If a girl likes a guy: expert tips

What should a girl do if she likes a guy?

Very young and inexperienced girls, who have their first youthful crush, often wonder – what to do if she likes a guy? The whole complexity of the situation lies in the fact that she, on the one hand, wants the guy she likes to reciprocate her feelings and proposes to date, but, on the other hand, she is afraid to take the first initiative in a relationship and is embarrassed to show her feelings.

Of course, it is desirable that the initiative to start a romantic relationship comes from the young man. A girl who directly tells a guy something like: “I like you, so let’s meet” may cause, to put it mildly, bewilderment. But at the same time, the guy may be afraid or just not dare to ask out a girl whose reciprocal sympathy is not quite sure.

Therefore, girls, all kind of demonstrating the cold and unapproachable, rarely get a guy to invite him on a first date. If your sympathy for the young man is sincere, there is nothing wrong if he is a little hint of it. Of course, talk about your feelings directly do not need. But how to do this?

A few ways to attract the attention of the guy you like


Coquetry – the oldest female weapon, which includes: smiles, looks, gestures, movements, through which a girl can not only show the guy that she does not care about him, but also emphasizes her feminine charm.


During a conversation with the guy girl can, as if by chance, touch his hand, straighten the collar of his shirt, touch his shoulder. All this acts on guys very exciting and can encourage the idea of the possibility of a closer relationship.

Interests in common

If you’re really attracted to the guy, consider what interests you may have in common. When a guy finds out you have common interests and hobbies, he’ll find it much more interesting to communicate with you and be friends with you than with other girls. And it’s easy to turn a friendship into a romantic relationship.

Praise and compliments

Yes, guys sometimes need compliments no less than girls. With the difference that the emphasis should be placed not on their beauty (although they like it), and on the male qualities: intelligence, courage, determination, resourcefulness, strength. Having received such compliments from the girl, the guy will feel next to her a real man, capable of any feat for the sake of such a beautiful lady.

Let yourself be wooed

In order for the young man to finally fall in love with the girl, she must show him that she appreciates and respects herself, and that her location must be won with a beautiful courtship: flowers, trips to the cinema, confessions, compliments.

What can not be done to not push away the guy you love?

To fall in love with a young man is not enough – you still need to know how to keep him. Very often girls when building relationships with guys, make serious tactical errors that inevitably lead to deterioration of relations, and even to their rupture.

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How to know if you like a guy

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Trying to determine whether or not you like a guy can turn out to be a complicated and confusing process. If you’ve figured out what your real feelings are for him, stay honest with yourself. Devote time to introspection: take note of your feelings, actions and reactions. Ask for advice from those who know you best!

  • Have you ever noticed that you dream about him?
  • Have you imagined situations where you “accidentally” run into him in the street or at school?
  • Are all your friends in relationships and you feel abandoned?
  • Do your feelings only manifest at certain times, for example, before the disco or a month before Valentine’s Day?

Start a journal. While you’re trying to determine whether you like the guy or not, keep a diary. Write about your relationship with him. Describe how you feel when you see him. Note whether those feelings persist throughout the day or disappear shortly after you split up. Take notes on any thoughts and dreams you have about him, and consider whether you have hopes for your future with him. At the end of each week, reread your notes to assess your feelings. [2] X Source of Information

Talk to your best friend. Ask your best friend as the person who knows you best for advice. Discuss your feelings with her. Share why you’re not sure you like the guy. After you’ve talked it out, listen. Allow your friend to give her assessment of the situation. Perhaps her reaction will upset you, cause you to disagree, or confirm the sincerity of your feelings. Take time to analyze her opinion. [3] X Source of Information

  • Have your friends or family members noticed that you talk about him all the time?
  • Have you noticed that you make even faint connections between his life and every topic you discuss?

  • Have you joined any interest groups to spend more time with him?
  • Have you started reading science fiction so that you have something to discuss with him?
  • Have you started watching any of his shows non-stop so that you can mention it later in a conversation with him?

Pay attention if you have become overly attentive to your appearance or behavior. If you like a guy, you may pay increased attention to your appearance and behavior. You will burn with the desire to become the most attractive, confident, fun and flirtatious version of yourself in front of him. You may begin to spend more time choosing the perfect clothes or hairstyle. You may scroll through your conversations with him endless times in your head, analyzing what you might have said differently. If you’ve become overly eager to impress him with your look or actions, you probably really like him! [6] X Source of Information

  • When you encounter the object of your adoration, do you feel butterflies begin to “flutter” in your stomach or do you feel a sense of decline? Do you blush when you talk to him or her? [8] X Source of Information
  • Do you feel a flutter when his body touches yours? Do you blush when you do?
  • If he calls or texts you, do you smile and immediately respond or do you ignore his attempts to contact you? When you talk to him, do you dread the moment when the conversation comes to an end, or do you look forward to ending it? [9] X Source of Information

Think about how much time you spend together. The amount of time you spend with the person you like is a huge indicator of how you truly feel about them. If you intentionally set up your schedule to see him, devise ways to accidentally “bump into” him, or look forward to seeing him again, chances are you’re interested in him. However, if you make almost no effort to meet him, perhaps this relationship is not a priority for you. [10] X Source of Information

Determine if you are experiencing feelings of jealousy. When you fall in love with a guy, you often find it hard to see him flirting or talking to other people. If jealousy shows its monstrous nature, it’s a sign that you are showing romantic feelings towards him. If you begin to feel a sense of ownership towards him: you constantly have to know where he is, with whom he is and what he does – perhaps you are interested in something more than friendship with him. If it doesn’t upset you that he’s flirting with other girls, you’re either not the kind of person who feels jealous or you don’t want to be the only one for this person. [11] X Source of Information

Think about whether you notice the little details about him. When you like a guy, you often want to know every last detail about him. You might know what kind of coffee he likes or what he makes his sandwich with. You may also know what his favorite band or movie is. It’s likely that you know about his unusual fears. [12] X Source of Information When you learn and remember little details about someone’s life, you are taking steps toward getting to know that person on an intimate level. [13] X Source of Information

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