If a guy loves a girl, let’s break it down for you.

Does a man love you? 23 clear signs to figure it out

Are you in a relationship that you think is going well, but you’re not quite sure if the feeling is mutual? You wonder, “Does he love me?” You realize you love your man, but does he love you back?

We can all feel insecure from time to time, especially when it comes to vulnerability in a relationship and the risk of heartbreak.

It’s natural to look for confirmation that your partner really loves you if he hasn’t already said those three short words – or even if they’ve been said.

Sometimes small actions or words spoken can make you wonder if your boyfriend feels as strong feelings for you as you do for him.

If your man doesn’t show certain actions toward you at some point, you can easily interpret this as a lack of interest in yourself.

But all your attempts to figure out if your man loves you don’t clarify the situation.

Then you need to know the proven signs that his love is real. Then you will be sure that your relationship is on the right track.

How do you know if a man loves you?

Aside from asking him directly, “Do you love me?” there are many clues you can look for to get an answer to this question.

The most important clues lie in his actions, not his words.

People in love treat each other lovingly, emotionally and consistently. They don’t say one thing and do another. They don’t consider wasting time with you instead of flirting with other women.

Is he acting like a man in love? If so, that’s probably how it is.

Studies have shown another important clue as to whether your boyfriend is in love with you is what he thinks of himself. Being in love increases self-esteem and confidence and makes you feel like anything is possible.

Is your man pleased with himself and ready to conquer the world? It’s quite possible that his feeling of love for you inspires his self-confidence. And you inspire him to be a better man.

What’s in this article

Does my man love me or not? 23 signs that he does.

Let’s look at some of the actions you may notice in your lover that reveal the depth of his feelings for you.

He’s sharing intimate things with you

Sharing intimate things is the first key to deep communication and one of the signs that he’s falling in love with you. If your man loves you, he’ll want to share the details of his day with you and his innermost thoughts and desires.

He’ll also want to hear about what’s going on in your life, and he’ll do his best to keep the lines of communication open.

Some guys are more outgoing than others, but if he makes an effort to let you into his inner world and seems genuinely interested in yours, then you can understand that this is a sign that he loves you.

He looks you in the eye.

This may seem like a small thing, but it’s a sure sign that he genuinely cares. If he looks you in the eye when you’re talking, you know he’s paying attention to you .

Especially when you really want to have a deep discussion, if he gives you his full attention and turns to you, it shows that he is interested in what you are saying.

Eye contact alone can’t mean love, but when he looks into your eyes, do you see a reflection of the depth of his feelings? Is there adoration and tenderness in his expression?

These are sure signs that he loves you.

He gives to you.

Real love is about giving. When you love someone, you want to give them everything – and it’s not about material possessions.

You want to be a better partner for your loved one, to make them happy and make their life better.

Love shows itself in action. If you’re wondering, “Does he really love me or is he using me?” The most basic indication of the answer is the actions he shows to give you all he can.

When you love someone, generosity and selflessness become natural. You want to put your loved one first. If your man gives to you, he loves you, too.

He makes you his priority.

Everyone’s schedule is overloaded with work, school, or other responsibilities. If your man loves you, he will make you his priority in his life.

If he really doesn’t have time to spend one day with you, he’ll make an effort to let you know as soon as he’s free. When a man loves you, he tries to make room for you in his life because you are his top priority.

Some guys may say they love you, but then become physically or emotionally unavailable. You have mixed feelings that confuse you and make you feel insecure.

Your man will want to spend time with you (maybe not around the clock) because your presence is important to him.

He asks you for advice.

You know your guy loves you when he shows you that he values your opinion by asking for your advice and comments. No matter what size the problem is, he will ask you what you think because he respects you.

And respect and love go hand in hand.

Even though there are other people in his life, if a man loves you, he will value your opinion more than that of others . He will want to please you by making the right choices, and he knows you won’t lead him in the wrong direction.

He sends you morning messages .

When you’re the first thing on his mind in the morning, then you know the answer to the question, “Does he love me?” is a resounding “Yes!”

Some guys may try to hold back their feelings and resist the urge to text you first thing in the morning, but if your man loves you, he won’t feel the need to hold back his feelings.

He’s so in love that he wants to reach out to you to start his day with a dose of happiness . He doesn’t need to play coldly with you, he can afford to be vulnerable and gentle with you because he feels safe enough with you.

He wants you to be a part of his life and his future.

He wants to get to know your family and your friends, and he wants them to like you, wants them to approve of your choices about him.

He’s trying to understand them and make a positive first impression. He’s also trying to get to know you better by asking about your activities and hobbies so he can connect with you on a deeper level.

He also wants to bring you into his life and introduce you to all the people who are important to him.

He wants everyone he cares about to love you as much as he does.

When he talks about the future and his big life plans, he also includes you in those plans. When he mentions his goals for the next year or five years, you are part of the plan-or at least he hints at it.

He can’t imagine a future without you.

He communicates with you throughout the day.

When you fall in love, you begin to care about your partner as much as you care about yourself.

Every time, after he’s had a tough exam or been in a stressful meeting, you communicate with him. You want to know if his day is going smoothly, or you just want to hear his voice.

You realize that the man you love loves you if he’s communicating with you throughout the day, even if there’s no reason for it .

He remembers the little things .

When a guy isn’t serious about you, he won’t try to remember your birthday or the tiny bits of information you tell him, like that you drink coffee in the morning.

He may care about you, but he doesn’t want to make the extra effort to really get to know you and pay attention to your likes and dislikes.

When a man really brings up little things that are important to you in some way, know that he listens to everything you say, and in the process he falls in love with you.

If you’re wondering, “Does he love me or not?” pay attention to his willingness to get to know you and care about you, mindful of the little things.

He misses you when you’re not around

Men tend to understand what keeps them close to a woman when they are given a little distance.

He can show you all the love in the world, but what goes on in his head when you’re away? Does he call you to tell you he misses you, or does he unplug all day and then apologize for being busy?

When you’re in love, you crave your partner’s presence and miss him when you’re apart. That doesn’t mean you think about him every minute, but the thought of your partner always stays in your head .

When something happens, you want to tell him, or if something reminds you of him, you start thinking about what he’s doing now.

If a man loves you, he will contact you and tell you what made him think of you.

He will do whatever he can to make your life easier.

Men will make themselves uncomfortable just to help the woman they love .

If you need a ride, he’s willing to change his route and pick you up, or he can go to the store and buy whatever you need without having to ask him for it.

It’s not hard for him to go the extra mile for you because he enjoys pleasing you.

He’s obviously happy to see you.

Love makes people happy. Love is joy. When we are full of wonderful memories and thoughts of a great future together, we smile all the time .

If he smiles ear to ear and lights up every time he sees you, then he clearly loves you. You add a spark to his life and make him feel happy and alive.

He protects you and looks out for your well-being.

He makes you walk on the sidewalk because a car might come out and he can protect you with his body. He has to make sure you’re okay, and if you’re not feeling well, he’s always there for you because he feels like you need him and he needs you.

If a man lets you through, it means he loves you and cares about your well-being .

He doesn’t have to be a fighter to protect you in time when you are in danger. He reacts quickly to anything that threatens you.

He shares with you.

If a man gives you the side of the bed that you prefer, even if it is his favorite side, it shows that he is putting your desires before his own.

If he gives you most of his sandwich, the last piece of dessert, a window seat on the plane, he’s doing it because he thinks you’re his better half and he adores you.

It’s not just about sharing, it’s about giving . For a man who loves you to give you more than he has himself is the same as if he were keeping it for himself. When you are happy and satisfied, it makes him happy.

He keeps you in the loop.

If a man loves you, he will keep you informed, even if he doesn’t need to.

For example, if you send him a text and don’t hear back within two hours, he’ll apologize for the delay in replying and tell you he was in a meeting or his phone wasn’t around for some reason.

Even if you don’t need to explain anything, your man will show you that he cares and is attentive to your feelings .

He doesn’t want you to think he’s ignoring you or that there’s something more important going on in his life than you.

He likes being around you and touching you .

Some men won’t show sexual affection if they don’t feel love. A guy may hold you close to him during sexual intimacy, but once you’re done, you’ll likely notice him slowly turning away to the other side of the bed.

However, when a man loves you, he wants to hold you tight all night and finds reasons to touch you during the day.

He will want to increase physical contact and touching you to show how much he cares about you.

Remember that some guys are naturally more affectionate than others, so a lack of touching doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love you. But a certain display of affection and touch of a non-sexual nature is a good sign of his great feelings for you.

He’s changing his habits for the better.

If a guy loves you, he will give up some habits that can make you happy.

Maybe he smokes, but he knows smoking bothers you, so he can quit, or maybe he’s used to going out with friends on Thursdays, but you’re home that day, so he starts staying home with you instead.

If a man wants to build his life around you, it’s because he sees you for the long haul of his life.

He tells you his secrets.

Men can be closed people and are reluctant to talk openly about feelings and insecurities. It is not easy for men to reveal their personal information, especially if it is very personal or painful.

People often keep secrets for fear of being judged by others, but if he feels comfortable enough with you and is open and sincere, it means he trusts you and loves you enough to be vulnerable around you.

He is proud of you and tells other people about it.

He brags to his friends and family about your accomplishments or the great things you are doing in your life.

He is proud to call you his soul mate and wants other people to know how good you are too.

When you achieve a goal or do something well, he shows that he really cares about you and is genuinely happy for you. He’s not jealous of your accomplishments, and they don’t threaten his self-confidence.

He helps you feel better about yourself when things are going wrong.

Everyone has mood swings. Even if you have severe mood swings and if your man loves you, he will be there for you in times of need and won’t judge you for being in a bad mood.

Instead, he will listen and support you, or find a way to make you laugh. A loving partner understands when to give you time alone and when to join in and help.

He won’t get annoyed if you snap at him, but will be understanding and patient.

He makes his plans around you.

A friend is coming from out of town in two weeks, but first he’ll ask you if you both have plans before he tells his friend he’s available.

He wants to include you in the plans he makes with his friends because you are a big part of his life .

He won’t start planning a trip until he’s sure you’ll have just as much free time, and he definitely won’t look at new apartments without consulting you first.

He does random good deeds.

You probably didn’t expect to see flowers there when you got home, but he knows you love them and just wanted to see you smile.

You also didn’t expect to wake up to your favorite coffee from the local coffee shop on your bedside table, but that’s how he wanted to start your day.

He finds small ways to make you happy, even if they seem insignificant. These little acts of kindness are a sure sign that love is in the air.

He’s putting effort into the relationship.

Do you want to know if he loves you? He puts his all into the relationship and strives to make it work. He’s not willing to give up on you without a fight.

Even if you show him your worst side and think no one wants to be with you after you misbehave (misbehave), he won’t give up on your relationship.

When a man loves you, he will never leave you hanging-not because he has to be there for you, but because he wants to be there for you.

11 signs of a guy’s love, or how to know if he’s truly in love with you and really wants you


The initiative in a relationship has always been a male privilege. However, times are changing and some people are afraid to show their feelings due to their character. This leads to a natural question for girls: how do you know if a guy loves you? In fact, to hide his attitude towards the representative of the fair sex rarely succeeds. Knowing the basics of psychology and having some observation, you can expose even the most reserved guy.

If a guy is in love with a girl, how does he behave?

Human body language works at the level of instincts. When one person sympathizes with another his gestures and behavior noticeably change. In search of an answer to the question of how to understand whether a guy loves you, you can use the “mirror effect”. Its manifestations are related to the desire to please the lady. It is scientifically proven that when a guy loves for real, he unconsciously copies the behavior. Sometimes a man “mirrors” only some manners, in other cases he repeats the movements completely.

In order to understand that a guy loves for real and he needs you, you should study him in company. The sympathetic man assumes an open pose, turning the toes of his shoes in the direction of the lady of the heart. After a successful joke, the lover laughs, looking into the eyes of the object of feelings. He actively supports the conversation, tries to be near and as if accidentally touch the girl.

A guy in love will try to show care

How do you know that he is in love?

Showing care is another trait of a man in love. If he needs you, he tends to give his jacket on a cold night, a ride or walk home, bring fruit in case you are sick. There are other noticeable signs.

How to know if a guy loves you:

  1. He tries to spend a large amount of time with you. Man is ready to put off any business, just to go to the movies with your beloved or just for a walk in the park, if he loves for real and he needs you.
  2. He often calls. Calls without reason are common not only to girls but also to guys.
  3. If he does not call, he writes. How to figure out if a guy loves you can also help with social media. If your phone is constantly beeping for messages, it means he needs you.

A guy in love constantly wants to touch you, put his arm around you, or even just touch you with his sleeve. He craves any contact, his gaze is easy enough to catch.

How to fall in love with yourself?

If after studying all the tips on how to understand that the guy loves you and he needs you, there are no signs of feelings, you can change the strategy. Taking advantage of women’s tricks, to fall in love with yourself is quite real.

What is needed to do this:

  1. Be a girl. Yes, it seems that this is absurd advice, but guys love a truly “girl-girl”. Gentle image, feminine dresses, slim heels and mystery in the eyes – these are the secrets of success. Cigarettes, alcohol and strong language are taboo.
  2. Be interesting. Hobbies make a person special. “Zapoynoe” reading books or impeccable knowledge of the history of the ancient Mayans can set you apart from the rest.
  3. Being yourself. It’s not just about demeanor, but also about appearance. No artificial eyelashes, plastic nails and a cartload of cosmetics.

With a man it is important to act carefully. Let your every thoughtful move will not be visible to the guy. Top flight – make sure that he is convinced that he was the first to start this relationship and he needs you.

How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence?

The largest social networks allow access to a personal page. Often a quick glance is enough to understand a lot about a guy’s personality. Having found out his hobbies, musical preferences and social circle, you can begin to act.

There are some seemingly primitive, but effective options:

  1. Find communities that the guy is subscribed to. Wave suit music topics or groups about movies. We write him something from the category of “how similar our tastes” and strike up a conversation. It’s best to really familiarize yourself with the topic beforehand, otherwise it’s going to be awkward.
  2. If he regularly communicates on forums or groups, you can get into a dialogue there and then go to private messages.
  3. Another option is the Scheherazade method. Tell him interesting stories, but always keep the conversation unfinished so that there is a reason to come back to the conversation constantly. The guy will get used to regular contact, and that’s half the battle.

It should be noted that it is not always possible to make a man fall in love with you. The best psychologists, experienced girlfriends and even the advice of your mother are not able to become the ingredients for a universal lovemaking recipe. If the efforts go unnoticed, it is better not to waste time and look at the other guys around.

How do you know if he loves you?

Sometimes even a man can not tell the difference between love and crush. That is why the advice may be almost identical. Additionally it should be noted some points on the subject of how to know if a guy really loves you:

  1. He introduces the girl to his friends. If, despite the three years of your relationship, you have not seen his childhood friend in the eyes, then it is likely that the guy does not have special feelings.
  2. The guy introduced the beloved to his family. This important and responsible step speaks volumes.
  3. He is always ready to come to the rescue. A pipe burst at home and a real flood? Don’t worry, he’s already rushing to save your cat and TV. Flat tire on a night in February? He hasn’t slept anyway, and the frost is the perfect quenching tool.

How do you know if a guy really loves you?

Many men are far from stupid. They also know how to read women’s forums and tutorials on pickup. How do you know that a guy really loves you and not cheat, looking into his eyes? If he shows his feelings publicly, defiantly kisses you in public, and alone for hours likes videos and photos – things are bad.

Unfulfilled promises and refusal of responsibility serve as a wake-up call. He regularly prefers hanging out in the garage or a sports bar to hanging out with your sweetheart? Honey, it’s time to pick up your feet and dump this liar.

A loving guy is thoughtful, tactful, and caring. However, to distinguish true love from a fleeting feeling or imitation is sometimes possible only after some time. It is this that allows you to check the sincerity of the man’s intentions.

11 signs that he needs you

There are fairly simple techniques for getting an answer. To assess your neediness will allow a checklist consisting of 11 signs of a guy’s love. How to know that he loves you:

  1. He’s jealous. To his best friend, classmate, colleague at work, or even a subway driver. Of course, he can hide it, but sooner or later it will be revealed.
  2. He first initiates a meeting if he really loves. Invites directly or veiled. For example, asking for help to choose a gift for mom or a bowl for the cat.
  3. Turns out to be nearby. By a miraculous coincidence, he visits the same hair salon, goes to the same supermarket for milk, and rides the same bus. Even if he is a bald motorist with a lactose allergy.
  4. He worries. He cares if you’re hungry, if you’re cold, if you’re tired.
  5. He’s attentive. One surefire way to know your guy loves you is to look at him during a conversation. If he catches every word, reacts and comments vividly, it’s a sign of feelings.
  6. He’s groomed. When he meets you, he’s dressed dapper, trim and smells good.
  7. Wants to know more if he truly loves you. What kind of chocolate you like, where you went that summer, and what book you read last. No, he’s not collecting dossiers, he just wants to know more.
  8. He wants to get to know the people around him. He doesn’t shun his girlfriends and he’s not afraid of his parents.
  9. He doesn’t hide his phone or his conversations.
  10. He tries to please. Gives favorite daisies, brings adorable sweets, or calls to watch the sunset.
  11. He listens. Do you like red? He’s sure to buy himself a scarlet shirt. Do you admire the scent of jasmine? He’ll consider it when choosing a perfume as a gift.

Tips on how to know that a guy loves for real should not be taken too literally. Even the absence of certain signs should not sow doubt in the relationship.

Maybe he is hiding his feelings?

If a man is afraid that his feelings are not mutual or for other reasons hides the true state of affairs, then the task becomes more difficult. Some guys still give some kind of signs, while others are able to be aggressive and avoid the object of adoration.

It’s a paradox, but that’s how many people behave. Remember when boys pull pigtails as kids? It works with fully mature men, too. If a man around you is constantly trying to pick on you, take a closer look. He may be sleeping and seeing you together.

In how to understand that a guy loves you, but hides his feelings, you have to rely on intuition. Often it is the inner voice that will tell the truth about a man better than anyone else.

Maybe it just uses

Women’s naivety at times gives men a chance to take advantage of the relationship. How do you know if he loves you or just uses you? The easiest way to figure out a gigolo. Especially the brazen specimens ask for money straight, those who are more cunning, complain about the financial difficulties. Generous girls part with their money, and the guy successfully escapes to the next victim. Do not borrow money to a man, regularly pay his purchases and restaurant bills.

Another reason for a self-serving relationship with a girl is intimacy. To get it, guys are willing to sing serenades and hang noodles. If after sex a man has lost interest, if he tells everyone he knows about another victory, then, alas. His feelings are probably a sham. When a guy loves for real, he keeps his mouth shut.

How do you know he doesn’t love you?

Girls feel the slightest change from a man on an intuitive level. Therefore, it is rarely difficult to distinguish the period when the guy really loves you from the stage when he has cooled down. Regular delays at work, silly reasons for postponing a meeting, constant hanging out with friends or a hidden cell phone are alarming signs. There’s a chance it’s a crisis in the relationship, but if the situation has dragged on, all that’s left to do is accept it.

Useful video

All of the signs listed should be interpreted freely. Trust your heart – and you will definitely be able to understand whether a guy has fallen in love with you or not:

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