If a guy wants you: tell us in detail

What to do if a guy wants you and you’re afraid?

No one is born with the experience of recognizing other people’s feelings. It is acquired through life experience. You can learn some things from the literature.

How to know that a guy wants you, not every girl knows. Psychology can help her. Experienced physiologists have watched many couples, studied facial expressions, gestures, poses.

If a man is attracted to a woman, he tries to spend as much time with her as possible. He also unconsciously invades her personal space, trying to shorten his distance. Touching hands, feet, fixing hair – these gestures show interest in the lady.

Some people do not know how to restrain themselves. Then such a young man can start stuttering, embarrassing, modest, rubbing things. Sometimes a man literally seeks to undress a girl with his eyes.

Self-confident guys who like tactile contact may hug, attract to the body, take the hand. All these gestures look involuntary, as if everything happens by itself.

Excitement manifests itself on a physical level. Therefore, an observant woman can notice many things. For example, how her sweet companion could be thrown into the heat.

Important: the level of manifestation of physical excitement depends on the work of the nervous system.

A few more signs of excitement – wet palms, sweat on the face, rapid heartbeat, goosebumps on the skin. According to them, you can determine the degree of man’s interest.

Strong arousal is manifested by biting the lips, licking them, and salivation. There may be the impression that the companion wants to kiss the girl.

It is not always easy to figure out and understand what exactly the representative of the stronger sex wants. It is important not to forget one thing: everyone has its own characteristics of the nervous system, its own behavior, so not all of the above signs may appear.

Signs that a man wants you 7 signs that will give him away with his head:

  1. Stare;
  2. Rapid breathing;
  3. Desire to touch;
  4. Sweat on his face and hands;
  5. Gestures;
  6. A penetrating voice;
  7. A desire to spend as much time together as possible.

Ways to understand and how to behave

How to know if a girl wants you

It is important for girls to know what to do if a guy wants you. To begin with, you need to be sure of your conclusions. To do this, it is worth observing your chosen one.

If the guy is interested in communication, then he will do everything to meet and will always find a free minute

Facial expressions and gestures

A charming smile, an interested look, a moving facial expression – these are signs that the girl has begun to please. At moments of conversation, the man’s voice will seem to change: it will become velvet, low, heartfelt.

Sometimes the young man may start to joke ambiguously, on the verge of decorum. This is how he tests the boundaries of what is permissible. In moments of excitement he twirls a trinket in his hands, wrinkles a napkin, etc.

Words and hints

How to understand that a man wants you – listen to his speech. It is unlikely that he will directly voice his sexual desire. The topic of conversation can be anything, the most important thing is that the young man will try his best to interest the companion.

Certain marker words that indicate a continuation of the meeting are an invitation to privacy, frivolous topics, and the personal sphere. A man may propose to go to a cafe or to his house.


The eyes show a person’s real feelings, so it is the first and main sign of sympathy. A young man stares intently, does not look away, as if trying to undress. He can look not only in the face, but also below.

Important: A shy guy will try to look away, yawn and show his indifference.

Sometimes a man demonstrates a ingratiating look. This does not mean that he has begun to be afraid. It is a sign of indecision and a request for approval.

Determining excitement and attraction is not always easy. You can do it by a number of external signs. The young man will rest his hands on his pelvis, slip his fingers into the belt loops of his pants, wiggle on his feet.

During the dance the companion will try to hug the waist tighter

Involuntarily the man pushes his torso forward, so he demonstrates excitement. If the guy is near his beloved, he will try not only to look at her, but also to touch her.

Subconsciously the young man will seek to show his best side. To do this, he will straighten his shoulders, flex his chest and straighten his back. With all his visions he will show his mood.


The main difficulty is that non-verbal signs can mean different behaviors. Therefore it is impossible to judge only by them. Any person is made by actions, the relationship sphere is no exception.

If a guy wants you, it doesn’t necessarily manifest as a straightforward desire. He will want to spend more time around you. Therefore, the young man will start inviting you to go out often.

In correspondence, a man in love will begin to ask about how you feel, the past day, may offer to solve problems. Another important sign that will help sort out feelings – the man will seek to spend all his free time with his chosen one.

Next to his beloved, the young man tends to touch her hands, waist and other body parts. If the girl is sure that she is lustful, then she should take everything into their own hands and try to kiss or other manifestation of affection.

Simple signs will say it all for him!

There are simple actions that will definitely give away a man’s desires. But do not confuse lust with infatuation – this misconception often confuses women and girls. If a man really wants a woman, this suggests that she has attracted him by her sexuality, attractiveness, she attracts him and makes him dream, be in sweet fantasies.

But this does not mean that the man is in love, has some serious feelings and wants to be together with this girl! Perhaps this will come later, but sexual lust often passes after an intimate connection.

However, a wise woman knows how to wrap a man’s desire correctly. And if you use your feminine power correctly, you can get a lot from your lover.

Of course, if you give yourself to a man right away, you are unlikely to get anything but fleeting pleasure. And if you show cunning and intelligence, you can really bind him to you and build a good strong relationship.

But to do this, you should learn to recognize the signs that give away men’s desires. Let’s see, how to understand that a man really wants a woman?

  • Behaves with the young lady not like the others.
  • His eyes are literally “magnetically” attracted to her.
  • He compliments her, shows other signs of attention.
  • The man clearly tries to look good when he meets her.
  • He is looking for a reason to touch unobtrusively, to be closer, to smell the woman.
  • In general company this man tries to stand out from the others.

There are many other signs, but these are the most obvious. According to them, you can unmistakably understand that your boyfriend is clearly experiencing attraction. Consider each sign separately.

A special attitude – a sure sign!

Talking to a man in the company, it is easy to see if he singles you out. Pay close attention to the way he communicates with other representatives of your sex – his intonation, speech, expression, his gestures, where his eyes look. And therefore compare these signs with the same, but in relation to you. If they are clearly different – you can draw conclusions.

Look at his gestures. As a rule, when he is talking a man’s hands are at the level of the abdomen or the chest.

And when he is talking to a woman he really wants, all of his gestures will be focused on the pelvis (if he is sitting). This is psychosomatic, and you can not argue with it: gestures betray inner desires and thoughts.

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Also a man can make involuntary movements with his hips or knees, it happens very naturally and almost imperceptibly to himself. And this is a sure sign that mentally he is already engaged in passionate lovemaking with you.

The man’s speech and voice will also be different. Listen to how he speaks to other ladies and compare. If he tries to be more polite in his conversation with you, his voice is softer and quieter, this is also a clear sign of his attraction to you.

The eyes say it all!

If a man during a conversation is looking at your lips, neck, chest, legs – it is obvious that he wants you. In this case, such a look is often not intentional. That is the way the strong sex is built – his eyes just like attracted to attractive parts of the female body, you can not help it! So watch the eyes, which can say a lot!

And it is especially noticeable if you are on the sidelines. When a man passionately wants a woman, he will look at her every few seconds.

When you are in general company, stand back and try to observe. While he is doing some business of his own, or, for example, talking to someone, he will periodically cast glances in your direction.

If you work together, this is especially easy to notice: such a man will occasionally look at your feet, your shoes in heels, your breasts. In a conversation about business or something distracting, he will not be focused enough, and in his eyes it will not be difficult to understand it.

How to find out if a man only wants sex

How to understand that a man likes you – looks, gestures and other signs

When recognizing other people’s intentions, it is easy to make a mistake, as people are not ready-made templates, so you can not unambiguously judge. In the course of communication, a girl can change her opinion about the chosen one, for example, she learns that he is married.

The reason for discord can be different views of the relationship

The woman wants to love and be loved, but the man is only interested in sex. Such a person often begins to hide a lot, it becomes offensive to spend so much time on him in vain. Such behavior is characteristic not only for teenagers.

Determine the sexual interest can be a desire to quickly translate everything into the intimate sphere, lewd jokes, unambiguous gestures. It is as if the young man is in a hurry to pass the stage of acquaintance and move on to something serious.

If a girl is determined to build a long-term relationship, she should be able to determine a man’s intentions. If he behaves impudently, invades his personal space too quickly, strokes his waist insistently, this may express his sexual interest.

It takes years of practice to understand the language of feelings. You can’t learn this skill quickly. You should not worry about this topic, as different social contacts and communication will allow you to develop the right qualities. Over time, a woman will begin to literally read her chosen one as a book and understand his thoughts.

The ability to decipher non-verbal signals will be useful not only in personal life, but also at work. So it is worth to improve your knowledge in this area. So a person can achieve success in many areas of life.

What do the body movements and facial expressions say about?

Male psychology is considered one of the most revealing and expanded areas of psychoanalytic science. Actions of the stronger half of mankind in most cases are logical, they are easy to predict and analyze.

How to diversify sex with her husband at home: proven ways and tips

When a woman becomes an ambassadors in psychology, to understand that the guy wants you, will not be very difficult for her. The problem is that a deep dive into the human psyche is a long and energy consuming process. It requires extreme concentration and a willingness to devote several years to learning. Meanwhile, life continues here and now, so mutual feelings can appear on the horizon at any moment.

It is possible to understand the reason for sexual desire with the help of non-verbal psychotherapy. This young science emerged at the turn of the century, capturing the leading minds in the field of alternative medicine. In 2010, the authoritative therapist Paul Eckman published a work that became a bestseller in 15 countries around the world. The book with a provocative title “Know a liar by his facial expression” since the publication of multi-million copies. It describes specific methods and techniques, as through close observation of the pose, gaze and gestures of man can read his thoughts, as well as comprehend feelings.

How to know if a man wants you: the exact signs of lust

Most men prefer proactive actions and not particularly shy to show that they want you, preferably right here and right now. But still there are situations when even the toughest guy is timid in front of a girl he likes and does not dare to confess his feelings and desires. Should you take the initiative into your own hands? Definitely, yes! Men love it when women offer them to have sex.

Article content: “How to understand that a man wants you: exact signs of lust”.

But first you should definitely make sure that he is interested in you. I’ll be honest, as a representative of the stronger sex, we are bad at hiding the signs of strong arousal. So you can easily read the signals of a guy who dreams about getting you into bed.

And this little cheat sheet on how to figure out that he wants you will help you confirm or refute your hunches.

1. The way a man looks when he wants a woman

Eye movements can communicate a great deal to the interlocutor, most of which we are unable to control. Scientists have found through many experiments that when a person is physically and emotionally excited, his pupils dilate. His pupils are wider than the iris? Is he keeping his eyes on you? If you are not in the eye doctor’s office – then he is 100% interested in you.

2. Gestures of men when they want a woman

There’s another surefire way to figure out if a guy wants you: just watch his hand movements. Chaotic nose scratching, frequent touching of the face or groin area, going over a belt or buttons between his fingers – all this indicates that a man is extremely aroused.

When aroused, the blood begins to actively rush to different parts of the body, so the guy now and then wants to scratch an itchy nose or … something else. And also in this way he unconsciously tries to get your attention.

Changes in the tone of the man’s voice.

This sign is inherited from the animal kingdom. You’ve probably seen it in colorful nature videos: when the male is courting a female, he may change his plumage color or voice. Some species have an incredibly loud and strong voice, which they use during mating games.

In human nature there is also such a feature: at the peak of excitement a large number of hormones are released into the blood, which contribute to the contraction of the vocal cords. The man’s voice becomes lower and deeper. Another important sign is a change in the speed of speech: when a guy wants to charm you, it becomes unhurried and smooth.

4. A man’s touch

Linger his hand on your shoulders or waist a little longer than allowed, take away an invisible speck, fix a curl – a man takes every opportunity to touch the object of his desire. Even if you’re friends for a long time and “hugging” is a normal gesture for you, look closely at the guy: if his breathing speeds up and he so rushes to hug you harder and longer, this is clearly not just a close friendship.

5. And five other sure signs to know that he wants you.

  1. He laughs when you make jokes . No, I don’t mean to belittle your sense of humor-I’m sure you’re quite adept at wit. But if a man is laughing at every one of your witticisms and reacting vigorously to your lines, he clearly wants to get to know you better.
  2. He likes all your pics on social networks, does not miss any of the posts and closely monitors your life.
  3. He often writes to you and offers to help you with your daily activities and other signs of attention.
  4. He notices all the changes in appearance, new clothes. Men, unlike women, do not “see” the shades of lipstick and not particularly versed in the types of haircuts. Hair is either long or short, that’s it! But if he suddenly noticed that you trimmed the ends yesterday, away all doubts: he definitely wants you.
  5. He does not miss the opportunity to show you their strengths: expose their physical data in a favorable light or boasting about achievements in his career.

6. What to do if the man wants you

Are you sure that the man wants to sleep with you, but hesitates to say it first? Take the initiative into your own hands:

  • Continue to play seduction with him if that’s what you want too, BUT:
  • Don’t provoke him or tease his feelings if you’re not ready to reciprocate.

Don’t play hot and cold and provoke a man: if you have no intention of having sex with him. Believe me, it will not end well. Well, if your feelings are mutual, you and all the cards in your hands: let a man win you or tell him directly about his desires.

After all, what do you have to lose if it suddenly turns out that your assumptions are wrong? A strong, confident woman who knows exactly what and WHO she wants is the best magnet for men.

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