If a man cares, it means he loves: All the nuances

Caring is a manifestation of love in men?

Have you ever wondered how Love even manifests itself?

Not tied to gender or even species of beings.

Love is attention. Attention is not as a manifestation in action (it is a consequence), but as a thought process.

Love is the only True feeling. It is the source of Energy. The direction of application of this Energy is Attention. The qualitative characteristic of this Energy is Attitude.

What is most surprising is that both Attention and Attitude can be controlled by Us.

Even more amazing is that Attention and Attitude are the only things we can control. ONLY that! The rest is out of our control.

And if any being LOVES someone, pays attention, and treats him or her with a soul, how will it manifest in the end?

Observe Nature and the creatures that inhabit it.

CARE and only CARE! Neither gifts, nor offerings, nor services (this is all for another) – it is sincere and unselfish CARE.

I am very happy for you!

Not always, care is one of the duties of a man (if we are talking about family relationships) so he can continue to take care of the family, even when love is already gone. He cares because he feels responsible.

I used to think that you could like a man for his appearance, for his character, etc. Always liked charismatic guys, that is not modest, so to speak. Since recently in my head there are thoughts about a man who shows to me caring attention. it turns out! for two years now. But I started to notice it only about two weeks ago.I started to catch myself on something that for some reason I feel somehow unusual, I can say really happy and the reason for everything as I found out for myself is him.I suddenly began to understand that I really enjoy talking to him on various topics,it is madly pleasant to catch his warm look,hear his low voice,encouraging words and advice which he gives me.Although he seemed to me not to my liking,I never thought that he will interest me as a man. I am so happy to know that someone cares about me, that someone shows his gratuitous concern for me. For two years while we were working together I never had a negative attitude towards him, even when I was in a bad mood, only he somehow found an approach to me, and I always talked about what influenced my mood, although it was strange to realize it myself, that some colleague of the opposite sex I immediately twist everything as soon as he gets interested, then brings a sedative or if my head hurts will bring a pill with water. We could say we were good friends (only at work! Outside working hours we have not seen each other) But lately his caring attention began to pass into . as if tenderness, such as a kiss in the hair, will hug every chance while no one sees or just pull to himself, and most importantly I am not against all this, not trying to push him away from themselves all possible methods, as it usually happens when I have someone who does not like me, tries to hint as he … to me not breathing evenly, to put it mildly. In general I think that slowly I start to fall in love with him, or maybe already 🙂 still can not understand. It would be okay, but he’s much older than me, he’s 45 (though he looks younger than his years, both physically and intellectually), and I’m 28 (single, has never been, no one I love, though the face and figure is out, do not smoke, do not drink, and here in relationships as it was not lucky, not my everything was, never really loved, only if at school, was the first unrequited love, then I thought I madly loved the boy)))) But that’s another story 🙂 But even if our relationship grows into something more, then it will turn out to be great love, I know exactly that I do not intend to remove him from the family. but that is also a completely different story. Svoim the story I wanted to say that one only attention and care can fall in love with the man, without physical contact (I mean without any kind of sexual exploits) without charisma, without gifts, etc., etc.

If a man cares, it means he loves: All the nuances

The other day my friend and I were walking along the boulevard, and toward us a woman with a pug puppy in her arms. The puppy is lying completely calm and relaxed, with the feeling that this is how it should be – “must love, carry in their arms, to cherish and nurture. Clearly, he is so cute that one’s hand reaches out to pet, touch, protect, and care for him.

We went on and discussed the puppy. And then I had a thought: “A lot of us women would like to be treated that way. Especially men would like to be treated that way: that they would care, and that they would want to do it. Are there any ways?”

There are a lot of articles on the Internet, which describe that it is necessary to become weaker, gentler, more feminine – then he will automatically become stronger, more masculine, and so on down the list. But there are other mechanisms. I will tell you about the basic strategies from which you can develop tactics – specific actions to achieve results.

1. Child/children.

People are instinctively conditioned to protect and nurture the child. “Childhood” triggers a subconscious program in the brain of both men and women. There are studies on this topic in the field of ethology (the science of animal behavior): certain “childlike” features trigger the program of care.

That is why the “woman-child” type is so popular with men. They are simply doomed to increased attention of men from maidenhood to old age; they always look younger, not at their age. The “childish” (infantile) features of appearance include:

– A steep, convex, rounded forehead;

– large eyes and long curved eyelashes;

– thin blond curls;

– diminutiveness (height, hands and feet, build);

– short and/or upturned nose;

– small, slightly protruding chin;

– clean smooth skin;

– dimples on the cheeks, etc.

Sometimes a woman is born with such features. And if not inherited from nature, but strongly want them to create (twirl curls, bleaching, eyelash extensions, etc.).

The “woman-woman” type is much less stimulating to care for from a man. Notice how children are more “pretty” than adults, and how their hearts and hands reach for them.

2. angel / porcelain statuette

This, too, is a special type of appearance and behavior that evokes a desire to protect and protect. What awakens in us the brightest feelings and a craving for beauty. Pure, bright, ethereal, fragile, a heavenly creature, not of this world… consists of:

– thin, frail physique (can be tall as well);

– clear, pure, innocent, serene look;

– long hair (blond or dark);

– Thin, graceful, well-proportioned facial features (but there may also be, for example, sensual lips, as in Monica Bellucci and Anna Samokhina).

All in all, it’s a devilish mix of “damn pulling, but how can an angel…”. But to care, yes, I want to care. Straws to put under these thin, delicate feet … How can you fall mud on the sidewalks and potholes, you need to put in the car … She does not know where the utilities are paid, and generally how to let her in the post office in the beastly crowd of old-age women, where they push, call them names, rude, she can not there …

It especially affects men, whose lives and professions are connected with rudeness, dirt, aggression. They know what the “other side” of life can be like. If all the brightness in them has not been killed, they understand very clearly: such tenderness and purity cannot be allowed into the real life. And they start to care.

Even sex does not always come to that (“How can I, such a rough and rude man, approach such an angel? We are from different worlds.)

The classic scheme of “the lady and the bully.

3. The sexy little thing.

The effect on men of this type is not based on “pretty” or “ethereal,” but on “I want her.” “Wow! I want her so bad!” That’s why you have to fight for her. You can very often win her over by surrounding her with care. Again, we get the desired result: you want to take care of her, you want to tutor her to get a return.

I will not enumerate the signs of this type, they are already obvious (a good breast, hips, beautiful legs – who “falls for”). In this case the main role is played by the figure, not the face. Although there are also sexy faces (causing sexual desire): tempting glances, juicy lips, etc.

4. Princess/Queen.

Another man-inspiring caring strategy, where caring acts as a means to an end (as in the previous one). The woman’s sense of peace (which she transmits to the man, and he – penetrates) can be described in different words:

– “royal manners, behaves like a queen”;

– “knows her worth” (and it is high);

– “a sense of inner dignity” (often also use “feminine dignity”);

– “I am a gift, a value to all,” etc.

Yes, yes, it works, and for both sexes. It is unisex! The basic message is, “It’s very expensive/valuable/rare/special, so it’s attractive. You have to earn the favor.”

My friend said that such girls grow up in rich families, with a high level of wealth, where people feel “the cream of society.” To which I replied, “Yes, but not necessarily, sometimes it is enough just to have a father who treats his daughter like a princess. It is desirable that the mother – as a queen.

The girl sees it and absorbs it, and the material wealth in this family can be anything. With such an attitude from a little princess grows a big princess, which then, perhaps, turns into a queen. The Queen is not easy to conquer and subdue, but that too is done largely through caring.

5. Respect/Partner.

A very interesting strategy with intricate logic. The difficulty is that here the woman is not a weak object, which is chosen for beauty, defenselessness, “dearness”. In this case, the man respects the woman.

She is intelligent, talented, knowledgeable, and her partner sees and appreciates this. She can work just as hard as he does. But she is a live person, so she gets tired. Moreover, tired stronger and faster than he (still physically weaker). Sometimes she needs to bring a cup of tea after a hard day’s work, to cover a blanket, a shoulder-support.

That is, men and women are equal here, but sometimes the “partner in the skirt” needs care, and the “partner in the pants” is happy to cover for her, feeling stronger and more masculine. This feeling seems to be purely human, not animal or sexual. Perhaps it is caring and guardianship in its purest form, not instinctive, but rational, of the highest order.

You can choose a strategy that is closer to you, or even try to apply several strategies to motivate you interested in a man to show you care. By the way, different types of men fit different “keys”, unlocking “troves” of care and custody. But about this – another time.

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