If a guy calls you “woof”: an explanation in general terms

Kitty or Pussycat? Learn the meaning of your nickname and what it says about your love

Why does a guy call you bunny, sunshine, baby? After all, these affectionate nicknames occur for a reason. If you want to know what your boyfriend feels for you, just look up the pet nickname that he most often addresses you in the article.

Psychologists are sure: in couples where he and she call each other affectionate nicknames, the main romantic goal is pursued: to turn each separate “I” into a single “we.” Why does a guy call a girl sweetheart? Does he really love her? Or is it just a pretty nickname?

The more tender and affectionate words in the speech of lovers, the deeper and more sincere is their relationship. If the relationship dries up, turning into a formality, then in addressing each other can remain only one affectionate nickname. Why, in recent weeks, does the guy call you “pooh” and nothing else? Could it be that his feelings are starting to fade?

Why does a guy call you affectionate nicknames?

We can distinguish several types of affectionate names that we call “pet nicknames”.

1.Beasts. Big or small. Calling a partner a tiger, lion cub, kitty, bunny, in a couple, thus, there is an association with a strong, predatory animal, or, conversely, cute and defenseless. Why did the guy call a bitch? It hardly has anything to do with the animal world. Rather, it’s his way of expressing his admiration for your attitude toward sex.

2.Pathos references. My pearl, my life, my heart, my love, – there really is a lot of pathos in such nicknames. Why does a guy give such homely nicknames? Perhaps they are simply beautiful words, which should be taken as a compliment.

3.Tenderness. It shows up in pet nicknames that sound like sweetheart, sweetheart, darling, the only one, unique, my good one. Although such words may seem trite and formal to you, but thanks to them your partner expresses the most tender feelings for you.

4.Last Name. Why does a guy call you by your last name? Perhaps he has a special sense of humor. By the way, this kind of address in couples is quite common. It’s better than wondering why a guy called you by your ex’s name.

5.Made-up nicknames. Often household nicknames of this type indicate that your partner is attracted to your appearance. Cute, angel, pretty – yes, it’s all about you.

6.Pie, bun, apple. And any other gastronomic household nicknames indicate displays of sensuality, constant attraction.

7. Rude references. Why does a guy call a slut? It’s not uncommon that this is the kind of pet nickname he’s trying to emphasize his enthusiasm for how liberated you are in bed. If it’s part of your game and the controlled roughness stays within the couple, it’s one thing. But if such a nickname doesn’t appeal to you, it’s better to tell him about it right away and watch his reaction. It is possible that he is just a boor and it is worth staying away from him.

Anastasia, my star!

If your sweetheart doesn’t just make up a nickname for you, he adds it to your name, and most likely to your full name, you have a lot to think about. “Don’t call me Thomas, Miss Becky; that’s what they call me when they want to whip me. Hardly your sweetheart wants to flog you, but he definitely wants your attention. Most likely, he feels like you’re pulling away from him.

Kitty, baby, doll.

Actually, the semantic meaning of these words is completely unimportant. It’s the sound that matters. The “K” sound is one of the most common sounds in pet nicknames. And if your sweetheart chooses it, it means he’s in the mood for a really serious relationship. Do you know why? The next time you walk by the playground, listen to the way parents talk to their kids. Even if they call them by their first names, it’s almost always diminutive forms with the “K” sound: Mashenka, Olenka, Vanechka, Dimochka. And if the name has no common diminutive form? And then again the sound “K”: Olezhek, Igorek, Matveyka. From early childhood we get used to the fact that the “K” sound is used by people who love us unconditionally. And when we use it ourselves, we address those whom we love. For real.

Darling, beloved, sweetheart.

If you try to call someone that, you’ll realize the following: first, it’s uncomfortable. Such nicknames are not “begging on the tongue” and do not “fly off” as if by themselves. Second, they are completely impersonal nicknames. You can call someone that. When you say, “Dear sir, could you tell me how to get to the library?” – you don’t want to tell a stranger that you respect them immensely. You just don’t know how to address him-not “citizen,” not “comrade,” not “sir,” and not “hey, man!” So if your boyfriend is addressing you with these words, it’s likely that he’s not planning a serious relationship. He’s just calling you words he thinks are supposed to express affectionate feelings.

Dumpling, Mousey, Moorey-Meany.

And all the other words that sound silly, weird, and ridiculous. The very words that reflect your and only your story, the words that relate to events meaningful to you. Your sweetheart is probably worried about whether he’s good enough for you. And when he calls you Dumpling, he’s just reminding you one more time of how much he loves you. That he appreciates you for who you are. And that he’s incredibly sweet about your secret habit of chewing on frozen dumplings.

Sweetie, baby, baby, baby.

Cute, “sugary” nicknames help us make the image of the one we love more tender, romantic – and vulnerable. Chances are, your partner – pretty possessive. He wants to dominate the relationship, is going to take the place of the “head of the family” and stand at the helm. In this case, he is sure that you are the main object of his care, in some ways even reminiscent of the parent.

My sunshine, my soul.

Most likely, you are together for a long time, and all these nicknames sound with a certain amount of irony. Like, of course, you’re my soul, but somehow it is not customary to talk about it seriously, so I’ll call you that when I report that I already washed the dishes and took out the trash. If you’ve been together recently, it’s a clear declaration of serious intentions. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

What intimate nicknames really mean

It turns out that even behind the cute and harmless nicknames he calls you, there is a mystery. Notice how often you become his kitty or zayya, and at what moments he calls you his star, dream, or moon… We decided to find out what affectionate nicknames really mean.

Sweetheart, Darling, Darling

It’s hard for you to call someone that yourself-not just your lover. For one thing, it’s uncomfortable. Such nicknames are not “begging on your tongue. Secondly, you can call almost anyone that. When you say, “Dear man, could you tell me how to get to this street?” you don’t want to tell a stranger that you respect him immensely. You just don’t know how to address him. If your boyfriend addresses you this way, it’s likely that he’s not planning a serious relationship. He’s just calling you words that sort of express affectionate feelings. Yes, we know, you think the word “sweetheart” encapsulates all of his most serious feelings. But calling you that is not a declaration of love at all.

Kitty, Zayka, Masya…

The standard set of words that can be characterized as “neither here nor there. It’s not as if it sucks, but also does not address any overly lofty feelings. Most likely, you are at the very first stage of the relationship and plan to continue, but do not yet know how to behave with each other. So it turns out: “Zai, can we go to the movies?” Kind of like he got to you affectionate feelings, but thinks that just to call by name will not be enough.

“Pookie, Sweetie, Kitten.

Sugary nicknames help us to make the image of the beloved more tender, romantic and at the same time vulnerable. There is a chance that your partner is the real possessive one. He wants to dominate the relationship, is going to take over. At the same time, he is sure that you are the main object of his care. So if you decided to settle down, do not be afraid of the portion of the “pups” in his address.

Baby, Sunshine, my good man.

He’s a piece of cotton candy. Chances are, he can still whine when he calls you that, can even pat your cheek, or a parent hug. This is not bad, but most often it means that he treats you lightly, though with tenderness. By the way, surprisingly, but he will not mind if you start to answer him in the same way.

My soul, my sunshine.

Chances are, you’ve been together a long time, and all these nicknames sound with a touch of irony. Like, of course, you’re my soul, but somehow it is not customary to talk about it seriously, so I’ll call you that when I report that I already washed the dishes and took out the trash. If you’re together recently, it obviously means you’re serious. And in general, “my soul” – something very personal and lofty, such treatment can be proud!

Olenka, Nastenka, Lenochka.

Either he is a very gentle guy, or can not grow out of his mother’s care. Or maybe he wants to take care of you himself. As a rule, if men call us by diminutive names, they do not dote on us. This may sound strange and even irritating to you, but do not hurry to frown and express dissatisfaction. What if you like it?

Eeyore, Dumpling, Darth Vader

And everything else that sounds as silly, weird, and ridiculous as possible, but is unique! It’s like your own secret code, you can even radio each other. These are the very words that reflect only your story. When he calls you Dumpling, he just reminds you of how much he loves you. And, of course, that he’s smitten with your habit of chewing on frozen dumplings… And, of course, by no means is he jealous of your favorite villain, Darth Vader, because you yourself periodically come to him in your helmet and cape…

Babe, sweetie.

Here, of course, it is the intonation with which he says it. But most of the time it should not reassure you that he is serious. Chances are, you just enjoy spending time with each other, but this romance has a predetermined shelf life.

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