If a girl likes a guy

What should a girl do if she likes a guy?

Very young and inexperienced girls who have had their first teenage crush often wonder – what to do if she likes a guy? The whole complexity of the situation lies in the fact that she, on the one hand, wants the guy she likes to reciprocate her feelings and proposes to date, but, on the other hand, she is afraid to take the first initiative in a relationship and is embarrassed to show her feelings.

Of course, it is desirable that the initiative to start a romantic relationship comes from the boy. A girl who directly tells a guy something like: “I like you, so let’s meet” may cause, to put it mildly, bewilderment. But at the same time, the guy may be afraid or just not dare to ask out a girl whose reciprocal sympathy is not quite sure.

Therefore, girls, all kind of demonstrating the cold and unapproachable, rarely get a guy to invite him on a first date. If your sympathy for the young man is sincere, there is nothing wrong if he is a little hint of it. Of course, talk about your feelings directly do not need. But how to do this?

A few ways to attract the attention of the guy you like


Coquetry – the oldest female weapon, which includes: smiles, looks, gestures, movements, through which a girl can not only show the guy that she does not care about him, but also emphasizes her feminine charm.


During conversations with her boyfriend she can, as if by chance, touch his hand, straighten the collar of his shirt, touch his shoulder. All this acts on guys very exciting and can encourage the idea of the possibility of a closer relationship.

Interests in common

If you’re really attracted to the guy, consider what interests you may have in common. When a guy finds out you have common interests and hobbies, he’ll find it much more interesting to communicate with you and be friends with you than with other girls. And it’s easy to turn a friendship into a romantic relationship.

Praise and compliments

Yes, guys sometimes need compliments no less than girls. With the difference that the emphasis should be placed not on their beauty (although they like it), and on the male qualities: intelligence, courage, determination, resourcefulness, strength. Having received such compliments from the girl, the guy will feel next to her a real man, capable of any feat for the sake of such a beautiful lady.

Let yourself be wooed

In order for the young man to finally fall in love with the girl, she must show him that she appreciates and respects herself, and that her location must be won with a beautiful courtship: flowers, trips to the cinema, confessions, compliments.

What can not be done to not push away the guy you love?

To fall in love with a young man is not enough – you still need to know how to keep him. Very often girls when building relationships with guys, make serious tactical errors that inevitably lead to deterioration of relations, and even to their rupture.

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18 signs that a woman likes a man, but she tries to hide it

And meanwhile, young ladies are not bored and do not wait for their suitors, but show their own sympathy.

What are the signs of the feelings of the weaker sex?

Sometimes gestures can be more eloquent than words. According to studies, 60% of the information we convey not by words but with our eyes or hands, without wishing so. Among these signs, there are many messages that speak of love.

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Let’s look at the signals of flirting or girls’ initial interest in men, and then move on to the signals that indicate that she definitely likes a man.

When two girls whisper, giggle, and point at a guy, it’s a sign that they’re into him. This is usually characteristic of young girls.

Sometimes they cover their face or hide it, occasionally glancing at the guy. This is also a sign of flirting. Older ladies, on the contrary, will hide the fact that a man has become the object of their attention. But, having noticed such signals, do not go straight to the girl with the purpose of acquaintance. While from their side it is just a game. Girls have a different kind of courtship than men. They like it when a guy sneaks a glance at them in a room with many people. They like that slight tension.

When a man smiles at a girl, almost any girl will avert her eyes, but the way she does it speaks volumes about her attitude toward the young man. Usually her eyes are down and looking at the floor. That means she likes the man.

According to studies that have been done in this area, if a girl raises her eyes and looks at a man for about 40 seconds, then she wants and expects the man to come up to her himself. But don’t think that when he approaches, the lady will immediately show her increased attention.

Many women believe that if they behave nonchalantly and seem unapproachable, it only fuels interest in them from men. When a cavalier has decided that he is in front of a girl worthy of him, he must carefully and accurately observe, gain courage and make the first step towards him.

The acquaintance of the young man with the girl happened and the communication began. How do you know that she is attracted to him? If a girl is attracted, her own behavior signals sympathy. An attentive man will notice them at once.

6. Attire. Upon seeing an attractive object, the girl begins to correct her clothes, hair, posture.

7. During the meeting, the woman touches her hair. If the young man likes the lady, she unobtrusively plays with her hair, twists the curls on her finger or shakes them, throwing them on the back.

8. If her hair is short, she can run her fingers through her hair and ruffle it, setting herself up in a playful way which is quickly transmitted to the interlocutor.

9. Demonstration of sensitive zones. If a girl is infatuated with a guy, she can unobtrusively show him her neck, her open shoulder, the soft skin of her wrists. This area is considered one of the most sensitive areas. When talking, she tries to keep her palms out of sight.

10. Smile. A beautiful open smile is liked by everyone. But it becomes special if a girl gives it to her beau.

11. the play with the eyes. A man’s heart is ready to melt when the seductress lowers her eyes for a few seconds, and then lifts her eyes and looks at a man with dilated pupils, which give away her excitement.

12. Ajar mouth and moist lips. The woman slightly flirts in front of a man sympathetic to her, she wants to appear sensual and sexy. And a sign of this is a slightly ajar mouth and moist lips, it will tell you that she likes a man.

13. Crossed legs. When a young lady wants to attract the attention of her beau, she can slowly cross and straighten her legs when talking. Flip her leg over and return it to the opposite position.

14. Stroking. A cavalier should know that during a light casual conversation, stroking his shoulder, his thigh or unobtrusively lifting a dropped shoulder strap means that the girl is showing signs of attention to the one who is looking at her at that moment. Men like it when a woman caresses herself, so subconsciously it attracts their attention. The young man should keep in mind that he is being invited to socialize.

15. Wiggling the shoes on the toes. The gesture of a girl wiggling her shoe on her fingertips speaks of comfort with a man. And when it falls off is a clear sign of flirting.

16. Leans in close when talking. If a girl likes a guy, she tries to sit closer to him and leans toward him when talking, slowly penetrating his personal space. She waits for a response – probably for him to smile, look into his eyes, or respond with a touch.

17. When a young lady looks at herself in the mirror next to a man, grooms herself, defiantly uses her lipstick in his presence, it shows the degree of her interest and arousal in a woman. The brighter the color of the lipstick, the more it shows.

18. Of course, the interested in the man girl tries to meet him more often, ready to pay compliments, easy and relaxed in communication, answering questions, jokes. Singles out the guy from all present and tries to be alone with him.

An attentive man will easily notice most of the signs of this girl’s behavior. Understand that she is not indifferent to him, wants a closer communication. And if he likes the girl too, he will not delay and will make a move to start a relationship.

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