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10 signs you’re being dynamited by a girl

You’re courting like a real gentleman, but all you get in return is, “Thanks, I’ll think about it” and an innocent batting of the eyes? I think the girl is freezing, man.

10 signs you’re being dynamited by a girl

There are several possibilities as to why this is happening:

  • You’re doing something wrong.
  • She stupidly doesn’t want to be with you, but she’s afraid to hurt you either. What generosity!

The AKLONI team and I have put together 10 basic signs for you to help you tell the difference between generous goddesses and freeloaders. And quickly close the shop with gifts and your attention.

How do you know if a girl does not want to communicate?

You keep trying to earn another chance to get her sympathy, but in response you get a cold: “I’m busy! Men have this thing: to push to the last. But sometimes it’s really worth it to give up because you’re not interesting for this particular girl.

The girl is avoiding meeting you.

She feeds you breakfast about your meeting and every time there’s a new reason why it’s worth postponing.

The woman may cut out for 15 minutes for coffee, but no more than that. She is not interested in your business, and you as a person.

You are the main initiator of communication.

You offer to meet, you first write and call, you find out how her day was. And she doesn’t even call you back if she missed your call.

Try not writing or calling her, you’ll see that you’re not an interesting character to her.

The girl is mostly silent when she meets you.

When the occasion arises and you do meet, the girl is not particularly involved in the conversation.

She does not just listen to your chatter, and it seems completely indifferent: looking around, looking at items on the table, buried in the phone.

How do you know that you are being fooled?

Even if a girl interests you so much that you’re willing to spend years trying to win her over, your chances can be pretty damn slim. University of Texas psychologists Courtney Walsh and Lisa Neff, believe that only couples in which the partners’ personalities are harmonious can handle all crises (https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15298868.2018.1430062?journalCode=psai20). So your efforts may just go by the wayside.

She loves you “differently.”

Girls are strange creatures. And to understand them… no, it’s 100% beyond even their own abilities. So, they have many variations of such a simple feeling as love and sympathy.

In general, true love is sometimes difficult to distinguish from a warm friendship. And girls actively use this trick.

Example : you bust your ass to ask her out, and she gets stupid excuses every time. So you are still just walking around.

To all your confessions she sincerely reciprocates, but with a little clarification:

  • “I love you like a brother.”
  • “I care about you like a friend.”

Yes, you really are important to her, but not as a man, a companion, but as a friend, a close sexless creature. Is that what you need?

Congrats, man, you’re in a real so-so… Friendzone. Sure, you can get out of it, but will you enjoy hooking up with a girl who’s been ditching you for so long? It’s up to you, of course, but you probably won’t be in a great love relationship.

She’s not ready.

Not ready for dating, bed, relationships, blah, blah, blah, blah. Every time she rubs it in, how great she is alone, how much she cares about freedom, that she doesn’t need a man right now. Well, you get it, right? Your efforts aren’t likely to make a difference.

Subconsciously she knows you don’t have a chance because she doesn’t want a relationship with you. There you are. You see her and decide you want to be with this woman, or you’ve been talking for a long time, and then – bang – flash, spark, want her!

And she didn’t have a spark back, so you can’t have a relationship. Except out of pity. But that’s totally ridiculous.

A frequent topic of your conversations – her man.

Girls occasionally make the huge mistake of giving their man a complete instruction manual to exploit himself. But they do it through stories about former relationships. They’re sure you’re going to listen to it all now, write it all down, and reread it before bedtime.

But you know how hurtful that kind of talk is. Yes? And girls know that.

How do you know if a girl doesn’t care about you? She’s not afraid to hurt your feelings. She excitedly tells funny and silly incidents with her ex, laughs at some dodo’s “subtle” sense of humor, retells phrases of guys she’s been on a date with. MAN, she’s going on dates with someone parallel to you! Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable?

You’re not an interesting man to her, the most you can get is listening to her talk about what guys she’s interested in. So stop that kind of communication.

She’s against any kind of touching.

You try to take her hand and she yanks it away like it’s from a hot frying pan? Sure, you can reassure yourself that she’s not ready yet. But it’s not like you’re sticking your dick in her hand…

When there’s sympathy between people, it’s natural to want to touch. This is how physical attraction manifests itself, which later turns into sexual attraction. A girl will only dynamite a guy who she is not interested in. That is, any kind of close communication in the future is out of the question.

We do not take into account the first date, because then the girl may really be shy. So don’t kid yourself, you didn’t get a virgin chick, but a regular dynamite girl. Finish all this pussyfooting, because it won’t get you anywhere good.

A girl doesn’t laugh at your jokes.

One of the main signs that a girl likes you is that she’s easy to make fun of. She laughs like a humble filly at your most idiotic joke, even if she doesn’t get it. Because she likes you.

If she doesn’t have that spark, your jokes will be boring to her, your conversations will be tedious, and you will be an uninteresting partner. You can, of course, wear her down and give her gifts. But sooner or later you will be thinking how to understand that the girl leaks you, because the aloofness of a woman who does not love, will cool the ardor of the most amorous idiot.

You don’t have the qualities of her ideal man.

All girls have a certain type of man, and many even prescribe a list of qualities their ideal partner should have. If you are her “prince in a white Mercedes” she will never even mention that she has an ideal.

But when a girl actively tells you about her type and emphasizes that she will be very happy after meeting such a man, then you are not him. This is 100% information, which was confirmed by all the girls of AKLONI.

Scientists have found out that couples in which partners have similar character traits will be much happier in the future than those who entered into a relationship being completely different (https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciadv.1501013).

You can list all the signs of an ideal man, but all your attempts will be missed, if you are not interesting man for a girl. In this case, the best solution is to wish her luck in finding her ideal.

You are always the initiator of reconciliation

Suppose you had an argument. Suppose it’s not the first time. Analyze who always makes up first. You? Even if it wasn’t your fault?

How do you know a girl doesn’t want you? She doesn’t value the relationship with you at all. No, it’s not a sign of generosity on your part. She just doesn’t care if you make up or not.

Trust me, when a girl has feelings for a man, she’ll be able to admit her guilt and make up first. If it’s the other way around, stop pulling the cat by the balls.

So you don’t always have to bump into girls who are bumping into you, you need to be able to see the signs of sympathy and understand when a woman is interested in you and when she should back off. In my courses at the academy AKLONI I teach what a man should be, so that a woman does not stall him. So I’m waiting for you!

Hi, my name is Anton Glomozda!

I help men believe in themselves, realize their potential and live the life of their dreams. To this end, in 2016 I founded the Academy of Integrated Male Personality Development, in which I give the tools to achieve goals and success in all areas of life. Today, the academy has more than 10,000 graduates.

How to understand that a girl doesn’t care

You spend your time, money and energy on the girl of your dreams, but she is in no hurry to reciprocate, although she accepts courting. How to understand that the girl does not care, and do not cross that fine line between persistence and intrusiveness? In the first case a woman will appreciate your masculine quality, and in the second – will laugh behind her back and tell her friends how you go crazy over her. I’ll tell you right away, how to build a model of behavior with a girl so that she would want to build a relationship with you, I give in detail in my online courses.

These 15 signs will leave you in no doubt. Yes, sometimes if a girl says she’s busy, she really can’t, but she wants to meet. But, if her actions correspond to at least part of the points below, then it’s time to realize that you’re dinamenya and reconsider a strategy for further behavior.

Contents of the article: “How to understand that a girl doesn’t care.

#1: She treats you well, but as a friend

This is one of the unpleasant lines of behavior. At first she seems to be interested in you, but then it turns out that she values you as a beautiful and deep person, but not as a man in any way. She may be stalling, saying she’s just not ready for a relationship, but trust me, if she meets her man, she’ll be with him. She replies to your confessions that she likes you too, but she won’t let you move on to romance. Your lips will never reach her mouth, and if they do, you’ll hear a lot of indignation, and then she’ll disappear for a few days so you can cool off and keep you in the friendzone.

Didn’t recognize yourself? But you definitely recognized some of your friends. Almost everyone has been in this situation: you can tell from the outside that the girl is dynamite, but the guy himself, sure that she is in love. Immediately get active and test the strength of her “friendzone barriers. Touch more, act like her man: let her take you seriously, and if not, it’s easier not to procrastinate, and immediately break up.

#2: She’s not interested in you

You tell her how your day was, and she just yawns melanchically. She seldom asks any clarifying questions and does it as if she were compelled or just to keep the conversation going. But she is transformed when you talk about her or a trendy new thing. If you have an important event or you’re sick, she’s unlikely to call and find out the details. It’s easy to tell from this kind of behavior both that the girl doesn’t need you and to guess that she doesn’t have feelings for you.

No. 3: She dynamites and takes her time to answer the phone or text

How do you know if a pen pal is bored with you? Very easy: by the huge pauses in your conversation. If a girl began to freeze and do not respond for a long time, then most likely she has other priorities. The exceptions are the following situations:

  1. She’s resentful of you, so she ignores and dynamites you.
  2. The nature of her work or hobbies suggests that she will be without her phone for a while.
  3. That rare case where she was posting a photo a minute ago, but now suddenly can’t respond for a really good reason. For example, she broke her arm while taking selfies, or dropped her phone behind the couch and can’t get it out. She’s not dynamite, it just happened.

Everyone has a phone at their fingertips now, and many have smart bracelets, so it’s hard to believe that she’s not aware of the call.

#4: She asks to wait and says she’s not ready.

She’ll put off the first kiss, and she’s not ready for a more serious relationship at all. And, of course, it’s not about you, it’s about her. She can hide behind childhood trauma, problems, and other nonsense, but the fact remains. If a girl is in love, she will be with the person she loves. Otherwise, it means you don’t hook her up enough and she’s dynamite.

#5: She doesn’t call or text you herself.

This in the beginning of communication she may be unapproachable, but if it’s been a month, and she still hasn’t shown the initiative, this means that the girl is dynamite. Women in love need the company of the object of their adoration. No matter how proud and busy she is, but the girl will call and text.

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#6: She doesn’t argue with you or make claims

It’s not about conflicts, it’s about discussing points you don’t like. She listens to your wishes, but doesn’t rush to meet them. Girlfriend dynamite you and take a position of an outside observer, waiting for the moment when she would end the relationship. Normal, constructive arguments are an important part of communication and show that people care about each other and want to make the relationship better.

#7: She doesn’t like your touch.

You’re starting to get quietly drained if a girl takes her hand away when you try to pet her, won’t give herself a hug or a kiss. Shyness and restraint don’t excuse this behavior. Even the most studious girls become passionate pussies when they’re in love. So, she dynamites you if:

  1. You hug her and take her hand, but she pulls away, ostensibly to fix her hair or clothes.
  2. She accepts caresses, but never takes the initiative herself.
  3. She convinces you that she just doesn’t like kissing and thinks that sex isn’t the main thing in a relationship. She’s dynamite!

#8: She discusses other men with you.

Well, this is the “bottom” of the friendzone. If your relationship has gotten to the point where she’s asking you to introduce her to your friend or is interested in your new co-worker, it’s going to be extremely difficult to make a girl fall in love. On the other hand, she may be purposely provoking you like this, so act like a man and don’t become her “girlfriend.”

No. 9: She shuns and pushes your friends and family around

The girl will avoid any rapprochement and communication with your loved ones. She understands that relationships go nowhere, so she doesn’t want to be talked about behind your back later. If there was interest on her part, she would definitely want to spend time with your friends to get to know you better through your surroundings. But she doesn’t want that. What do you do if a girl freezes? Don’t make her become part of your life: you can’t force her to be nice. Girls may also not care about a man who constantly makes mistakes. Find out which ones, with the help of the guide “10 mistakes of men in seduction” on this link.

No. 10: On dates, she’s more on the phone than she is communicating with you.

She’s constantly texting someone, answering her phone, and flipping through her social media feeds. There’s no desire on her part to immerse herself in conversation with you: news about a second-rate celebrity is more important to her than the man sitting next to her. There are often pauses in your conversation when she is thinking about something of her own or digging into her phone. If you were having an interesting conversation and she was into you, the phone would be on silent. Otherwise, she might organize a real photo shoot, completely forgetting about you.

No. 11: Nonverbal cues when she’s dynamite

“Body language” can help you both know you’re being dynamited and see the girl’s interest. If a woman is slow to talk about her attitude, look out for these signals:

  1. She looks “past” you, doesn’t always listen to what you have to say.
  2. She has a “duty” smile. She is not amused, but out of politeness she keeps the conversation going.
  3. She always has a “closed” pose: crossed arms, for example.
  4. When you are next to her, she sits slightly leaning away from you. Her body is not turned in your direction, but in the opposite direction.
  5. She hides her hands behind her back or in her pockets.
  6. She’s constantly looking at her watch or her phone.

#12: She openly flirts with others.

If you’re in a fight or you’re making eyes at other girls yourself, you can assume that’s how a girl gets her revenge. But if you see her eyes light up as soon as an attractive man comes along, it’s a red flag. If she’s also “flattering” herself in front of him, showering him with compliments and flirting, she definitely doesn’t see you as a potential boyfriend.

#13: She’s looking for a girlfriend and dynamiting you.

She’s trying to indoctrinate you into thinking you’re too good for her, so she wants to set you up with her co-workers or girlfriends. Your statements that you’re already busy and want to be with her, it’s like she doesn’t hear you, even more praising you for the next candidate. If she likes a guy, there’s no way a girl will give him up to her friend, no matter how close she is.

#14: She ignores you and dynamites you, but she doesn’t want to lose you

As long as you bore the girl with your calls, she treats you like an object, but as soon as you lower the pressure, she tries to interest you. She knows you can get tired of how cold she is, so she lets you get closer if you get off the hook. As soon as you become distant or infatuated with someone else, she needs you right away. It’s not interest or infatuation on her part, it’s just normal female ego.

No. 15: You always make up first, but she’s always the one who sticks up for you.

It doesn’t matter who’s to blame, it’s still you who has to kneel down with flowers in your hands and publicly apologize to her. And she will think about whether to forgive you for the fact that she herself screwed up.

Now you know how to know when a girl is dynamiting you, whether it’s in correspondence or face-to-face. These 15 signs will make it clear that it is time to take more radical measures to win the girl, or it is time to switch to another object. I, Alexander Galevich, teach how to warm up women’s hearts and can give you a lot of invaluable experience.

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