If a man is shy of a woman – set out all the nuances

5 reasons why a man is shy to get close to you, even though he dreams of you

Modesty equally adorns a woman and a man. What can not be said about shyness. Shyness is the destruction of personal happiness. Inside, a man can rage sea of emotions and fantasies pour over the edge, but the body will be shy he will seize the fear and will not allow to make a step to meet his happiness. Shy man does not take the first steps and is not able to confidently woo the girl he likes, no matter how strong his feelings.

In adolescence everyone hides sympathy and arisen feelings of light for the opposite sex. This is due to the fear of knowing that the feelings are not mutual. Later in life this secrecy periodically manifests itself and does not reveal feelings and admits sympathy. It is more peculiar to the male sex to show shyness, insecurity and fear of the opposite sex. Consider in more detail in this article.

Love for the beautifuli

Let’s speak frankly. Everyone loves beautiful people.

So the answer to the question “Do guys love beautiful girls?” is quite obvious – they do, and how!

Not for nothing that the magazine “Playboy” enjoyed great success for so many years, and for calendars were taken pictures of beauties in bikinis. Not for nothing did soldiers in the war hold pictures of beautiful women – wives, girlfriends or movie stars of the time – to their hearts.

Girls with chiseled figures and angelic faces invariably become the main heroines of melodramas. Take, for example, the film “Malena” directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. For the role of a femme fatale who drove all the men of the town crazy, was invited not just anyone, but Monica Bellucci. A woman whose beauty has been praised for decades.

Men love a beautiful woman. But here’s the rub – not everyone dares to approach an attractive stranger and make the first move.

Why? Because men (but not all) really feel shy when they meet with a girl, the sight of which takes your breath away.


Manifestation of shyness originates in childhood, when there is the first interest in the girl, and with it the shyness to offer to walk her home. Shyness men in the presence of a woman says a lot. First of all, the indifference and feelings that he feels. This is noticeable in the blush on his face and running eyes, giving away affection. If on top of all this man is trying to keep a distance from you, perhaps it is a sign of dislike towards you. To determine whether a man is interested in you or he is timid by nature, it makes no sense to ask him directly about this. Shy people in an exciting moment lost and behave absurdly.

But you can compare his behavior in relation to colleagues and friends with his behavior alone with the female sex. If in contrast to his colleagues, with a woman he behaves thoughtfully, nervously, quickly answers questions, it is a sign of sympathy. It is also possible to make a minor request or suggestion. For example, have dinner together. If the answer is positive, then there is interest. Women always notice these nuances and make appropriate conclusions. Except when they themselves feel sympathy and are shy, so they cannot analyze gestures and facial expressions.

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Complexes and Insecurity2

If a guy doesn’t have high self-esteem and isn’t confident in his own attractiveness, he won’t risk approaching a pretty girl and talking to her. Even if he really likes her and he will be angry at himself because of his own cowardice for the next week.

Why does this happen? Why is it that even quite good-looking and interesting guys get lost at the sight of a beautiful lady?

The culprit is insecurity. “I’m not worthy of her”, “I’m not her bird of flight”, etc.

The most interesting thing is that guys who really have neither external attractiveness nor a high level of intelligence are often devoid of any fears and complexes. They bravely make the first move and are genuinely surprised when they get rejected.

Ways to shake the shy guy

If you caught the glimpse of a man who clearly like you, but in his character is present timidity, the initiative will have to take over. Gone are the days when a girl waited for the first step of a man, so you can safely conquer the object of his passion.

If a man is shy to ask out on a date, but you know that he wants to be with you, you can easily call him for a cup of tea or offer to go to the movies together.

To get quiet, choose topics of interest to him, and ask questions that he could give detailed answers. This will help you get to know each other and help him loosen up.

If you find yourself on the dance floor, feel free to ask the shy guy to dance. This will be a great excuse to socialize and a chance to learn something about each other.

Cutting the distance is another great option to make contact between you. It’s enough to catch the right moment and take a man’s hand, letting him feel that you are interested in him.

Praise is the best option to make a humble guy feel a rush of pride and courage. Try to compliment your shy lover more often, especially if he has done something nice for you. Asking him for help in some matter, be sure to praise and even kiss on the cheek. This will help the guy become bolder and will serve as a hint that you can proceed with the relationship.

A simple kiss on the cheek will help the man to relax and become more confident

High competition4

Guys (again, not all) are afraid of high competition. “A hottie like that probably has a bunch of cooler fans than me, where do I fit in?” – A guy thinks.

The girl may not have admirers at all – neither cool, nor so-so. The guy will figure it out for himself. And his fears and insecurities will help him do that.

Often it also happens that initially the guy and the girl are doing well. Maybe they even managed to go on a date. And then the guy “blows it off,” leaving the girl wondering. “What did I do wrong? Did he not like me?” – The girl wracks her head and tries to figure out where she made a mistake.

And the thing is that the guy never found the courage and chose to break up this relationship before it even began. He chickened out, didn’t want to get involved in a complicated game with a bunch of big and small “bosses” waiting for him on the way to the heart of the princess.

Unacceptable in dealing with a shy guy

When communicating with a modest guy, it is important to remember that this is a vulnerable nature, so you should not further traumatize his self-esteem. If the guy is very shy, a harsh voice and a conversation in high tones will just scare him away. People who are prone to shyness, categorically do not tolerate shouting and shut down if this happens.

A shy guy who is shy to even talk to a woman, is painful to all kinds of ridicule, so before making a joke, think about whether it hurts his self-esteem. The timid man may have a great sense of humor, but ridicule in his address will be unpleasant for him and misunderstood.

It is also worth avoiding criticism, especially acute and incorrect. Modest guys take it very hard when they are judged and point out their shortcomings, so it is better to avoid such moments. Optimal would be a subtle hint that the guy is doing something wrong, but there should be no derogatory criticism.

Another important trait is not to ask the shy man about his feelings. A woman who is wise, and she will understand that her chosen one is interested in her, even if the man is withdrawn. Asking shy man directly that he feels for the lady of his heart – a task impossible and sometimes useless: shy nature simply will not allow him to be straightforward with his chosen one.

To build a relationship with a man who is shy, you need to be patient, tactful and respectful, and then the shy guy will certainly become bolder and be able to make his beloved happy.

Supremacy and complexes5

Some girls confuse self-confidence and high self-esteem with coldness and bitchiness.

A girl shows with all her appearance how independent and cool she is. Mocking guys who show her signs of attention. Looking for a perfect man with whom to build a perfect relationship. Although in reality, struggling with a lot of fears and complexes, which is carefully buried deep inside.

So what kind of guy would want to approach a guy like that? He didn’t even have time to open his mouth, and she already measured him with a haughty look and rejected him.

Girls told how they lived their lives as beautiful girls.

What is life like for girls who are generously endowed by nature? Do they bathe in flowers, lavish gifts and men’s attention? Surely they do! It cannot be that the goddesses suffer from loneliness in the same way as the earthly girls.

Well-known British publication “The Independent” decided to find out. Below you will find a collection of revelations collected on the popular site Reddit.

It turned out that the beauties are having a hard time not only in their personal lives, but also at work.

  • “No one takes me seriously. Everyone thinks I’m stupid. And even when I prove them wrong, that unpleasant feeling remains.”
  • “I’m young enough (I’m in my early twenties) and an accountant at work even said that I have no chance. Because male colleagues will never take me seriously. And would be distracted by me.”
  • “My fiancée was in the same situation. She was perceived at work as just another dumb blonde who broke into the male (IT) world. She ended up fooling everyone around, and she knew the system far better than any of her coworkers.”

Guys are embarrassed by pretty girls. And girls, in turn, hate their pretty girlfriends.

  • “It was like I was in high school. I thought of them as my friends. And they secretly hated me. Whenever I showed weakness, they would attack me.”
  • “It was so stressful that I gave up any attempts to find girlfriends.”
  • “I have to be on my guard when I go out with male friends. After a couple of drinks, they start flirting with me. Even the ones who have girlfriends. I hate that – I have to find the least awkward way to blow them off. And keep the friendship alive at the same time.”
  • “How many times have I heard phrases like, ‘I can’t believe you’re single! You’re too beautiful to be alone!” I already think no one asks me out because they think I have someone. I don’t have anyone, ask me out please!”

  • “I’m constantly being whistled at and honked at. I’m constantly worried about my safety. I recently went out for a walk – just for 15 minutes. During that time I got honked twice. One guy got out of his car even though the traffic light was red. Asked if I wanted a ride. Sometimes I get really scared.”
  • “Guys on the street constantly ask me for my phone number or call me for coffee.”
  • “The negative side of it all: strange older men are constantly following me around and trying to talk to me. They invade my personal space and scare me.”

If you’re a girl7

Don’t be afraid to show sympathy if you like a guy. Confidence is great. But you don’t have to go into Snow Queen mode.

Figure it out – do men really repel your beauty? Maybe it’s something else?

If beauty – your only virtue, then it’s not in the fear and not in shyness.


Another reason why a man is shy of a woman and hides his feelings, is insecurity. Insecurity, primarily in the choice of this or that woman and his feelings towards her. This is the case, the reason why it is hardest to admit his feelings to the first one.

A man thinks like this: “Would I be reckless to propose first if there was no interest and sympathy coming from her in my direction that spoke to her feelings for me?”

Here you have to choose between two evils: secrecy and sincerity. Insecurity about a man often repulses a woman, resulting in her refusal of an intimate relationship. A sense of insecurity is born in a man out of fear of looking weak in a woman’s eyes for fear of rejection. Suffice it to analyze the standard families in which everything seems to work out fine. The husband loves his wife and tries to do everything for their mutual benefit. But after a while the man begins to doubt the correctness of his choice.

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If You’re a Guy8

Work on yourself and get rid of your complexes. Self-esteem doesn’t grow by itself. There’s no point in auto-training either.

Ashamed of your looks, your income, your communication skills? Then work on solving the problem. As soon as you notice the first successes (career gains, better physical fitness, etc.), your self-esteem will creep up.

The panic fear of rejection won’t go away if you sit on the sidelines. Talk to girls, get rejections and stop seeing it as the end of the world.

Why is a man afraid of the woman he is in love with?

This can explain why he likes you, but he doesn’t go for a rapprochement.

Modesty and timidity in relation to the opposite sex is commonly attributed to women, but modern men suffer from this no less, and sometimes even more. If you are waiting in vain and did not wait for his initiative, do not rush to get upset and take it all personally. Maybe he is just shy of you.

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Why is a man embarrassed by the woman he likes?

We got used to the fact that a man should make the first move, and to take the initiative itself seems wrong. And he seems to show interest, but he does not do anything that could be interpreted as courting. We are lost in the guesswork and are very surprised when it turns out that the man is shy.

Why are they afraid?
  • He’s already had a negative experience: how would you behave if you were rejected five times in a row? Or maybe just one, but he took it too personally.
  • He is shy in his own right: perhaps it is a feature of his character. It’s hard to judge him for this, but if you are waiting for support and protection from a man, in this case, you risk not getting them.
  • He is unsure of himself: the reason may be in him and in you – it is possible that you seem to him very bright and eccentric. He likes you, but he’s not at all sure that he can like you.
  • The woman of his dreams is too beautiful: bright and interesting, you consistently attract the attention of all the men around you. Man afraid of a woman who seems too chic for him, and therefore prefers not to tempt fate.

What to do if a man is shy?

He does not take any action, but you really want a relationship with him? It’s time to compromise their own principles and make the first step. No, of course, you should not take him to the movies and buy him a cocktail. But there are other ways to cheer him up.

  • Smile: He will respond more quickly to you if you appear friendly and sweet.
  • Don’t try to seem better: It’s not just because falseness is always easy to see. Too perfect a woman is difficult and scary to talk to.
  • Do not build yourself an impregnable beauty: especially if you really are not. This will make a man think that the attention from his side will be undesirable to you.

What kind of women are men most afraid of?

Before some girls the stronger sex in awe, while others are shunned. What kind of women do they fear most of all, in a negative sense?

  • Femme fatale beauties: only the strongest and most reckless men are willing to try to win such a beauty.
  • Scandalous persons: Even if you have infinitely kind, sweet and fluffy at heart, after the scene when you yelled at the cashier for half an hour because of the change with a wrong bill, he will hardly approach you. What if he does something wrong too?
  • Too gentle young ladies: oddly enough, yes. If a girl looks so innocent and airy, he will be embarrassed to approach her. Next to such angels men always feel insufficiently perfect.
  • Successful and independent ladies: you have an expensive foreign car, an apartment in the center of Moscow (and that without loans and mortgages!) And your own business. And who is he? Even if you are not as successful as in this example, he will hardly take the initiative if he thinks that you are more successful than he is.

How to make a man fall in love with you and get his attention

If you want to feel loved and desired, it means that you need to act. What techniques can help you impress the man of your dreams?

  • Helpfulness: If you help someone in need, he will see you as a caring and compassionate woman who makes an ideal partner.
  • Mischievousness: men are very fond of funny women, when they know how to take life without being too serious and really have a good time.
  • Sense of humor: the ability to laugh at oneself in equal measure with men and women.
  • Pleasant appearance: men like most of all not bright, but interesting, well-groomed women, looking at which, as they say, pleases the eye.
  • Intelligence: an intelligent man will never fall in love with a stupid and superficial woman with whom there is nothing to talk about.

It would seem that all of this is completely illogical. Men want an ideal woman who is smart, beautiful and stylish. At the same time, men are afraid of such a woman, making a choice in favor of those who are easier. What should be?

Of course, above all, is to remain by itself. Tell a man about yourself, your life and hobbies, presenting yourself in the best possible light, and he will definitely pay attention to you. Sincerity in communication always bribes people, much more than the desire to build yourself up to someone else, who you are not.

What kind of women are men afraid to lose?

While some women literally scare men away, others, on the contrary, attract and make a man afraid to leave her.

  • Self-sufficient: these women are not only interesting, but also know how to take care of themselves and entertain themselves. Men, who are known to appreciate their independence, prefer to be near such a woman.
  • Caring: a woman who can only think about herself, few can make anyone happy. Men are in great need of care.
  • Understanding: this is the most important thing that requires a woman. One who is not able to understand a man, is unlikely to keep him by her side for a long time.

Do you need to make the first move?

It would seem that the relationship will be with a man who can not do himself a step towards you. However, do not let the first impression to ruin your eventual future love. Before making any conclusions, take a closer look at the man. Who is he, what is he like?

If a man is timid not only in communicating with you, but also in making other important decisions – where to go on a Friday night, to defend their views on the project and other household issues, it’s unlikely to turn out he will be a partner with whom you will be like a stone wall.

If a man is brave and determined in everything, but lost when you’re around, be sure that he is definitely in love with you. Now it’s up to you – let him know that you are not against the development of your relationship. If you do not mind, of course.

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