I’m sorry to my beloved letter – our perspective on the issue

Ask for forgiveness from the guy you love in your own words

Very often guided by emotions, we do not notice how we hurt our loved ones, just one word, said in a fit of anger, can hit much harder than we wanted. Undoubtedly, emotions play a huge role in everyday life, but sometimes, thanks to them, there are conflicts. Often, after a certain time hotness subsides, the mood improves, but the relationship with his spouse only worsened.

There is only one way to fix the error – an apology. But it is not enough just to admit your guilt, it is important to properly bring the words of regret, so that they will be heard and accepted.

Words of apology in prose

I want to offer my sincere apologies for all that I have done and said, for everything that has upset you so much. I didn’t mean for it to happen this way, but it can’t be undone, and only an apology can somehow smooth out the course of those events. I’m sorry, please forgive me that you had to experience all those unfortunate emotions and feelings, which unequivocally caused a number of doubts about my person. Honestly, I didn’t do it on purpose, it just sort of happened, and it’s silly to make excuses, but I’ll try. Maybe the weather is to blame, or maybe some shifts in the atmosphere… In general, I’m truly sorry about what happened and hope to get your forgiveness. I know it’s silly to blame the weather, but it’s a little easier than blaming myself, although I blame myself just as much. I hope for your kindness and that you will be able to forgive me after all.

Please forgive me. I am sorry for the way things have turned out. I don’t want there to be a chasm of misunderstanding, resentment, and indifference between us. You’re the person I need. It’s hard for me without you. I beg your forgiveness. Let’s be okay again. I’m so sorry.

Please forgive me. The relationship between two people you love is built on mutual understanding and trust, respect for each other and care. I love you very much. But sometimes, unfortunately, our lives can be interfered with by the people around us, by external factors. I would like to live with you always without quarrels and resentments, without difficulties and sorrows. I sincerely ask your forgiveness and hope that you will forget everything bad. After all, I cherish you so much. You are the person who gives me happiness, who inspires me and believes in my strength. And I believe in us. Everything will be all right, forgive me, don’t be angry.

Forgive me for all the negativity that has been brought into your life. I don’t want to upset you, I just wish you happiness and joy.

I feel terrible, please forgive me. I promise it won’t happen again, I’m truly sorry, believe me. Don’t be angry with me, let’s let this incident go, and everything will be like before, I beg you very much.

From my heart and soul I want to apologize for my hot temper! Let my deeds and words not always be positive, and my promises do not match the deeds, please forgive me, and please forgive me! I promise to rethink everything, make conclusions, and not to make these mistakes in the future.

Please forgive me. I am very sorry for what happened. I promise to make it right and do my best to make sure this does not happen again. Love forgives all things. And our love is strong and capable of so much. I really want us to be okay. I’m sorry, don’t be angry.

Sometimes there are so few words to make amends. And sometimes a simple “I’m sorry” touches your heart. That’s the kind of “sorry” I want to say to you, and it’s really from my heart and soul. Let all the bad things between us be erased, so that the same mistakes don’t happen again. A man should be given a second chance, and so I ask you for this chance. I ask you to give me a chance to make up for what I have done.

I want to apologize. I don’t deny that I was wrong, and I apologize to you. I didn’t mean for it to happen this way, and I especially didn’t want to hurt you. I should have considered your hypersensitivity and vulnerability. The weather must have influenced me, or maybe there was some shift in the atmosphere, in general, forgive me. I’ll try to make it up to you, and I’ll certainly stop hurting you. Your silence is a severe punishment for me, but I think it should be lifted. Let’s have a childish pinky swear and promise not to quarrel with each other again. I love you, and you know it, so stop frowning and let’s make up and then the world will have its colors back.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what happened, I can’t find my place while you’re angry and holding a grudge. I am truly sorry. Believe me, I don’t want there to be a wall of anger and misunderstanding between us. I’m sorry, please forgive me.


A beautiful confession is a sign of your caring attitude towards your spouse and boundless love. Simple, but properly chosen tender words can make a stern man, a romantic teenager.

My sweet, infinitely beloved spouse, I want to confess a simple thing to you – I love you very much! It’s not that you are a strong, smart, handsome man, it’s all about your attitude toward me. Only with you I felt like a real princess, only behind your back I feel calm. I boldly call you the rock that saves me from the gusts of a raging wind, my wall that closes me from all enemies. I have nothing to give you but faithfulness and selfless love. Thank you for all that I have!

Beloved, sometimes I look at the sky, which is covered with clouds, and I remember my life before I met you. It was exactly the same – there was only semi-darkness, clouds over my head and no light, but everything changed in an instant. One look from you was enough to dispel the darkness, and I realized that I had met my man. Every day I thank the realization that we met, that out of thousands of faces, I could see the one face that was so dear to me. I won’t get tired of repeating: I love, I love, I love!

My darling, my adorable boy, I want to tell you that I love you. I know I’ve already repeated it countless times, but I can’t help myself. Despite all your masculinity, strength, independence, you manage to be gentle, kind, cheerful with me, and this is so touching that sometimes my tears come out. But they are tears of joy, of faith, of love. I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will love you forever!

Kitten, if you knew the fear that embraces me when I imagine that we would never meet! My life is divided into two halves – one, gray and cold, like a frosty autumn evening, before I met you, and the other, bright and warm, after we met. I sometimes shudder to think that someone has never met his or her love, and it hurts me to tears that they will not experience this magical feeling. My love, thank you for every second of our lives, for your patience, your understanding, and most importantly, your respect. I love you, I want to embrace you so much that we become one and even death could not separate us.

Ask for forgiveness from the guy you love in your own words

What a strong and beautiful feeling – love. It inspires us, inspires us, makes us agonize and worry. Here I am, I just can’t find myself after the quarrel with you. I am so ashamed in front of you, my love, for my words, but believe me, it was not out of spite, I was just emotional. I know that I have offended you, and that is why I apologize. Please forgive me, my sweet, unique, and only one. Let’s make up, and forget our quarrel like the worst dream. I love you, my darling, and I want to be with you always.

To live is not a field to cross. That’s for sure. Everything in life can’t always be smooth, it just doesn’t happen. You and I, my love, we’re fighting now, but I’m sure we’ll make up very soon. I just can’t stand this separation anymore. Please forgive me for what I did to you. I promise that it will never happen again, because all mistakes can be corrected if you want to. And I really want to. Don’t hold it against me anymore, because I love you more than life. You’re my best, my dearest.

A word is not a sparrow, it’s out and you can’t catch it. So I, too, quite accidentally, flew out such hurtful words in your address. Forgive me, please, I realize that I told you nonsense, but it was not out of spite. I love you more than life. You’re my light in the window, my ideal, my dream. You’re just the best guy in the world. Let’s make peace, my kitten, and forget this misunderstanding forever. Let our ship of love sail peacefully in the sea of happiness, let it always be blown by the wind of fortune.

Love makes the world bright and colorful. But separation, on the contrary, makes it gray and dull. So for me now everything is gray, everything seems so dull, because you are not there, my beloved. I can no longer live with you apart, and so, please, my beloved, forgive me and come back. Let us enjoy the nectar of love again, let us try again to return our tender feelings. After all, it’s so hard for us to live without each other. Let this terrible dream end soon, and we will wake up in the beautiful garden of love.

With humor.

You can express your feelings in different ways, including with humor. Funny confessions are a great way to show how reverent you are to your husband.

My diamond, I want to confess my love to you! For me, I associate your name with a diamond because you have a countless number of facets. And every facet includes two sides. Physical strength is side by side with tenderness, intelligence with humor, and care with recklessness. You can safely be called a paradox, but that’s why I love you!

Husband, do you remember when I told you I loved you? Well, it turns out that I lied to you unscrupulously all this time. And I am absolutely not ashamed of it! I always dreamed of a Prince Charming, who would take me away from here, and we would live comfortably and carefree. However, who would have thought that I would meet you, a simple guy, who was not very bright? Among other things, it turned out that you live in the neighborhood and you do not have a white horse. However, when I looked at you more closely, I saw something that struck me to the core. Now I wonder why I need ghostly lands, why princes with stables, you alone are enough for me. So, I don’t love you, I just adore you, and I’m ready to eat you up!

Poets, writers, artists, have tried to express their feelings through their works, but I can’t do that. My poems, my beautiful paintings, are the feelings I have for you. My best work is love, which gives me wings and takes me into the stratosphere! Sometimes the waves of feelings get so big that it becomes scary for you, whether you can handle them. And then I remember that I have a lifeline – my arms, with them you will get through all the trials. I love you, my little sailor!

Man, how I envy myself to call you my husband! Of course, I can safely be called possessive, but I’m not ready to share you with anyone or anything else. Let them envy you, bite their elbows, look at your back with contempt, but I won’t give what’s mine to anyone! I’ll always thank heaven For what we met beneath it. Now I’m not sorry for the years that have passed, now I know it was all preparation for a great, pure, bright love that I’m ready to carry to my last breath. I love you!

How to effectively ask for forgiveness from a guy

To find the right answer to the question of how to ask your loved one for forgiveness, you need to consider the situation at hand. Depending on how serious was the misconduct of the girl, choose the way of explanation.

  1. If the lady is guilty a lot, then in no case should apologize with text messages. This option is suitable when the lovers are separated by distance.
  2. When it comes to material things, such as a broken car or a lost phone, start with an excuse. Then you can say the typical phrase “I apologize” and point out ways to reconcile, such as a romantic dinner.
  3. If the reason for the quarrel was adultery or hurtful words about a man, then ask for forgiveness without excuses. When explaining should not be embarrassed by tears. They may have an effect on the guy, and he will take pity on the guilty party faster.
  4. For minor misdeeds, for example, long drinks with friends or late for a date, you can ask for forgiveness in an original way. Suitable poems, texts, paper notes.

At a distance

To declare your love, you don’t have to look you in the eye or be there. Even if you, for whatever reason, at a distance from each other, you can send an SMS or message on social networks.

Once again we are separated by boundless space, by endless miles of telephone wires. But despite this, my love doesn’t get any smaller, and my feelings don’t fade. Just one thought of you and my heart beats trembling in my chest again, it wants to break free and fly towards your embrace. My love, separation is unbearable, but the joy of meeting overcomes everything. I’m waiting, I love you, I hug you!

What is the distance for two hearts in love – it’s just a geographical reference point. There are no fences, barriers, difficulties for this feeling, it just exists and it is an undeniable fact. Sometimes I think that I love you even more when I’m apart, because I can’t touch you, kiss you, fall asleep in your arms. Remember the main thing – no matter how hard it is, they always wait for you, love you, appreciate you!

My love, when we are far away from each other, the longing for your warm lips, gentle hands envelops me like a morning fog. Suddenly, I discovered a strange thing – without you, short nights became endlessly long, and sunny days turned into cloudy evenings. At first I could not understand what it was, but then it dawned on me – I just love and miss you. I am waiting for you very much, come quickly and strangle me in your arms!

Again, my love, we can only communicate by phone or text message, but that’s okay. No distance can dull my love, on the contrary, it only intensifies my feelings. I want to assure you of my faithfulness, you can be sure – I won’t betray or deceive you. All my thoughts are bound only to you, every cell seeks to cling to your chest, to feel the heat of your favorite kisses. Even though you’re not there, but there’s always a place for you in my heart. Come quickly, my love.

Do I have to ask for a man’s forgiveness?

Despite the fact that men are considered representatives of the stronger half of humanity, they are also familiar with resentment. Therefore, the answer to the question, whether it is necessary to ask for forgiveness from a young man, will be positive.

It is not recommended to neglect the feelings of a friend, otherwise the love will not be strong enough. At the first serious conflict, the young man will pour out on the beloved aggression, accumulated for a long time.

In order for the quarrel not to turn into something more, you should apologize immediately after the mistake. It is best to ask the man for forgiveness in person, but for some transgressions other options will also be suitable.

For reconciliation

Even the closest people fight, there is no escaping it. However, hearts in love, even after a quarrel find the strength and words to reconcile and be together again.

My dear man, forgive me for saying mean things in the heat of anger. I understand that I was absolutely wrong, every word I said was a foolishness for which I blame myself. Forgive me soon, or I will go crazy, I am really very ashamed. Tell me what can make us reconcile sooner, and I will go to any lengths to do it! Despite all the bad words remember – I love you madly and want to make up soon, so we can walk together again, holding hands tightly.

Sweetheart, I’m so sorry that we had a fight on the spot. There is no right or wrong in this situation, and what does it matter in the end if it’s hard on the soul. I’m sorry for the harsh words, the wrong actions, the rude actions. These are just emotions, they have nothing to do with the feelings I have for you. I too was hurt by the words you threw in my face, but I don’t want to make a big deal about it. Let’s just make up and forget about this misunderstanding forever. Let love return to our hearts!

My boy, forgive your shortsighted wife. I understand that I was wrong, I snapped, I raised my voice, I said silly things, as if it was not me, but someone else, and I said nasty things. Right now, I’m ashamed to even look up and look at you. If you can, please forget it as if it were a bad dream. Please, if something like this happens again, stop me, don’t let me get carried away by my emotions. I do not want to quarrel because of my maiden vagaries, for you are distinguished from everyone else by restraint, discretion, and the ability to find a compromise. I love you!

Kitten, our life is like a ball, which rolls on the path of life. Accordingly, as on any path there will be potholes, holes, and bumps. Now we are caught in one of the potholes, we just had a fight on the level playing field, and now we are walking around, sulking. But somebody’s got to make the first move, let that be me. You may think I’m stupid or weak, but I don’t want to keep resenting you. After all, we do not know what will happen next, so let’s spend time on love, not resentment!

Asking your loved one for forgiveness in different ways

There are many ways to ask forgiveness for misdeeds from the guy you love:

  • an apology poem is an original method. It is better to choose a text that will indicate the girl’s guilt and remorse;
  • Paper notes will be able to reconcile the romantic couple. The advantage of this option is brevity: the lady will not be able to say too much or blame the man for what happened;
  • SMS should be chosen only in extreme cases. When sending a message it will not be possible to convey the right intonation, a person may interpret the same phrase differently.

A personal conversation will not only help to properly explain what happened, but also to discuss the problem. Perhaps lovers together will find a solution so that this doesn’t happen again, and the young person will also apologize to the girl.

In a personal conversation.

Apology in their own words in prose begin with a cliché: “Please forgive me.” Then sincerely repent for what happened. The final phrase will be a repeated apology and the hope that this situation will be the last.

Depending on the degree of guilt, you can add emotionally colored words or expressive expressions: “I beg you”, “I’m torn with grief” and so on.

Apologize to a man with your words to tears

I am happy, because the only, most beloved man in the world lives in my heart. Thank you for the fact that I can always count on your help and support, you’re like an angel at the right time put your reliable shoulder. Forgive me, my love, for all the insults I sometimes bring to you, you are my only one, I am like a bird with a broken wing without you, you are my oxygen and air. If time allowed me to go back to the past to correct all my mistakes, I would not allow myself to offend you at least inadvertently. But we have a lot of time ahead of us to realize everything and not to make our own mistakes. And today I only want to ask you, my love, to forgive me and not to offend me. You are the king of my heart and I belong only to you, there was no other man in my life. May you and I have everything as in the first moments of our meeting. I love you, my darling.

My darling, my only, unique man, forgive me for yesterday’s quarrel. Sometimes we do foolish, thoughtless things without thinking that we do harm to our beloved people, hurt them, but life gives us time and right to think everything over and correct it. Forgive me, dear, for being rude and wrong sometimes, I will be corrected, I promise. You are the only support I have. I want so much that you and I were always together and not to be separated, because when you are far away, I see no reason and no reason to enjoy life. I miss you, come back, my darling. Without you time has stopped, I’m waiting, I miss you, I love you. Forgive me, please. Let all quarrels and resentments bypass me and you. I miss your radiant smile, your gentle hands, your tight hugs. I want you to know that every second I think of you, you are in my thoughts 24 hours a day, no matter where you are.

My husband is the dearest, only man in the world. Today there was a misunderstanding and I unknowingly offended you, I desperately ask you to forgive me for that. You are my joy, the meaning of my life, without you the sun fades, the air becomes heavy. Please come back, don’t be angry, I promise I will put a limit to my temper. I will be white and fluffy, the main thing that my kitten was next to me. Dear, beloved, my only one, forgive me for not thinking I told you a lot of unnecessary words. I promise that I will try to do everything to make peace, peace, comfort, and love reign in our family as before. I want to live with you alone in sorrow and joy, in moments of sadness and joy. I am very sorry that lately I have been often irascible and rude, and I promise you that I will correct myself, but don’t be offended by me. I propose a toast to a truce. I love you very much.

There is only one person in this vast world who can, with just his presence, show the sparkle in my eyes and change my whole life. It is you, my love. When you are near me I always feel safe and just happy, thank you for that. I’ll never get tired of thanking fate for giving me the gift of meeting you. You always treat me with special tenderness, love, awe. Forgive me, my darling, for my rashness this morning, and for saying many superfluous words to you in a fit of anger. It is not your fault, and I feel really selfish. Let this little scandal serve as an example to you and me for the future. More than all the treasures in this world, I love you, and I promise that I will change and never again dare to hurt you or spoil your mood. I am grateful to you for giving happiness by your presence in my life.

It is impossible to argue with the world-famous saying that life is not as easy as crossing a field. Walking the path of life we meet different difficulties and situations, we fall and fly up, we learn what love and hate are, we make a lot of different mistakes and foolishness, which later serve as a great lesson for us. In some cases and situations, bad actions hurt the hearts of people close to us less than words that are thrown to them in the heat of the moment, thoughtlessly. Beloved, at this moment I want to ask your forgiveness, because I absolutely did not want to cause you any trouble, to upset you. Forgive me, please. What happened cannot be taken back. Your love and our relationship are very important to me, and I promise that I will think about my actions and deeds from now on. Don’t be offended with me, I love you very much.

You are not just my beloved husband, the only and dearest one, but the meaning of my universe. Only when you hold me tightly in your tender and affectionate arms I feel like a child, who needs nothing else to be happy. Lately I have been getting nervous from time to time, thank you for putting up with my hot temper and my stubbornness, putting up with my disobedience. In order for you to give me love forever and for me to remain forever your only one, I am ready for re-education on your part. I promise to be a faithful and obedient disciple. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for not intentionally hurting you, I didn’t mean to, really. I have regretted it a thousand times already, my good one. I really appreciate your love and I want so much to warm myself with you in affection and tenderness. I suggest we make up and plunge into the world of love, passion, madness. I hope you do not mind, I love you.

I miss you very much and am sad without you, the most offensive thing is that it’s all my fault. Beloved, from the bottom of my heart I propose to forget all quarrels and offenses and leave them there, in the distant past. I sincerely repent and ask your forgiveness, and I want very much that there will be no quarrels, arguments, and misunderstandings between us. Now I am able to become a sorceress for a certain moment and fulfill any wish of yours, if only you would have a beautiful smile on your face again. I ask you to forget my faults, let’s give each other a fairy tale of love, in which two desperate people, you and I, are stuck up to our necks. I’ll be the most tender, the most affectionate, the most obedient, the most submissive of your girls. Let’s forget all our sorrows, let’s rush on the wings of love to the clouds, holding hands. Thank you for being there for me in all the troubles and just for being there. With you, my love, no storm is not terrible for me.

My love, I sincerely despair that I have brought your loving heart pain, resentment, disappointment, I did not do it on purpose. My only one, forgive me for everything, my heart cries and misses without you. I know that you love me too, the fortress and strength of our mutual love cannot be shaken even by the wind, and a minor quarrel all the more. I want you to know that my love is much greater and stronger than all my petty faults. I have a wonderful idea, which can be a stimulus for our life together in the future. I propose that we never quarrel again, and all minor scandals should be replaced by kisses. I await your consent. The love which comes from my heart for you has no bounds. I am happy to be able to love the best man in the world. For your sake I am ready to become a goody-goody, I love you, my darling, I hope for forgiveness.

I am grateful to fate that at one moment our paths intertwined and became one common path of life. Today, I want to tell you that every day my love for you is growing stronger with unusual strength in my heart. My love, please don’t pay attention to my hysterics, caprices, scandals, I am not nervous on purpose, but sometimes I snap, forgive me for that. You don’t deserve all this, I promise I will change. I understand that sometimes the words I say to you rashly hurt your loving heart, it’s all my heavy character’s fault. For the sake of a lifetime of living under one roof with you and giving you my love, I am ready to change. Forget all the hard feelings, please, my love. I want so much for you and me to be like before. I agree that I’m harmful, but that’s the way you love me, so please forgive and love, in return I promise reciprocity.

My most tender, beloved, precious man in the world, if you knew that the love that comes from my heart for you has no limits. I cherish the reciprocity of our feelings, but sometimes I don’t notice how I can hurt you inadvertently, hurt you, say a lot of unnecessary words. Thank you for loving and appreciating me as I am. Forgive me, my love, that sometimes I am wrong, and my words hurt your loving heart sharper than a blade. Without you this world would be a stranger to me, please don’t be offended by me. For the strength of our love is far greater than these insignificant quarrels, resentments, misunderstandings. I dream madly of correcting my mistakes towards you and surrounding you with my tenderness, giving you a world of love, affection, tenderness, which are the basic components of our marriage union. Let go of the resentment from your heart and we will both feel better about it. I love you, my only one, and I sincerely beg your forgiveness.

To be the spouse of a man who thousands of girls on the planet dream of is the greatest happiness for me. Next to you, I feel like a chick who is in a safe shelter from all life’s hurricanes and obstacles. The scandal we had today can fan the fire from a spark and destroy the fortress of our love, let’s not allow that together. I suggest that we forget all resentments and send them into the distant past. I love you so much and I’m afraid of losing you over nonsense. I want to love you alone and be your only one. Let’s forget all resentment and rush to conquer the stars. You remind me of an angel, who brings only happiness and joy and grieves over the smallest mistakes in life. More than anything, I am afraid of losing our love, so I am waiting for your forgiveness. Remember how happy we were together, it is more precious than all the quarrels, it is not worth it. I love you.

Our lives are strewn with mistakes from which we gain experience. Sometimes, two people who love each other can bring such pain to each other that a knife edge cuts through our hearts. I am no exception; this morning I did a very foolish thing in my life by hurting you, my beloved. I don’t want to make excuses or try to defend myself, but I want you to know that I am having a very hard time with this scandal, and I understand that I am to blame. My dear, only one I sincerely repent of my mistakes, please forgive me. You are a very dear and beloved person for me. I sincerely repent and ask forgiveness for all my mistakes, and I promise that I will change. I will do everything to make you happy, my dear, beloved. My life only makes sense when you’re near. I will not shout to the whole world about my crazy love, but I will give you my love in silence. Please forgive me.

The feelings that overwhelm people in love are a normal physical and psychological state of human beings. At such moments we are driven by the supernatural power of love, it is as if we grow wings, we succumb to the call and attraction of feelings that tell us what is the best thing to do. However, my beloved, what I feel towards you no one can convey, you are my oxygen and air, I live you, there is no place in my thoughts and dreams for anyone else. Now you have offended me and I am very sad because of it, sadness has settled in my heart. I will prove to you that for the sake of our love I am ready to change and become another person, but I beg you to forgive me. I did not make a mistake on purpose by offending you. I promise to become a new person because you are my meaning to be perfect. Love you and miss you. Come back, please.

My darling, I beg you very much, don’t be offended by me. You are the only man in my life with whom I want to live in love and harmony. I dream of giving birth to children who will bear our family name. Without you it has become hard to breathe, I suggest that we stop fighting and instead make love, so that we can reach our goal of having children sooner. I am sure that you know very well how much I love you, and forgive all offenses, and I will try not to do such foolish things in the future. After all, we are happy together, and that is the most important thing. I do not want to lose you because of stupidity, and I sincerely repent for my actions. I do not need anyone else in this life. You are a gift from God, and for what services I do not know, but I thank him tirelessly for you. You will forgive me, won’t you? We will be happy as before. I love you very much, I miss you, I am waiting for you.

My darling, I apologize for the rashness. It was a misunderstanding. I did it quite casually, don’t be sad, my love. Your sadness is transmitted to me, I can feel you wherever you are. All I want is for you to please those around you with your great mood, and on your face without ceasing, a smile flickers. Your love is dearer to me than all the jewels of the world. Next to you, pearls and diamonds pale. You are my everything. Let us forget our differences and misunderstandings, Let us walk towards a beautiful future Holding hands. Let there be peace in your heart, let there be no grief. I love you very much, let us make peace and there will be no more discord between us. Without you there is no happiness in this life, the taste of sugar cannot compare with the sweetness of your kisses. Forgive me, darling. I miss you madly and regret my actions. I love you alone.

Thank you, my only, long-awaited and desired one, for giving me fabulous love, carrying me in your arms, and warming me in the cold with your gaze. I apologize for all my rash actions, forgive me for making silent scenes of jealousy, I’m just so afraid of losing you. I apologize for the ignorant creeps, for the sharp phrases I sometimes throw at you, and for other nonsense. I only want to date you alone and teach you to bathe in clouds. Take a spare minute and just hear me out. We’ve built our love for so long, let’s not let it fall apart. My feelings for you will never grow cold, they only grow stronger every day. Darling, let’s let go of all the wrongs. Let them fly irrevocably, Let only love live in our hearts. You’re the king of my feelings and desires And I won’t let another into my life. Waiting, loving, missing.

I’m sorry, my love, that I made a mistake today, my emotions took over me, and I said a lot of unnecessary words to you. I didn’t do it on purpose. I want you to know that I treasure our relationship and our feelings. Don’t let resentment put out the blazing fire of our love. It’s not uncommon for people to make mistakes, and I happen to have made the wrong one. Let’s remember how we lived before this fight. We loved, dreamed, gave each other warmth and tenderness. How can a petty grudge make all our feelings cold, destroy our dreams, our aspirations, our desires. I love you very much and don’t want to lose you, I agree to fulfill any of your whims to earn your forgiveness. Forgive me for everything, my one and only, let all our offenses be washed away by the rain. I’m sorry for everything, my one and only, let all our hurt be washed away by the rain, I’m sorry for everything.

Darling, I think you’ve heard the popular saying that lovers quarrel for fun. I apologize to you for not thinking before I made a row with you. I know you love me very much, so you will forgive me once again. I am crazy about you, too, and I am truly sorry for the foolish things I have done, and I promise that I will change, I will make amends, I will cool my ardor, and anything you want for the sake of my love for you and me. You can’t even imagine how much I want to erase the moment of this ridiculous quarrel from my memory. Throw it away, let it burn with fire. I promise I won’t make the same mistake again. Let’s forget everything and live and enjoy our love. Forgive me, my love, for all the pain I unknowingly caused you. If you suddenly leave, the world will cease to exist for me. Please, darling, don’t be offended, I will never make the same mistakes again, I promise.

Do you remember how three years ago we were married in heaven, we were glowing with love, I was soaring in the clouds, and you were glowing with unearthly happiness? On our anniversary let’s forget all the quarrels, resentments, and hardships that we have been able to go through, thanks to our mutual understanding and support. May it always be so in our lives. I apologize that sometimes I pester you with my caprices, like a little girl. Thank you for loving, appreciating, supporting, and just always being there for me. You make my life a fairy tale by your presence in it. May the love in our hearts only grow stronger over the years and not give in to the slightest breeze. It is very hard for me to imagine and think about how I lived in this vast world without you. I will thank fate all my life that I was born under the lucky star next to which yours shone. I love you, my darling.

Today I can proudly declare to the whole world that I am the happiest in the world. I have you, my beloved, the reward of fate. You are my irreplaceable and dear man in the world, you are the light at the end of the tunnel, you are the sunbeam that never fades, you are the meaning of my universe. I am madly happy that I can admire the beauty of your bottomless eyes and drown in the tenderness of your hands at any time. I’m sorry for being silly, intemperate, and making undeserved accusations at times. Thank you, my love, for putting up with my temper. I love you very much and I am afraid of losing you, so sometimes I make scenes of jealousy, ask silly questions. Forgive me for everything, my love. I won’t be without you, you always said you wouldn’t get tired of admiring the sparkle in my happy eyes. I want you to know that you are the only reason for my happiness. Love you, my only one

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