If a Cancer man loves – sort it out in detail

“Don’t hurt me!”: the behavior of a Cancer man in a romantic relationship with a woman

“Trust, but verify” – on such a principle build relationships with the opposite sex cautious representatives of this zodiac sign. The favorite will go through many tests before Cancer will call her his own in the presence of witnesses and registry office staff. The path to the heart under the shell is thorny and winding. Cavalier will burn in a love fever, suddenly cool down and arrange an unforgettable scene of jealousy. With him you will not get bored. Relationships with a Cancer man are not easy.

How does the Cancer man express interest?

Romeo is curious, impressionable, but secretive. Guessing that he cares about you is a task of increased complexity. It’s like a well-brought-up girl on a visit: I want candy, but to ask and especially to take without asking shy. Decipher the hidden intentions will have to special signs:

  1. He tries to avoid eye contact. He will not let himself be so easily unmasked. No matter what spectacular blouse you wear, Romeo will pretend that the luxurious cleavage does not interest him at all. Trying to confuse you, he will deliberately start handing out compliments left and right to the dazed ladies he knows, who did not put on any manicure in the morning.
  2. Your meetings began to occur more often. You see each other at the store at the same time, mutual friends invite both of you to visit and sit next to each other. Fate, coincidence? No guess. Lucky coincidences have a logical explanation. The guy’s smart, persistent, and able to calculate the course of events several steps ahead. You’ve managed to intrigue him, and he’s starting to probe for the possibility of closer contact.
  3. And to talk? Unlike many signs of the zodiac, intelligent Cancer loves not only with his eyes and ears, but also with his head. Fall in love with no memory of a pretty chatterbox and hohhotushku he will not allow himself. From the first days of acquaintance Romeo will ask questions on professional and even philosophical topics. He is not afraid to seem boring. There is too much at stake. To be or not to be together? Depends on whether you are aware of the latest news about life on Mars.

How do the representatives of this sign behave in love

Man Cancer in love reveals an unusual side. Instead of a cold and unapproachable gentleman in front of you appears:

  1. A real knight. Cavalier is eloquent and convincing. Listening to his colorful compliments, unwittingly begin to feel like a beauty queen. Routine phrases about that you are “beautiful as always,” not in his style. The guy uses exclusively homemade billets. Florid bookish turns are inevitable: “ocean of feelings,” “sea of passion,” “hurricane of emotions.
  2. King of surprises. Basket of roses with a laconic note “From a pleasant stranger,” a bouquet of sweets with “talking names” – Cancer knows how to opaque hint at his state of mind. “Greetings” from Romeo will be waiting for you in the most unexpected places and without reason. Don’t believe that a grown man can climb a tree to attach a heart-shaped balloon? Look out the window. The surprise is probably already there. The partner needs a drive in the relationship. He will try to surprise you. Don’t expect banal bears and valentines on Valentine’s Day.
  3. A star of the first magnitude. That is how he positions himself, so that his beloved will not pass him by. A rapid career growth and a corresponding level of wealth is a typical life situation of the hard-working and purposeful Romeo. He is ready to share everything he has gained by hard work with his beloved.
  4. The offended child. Not the most winning strategy to impress him. But he doesn’t know any other way. For him, loving and being loved are synonymous. He’ll be the first to run away from a relationship where he’s not very welcome. Everything goes according to plan and the candy and bouquet period is in full swing? In love, the Cancer man acts like a cranky toddler:
  • “Why didn’t you call me yesterday? I was worried, I couldn’t find myself”;
  • “Did you really like my present? I tried so hard, and you didn’t even say thank you!”
  • “Why do you kiss me so seldom? Is there something wrong? Tell me directly, do not torture me.”

How to interest the man of Cancer and to understand, that it is adjusted on long-term relations

Loving Cancers show wonders of constancy. Catching Romeo in a network of their charms, you can make plans for the future together. Waiting harrowing pause in a few months or years, the prince will certainly make a proposal with all the necessary formalities. We offer a brief instruction on how to win a man of Cancer and understand his intentions in the relationship.

What Cancer men like

A free representative of this zodiac sign always does not mind courting a beautiful and intelligent woman. During the working day, no longer. But to truly intrigue the prince, as well as to claim the love of a man of Cancer can only a lady who is peculiar:

  1. Naturalness. Do not use bright lipstick and avoid contrasting color combinations in clothing. Otherwise, the suitor, who prefers everything natural, will turn away to rest his eyes. A perfume trail with natural notes of strawberry, peach, apple will be a great way to attract the attention of your boyfriend.
  2. Punctuality. The favorite loves order not only in the closets, but also in the relationship. Everything should be laid out on the shelves. Schedule of visits to parents, trips to the cottage, cultural trips are made for months ahead. Get yourself an organizer, be punctual and arrive on a date strictly at the appointed hour. Eternal delays Romeo interprets wrongly: not burned by the desire to meet as soon as possible, distracted by something more interesting. Mistrustful guy will have time in your absence to put forward so many incredible versions that then you will get tired to justify and comfort the fragile friend.
  3. Ability to sincerely admire out loud. Cavalier loves to try on a laurel wreath. On any occasion. Caught a sale in the store, found a porcini mushroom in the woods, given a bonus. There should be plenty of applause. Don’t be stingy with praise. Romeo’s a sucker for flattery. Nothing so offends the vain prince as the omission of his undeniable merits.
  4. Loyalty. For Cancer men, this characteristic in women’s sympathy and love is especially valuable. Forget about other alpha males if the choice is made. A Cancer man must be sure that he is the center of your attention. At the slightest suspicion of a competitor, he will not fight for the lady of the heart and try to hide from sight forever.

Representatives of what signs will suit Cancer as a permanent companion

A gallant and romantic prince will make any beautiful woman happy. But not everyone can withstand mood swings, resentfulness and jealousy of the gentleman on a daily basis. Joint life with an interesting man with oddities is unequivocally suitable:

  1. Lady to Cancer. These two are just made for each other. Family holidays, joint vacations in the mountains, remakes of the first date – until the golden wedding, the spouses will enjoy the reciprocity as newlyweds. Jealousy without cause on both sides, insults over nothing will add zest to this harmonious relationship.
  2. Lady Taurus. The representative of this sign of the zodiac is quite suitable for the man of Cancer, no matter how strange their union seemed at first sight. Yes, both are indeed stubborn and intractable. Behind the perimeter of the family nest. In their communication with each other, the spouses quickly find compromise solutions. Bold and practical Taurus in a skirt helps the doubting husband to step forward in time, get rid of obsessions and phobias. Romantic and gallant Cancer makes it possible for the overbearing other half to feel like a woman and relax, at least at the hearth of the home.
  3. Lady Scorpio. For her, the meeting with a faithful and passionate knight is a gift of fate. What else would Juliet dream of, whose jealousy at the slightest suspicion often passes all boundaries? Cancer appreciates in his beloved subtle intelligence, loyalty to the family, tactfulness.
  4. Lady Pisces. In co-authorship with a dreamy Cancer, this fantasist will be able to build air castles as long as the soul desires. This is the right person for a Cancerian man according to the horoscope! The ease of being together is guaranteed. For the pleasure of waking up in color every day of the wedding slippery Pisces will patiently tolerate the whims of the spouse, to comfort and stroke his head, no matter what happens.

How to understand him and set him up for rapprochement

The Cancer man in a relationship with a woman behaves mysteriously. Impulsive, unpredictable and little worded. A puzzle not for the faint of heart ladies. A list of what Cancer men like to do in a relationship with the opposite sex:

  1. Manipulate. He firmly knows that this historical film is worth watching in the theater, and laughing at a New Year’s Eve family comedy can also be done in front of the TV. Don’t waste time looking at posters and trailers. The movie theater is chosen, the tickets have already been ordered. At the restaurant, the menu for the lady is a formal tribute to tradition. The gentleman knows what kind of wine goes perfectly with cheese and how many ice cream scoops won’t spoil your waistline. Don’t try to argue. You’ll ruin your appetite and your mood. You can’t be the Mistress of the Copper Mountain. Maybe it’s for the best. Cancers are great with movies and music, born gourmands. You have nothing to lose by entrusting the choice of dessert to a man who tries his best to please.
  2. Demanding increased attention to his own person. The fact that he has a runny nose, you first hear: “I do not feel well. Will you come visit? Just come, please, as soon as possible. No illness is not a valid reason for missing a date. On the contrary! A perfect test of the chosen one’s feelings. Is she concerned enough about his worsening condition to stay by his bedside all night long to make sure he gets better? How touching he is in his search for proof of love for himself, the Cancer man! Take the initiative: brew him an infusion of herbs in a thermos. Regardless of the therapeutic effect, Romeo will be eternally grateful for the care. As soon as the illness will recede and the strength will appear, the suitor will begin to carry in his arms the woman who saved him from the seasonal cold.

Some of Romeo’s fantasies are hard to get used to. But you have to. It’s the way he’s built. Don’t try to re-educate him. His birth mother failed, and you certainly can’t. The process of forming a couple in the full sense of the word, taking into account the tricks of the prince stretches for many months. Signs of a clear rapprochement include:

  1. Demonstrates wonders of pliability. Tunes in to the wave of the other half and leaves her the right to choose the track in the car or the parking space in front of the supermarket entrance. Only a strong desire to win the lady of the heart pushes the romantic hero to a desperate act – to step on the throat of his own song.
  2. Insistently asking to visit your mother. Getting acquainted with a potential mother-in-law is a real test for the timid and suspicious prince. But in the name of your mutual future, he will dare to do such a brave act.
  3. Gives expensive gifts. Appraisal of the value – an effective tool to check whether the Cancer man really loves you. Calculating and thrifty suitor is not used to throw money to the wind. Only a passion can make him splurge in a jewelry store.

You have been together for a long time, you try so hard to please him in everything, but nothing happens? Be patient. Parents rushing grandchildren? Let them get a kitten. Nothing depends on you. You can’t have a heart-to-heart talk when you try to set a wedding date. The shell of life experience guards against hasty rapprochement and the inevitable in such a situation of disappointment.

Why is a Cancer man stubborn and does not go to the rapprochement? Do not rush to tear your hair. The reason for his slowness may be external circumstances. Health problems, reduced deadlines for a long-running project knocked the guy off course. Set him on the right track:

  1. Change the meeting place. Move from movies and cafes to a cozy home environment. In a face-to-face conversation, he’s more likely to open up and confess what’s distracting him from your common activities.
  2. Set up a romantic miracle. A themed buffet with glasses of Argentine wine to the music of a stirring tango will awaken your partner’s slumbering passion.
  3. Shorten the distance. The timid Romeo will keep a pioneer distance for a long time yet. Fix his tie, stroke his hand. Soft and compliant beau will not resist a bold attempt at seduction. Your relationship will go to the next level.

Yes, you will have to fight for the right to be near the irresistible Cancer of your dreams. But it will be worth it.

If a man is a Cancer, how do you understand his attitude toward you? How does a Cancer man in love behave? How to behave properly with him? Much depends on the woman herself

If a Cancer man, why is it so not easy to understand his attitude toward you? Man-rak rather closed in communication man. Even if he does not like something, he will not express his attitude to what is happening. Therefore, it is not easy to understand his attitude towards the woman. In any case, much depends on the woman herself. Let’s look into this in more detail.

How to understand the attitude of a man-Racus

Cancer man is quite romantic . This is a fairly sensitive person. He has a well-developed imagination. He is generous, but not wasteful. They remember what their partner likes, Then they can make some effort to please their woman.

The main thing in his character is unhurried . He will take a long time to study his companion. It will seem that he doesn’t even pay attention to her, but he doesn’t. He just wants to avoid making rash decisions.

They can be caring and attentive, but they can suddenly become stubborn and disagree with anything. This is especially important for women of fire signs. Cancers will put out a very strong fire.

Cancers are emotional creatures. They appreciate tenderness and loyalty in women. In bed, they love passionate caresses. But sex in the dark is not for them.

They are very demanding of their female companions. A Cancer is easier to conquer than to keep by their side. They create some kind of their image and want to get a woman to fully conform to that image. They believe that only they are always right. To other people’s opinions they may be indifferent.

Despite their confidence in their rightness, Cancers are not confident in the feelings of others. Those around them need to remind Cancerians of their love from time to time.

Cancerians are good with the idea of starting a family . They don’t cling to their freedom. Family always comes first for them. If you marry a Cancer, you can trust him. You will be his only woman. But they don’t forgive cheating. The marriage will be immediately dissolved.

Like any water sign, Cancer is pessimistic by nature. A woman optimist will be difficult to get used to this attitude to life.

And another very important trait of Cancer. He is very attached to his mother . He will always compare his girlfriend to his mother. If the girlfriend will look like his mother, it is very good.

But beware of flamboyant mama’s boys. No matter how hard you try, you will always come second.

Signs that he likes women.

The main sign that he likes a woman: Cancer begins to leave his shell from time to time. This means that you have gained his trust. This is very important to Cancerians. It is the fact that Cancer can trust his companion that will be the main red line in the relationship.

He spends time with you . Cancer does not like to spend time with people he does not like.

He agrees to go to the company of your old friends and girlfriends. This is very important. After all, for a Cancer, other people’s company is an escape from his comfort zone. It can be a joint trip to nature, a meeting at a birthday party, you can go together with friends to the theater.

He compromises . Despite the fact that one of the main features of his character is confidence in his rightness, which often leads to stubbornness. Therefore, any deviation from his general line, the consideration, even if purely formally, another’s version, it is already a good sign. It shows his desire to do something nice to his companion.

He apologizes. Cancer does not like to apologize, even if it is his own fault. He seeks always to justify himself. But to please his partner, seeing that she is upset, he can say a curmudgeonly: “Sorry.

Jealousy. He may ask a question in which there will be some suspicion. For example: “Where were you when I called you?” Under no circumstances should you give him a reason to be jealous. You have to explain in great detail where, what, and when.

Intimate conversations. Cancer will be happy to listen to your intimate stories about yourself. Just don’t overdo it. Don’t open everything to the end.

Helpful advice, support. A Cancerian in love will always be ready to listen and give helpful advice.

He will do something special. Can write a poem. Draw a portrait. Sing a song.

Shyness, indecision. It’s not a sign of indifference. It is a manifestation of thoughtfulness, fear of making the wrong move.

Stand up for the honor of his beloved. In spite of this timidity, Cancer can bravely stand up for his companion. He becomes a courageous defender.

Punctuality. Cancer will not be late for a date, despite the fact that he usually does not give importance to anyone’s rules.

Keeping their promises. Cancer usually doesn’t strictly keep his promises. But when he is in love, he keeps all his promises very precisely. Thus he wants to show himself a man of his word and not a windbag.

Demanding signs of gratitude in return for caring. Cancer can show some kind of care, for example, to make coffee. But, if there is no pleasant smile and gratitude in return, he will show his sadness.

How to understand that he doesn’t care about a woman.

If he does not care about a woman, Cancer simply will not communicate with her. He is more likely to remain alone.

But, sometimes it happens that everything seemed to be going well, but suddenly something begins to change. What exactly do you have to pay attention to?

It’s the feeling that he’s starting to shut himself in his shell again. It’s like he’s putting a wall between him and you.

And, of course, he’s at his mother’s more often now. He talks about her more often. He compares his girlfriend with his mom, not in favor of his girlfriend. For example, that mom is better at cooking a dish.

He can sharply say, “You decide. Or just keep silent, walk away from the conversation.

What can make this happen?

As a psychogenetic psychologist with a long experience, I often hear from my female clients about this change in relationship. I know very well that it’s not so much a matter of the character traits of the Cancer man. This, first of all, depends on the behavior patterns inherited from the ancestors of the woman herself.

No matter how hard a woman tries, an inherited pattern of criticism is bound to lead to her being criticized by the man she loves. He will nag on trifles, he will not notice the good things that the woman does for him. Will not appreciate it.

How is this pattern created? Perhaps the grandmother lived in a very poor family. Therefore, she was used to considering herself a second-class person. After all, many doors were closed to the poor. The children of the rich had no contact with them. It was difficult to marry a poor girl.

Or another example. Some grandmother had a physical disability. She was teased for it, not accepted into the game, called names. This created a model of inferiority, unimportance.

Such patterns are inherited. And, although now her granddaughter is fine and making good money, she will still have subconscious expectations that she will be treated as an unimportant woman.

And these expectations are bound to manifest in life.

Therefore, in order not to interrupt a good relationship, it is necessary to change the inherited patterns of behavior. The science of psychogenetics helps a lot.

I, Lyubov Khvorostyanaya, psychologist and psychogeneticist, have already helped many women to create happy relationships.

I belong to the fire signs and my husband belongs to the water sign. It would seem that it is not compatible. Water extinguishes fire, and fire evaporates water. But I was able to create my own happy family and have been living happily with my husband for many years.

To help other women create their own happy families, I created the training “8 Steps to Happiness. In this training, all participants are able to free themselves from inherited behaviors that get in the way of a happy life.

Read more about the training here: 8 Steps to Happiness.

How to approach a Cancerian man

With a Cancerian man, you can never be cold and inaccessible. This will stop him at once, and he will stop communicating with such a woman at all.

You must learn to listen to him. As all pessimists Cancer loves to whine, to complain about their failures, sometimes fictional. It is very important to listen to him, not to say that it’s all nonsense. You have to try to understand him. If he does not find the response he needs, he will go to his mother. Don’t let him spend a lot of time with his mom, otherwise you will automatically slip into a place where he will stop appreciating and respecting you.

Respect any feelings he has. Show him how much his feelings mean to you. He has basic values. You have to embrace them by all means. It’s family. It’s the expectation that family and children will be important to the woman, too. The children separately have to be taken care of. Even if the children are adults and living separately, you have to show that his adult children are important to you, too.

You have to act as if you were his wife. That is, you have to take care of him, think about him. You have to tell him how much he means to you. You have to talk to him about the future. Just don’t go overboard. You don’t have to force a wedding date on him.

You have to talk to him in a gentle and friendly way. You don’t push him in any way. And don’t be too nosy. Don’t ask too many questions. Although there should be some heart-to-heart conversations. He loves that. And certainly don’t show your claws. That will definitely push him away.

Don’t talk about money. Cancers put emotion first, not money. Comfort comes second, and only third place is money. So if you want a Jeep, you have to talk about its passability, not that it’s a prestigious brand.

Think about what you can do for him so special. Something special for him. Something nice. Something to please him. He’ll definitely appreciate it. Maybe he has some kind of dream. You can buy tickets to his favorite rock band when they come to your city, for example.

Cancers remember details. Memorable dates are important to them. Collect them, memorize them, and then remember them unexpectedly. Especially dates associated with romantic memories. You’ll make sure he remembers it, too.

Don’t play the good girl. Any kind of pretentiousness will alienate the Cancer man. Be honest and open. Of course, you don’t have to cross the line here either. You don’t have to tell the whole underbelly.

Cancers love a good conversation. It should be a cordial conversation, friendly, sensitive. And talk about your feelings, and his feelings to listen.

How to create a happy family with a Cancerian man

Always remember that mom is very important to him. Never speak ill of his mother.

Try to be like his mother.

Be quiet and listen to his whining.

Never show your claws.

Never even look at other men.

Yes, all of this will have to be tolerated around a Cancer man. But if you think it will be better with other men, you’re wrong. Every sign has its own quirks.

So, what now, don’t get married?

Of course you should. After all, married life brings so much goodness, love, values. When your beloved embraces and kisses, all the wrongs and worries are gone. You want to move mountains. Even illnesses recede.

And Cancers especially can create an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility, romance. They are very sensitive and gentle. And they are also very reliable. You will definitely be his only woman.

But still, how can I live with my husband in such a way that he will be satisfied, and that I won’t put myself in last place? After all, if you think only about your husband, live only for him, then life will not be comfortable. If a woman forgets about herself, then she begins to forget about her husband living next to her. And even the children.

It is necessary to create an atmosphere of equality and goodwill in the house. It is an atmosphere where no one is trying to put himself above the others. No one is trying to bend others to his will. When everyone, everyone is trying to do something good for the other.

How many families can you name that have this kind of atmosphere in their home? Probably not many.

Why does this happen? Why is it that in almost every family there is a leader and a follower? Because that is the way it has been in every family for every ancestor. It has become the law of life.

So let’s change those laws. In order to do that we must:

Free ourselves from the old ancestral laws. First of all, the law of criticality. And the law of repression and violence.

Raise your self-esteem. Then your husband will treat you as his main value. And even your husband’s mother will be proud that her son has such a wonderful wife.

Work with their childhood resentments, especially with the resentment against his father. Otherwise really want to transfer these wrongs to her husband. And be sure to tell him. A Cancer is not very fond of it.

Create new laws of your life. Laws of love, rightness, acceptance, goodwill, joy and achievement. There aren’t many other laws you might want to create in your life. After all, if you can control it, the impossible becomes possible.

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