If a man does not respect a woman – explain in detail

What to do if a man does not appreciate you

To understand that a man does not appreciate, sometimes it is difficult, especially if in words he is sensitive, gentle and attentive. But here he exchanged the evening of the anniversary for a drink with the guys, and then “pardon” sin duty bouquet and a trip to the cafe. Or, in a conversation with colleagues, told that he is not in a relationship and completely free, although his home is waiting for a loving girlfriend.

For a woman to realize that she is not valued, is akin to a blow. Suddenly she realizes that time and emotion have been invested in this relationship, but all the words of mutual love were just a lie. When you are used, it hurts a lot. To avoid going through that pain, you need to learn to recognize the signs that will tell you that a man doesn’t appreciate.

14 signs that a man doesn’t appreciate a woman

There is no response to your messages

To your messages and calls, he doesn’t return your calls even though you know he’s free at the moment and doesn’t have anything important to do. Even worse, when on your remark in the evening you get the answer that he just forgot.

He is intolerant of you.

Your man quickly lost his temper when he explains something to you. And sometimes it is confusing and complicated, so you feel stupid and did not understand anything.

Not afraid to lose you.

He does not want to know what you do, with whom and where you disappear, even if you went to a meeting with colleagues or old friends. Sometimes he explains his lack of interest with phrases like, “I know you won’t find anyone better than me,” or “I’m already too good for you!”

Doesn’t admit he’s wrong.

He has too much ego. It’s humiliating for him to admit to you that he doesn’t know something and apologize.

You are not his priority.

You don’t feel that you have any importance in his life, and you feel that you are somewhere in the background.

Your special actions have become the norm

Your man feels it is your responsibility to do something special for him and does not appreciate caring. And if there is no such action for a long time, he feels resentful, as if you have done something wrong.

There is a belittling of your moral and material investment

You may have sacrificed a lot of things for your man for a happy future together, but he does not appreciate anything special that you did for your relationship. He doesn’t respect you or your actions.

You are neglected.

In response to your questions, he may not answer, or simply walk away, ignoring you.

You are often blamed for all the troubles.

All your attempts to please him, your treatment of him with love and affection goes unnoticed. But only one mistake is remembered for a long time, and he, under any circumstances is trying to remind about it.

You do not understand why he needs you.

You do not feel that you are thought of, cared for. But almost always feel that you are used to meet his needs and wants.

You realize that you deserve better.

You can not admit to yourself that you deserve something more, even though you feel that you are severely disadvantaged in the relationship. You are afraid to say so openly.

You are not listened to.

You constantly tell him the same thing, but he always forgets what you reminded him. This is further proof that there are always more important things for him, and how low on his list of priorities you are.

Always waiting for something more

You realize that in a proper and healthy relationship it should not be like this, but you still continue to tolerate inappropriate treatment of yourself, hoping that he will see how much you love him and how much you do for him. But the more you do for him, the higher his expectations of you grow, the man does not appreciate a good attitude towards him, does not appreciate caring. And in this meaningless race, you will never please him.

You feel that the man you do not appreciate and do not respect.

You feel confident around other people, but your man ruins your confidence and makes you feel uncomfortable. You constantly worry that he won’t leave you, but you yourself don’t even think about leaving him. The man does not appreciate the family, but fearing loneliness, you try even more to please him, and this race makes you vulnerable and hurts you.

If you notice any of these signs in your relationship, talk to your lover. It’s all fixable if your partner doesn’t want to lose you and wants to save your relationship.

Simple explanations for why a man doesn’t appreciate a woman

You allow yourself to do this.

How do you know if a man doesn’t appreciate you? You need to set certain boundaries from the very beginning. You need to show your character right away, otherwise the man will think that with you he can afford a lot of things. Or you do not like his behavior, but you do not say anything. All this leads to a lack of respect from men. It is worth talking about everything openly, or the man will behave in an inappropriate way.

Many girls have this situation for the first time, and they do not understand how to deal with it and what to do. The main thing is not to drag it out and do not bring it to a situation where nothing will help you. So at the first sign of disrespect from his side, be sure to tell your partner about it. Do not be silent, and say that this behavior does not suit you. Explain to him what kind of attitude you want him to have. Be bold and talk openly about what it is that you do not like in his attitude.

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Knowing how you can behave with you, and how – can not, the man will clearly realize that if he wants to be near you, he will have to change his behavior. But note that you should not go overboard and ask for something unreasonable. Likewise, you should reconsider your behavior in accordance with their requirements.

The man understands that you are holding on to him

You’re afraid of losing a man, and that’s a common reason why he doesn’t appreciate you and your love. Men are very sensitive when girls are afraid of losing them and cling to them. They are not stupid, so the more you cling to a man, the less he respects you. So do not put a man on a pedestal and pray to him.

Be independent and whole person, and then in your life there will be no such situations. Do not be afraid to break up the relationship, and then the man will understand that you need to appreciate and respect you if he wants to be with you. You have to realize that you can and should set boundaries and rules of the relationship. Or just discuss them with your partner.

He has a complicated relationship under his belt.

Often a past relationship with a woman leaves a man with serious psychological trauma. Maybe it’s the infidelity, or some ugly deeds. The result is a bad attitude towards the weaker sex. Everyone is familiar with the men who, after the failure in his personal life did not want anything more to do with women. And those who dared to try again, all the same after a while broke down, and the resentment of the past brings in the present life.

What to do if a man does not appreciate the woman, in this case? Just give time to “heal his wounds,” and pay attention to his behavior a little later. Let him know that you are not like his ex. Surround him with attention and care, and maybe this will help him change his behavior and attitude towards you.

He is trying to validate himself at your expense.

Many members of the stronger sex are disrespectful to the partner, because they are not confident in their masculinity. They assert themselves by pushing away weak people. Through disrespect for the opposite sex, they show their strength and boost their ego.

You should not tolerate such an attitude. It is worth openly pronounce him, that such behavior you do not intend to tolerate. That you deserve a different attitude. Otherwise you have to separate, because with such a person to be together is impossible.

The lack of trust between you

Very often the reason why a man does not appreciate his wife is her own lack of trust. If you do not trust your partner, constantly watching him, controlling his movements, checking his things, trying to always be around, he gets tired of you and ceases to respect you. On how to return and develop trust is discussed in other articles. Here you have to understand that without confidence will not be strong and harmonious relationship.

Tips for women how to make a man to appreciate it.

When a girl understands that a man does not respect her and does not appreciate communication with her, that she is not in first place in his life, it is better not to continue this relationship.

If a woman hopes to change the relationship for the better, then you need to listen to some advice so that the guy respects and appreciates you. Never put yourself in a position of dependence on your partner. If you fall into a dependency, you should try to get out of it as quickly as possible.

For example, a girl has an affair with a married man. She loves him and does not want to leave him. But the man is not going to divorce his wife, and makes it clear. As a result, the woman is dependent and subservient to the man. What to do? How to get back respect? The only way – this relationship should be broken.

A woman should never allow herself to be criticized or told who to talk to or what to do. Once you allow it, it will be difficult to change the situation for the better. The psychology of many men is such that if a girl is silent on one critical remark, then on the second, unreasonable nagging and claims will begin, and he does not appreciate such a relationship. So you should immediately respond to any remark, so that the situation does not worsen.

Following these rules, any woman will make a man to respect himself.

5 reasons why a man does not respect a woman

Many girls find themselves in a situation where they do everything they can for the man they love to make him feel comfortable, but they don’t get reciprocated. They cook, they clean, they show love and care, but they don’t get mutual attention and respect. Why does this happen? Why doesn’t a man respect a woman and show appreciation? Let’s try to figure it out and understand why this happens and what a girl should do if a guy doesn’t appreciate her.

Respect – is the foundation of any relationship. Without it it is impossible to build a successful relationship. Whether it is a friendship, a work relationship or a romantic one. Both partners must love, appreciate and care for each other. If they want to build a long and happy life together.

The main reasons why a man does not respect a woman

1. You allow it to happen.

Many ladies behave in a way that their partner does not appreciate or respect them. They initially set themselves up wrong and have not set certain boundaries. They didn’t show their character, and as a result, the man realizes that with this girl, you can allow a lot of things. Or you ignore his behavior for a long time and do not say anything. All of this leads to the fact that the man does not respect the woman. In addition, this behavior will continue until you set some limits and talk about everything openly.

Many girls do not understand what to do in this situation, because this happens for the first time in their lives. In this case, it is important not to drag it out and not to bring the situation to a critical point where there is nothing that can be done. So as soon as you notice the first signs of disrespect, you need to be sure to tell your partner about it. There is no need to be silent. Say that you do not like this behavior. But it must be done correctly. You need to explain to the man how you want him to treat you. Have an open conversation with him. Show courage, and say that you do not like his attitude.

When he will know exactly how you can not behave, and what you do not agree, then the man will clearly understand that if he wants to be with you, then you need to change your behavior. Only your demands should be reasonable and not overly exaggerated. In addition, you must behave exactly as you ask of your partner.

2. The man understands that you are holding on to him

Another common reason why a man doesn’t respect a woman is because of your own fear. Men are far from stupid, and they sense well when girls cling to them and are afraid of losing them. And, if you behave that way, you end up paying a very high price. And the stronger your fear of losing him, the more he will disrespect you. So you do not need to make an idol of men and “pray to him. You have to be a self-sufficient person, so that in your life did not arise in such situations. You should not be afraid to break off relations and “get out of the game. This is when he will clearly understand that there is a limit to everything, and he needs to treat you more respectfully if he doesn’t want to lose you. Girls need to understand that they can, and even should, set the rules in a relationship. Or at least put forward their suggestions and agree with their partner.

3. He’s had difficult relationships in the past.

It is often the case that former women deal a serious psychological blow to a man. She may have cheated on him, or acted very unkindly. As a result, everything leads to the fact that he begins to treat the weaker sex badly. And I know many situations where girls have really crushed a man’s spirit so that he didn’t want anything more to do with them. And those who recovered, still snapped after a while, and showed all their anger from the past in the present life. What can you do in this case? Give him some more time to “heal his wounds”. And look at his behavior after some time. In addition, show that you are nothing like his ex. Show him love and concern. And it is possible that he will change his attitude and behavior.

4 He’s trying to boost his ego.

Men and guys who are insecure about their masculinity often show disrespect to the opposite sex. They get the impression that this is the way to establish themselves – by pushing weak people away. They see disrespect for the opposite sex as an easy way to show strength and boost their ego. The only real solution in this situation is not to tolerate such antics. You need to say openly that you will not tolerate such behavior. You want, and deserve a different attitude. Otherwise, you will have to break up, because it is impossible to be together with such a person.

5. There is no trust between you.

Quite often a man does not respect a woman if she does not trust him. When a woman is constantly watching her husband, controlling every step, checking things, and constantly wants to be close, then of course no trust is out of the question. Accordingly, and respect will not be shown. How to develop and restore trust, we are talking in separate articles. But here it is important to understand that trust is one of the key factors in a successful relationship. And without it there can be no reverence and recognition.

What to do if you are not appreciated and not respected

First of all, you need to determine whether there was true love and strong feelings between you? And whether you previously appreciated the man? Or it was just a passing novel, and no plans for a joint future you did not have? In the case that the man really loved and respected you before, then such a relationship is worth working on, and try to get it all back. You can even improve them, so that your partner has changed for the better.

But if there was no respect and strong feelings between you from the beginning, it will be difficult to earn it. Besides, I don’t recommend doing it. Because love and true feelings in a romantic relationship do not have to be earned. They have to manifest naturally. Stop wasting precious time on this person and find yourself a better one. This will save your nerves, and you’ll be back to normal sooner.

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