If a guy doesn’t call – let’s put it in a nutshell

False Expectations: 5 Reasons He Didn’t Call You Back

Let’s say you meet an interesting man. After a pleasant conversation (and you may have thought there was a spark between you) you decide to give him your phone number. But as days and weeks go by, you don’t hear back from him. Why does this happen?

Think of a friend’s birthday party or a social event on a Friday night, where you met the man of your dreams. Between you guys started a conversation, all evening he did not take his eyes off you and did not leave for a minute. At the end of the party you exchanged phone numbers. After that, you went home in high spirits and began to wait for that very call. But… nothing happened. Does this situation sound familiar? In fact, there are several reasons explaining this behavior of a man.

He is already in a relationship

The technique of small talk is different for everyone. Someone with difficulty opens up to strangers and communicates discreetly, but for someone to behave with a new person easily and naturally – not a problem. This openness on the part of the opposite sex at an evening event can be misinterpreted. He was simply friendly and welcoming, and you thought it was sympathy and interest in a closer communication. It often happens that a man is already in a relationship, but he doesn’t avoid dating other girls. He is not looking for romance, and flirty behavior is part of his character ( read also: “5 simple truths about men that are useful for every woman to know”).

You are not his type.

Let’s imagine that you recently met the perfect man and went on a first date with him. It would seem that everything went perfectly. All evening you had topics to talk about, he was smiling, laughing, and you both left in a good mood, but that’s where the meetings and conversations ended. You think he’s busy, gone away, lost your number and more. And in fact, he just realized that he sees another companion by his side. It happens so that already on the first date a man realizes that the girl is not right for him. Maybe you do not have the same views on the future, and perhaps some character traits or demeanor were not to his liking. No need to dig inside and worry that there is something wrong with you. You just do not fit together. And that’s okay.

He pauses.

Not only girls play hard to get, men do it too. It happens that he liked you so much that he decides to put a price on himself, waiting a short pause before the first call. Men, like women, are sometimes afraid to seem too intrusive and interested. Do not panic and be disappointed if he did not call you soon after the first meeting. It’s possible he’s just waiting to pique his interest (also read: “10 signs that a man really likes you”).

He really didn’t have the time (or opportunity) to call

We are all human, and we all have force majeure events. If a man doesn’t call you back the morning after your first meeting or date, it doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about you. He may well be slammed at work, or he suddenly had to go out of town, where there are problems with communication. There may be many reasons, do not jump to the conclusion that he did not like you. Give a man time to deal with their difficulties.

He liked you so much that he doubts himself.

Not all men are so sure of themselves to be convinced that any girl will be interested in them. Some tend to doubt and worry, especially if the lady they liked made a strong positive impression and won at first sight. They are just like girls, afraid to be rejected and misunderstood. Give a man time to gather his thoughts and decide on the first step, because not everyone is able to immediately pay attention to his girlfriend and invite her on a first date (also read: “First date dress code: 5 simple rules so that it was not the last”).

There can be many reasons why a man doesn’t call you back, and you shouldn’t sit by the phone and wonder what could have happened to make him not get in touch. If you can not let go of these thoughts, then discard your doubts and call him yourself. We live in the twenty-first century, where the rule “the man must call / write first” is outdated. After all, what’s the worst that can happen if you pay attention to the man you like first? The most unpleasant thing that can happen is a lack of response. Thus, you will make sure that he is looking for something else in his companion, and will cease to languish in anticipation of a call. And that’s okay, because it will help you turn over a new leaf and open up to communication with other men.

Man does not call after a quarrel: what is the reason and how to deal with it

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Quarrels have their place in any relationship. Even if a couple looks like the epitome of an angel, they still occasionally figure things out. It can be the usual arguments or great scandals with breaking of dishes – it does not matter, the main thing that they all have, and it is normal.

But what to do a sensitive and vulnerable girls, if the man does not call after a quarrel? How to cope with the excitement that will inevitably follow day after day? Ladies have a common characteristic – nakruchivanie themselves horrors that may not be in reality. Let’s deal in order, for what reasons the guy falls out of your life after a little altercation, and how to behave in this case.

Why does he do this?

If you do not live together with your boyfriend, and the other day had the embarrassment of rudeness about something, then chances are that it will offend him. In particular, you need to determine exactly who is to blame for the situation. Analyze objectively, and not on the basis of your pride and beliefs. If he is the culprit after all, the reasons may be the following:

  • He is not yet ready to admit his guilt and is just waiting for you to cool down. Even though all men are of the strong sex, that doesn’t mean they can’t show weakness. And the more guilty he is, the longer he can prepare to apologize. In this case, you should be patient and wait, because he will surely try to make sure you forgive him for sure.

These are the main reasons why a man does not call after a fight, if he himself is to blame. The main strategy here is to demonstrate your equanimity. It is best if you do not make the first steps towards you, especially if he managed to insult you the day before. Try on a mask of pride, try not to appear in social networks at least a couple of days, do not put sad statuses and pictures. Create the appearance that you have everything fine. The fact that men are interested in girls who are not “snot on his fist,” and are self-sufficient individuals. And such they always want to win.

Another thing that can not be forgotten – if he did call after a while, you should not at first words to forgive him and sob into the tube. Then all your game will be in vain. It is better to demand not only an apology, but an explanation of where he disappeared. How do you know where he was preparing to apologize? No one ruled out the fact that he could also have a pretty good time without you, not suffering remorse. Be strict and objective, because if you show mildness in these situations and show how bad you feel without him, he immediately begins to use this in his favor.

When you are not right.

This paragraph refers to those situations where the girl is not right. And here we will also have to evaluate objectively, because only a few girls will admit that the whole mess happened because of her. However, if it still happened, the reasons are almost the same as in the previous case.

  • He is deeply resentful. Men also cry and are offended. And a man’s resentment can be deeper than the Mariana Trench. After all, if you hurt his manhood, he may not forget it. And although they say that guys are simple people, they are capable of being vindictive and vindictive. You the same in this case will have to call him first and apologize, because you also have to know how to admit your mistakes. Wait a while and make the call. Ask for forgiveness and do not bother him anymore, until he is ready for a conversation in person.
  • He is disappointed and decided to break up with you after all. It’s possible, especially if you’ve been picking at his delicate nerves with the rusty fork of your ego for more than an hour. Guys can also leave “in English,” without warning or explanation. If you realize that the relationship still has a chance, then call and try to explain yourself. If you realize that this is the end, then you can just text him. Tell him you’re sorry it happened this way. Maybe it will still turn in your direction.
  • He has things to do and he doesn’t care about you. Not all girls understand that not all the world comes down on them. And even if your conflict was serious, the man does not call after a quarrel, if he had other problems.

Any scandals in the relationship is another reason to look at how many mistakes you make on the road to mutual happiness.

If you quarrel quite often and the instigator is also you, then it is time to pay attention to your shortcomings. After all, they are destroying your trust and harmony, which should be present in a strong relationship. Try to change yourself, to apologize to the other half, and then try not to repeat these mistakes.

Preliminary results

There is an opinion that the quality of the relationship is tested by how the man and woman behave after a quarrel. And in this there is undeniable truth. After all, in the end it does not matter who is right and who is wrong. You can beat the dishes, shout at each other, insult and weep, but after that to recognize the futility of these actions and have a heart-to-heart talk. Being a temperamental couple is not easy, but in some ways it is good – all of your emotions are as the palm of your hand.

However, if you do not know how to check the depth of your feelings in a serious fight, there is a proven method. And it works if you are 100% sure that he is to blame. Or if it’s already obvious. Many say that you have to make the first step to reconciliation, even if you are right. But that doesn’t work in this situation. So you just show your weakness and allow themselves to be manipulated. So you have to do one thing – keep quiet.

In the end, no matter how eloquently you speak, no matter how many excuses you can find for everything, a person begins to understand everything much better when he realizes the risks. It’s one thing to sit back relaxed and expect your partner to call regardless of your guilt, but it’s another to see how you can lose someone who loves you forever. And it won’t be an empty threat, but a real identifier. If he is guilty and doesn’t even try to contact you, it means he doesn’t care much about your worries. And you yourself are not that important to him. Wasting time with such a companion is not worth it, it is better to try to put it out of your mind.

There is another tip that is intended for ladies. You should understand that a man does not call after a quarrel, because he is afraid to continue the conflict. And here it does not matter who is really to blame for it. Maybe it was he, or maybe you, but if the quarrel after the call will continue again, you will not come to any compromise. Try to smooth things over and listen to the guy carefully. Perhaps you misjudged the situation and could have hurt him badly too, then a mutual explanation will be a great way out. The most important thing is not to start recalling things, then you can not avoid another wave of clarifications.

Fighting and making up is a normal state for any couple. In life, there are moments when you simply do not have the strength to hold back your anger and resentment.

In addition, all people are not flawless, so they make blunders. The main thing here is to be able to hear your partner and to forgive. After all, if your quarrel was a trifle, there is no point to fan the flames of dislike because of it, killing any feelings. Just be a little easier and learn to accept apologies, and then you will definitely always be in touch.

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