If a girlfriend ignores you after a breakup – point by point explanation

How to know a girl is still interested in you after breaking up and ignoring her – signs

Reach out! I hope you remember me telling you how to behave properly during the non-contact period after breaking up with your girlfriend or wife, as well as during the period when you’re ignoring her.

After that, there was just a wild avalanche of questions coming at me, you were asking how to know if the no-contact period was working.

And now you’re going to learn the basic signs you can tell if the no-contact period or the ignoring period is working.

I will tell you when you can start communicating with a girl or woman again.

What are the false signs and actions on the part of the girl or wife that can throw you off.

And at the end you will learn the most important sign , which allows you to unequivocally understand that the no-contact period or ignoring really worked.

And many people do not even guess about the existence of this sign, because it is not at all obvious.

Before you start, let me remind you: the purpose for which you take a pause in communication with your ex-girlfriend or wife is to bring your condition to normal, and if you parted in a negative way, a pause in communication is necessary to calm your emotions and negativity left.

During the non-contact period, you don’t contact her in any way, you don’t watch her social media, you don’t like her, you don’t try to find out from her relatives how she’s doing.

So, how do you know if your actions are getting results? Think about what could be.

If a girl starts cursing when I ignore her

The first sign is that she sends you angry messages and tries to accuse you of all the deadly sins.

Some men, whom I consult, receiving such messages, often write to me, “Well, everything is just gone, she does not love me, we did not get anything, she just do not forgive me,” “if I do not respond, then she stops with me all communication.

But I remind you that every man should develop a sense of self-worth! What is the point of communicating with a man who humiliates and insults you.

So we do not respond to such messages.

I’ve had clients who couldn’t stand it and started convincing her to calm down, forget the negativity, and start communicating in a friendly way.

But, as you can imagine, they’ve heard even more accusations against them.

A lot of people think it’s a bad thing since she’s being negative and very hurtful.

They think: Now it’s definitely not going to work out.

And in fact, she writes you angry messages out of resentment, because she lost control of the situation, and can no longer control your emotions, you are no longer in the role of a punching bag and a person who is ready to endure humiliation.

And because of this once again find confirmation of the correctness of his decision to break up.

And to do this you need to bring you to emotion.

And the easiest way to do this is to start insulting you and try to make you feel guilty.

Why is the negativity coming from her good for you? First of all, if she didn’t care about you, she wouldn’t write you anything, she would enjoy her new life and not even think about you.

That’s why showing any kind of emotion towards you indicates that she hasn’t cooled down yet.

And because you don’t respond to her negative outbursts, she has no control over your condition.

She doesn’t know what’s going on.

And already you are in control of the situation.

Consequently, there is nothing wrong with her angry messages and in the near future she will calm down, feel guilty and get back in touch, but in a soft and submissive tone.

What does it mean if my girlfriend asked to help her after the breakup?

The second sign that the no-contact period is working: if she is the first to get in touch and ask for help.

She can ask for support in solving some issue, she can ask if she forgot some of her stuff at your house, she can ask for help with your mutual child.

And a lot of men fall for this, play Robin Hood.

They think that if you refuse to help her, she will definitely think that you have lost interest in her and will never come back.

But I remind you. When you’re in a neurotic state, sleeping for three hours at a time, eating practically nothing, nothing good will come of your communication anyway.

And if she also told you that you broke up, that she doesn’t love you anymore, what kind of help can you get? Especially when you get into a non-contact period you’re telling her in black and white that you want to sort yourself out.

She asks you for help only out of curiosity, to check you are still on her leash, or not.

Not because she needs help.

Yes, there are times when the situation with children requires some kind of emergency measures and you are needed, but that is very rare.

And most requests for help are nothing more than a ping to test your condition.

If you fall for her provocations, she’ll realize that you’re still available to her, that you still love her, and she’ll lose interest, and you’ll have a new cycle of suffering because of unrequited love.

So think of yourself first, not her.

Next, I’ll tell you when it’s okay to get in touch with her.

What does it mean when an ex-girlfriend is interested in you after a temporary breakup

Third sign. If she inquires through mutual acquaintances about how you’re doing, it also indicates that the no-contact period is paying off.

Yes, it may be only a mild curiosity on her part, and it is too early to talk about any love, but this is how a woman’s interest is born.

At first she takes an interest in you through mutual acquaintances, realizes that you don’t miss her at all.

This creates an interest in your person, and she’s already getting in touch with you herself.

Ignore works if she asks for moral support

The fourth sign. She might start texting you and complaining about problems of some sort.

Such messages are nothing more than a need for attention in order to get your care and support.

And as my extensive practice shows, when a man, still in an unstable emotional state, responds to these requests, starts helping her, enters into the role of a savior, after just a few days the woman loses interest again.

Again, the reason is this: the woman gets everything she wants, you are available to her again, she’s talked to you, she’s calmed down.

She realizes that you are still on a short leash, and she loses interest again.

If it is morally difficult for her, she has friends, parents, a personal psychologist.

She can turn to them and might as well get moral support.

How to check the result of ignoring by the girl’s appearance

If you do snap and decide to look at her social media or try to find out how she’s doing through mutual friends, pay attention to any major changes in her behavior.

If she has lost a lot of weight, she has bags under her eyes, she puts up sad statuses and photos on social media.

This means that her state of mind has changed, and it may well be due to your actions.

But it is important not to make a mistake in your analysis of the situation.

There are a lot of false signals.

If you take social media.

She may look at your storizas or give you likes.

And you think, “Great, she definitely misses me.”

But think about it, and if she’s an active user of social networks, watching and liking everything.

Then, of course, it’s not an interest in you, but just her typical behavior.

Or she just wondered how you’re doing, and she does it only because she particularly has nothing better to do.

That’s why I’m specifically emphasizing: it’s the change in her behavior that tells you that the no-contact period is working.

And the changes must be quite serious.

Just the likes to your photos and views of your storizas isn’t enough.

But if she regularly posts sad pics and writes about how bad she feels, that says a lot.

It proves that she’s having a hard time and she’s suffering.

Warning – False Signs – Don’t Screw Up

Another very interesting false signal is that she may declare her love for you and tell you how much she misses you.

But it’s one thing when she writes that she suffers and can’t live without you, that really shows that the no-contact period is working.

It’s another thing when she writes that she just misses you.

She can also write to her girlfriend that she misses you and she can miss her cat.

There are women who write to all of their friends phrases like “I love you, I miss you.

Therefore, the context in which the ex-girlfriend or wife writes to you is very important.

Most importantly, do not wishful thinking.

The same goes for her photos on social media.

If you saw that she posted a photo from the park, where you often walked together.

It doesn’t mean that the photo is specifically addressed to you.

It means that she just turned out well in this photo and do not look for a secret meaning in it.

The same goes for her statuses and photo captions like, “My friend couldn’t make it with me today, I’m sitting at home.

How do some men react to this? They think, “This is definitely addressed to me.

She’s hinting that she didn’t go anywhere today and is waiting for me to come over.”

This status indicates that her friend couldn’t meet her, so she’s sad at home alone.

But it’s not a hint, you’re just wishful thinking.

If she wants a hint, she’ll text you and let you know.

But she won’t make up such complicated schemes.

After all, it’s far from a fact that you’re following her.

So don’t look for signs of her interest where there are none.

The main sign.

And now, as promised in the beginning, I will tell about the main sign, that the no-contact period really worked.

Surely most of you thought that if she started begging back in tears, admitted her guilt and said she loves you more than life, that’s the main sign.

She can confess her love one day and tell you tomorrow that she’s lost her feelings.

You can say that the non-contact period really worked only when you feel better. When you have no desire to humiliate yourself or prove something to her. When you realize that she’s not the only one you’ve got in your life.

If she wants to come back, you think about whether or not to accept her. If she’s still acting like a queen, you won’t care.

What to do if your ex is ignoring you (And reasons why she’s ignoring you)

Well, the 30 days of no-contact period are over, and now it’s time to text your ex for the first time since the breakup. Your heart is pounding at a frantic pace. What should you tell her? Or maybe call her instead? What if she deleted your number and doesn’t realize it was you who texted her? Yes, there are a million questions running through your head.

You’ve finally decided on the perfect text for your message. It will be simple, pleasant and in no way reminiscent of your relationship. And when you hit send, a smile spreads across your face all by itself. A smile that you haven’t had in a long time. And your soul somehow becomes easier and more pleasant, because hope warms up!

She simply does not answer your message… And you wait, wait, and wait some more. Hours, days, weeks… During this time you send at least another dozen messages, each one becoming more and more emotional, the frustration growing and growing. So why isn’t there a response?!

There could be a lot of reasons why your ex isn’t responding to your message. And the first of them could be that your text message just didn’t get her. And, before I explain everything in more detail and talk about the types of messages you should write, let’s figure something out once and for all. Don’t get lost if you don’t get a response! Sometimes people don’t respond just because they’re busy. So if your ex didn’t respond today, it doesn’t mean she never will.

And one more very important point. If your ex-girlfriend doesn’t respond or responds in a not very polite manner, don’t start swamping her with messages, because it’s very easy to let things get out of hand. The second text message can be followed by a third, then a fourth, then you will want to leave a voice message, and here we go. If she did not answer – do not be frightened and panic. Just don’t write to her for at least another week.

Now let’s talk about a few types of messages. Which should you write without thinking, and which is better to avoid? Don’t forget that it’s not always beneficial to text. If your ex prefers phone calls – CALL! If you were texting a lot during the relationship, send a message. If she feels uncomfortable with the unfamiliar way of communicating, she’ll probably start avoiding you altogether.

So it’s likely that your ex isn’t responding because you sent her the wrong type of message. And the first type of text message to avoid is one with no specific purpose. Something like, “Hey, how are you?” Don’t text her that if you ever want a response. After all, phrases like “what are you doing?” or “how are you?” simply will not cause your lover any emotions, because they are very short and meaningless. Moreover, she will have the opinion that you are a depressive, boring and uninteresting person. And she will have zero reason to write you back.

So instead of sending such meaningless messages, try using one of the types of texting I talk about in The Ex Factor. And here’s one of my favorite types. I call it a “reminder message.” These types of messages MUST be written to your ex, as opposed to aimless messages. On the one hand you will show her that you are completely over the sadness of your relationship ending, and on the other hand you will remember her from time to time. You will look carefree, happy and busy enough not to text her at the first opportunity.

You might write something like: “Hey, I heard there’s a Scorpions concert a few hours away this summer. Thought you might be interested, since you love them so much.” Sounds quite unobtrusive, doesn’t it? You don’t pressure your ex-girlfriend, you just let her know that you think about her sometimes. You’re not begging, and even the opposite: you’re doing her a favor by reminding her of something important to HER! So this is a good way to get her interested by sending only one message.

If you want to increase the chances of getting a response, don’t be afraid to use an exclamation point.

So if you’ve texted your ex and still haven’t heard back, try sending her a “reminder message” and use an exclamation point in it.

What if she responded, but made it very dry and short? In that case, don’t try to pressure or confront her. Use the same cheerful tone you set at the beginning and end the conversation FIRST. This will spur her on a little bit and she will try to pique your interest in talking to her.

If you want more texting options that will pique your ex’s interest, I’ve also included some tricks and ideas on what to text your ex-girlfriend to be guaranteed to stir her feelings, in my “Ex-Girlfriend Factor” program. These will definitely help her understand that the breakup was a big mistake.

Now let’s talk about calling your ex-girlfriend. What to tell her in order to rekindle the spark of former attraction to you and have her start calling on her own.

And the first secret is to call her when she definitely can’t pick up the phone. That does not mean that you have to wake her up with a call at 4 in the morning. But you can call her when she’s busy at work or something. So all you have to do is text her afterwards, or better yet, leave her a voicemail with a happy, light-hearted tone.

I, for example, like to use the audio message function in Vyber or telegram, and there already look at the situation.

If a voice message is not an option, write a text. But since you dared to call, just in case, think through well what you will say in case she picks up the phone and will have time to chat with you.

Your call shouldn’t just have a purpose. It should also remind your ex of the wonderful time you spent together. It can be something like, “Hey. Listen, I just remembered that the new season of our favorite show is coming out on Monday. The last episode we watched was a bummer! Thought I’d remind you not to miss the premiere. Hope you’re doing well.”

If she picks up, follow the same plan. Say exactly what you planned to leave on the answering machine. Don’t pressure her during the conversation and don’t try too hard to start a conversation. She shouldn’t suspect that this is your way of trying to win her back. This conversation should be easy and casual. And, again, it should be YOU who ends it.

Intonation is just as important as the words you say to your ex. You don’t need to speak too quickly, or pull the cat by the tail. You just want to share the news. So be calm, relaxed, and in good spirits at the same time. If you do it right, she’ll start thinking about you and start wondering how you’re doing. This is a consequence of your carelessness. After all, you haven’t asked her any questions or begged to talk to you, and that will make you that much more attractive in her eyes.

If she calls you back, the best thing to do is not to pick up the phone. In cases where an answer is needed, then wait at least 24 hours and then call her back. During the call, be confident and in no case talk about problems, your former relationship, or anything bad. Just share the good news and make your beloved laugh. In general, make sure that she left a pleasant aftertaste after talking with you.

Don’t rush to get upset if your ex didn’t pick up the phone. Maybe she’s working now, driving, sitting with friends at a coffee shop, or doesn’t really want anyone to hear your conversation. Or maybe she’s still mad at you, and her friends are trying their best to help her smooth over her negativity. Well, or maybe she’s just not ready to have the conversation FOREVER. Either way, don’t get upset, or you might just get scared and start calling her like crazy. And this will definitely make you look crazy in her eyes and kill any desire to get back to you.

You do remember that you are trying to prove that you are a different person now. That you are a better, happier, and more confident person now.

And remember what I said in the beginning? If you’ve already tried texting her or calling her and she hasn’t responded, you NEED to try again! Wait at least a week (sometimes even longer) before you try again. Calling and texting her repeatedly will only show that you are desperate and need her badly. You’ll just scare her off, and that’s not what you need right now.

Well, that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed it and that it was useful to you. Like and subscribe to my channel. Your feedback is important to me. And like I said, for more information, go to == link == and watch the free video on my website. That’s it for today. Good luck to you. See you soon!

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