, that it is gradually disappearing, then the plan was a failure. It is worth recognizing that not very much man you and wanted, and urgently to save the day if you still value your partner.

The only way out is to take the initiative and get in touch yourself. Write something like, “I’ve sorted things out. Finally, we can see each other. Your partner is likely to take up your offer, but the original plan can be considered a failure. You do not get a man for what started the whole game. As soon as you take a step towards, everything returns to normal: restaurant – sex, sex – restaurant. What’s more, there may even be a backlash in the relationship, because the man holds a grudge for the fact that you stood him up.

“Here is a very subtle game with a lot of risk, so you should play it only in the initial stages, and when the partner really really wants you. Only at that point can you impose conditions on him. Choose the right timing. The success of manipulation depends almost 100% on this,” concludes Kuznetsova.

Psychologist compares the situation with boiling milk. It seems like everything is done on very low heat, but literally in one second, the milk boils and overboils. It is important to catch the moment in time.

Despite the possible not very good for the relationship, the psychologist advises women to take risks, if they are confident in the success of the operation. In the end you can steal a good score. Or to understand how to really relate to you partner, and how much you value. This knowledge is also very important.

If you have any questions to psychologist Elena Kuznetsova, you can ask them by writing an e-mail to the editorial office of “AiF-Vladimir”: kira_smirnova@bk.ru.

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