If a man does not call for a week: to solve the question

If a man has stopped writing and calling: how to behave

It is unpleasant for anyone to be in a state of misunderstanding of what is happening in his personal life. If a man stopped writing and calling, a girl tries to understand how to behave. She wants to get specific, but at the same time not to impose on the young man. Let’s think logically, what actions should be taken, and from which it is better to give up.

Analyze the situation

Before writing to your lover, you should independently analyze the situation. The ignoring could be a consequence of a quarrel. Try to remember whether there were conflict situations between you and your lover. Perhaps he was hurt by any words or actions.

If a woman is sure that she could be the cause of the ignoring, you should take the first step and try to talk. It is better to start the conversation immediately with the problem, explaining the position in an argumentative way.

It is difficult to understand the other person without talking. Therefore, before making a serious decision, you should definitely explain yourself. A girl should not wait for a man to write first, if the situation is eating her up. You can call or write first. Further action depends on the reaction of a man.

Reasons why a man may not write and do not call

The reasons for the absence of calls and messages from her lover may be different:

  • no feelings have arisen or disappeared in relation to the girl;
  • She really liked the man, but he is afraid to show his love or affection;
  • “Price gouging” – by ignoring plans to make the girl want to fight with other suitors for him (sometimes invented by the man);
  • the chosen one is in a relationship or has a family;
  • force majeure, a difficult situation at work or in the family;
  • worries that the woman does not have feelings for him (sometimes he thinks that he is not worthy of a young person);
  • Does not want to change the familiar life, to let another person into it;
  • decided to take a break in the relationship.

Sometimes the grounds for such behavior a man himself can’t even explain. Situations are different. In addition to making decisions in his personal life, you have to deal with other problems. Some young people find it difficult to accept change, so you should not put off talking for long.

Should I call or text first?

It’s wrong to think that you shouldn’t be the first to write or call a man. Impose is not necessary – this is a fact. But to try to understand the situation is necessary to understand where to go next.

If a man goes into contact, tries to explain the reason why he disappeared, it is necessary to listen to the man. But you should be careful with the words of the lover, especially when a girl has not known the man for a long time. He can take advantage of the situation and present his own laziness under the guise of global problems.

When a young man does not answer calls and messages or does it rarely, you should think. Imposing in this case is definitely not worth it. A man who wants to continue communicating will make contact. It doesn’t take long to reply to a message.

There is no need to write or call. If a man reads a message but doesn’t answer for days and it’s impossible to reach him, just draw conclusions about the man and move on.

How long should I wait before writing first?

There is no specific time. A woman should live her life to her satisfaction and do as she feels comfortable. You can wait a few hours, a day, a week, a month. However, do not put high expectations on this man.

Psychologists advise to wait for an answer about a week. This time is enough to solve problems or to sort yourself out.

During the waiting period should not disturb the man. He may have serious problems, and because of the constant messages from his chosen one he will worry even more. When everything is resolved, the person will definitely call back, make an appointment and try to explain the situation.

Is it worth waiting for an answer?

Every girl at least once wondered how to behave if a man stopped writing and calling. Definitely should not wait for an answer, refusing to meet with friends or admirers. When communicating with a man should not forget about your hobbies that existed before his appearance in her life.

Continue to work on yourself, do the usual things. Do not give up everything and sit around waiting for the call. There is a chance that the man will not want to continue communicating. It is not clear how long a woman will have to wait for reciprocity.

It can take days, weeks or even months. It is better to spend this time on personal development. It is not necessary to immediately look for a replacement for the young man, but also to forget about themselves and their interests should not be.

What to do if the constant initiator is a girl?

It is normal that a woman does not like to be the constant initiator in communication. If a man is interested in his chosen one, this problem usually does not arise. However, you should not jump to conclusions, you should discuss the issue.

To solve the problem you should:

  • inform the man that this kind of communication does not suit you;
  • If he is willing to change, you should give it a chance;
  • In the case where the man does not make contact, refuses to change or does not keep his promise, it is better to stop the relationship;
  • do not repeatedly talk about the problem, an adult will understand the complaint and offer a solution the first time.

Do not be afraid to end a relationship where you are not appreciated and do not take seriously what you have said.

If the reason for ignoring is not serious

Remember that everyone has his own understanding of the seriousness of the situation. But if, having objectively assessed the situation, the girl has decided for herself that the reason why the young man disappeared was stupid, you should not give a second chance. A relationship in which a partner can disappear for a few days because of parties, outings with friends, and vacations should be ended.

How do you get out of a relationship without losing face?

Romantic relationships that come to an end, more often than not, end in loud scandals. However, a girl can break up nicely, leaving only positive memories of herself.

If a young man has stopped contacting you, there is no point in arguing. Leave a brief and concise message to the person. The reason for separation can not explain. It is sufficient to let the man know that you do not intend to wait.

In person or by SMS should indicate that you have different views on life and communication. For this reason, it will be better for you to break up. When there is no desire to explain anything, simply notify the young man that you do not want to communicate and the relationship is over.

Is it necessary to ignore the man in return?

This kind of behavior should be avoided. There is no need to behave like a little child. If the man had a good reason for not answering, this kind of behavior of his chosen one will definitely not please him. Try to calmly respond to messages and respond to calls from the young man.

After the man got in touch and explained the situation, you should not rush into his arms and be in touch every second. This will help to show your chosen one that you have your own life, interests, friends, work.

A few rules from psychologists, which should be adhered to, so that the situation will not repeat:

  • Explain to the young man that ignoring the relationship is unacceptable to you (if he does not want to explain the reason for his behavior, he can simply report a difficult situation);
  • Answers to messages and phone calls for 1.5-2 weeks should be dry;
  • Wait for the man to apologize for missing and ignoring him, only then begin to gradually show care and a warm attitude;
  • Stay calm, do not try to put pressure on the man if he does not want to talk about what caused his silence;
  • For the sake of a meeting with a young man do not cancel your business, it’s better to ask to postpone the date to another day or time.

In any situation, the girl must remain a person with interests and principles. Do not constantly make concessions, men are quickly bored with it.

The bottom line is .

Girls often wonder how to behave if a man has stopped calling and writing. There is no specific list of actions, it all depends on the reasons why he disappeared, and his future behavior. Endlessly calling and writing to him is not worth it. When he wants to resume communication, he will apologize and explain the reason for ignoring you. With a man who chose to party with friends over communication with his girlfriend, it is better to leave immediately. However, the decision on the further development of relations will remain with the woman.

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What to do if a man does not call: check the method of Lisa Volkova

How to attract a long-awaited call or meeting, even if your man hasn’t called for a week? Today I will tell you how my friend and I tested in practice four recommendations Lisa Volkova to attract men. Whether our experiment worked or not – read on…

И не забудьте забрать самую результативную методику восстановления любовных отношений — без слез, уговоров и смс. Скачать ее бесплатно можно здесь >>>

And I’ll start a little from afar…

My ideal man does not call and does not write.

Happiness, joy and elation – this is what a girl should experience after a successful date. But in practice it’s often not so. Nervousness, confusion, discomfort – is that in the dry residue after the date is just that.

And all because the man does not call after the meeting. Not right away, or the next day, or later. The man disappeared, dissolved! I am familiar with this situation and with these feelings.

He seemed to be my destiny. Tall, curly, smart, sexy, humorless – my ideal. We had beautiful dates, hot kisses, long intimate conversations. And then… he would disappear.

I looked at the phone with hope, then with anger, then with irritation at myself, then fell into depression – all the phases of acceptance of the situation I went through in twenty-four hours. Every time the phone rang, time stood still and the account started again.

My friend’s secret

My friend Katya didn’t understand my whining. She was always called back. And even when a man was late to let me know, she said: “My boyfriend is the best! He doesn’t write, he doesn’t call, he doesn’t invite me out, he doesn’t bother me, he’s my sunshine”. I could not understand such an attitude, but I had to admit that Katya was much luckier with boyfriends…

I only figured out my friend’s secret a few years later, when I was already married. It was simple: if it happened that a man disappeared, Katya intuitively acted according to certain rules. And so he came back to her quite quickly.

I came across these rules by chance while watching a video on the YouTube channel of Lisa Volkova “POWER IN THOUGHT”. It was talking about the behavior of a girl who is waiting for the first step of a man. It turned out that Katya did everything right, which, alas, I can not say about myself.

By the way, how would you behave in a similar situation?

What would you do in a situation where your man has disappeared? Choose your answer.

So you have three choices. You decide what to do.

  • Call or write first: yes – yes, no – no, why suffer in vain?
  • Get offended and shut up proudly, sending him to ignore. And then we’ll see…
  • Reconcile – if a man does not call, then I did not hook him, not the fate.

Which option, in your opinion, is the right one?

The answer: neither the one, nor the other, nor the third!

If you really want your chosen one finally called you and invited you to a date of your dreams, you have to act differently!

How to behave if a man does not call: 4 recommendations Lisa Volkova.

If you think about a man for days and nights if you are sad that your phone did not break off because of his calls, if hands and itching to write to him – you are not in a resourceful state. You are in a state of need and want him to pay attention to you. This is what scares him away.

To attract a man, you just need to change your inner state. Yes, so simple! And do it just help Lisa Volkova recommendations.

Recommendation Lisa #1. Do not write, do not call, and in the eyes of “accidentally” do not get

So, in any case, do not write and do not call him with the questions “Kuda disappeared?”, “Wha happened?”, “When shall we meet?” and so on. Take time out and give yourself time to change a little.

Learn to enjoy life by eliminating worries like “Why did the man disappear when everything was going so well? Live every moment with pleasure, be passionate about your business and yourself. Then the man himself will be drawn to you almost instantly. He will attract your state of sincere joy and happiness.

Кстати, если вы не просто ждете звонка от мужчины, а ищете способ возобновить отношения с любимым, который решил, что между вами «все кончено», — то вам сюда >>>

Recommendation Lisa #2. Create a state of joy, love and pleasure

First, stop seeing the problem in the fact that the man disappeared. On the contrary, find a benefit in it – for example, a lot of free time. Be happy for him and focus all your attention on yourself.

Secondly, do what you like! It doesn’t matter what it is that gives you pleasure. What’s important is the feeling you get when you do it. The more you do things for yourself, the happier your life will be.

Think about what you love and what fills you up. I made a list of my 50 favorite things to do. Here are a few of them besides the standard shopping and spa .

  1. Going to the movies with a bucket of food, immersing yourself in the movie, forgetting about everything.
  2. Meet up with friends and gossip a lot.
  3. Throw out old things (clothes, dishes) and get rid of junk in the house.
  4. Meet the sunrise while everyone is still asleep, enjoying silence and solitude.
  5. To choose and give gifts to loved ones with no reason.
  6. Take a course or a marathon on self-development, professional pumping, etc.
  7. Rewatch old family photos and videos.
  8. Take a swim in the pool.
  9. Go for a morning run in the park.
  10. Try something completely new – a cooking class, oil painting, a vocal lesson, etc.

Do something every day that inspires you. Give at least half an hour to it regularly, and you’ll notice how the world around you will change.

But know this: the world will actually remain the same. Only your perception will change – you just tune your strings to the right wave.

Lisa’s tip #3. Create intention and breathe life into it.

Now we can remember about the man. You are in a resourceful state, happy with yourself and life, you have your own interests and things to do. It’s time to create an intention-that your man is thinking of you and longs to meet you.

Write this intention on a piece of paper in a positive way with the name of your loved one. For example: “Andrew thinks about me every second. He really wants to call me, he really wants to see me. He is pleased to ask me out.

Imagine in the smallest detail this call and your meeting: how his voice sounds, how his eyes feel. You have to feel the thought with your whole body – goosebumps on the skin, butterflies in the stomach, a sense of flight and boundless joy.

Cast away all doubts and be fully confident that a man is about to write or call you and be sure to appoint a date.

Recommendation Lisa # 4. Thinking for a man correctly

There is a joke: While a man does not call and write, a woman has time to do the worst – the conclusions.

If a man has disappeared, involuntarily you begin to think: “I guess he never called me … I guess he did not like me … He probably has someone … “.

It turns out that you kind of think up for the man those thoughts that he may not have.

Instead, create your reason why he was sure to call you and will soon be declared his love: for example, because you are beautiful, smart and funny, because he remembers you every minute, missed you, etc.

And when he shows up, don’t figure things out. No “Where have you been?”, “Why didn’t you call?”, or “You can’t do this to me! Act as if you did not notice his absence.

The experiment, code-named “The Man Doesn’t Call. How we tested the recommendations of Lisa Volkova

I’m a skeptic and love proven techniques. So I decided to try out these rules Lisa in practice. My husband disapprovingly looked in my direction, the thought of an experimental date it did not inspire, of course. And then I turned to my other friend – Helen.

Lena had just recently met Kirill, a new colleague from another office. A spark ran between them, and now we have a date. I asked Lena to conduct an experiment in case Kirill did not call back after the date. And she agreed.

The first experience turned out to be a success for me. For Lena not so much, because Kirill did not call her back either in the evening after the date, or the next day.

And then we started with Lena’s first two recommendations: put the phone away and take care of ourselves.

We went for a pedicure together, then went for a walk and chatted all day (not about Kirill). Mood with a friend definitely went up. And in the evening she even stopped glancing at the phone.

The next day Lena went to visit her grandmother. She loved to go there, but rarely managed to. She came back inspired, and in the evening she went to a jazz concert.

In the morning we called Lena, and she was in a great mood. She said that all evening she hadn’t even thought about Kirill.

Then we moved on to recommendations 3 and 4 – to create intentions and right thoughts.

Lena wrote in her diary: “Kirill misses me and is happy and excited to call me. She said that when she wrote this, she thought, “What else could it be? Such a girl to miss out on!” Then she imagined his call and felt a shiver inside. She realized that everything would be just as she dreamed.

And calmly went to the fitness center.

The result of the experiment

The next day Kirill came into the office where Lena worked. The first thing he did was to stop by and ask her if she wanted to take a walk for lunch. Viva victoria! It turned out even better than Lena had given me: instead of calling me, I immediately had a meeting.

So our experiment lasted for only three days, and was a success. I’m sure any girl can apply these simple recommendations if her man doesn’t call. And instead of despairing that the man has disappeared, continue to go on dates with him, receive gifts and declarations of love.

But what to do for those whose relationships are seriously at odds with each other? What to do if your favorite lost interest or even packed his bags and left?

Restore the relationship is possible if you really want to. Get a step by step strategy and learn how to get a loved one for 35 days, a free master class Lisa Volkova.

And what do you usually do when your chosen one disappears for a long time and does not make himself known? Share in the comments.

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