If a girl loves: a description in all the details

How do you know if a girl loves for real? Could it be a different kind of love?

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What is true love girls and what is it? Stormy and bright or vice versa – quiet and calm? The choice is up to the girl. Often, analyzing the relationship, a man can not immediately understand what kind of feelings the lady has for him. The reason for this is a natural modesty, perhaps – the inexperience, and the influence of type.

What to say – sometimes the fair sex can not define what they feel – sympathy, infatuation, or love, which is all so dreamy. Learn all the secrets of women’s love is easy, just learn how to read the signs of love women.

But does she really love?

You can decipher a woman’s behavior by evaluating verbal and nonverbal signals. There are enough of them, but will be considered the most popular and those that can be seen with the naked eye.

  • A loving woman is interested in the object of love. In communication is the basis of all relationships, so the weaker sex likes to actively learn everything about her beloved man. Habits, gastronomic preferences, taste in music, that is, everything that makes up his personality, will be interesting for her to study.
  • A woman who loves you always feels pride. Even minor victories of a man become a source of pride for his lady. Therefore, do not be surprised if she pays attention to all achievements and tries to praise her partner as often as possible.
  • A loving woman is not afraid to be jealous. No matter how confident the lady is, the feeling that her man may be interested in others, lives with her always. It can manifest itself in different ways: from “checking” calls to the sudden appearance in the office in the middle of the day.
  • A loving woman is caring. Tender care and concern that the man is always fed, warmly dressed, positively attuned, speaks of pure and sincere love. A woman always senses when something is wrong, so she is always ready to bestow her chosen one with care and support at any moment.
  • A woman in love shines. Scientists have long been studying how love affects the human body. If we rely on the hypothesis that feelings are nothing more than a chemical reaction, then it really changes both the mood of the person and his appearance. So it is enough to look closely at a woman in love – radiant skin, happy eyes, great mood, perhaps uncharacteristic sensitivity and sentimentality; all this can be a clear sign that the woman really loves. We must admit that on ladies in long-term relationships this “lifting effect” of love is no longer so clearly visible. In this case you can take a closer look at her behavior – calmness and peacefulness are mostly inherent in women in relationships.
  • A loving woman does not need material reasons for love. Often the weaker sex is accused of being mercenary and of wanting to get all the goods of the world by the power of her chosen one. And indeed, life would have been more than successful if a woman was left with an apartment, a car and a jewelry box from every serious relationship. But true love is not based on material possessions. The proverb “heaven in the shack with a sweetheart” was not invented from nothing. So if a girl swears love and requires a mountain of gold in return, you should think whether there is a woman who will leave, if there is no gold left.

The influence of character on the relationship.

From a psychological point of view, all people are completely different. This is to blame for the upbringing, environment and life experiences that are acquired over the years. Not surprisingly, these same parameters affect the feelings experienced by a woman. Therefore, it is customary to divide love relationships into groups, formed depending on the character of the lady.

Altruistic love

Women know how to love not for something, but in spite of it. Therefore, having fond feelings for a man, they are able, without hesitation, to sacrifice something in the name of love. Most often – it’s career, personal interests, socializing with friends. They are fully given to the relationship, not leaving a single drop of energy on something else. Such altruism is certainly commendable, but sometimes it is indicative of negative tendencies.

Altruistic love is characteristic of couples with pronounced patriarchy, where the man chooses the role of leader. Often this leads to the fact that the woman openly tolerates her partner’s antics, unfavorable living conditions, his company. Because of this, the girl’s true love turns not into joy, but into a heavy burden.

Practical love

In such a relationship, man and woman act as cogs in a complex family system, where everyone knows what to do and how to do it. There is room for harmony, mutual respect, dialogue, and this can really be considered an example of ideal love. As a rule, people come to this type of relationship with age, having some experience under their belt. Through trial and error, they refuse everything that can destroy their family and emphasize partnership and equality.

Parental love

Women in love relationships experience the maternal instinct not only at the birth of a child. Often, when the opportunity to show tenderness and care to a man arises, they gladly do so. The problem is that women often cross the line. From constant phone calls to dressing and spoon-feeding, ladies risk turning a real man into a little baby. No, caring is fine, but you have to remember that it has to be reciprocal and not turn into overprotective custody of an adult.

Emotional love

Such a relationship can be compared to a smoldering coal that can erupt from any blow of the wind. Emotional love is based entirely on a woman’s mood, because of this it is fickle and ruthless. Touching tenderness here can alternate with slaps, and sweet talk about the future is forgotten amid scenes of jealousy and tantrums.

Such relationships are based on manic love, where a woman is so passionately in love with a man that she can not cope with their feelings. The most prone to this type of women-choleric or those who have little experience with the opposite sex. What is interesting: many supporters of “practical love” used to be participants in manic relationships.

Erotic love

If it is physical intimacy that is of paramount importance to a man and a woman, there is much to think about. Sex is a beautiful part of a relationship, but it serves as an unstable foundation for the other most important elements: common interests, communication, etc. There are exceptions to everything, though. There are quite a few couples who prioritize sex, as the desire for physical intimacy perfectly stimulates all other aspects of family life.


True feelings are an intangible matter, so it’s hard to measure or evaluate them in terms that a person can comprehend. One thing is certain: a girl’s true love affects her entire life, from her appearance to changes in character. Therefore, if the lady next to you begins to behave unusually in a good way, then you can say for sure that she is in love.

15 signs that will help you to understand that the girl loves you

Perhaps every young man at least once in his life has faced this question: “Are my feelings mutual?” Of course, you can ask the girl directly. But what to do if there are too many doubts, and you do not want to make a fool of yourself?

  • Signs that she loves you.
  • Behavior
  • Sight
  • Body language
  • Signs of indifference from a woman

This is where the unconscious actions of a girl can be helpful, which she may not even notice. But knowing that they exist and knowing how to read them, you can easily determine whether you really have a chance for reciprocity.

Signs that she loves you.

All the unconscious actions of a person can be divided into three groups: behavior, looks, gestures. Let’s analyze each one separately.


In order to know if a girl is in love, you need to observe how she behaves. Here are the main signs:

  1. Interest . A girl who is attracted to you is usually more than happy to listen to your business. A sure sign is if the girl is trying to ask someone else about you, asking common acquaintances about your condition. If a girl is always ready to help you, regardless of her own affairs, she most likely likes you.
  2. Communication. A girl who likes you will seek out communication with you. She will prefer a conversation with you to a conversation with her friend.

Pay attention: if the girl at all common meetings stays close to you and tries to talk – this is a sure sign.


  1. Are you able to catch her eyes when you are in a large group? See if it happens often. If at least three or four times during your meeting – you are definitely interesting girl, she wants to look at you.
  2. If when you look at you the pupils of a woman in love dilate, it’s a sure sign of physiology. But please don’t try to look at the changes in girls with dark eyes. Even if you can do it, you risk embarrassing or frightening your chosen one.
  3. Did you move your gaze to the girl and see her look sharply in the other direction? That means she’s in love with you and is embarrassed about it. She wants to look at you, wants to date you, but is afraid you won’t reciprocate.

Body language

  1. Touching.A girl in love will constantly seek touching the object of her feelings, often even unknowingly to herself. She will sit close to you in cafes, at all the attractions, in the movie theater and other places. Why? In the hope that at some point your hands will meet. If a girl is constantly trying to fix your hair, pat you on the shoulder, or take off an invisible speck of dust, you can feel free to confess your feelings to her – and you’ll probably get reciprocation.
  2. Excitement . For any woman, meeting an object of admiration is a very exciting event. Looking at her at that moment, you can easily understand whether she feels something to you.

Often, flirting girl teases, teases you. Don’t be offended – it’s a sign that she likes you. Of course, provided that the girl does not do it often and only on topics that you and yourself mock.

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Signs of indifference from a woman

Here are a few basic signs that indicate that a girl doesn’t love you:

  1. If a girl calls you not to chat, but exclusively when she needs something, it could be a sign – she’s just taking advantage of you.

In this video you can see by examples how a girl in love behaves:

Now you have all the information you need. You just need to look closely at the girl. She is sure to give herself away with a word, gesture or deed.

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Body language can say a lot, but, at the same time, can be misleading. Behavior is also deceptive, it is better not to jump to conclusions.

At first glance, everything is accurately described, but in fact the girls without falling in love can show it all! (I myself am shocked) Of all the items counted more than 10 matches, like everything is obvious, some even specially adjusted to check coincidence … I went to see a girl, that she did not suffer, decided to give her favorite flowers, and at the same time say that, too, they love her. In the end it turned out that it was just friendship, and she has a boyfriend! (I do not know how he lives with such horns)).

Amazing things you can sometimes read in men’s magazines about women.)) I have been trying to avoid the man I love for 6 or 7 years now. When I hear his voice or accidentally see him passing through town, then I run around happy for a week. Even though I know we will never be together. But I do not even know what can make me talk to him about my feelings. We are friends and that’s fine with me.

In vain, sometimes men themselves up to impossible shy so you have to start the first truth I do not know how, but you have to (myself such from this and I suffer, but blame the female sex did not have me in school to ridicule at all)

This is to say that the girl in love will be around the guy. It all depends on the girl, on her character. It depends on what she thinks the guy’s character is like. We behave differently with different people.

I like a guy, well one point does not match. There are closed girls, and they cannot show their feelings.

I have the same situation as Vera. All of the above signs I can show just to men that I consider friends. I shy away from the man I love like the devil from the frankincense. I try to avoid, any touch of him is like an electric shock. But at the same time, I seek meetings, as if by chance I am where he is. I am embarrassed to look into his eyes, I hide my look.And sometimes soft and caressing, and sometimes I try to hurt more, I do not know why. And there is no jealousy at all, I do not care who he is with. But myself in front of him, openly flirting with men.

The same situation! Normal modest girls are shy. And there is such nonsense written! I am even to the point of fearing my feelings, that I pretend that I am indifferent to him and even rude when he shows interest! And also pretend that I have someone! And then I suffer myself… But I cannot do otherwise, I cannot get over myself, even though I understand that I am being silly and I may lose him forever this way… And I convince myself that I’ll be able to forget him and that it won’t last long anyway… It’s the second year now, I hope that in another year I will be able to forget him. -(

But to pretend that there is another – is very dangerous. There are well-bred men who do not destroy other people’s relationships. By pretending you risk losing him forever and forever. You can be rude, but do not pretend ever.

So tell him about it, what are you afraid of? Life is one and without love, it is empty and sad!

Oh, you’re so full of it. If you lose it now, you’ll never find it again. Hands at your feet and clear unambiguous hints and if he is interested in you, do not run away from him. I repeat, do not push him away. maybe he is your destiny…

I’m in 8th grade now. I have a childhood friend with whom we are friends since almost two years. I thought it was just friendship, but suddenly he starts showing obvious signs of attention: Walking me home, giving me answers on tests. I would have turned a blind eye to all these signs: they say friendship, and that’s all. But (!) Recently, in English class (we sit together at the back of the class) I felt his hand on my leg. As it may have seemed to me, the hand was trembling. I turned around in surprise and saw that he was looking at me. o.o He jerked his hand away sharply, like he was burned, and turned away to the other side. Shit. What am I supposed to do now? I don’t want to lose our friendship! And I know that if he suddenly asks me out, I’ll say yes… But not for love. And I’ll have to live with it( Eh… Everything in life is complicated!

Everything is deceiving. When I was in 9th grade, I liked this girl. She said she loved a boy from 11th grade. But I never gave up hope. A few years later she gave me her number herself. Then she often wrote to me and liked my pics on VK. I think we can stop here, it’s clear what happened next.)

Everything is deceptive! I’ve been in love with a girl since 4th grade. I’m in college now, but that’s not the point. I have not once read such articles and tried to discern all of these signs in a girl … yes they were. And there were almost all of them listed here. Over time, I still decided to go to her and confess my feelings. She did not reciprocate, but she still agreed to start a relationship with me (I asked her immediately after recognition without hearing a response!) We have been together for some time and I almost from the first day I began to notice that she tries to use me! I thought that I was just imposing myself for the unknown reason but no! Every day she was asking me for something more and more … Help her, then let’s go for a walk I have no one, then to fix my broken phone and so on … Talking about us and our feelings, she just ignored it! I tried to touch her, kiss her and ignore her again, so I got a slap in the face! In the end we had to break up! It has been 5 years since those moments and I still can not come away from these feelings, because I see her in the streets, parks and cafes almost every day, and I feel like a sharp shift in the day when I decided to tell her! To me dishiysh it seems that she does not indifferent to me because after so much time ( 5 years), all these signs are still there and she shows them all as quietly and imperceptibly as before. But I see it! Maybe she wants to use me again, or maybe she has finally come to her senses and realized who she has lost! Even if she did, she’d have to do a lot to get me back! Like erase my memory … After what happened … I can’t be with her! So guys, don’t look only at these signs because they can be deceptive. Make your own conclusions!

If you can’t, you don’t love her. And she asked you to be sure that she can rely on you in time of need. And if you find it hard to help her, you do not love her! And she slapped you, so it was to show that she is not easy for you to behave easily-we need to achieve, and then climb to kiss her when we are sure of a man! Admit one thing, but in fact it turns out that you do not love!

There you have gained at least a little experience:-) Get well buddy!

I don’t know what kind of love like the word onion from the French into Russian, I don’t give a fuck, and so everything seems to be normal, but in the mouth I should try to suck someone for a hundred bucks? If sho write me in my vk Vk find in my telegram and teleg in Insta and insta in Mainkraft and mein in the vk and all bye!

Although you’re right, I was your age, I also fell for this kind of “love” She divorces you, and sleeps with others Wake up and analyze this “love” Women have fewer illusions. If she loves you she won’t ask you anything, she won’t cheat you.

Everything described has a place. However it is as a horoscope: one for all and at someone yes will coincide … Quite recently I observed all signs described above. Soon it turned out that the girl is pregnant =0))

Ilnur, you’re good, I support you.

Bullshit. In my 8th grade class it started out very different. I’m sitting on the desk next to a girl. She starts bullying. The next day she talks a lot. Then she touches my head.

No. It’s the woman who chooses. The man always determines the format of the relationship. If she doesn’t “choose”, doesn’t decide, that’s it. That means her autochthonous instinct hasn’t kicked in, and he’s not really her Man. When the masculine instinct kicks in, such “wooing” husbands always wear horns afterwards.

Vitya, I have been in love with a girl for three years, but I can’t admit it. Everywhere they say that we have to meet, but I can’t. This girl is so talented and beautiful that the whole class falls in love with her. What should I do, because in our class if someone finds out that someone loves somebody, everyone is sure to shout about it, and I love one girl, but I do not love her, so what should I do?

You know, I got “burned” like this not long ago. It turns out none of these points may not mean anything! Everything was fine, she agreed to the meeting willingly, did not resist the tactile contact, she took my hand. She played with questions in order to know each other better (she was the one who took the initiative). She was quick to reply to messages if I wrote her something. On a date she made eye contact, always had her body turned to me, her eyes “lit up”, flirted with her hair. Even gave her a gift, which she gladly accepted. Went on 3 dates, but suddenly on the 4th date she first gave the okay, the day of the meeting was a good mood, and then 2 hours later she says she wants to be alone. Ok, rescheduled for another week, ended up having a phone conversation and then she refused to meet at all and even denied friendship. So no one gives a guarantee that you are as “overturned. Of course it is not nice after this, it is very frustrating, very frustrating.

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