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How to apologize in correspondence: 70+ phrases that work

Saying “I’m sorry” or “I’m sorry” in the eye is a difficult task for many people. Some are afraid of not being forgiven, for others it’s humiliating or stepping over their own principles. As a result, families fall apart, couples break up, friends stop communicating. And a simple “sorry” could save so many people from loneliness.

What to write to ask for forgiveness?

If you do not have the strength, ability or confidence to ask for forgiveness in person, write to the person who was offended. Sometimes a sincere phrase and remorse can make a difference. Of course, it is better to feed the words in correspondence with good and beautiful actions, but you should start at least with an SMS where the words “sorry” will sound…

Compiled for you examples of phrases that can be used in correspondence in VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram or Facebook to ask for forgiveness from a boyfriend / girlfriend / girlfriend, friend / relative / mom or dad. Choose the right one and try to mend the relationship. Sometimes it’s easier than it looks.

From a girlfriend.

If you don’t know how to apologize to a girl, choose an appropriate phrase from the ones we made up for you. The main thing is to add something personal – an address, a nickname, a smiley face, a ellipsis. It’s important to personalize your message, make it special.

  • I understand that I hurt you, but it was unknowingly. Believe me, I feel even worse than you right now, because I’m the one who hurt the brightest person on earth.
  • I’m not perfect, and you know it. But I’m getting better with you. Honestly…
  • Forgive me for everything, I was wrong…
  • Maybe I’m not worthy of you, if I hurt you, but I really want to improve … Give me a hand and I’ll be better, you’ll see.
  • Every man deserves a second chance. Don’t take it away from me.
  • I’m sorry for the behavior and moods that have ruled me lately. I know you deserve more and better. I’m going to try really hard.
  • We need to learn to hear each other, or we risk breaking up completely. And I wouldn’t want that, because it’s very hard to find a soul mate these days.
  • Forgive me for being a fool for being inappropriate. I will listen to your advice and opinion.
  • You are the dearest person to me. Please forgive me. Everything I said was emotional, I don’t really think so.
  • When you’re not around, it’s like half of me is hibernating. Please forgive me, and help me wake up and enjoy the sun and the light again.
  • I’m a stale guy, and you’re gentle and sunny. I’m sorry if I hurt you, I didn’t mean it. I’m ready to change.
  • If you give me another chance, I won’t miss it.
  • We’ve been through too much together to break up over a little thing like this. Forgive me and come home. I miss you so much.
  • When we fight, I can’t find my place. Forgive my rudeness and unpleasant words, I promise to control myself from now on.
  • I believe that love is patient and you can find the strength to listen to me and understand.
  • I am very ashamed of my actions, I ask you to forgive me.
  • Sometimes I am not in control of my words. I understand that this is not an excuse, but still…
  • I believe in us and our love. Don’t ruin it, give it a chance to rehabilitate itself in your eyes.
  • You are the first girl I will forgive…You are very important and dear to me, I will not forgive myself if I lose you because of my own stupidity.
  • I understand that I hurt your feelings and made you doubt yourself. I’m willing to make it up to you, but don’t avoid me.
  • If you give me a chance to explain everything to you, I am sure you will change your mind and not want to break up, because it is a trivial misunderstanding.
  • I understand that you need to ask for forgiveness in person, but you don’t want to see me, so I’ll write to you here first. Forgive me…
  • Everything seems to be in a fog, I have no idea why I behaved this way. I apologize and hope that you will want to meet and listen to me.
  • Tolerance is one of the qualities that human beings are endowed with. Everyone can make a mistake, don’t cut it short, give you a chance to explain and make amends.
  • You are beautiful, intelligent, attractive. I don’t understand why I deserve your love. I will try very hard so that you don’t have to doubt and be disappointed in me anymore.
  • I understand that it is hard to forgive adultery, but I am ready to atone.
  • It is up to each person to forgive cheating or not. I can’t make you accept that fact, but I want to tell you that I hate and blame myself for it far more than you do.
  • I was rude, I admit it. I’m going to change. I’m willing to go to a therapist if you think it would help us.
  • I’ve thought long and hard about our relationship. I’m sorry for not hearing you, for doing weird things and being rude and yelling. I will work on my behavior.
  • I realize I was wrong today, I shouldn’t listen to my friends. I should get information from you first, not believe gossip.
  • I’m sorry I snapped at your friends. I just think they’re a bad influence on you. I won’t pry into your personal space anymore.
  • It really hurts me that I hurt you. You are the brightest thing in my life. Don’t go away…
  • I hope that one wrong move won’t undo all the good things that have been between us.
  • You are the light in my grey and dull life. Don’t leave her.
  • I realize I was wrong. I won’t have it out in front of my friends anymore. Private things must stay between us.
  • I am very bored without you. I admit all my mistakes and agree to any terms.
  • I won’t make decisions for both of us anymore. We are a couple, which means we have to make decisions together. I’m sorry for being selfish.
  • I’m sorry for being unfaithful. I made a mistake. I was wrong. You can hate me, but just be there for me. I’ll do my best to earn back your trust and respect.
  • I know what a terrible thing I’ve done. I cheated on the most beautiful girl in the world. Honestly, I don’t know if I deserve forgiveness…
  • I repent… I’m asking you to give me a chance to prove that I don’t need anyone but you. I deleted the numbers of all the girls from my phone, I do not talk to anyone and do not plan to. I will always be with you.

A guy’s got…

Girls also have to apologize to a guy. Yes, less often, but still… Be sincere in your message, remember. that long messages and texts are not the best solution. It’s better to put your thoughts briefly, but to the point, and explain what happened when you meet.

Proposals with the phrase “please excuse me.

– I apologize in advance if I do something wrong,” he said softly and tilted his head for a moment.

Tomorrow morning he invites you to the royal hunt, and now he asks you to excuse him, as he has a council of state scheduled,” the interpreter mumbled.

– Therefore, I humbly beg your pardon for my perhaps somewhat insensitive remark about the number of dogs you have purchased.

Hi, my name is Lampbot, and I’m a computer program that helps me make a word map. I’m great at math, but I don’t yet have a good understanding of how your world works. Help me figure it out!

Thank you! I understand the world of emotions a little better.

Question: to freeze is something neutral, positive or negative?

I apologize in advance for the author’s imperfection. Many words were heard for the first time and not all of them found an explanation in known dictionaries.

Passing through these mountains, I considered it my duty to come to greet you, but with my coming, as if I disturbed your grace, I ask you to excuse me very much.

And you can see that you are talented, I beg your pardon for immodesty, not ge-nii,” he said separating syllables, and made a sound with his lips, as if he was letting air out of a pacifier.

– In that case, please forgive me for calling you by your wrong name; I had no idea you were married.

I beg your pardon for the young man’s unctuousness; he arrived just a few days ago from the provinces, from my Burgundy estate.

If the desire to be sincere leads to not quite clear thinking, it is due to my inner difficulties of understanding or of articulation, so please excuse in advance the possible complications.

Oh, beautiful night nymph, please excuse me, but (holding out his cloak to her) I think there’s a light breeze blowing from the sea…

I asked my father if this made him sway in his opinion, but he replied, “Not in the slightest!” And indeed, the next day a second letter was received from the Irishman, in which he apologized in every possible way for forgetting (as befits a true Irishman) to put a credit card in the letter sent the day before.

– Mr. General, I beg your pardon,” first knocking, then opening the door from the threshold, began our attendant.

Very soon he came back and said that the minister was sorry, but that he would not be able to receive him until forty minutes later.

– Papa said to excuse him. It’s an emergency. Could you wait for him? He’ll be here within the hour.

– Madam, I beg your pardon for the previous speaker. He’s a boy, and a daredevil, too. He’s not even a foreigner.

It was mostly young men in uniform, with white-toothed smiles on their faces, who begged pardon for the intrusion, saying it was the wrong door.

– The commander of the French squadron asks to excuse him for the slight delay at the start, which occurred for quite objective reasons, but he promises that the flight of his pilots will now take place and everyone will finally be able to enjoy a fantastic, enchanting, aerial show.

– If you’ll excuse me for leaving my lady alone, I have a hairy dragon to defeat and bring back a trophy mineral water. – I nod toward the bar and make a gallant bow.

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Quotes from the Russian classics with the phrase “please excuse”

  • Vlas. Please excuse me – I did not invent the Russian language!

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Ask, I beg, I ask, you ask; hoc. ob. ask; hoc. ob. ask, -sim, -a, -o; hoc. ob. ask, -shen, -a, -o; noc. (not. beg.). 1. inversely, whom-what, with inverted or conjunctive “to. Solicit sth. from sb. Ask for help. Beg for forgiveness. Ask for a drink. Ask for horses. (The Concise Academic Dictionary, IAS)

Meaning of the word “apologize

Pardon, -nuy, -nish; past participle: apologetic, -nen, -nen, -nen; colloquially, (not apologize). 1. also with a supplementary adjective. Not to blame sth.; forgive. (The Concise Academic Dictionary, MAS)

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